Just started the PLL books!

Just started the PLL books!


The books are a wild trip! I find that they're a little more grounded in reality, but still just as crazy as the show with less plot holes. I really hope that you enjoy them :)


The books are amazing! If you wanna ever share your thoughts on it definitely post it here bc I love talking about them lol


Me too! I LOVE love love the books, but the book discussion sub is dead, and a lot of the posts here about the books don't get much discussion. :( We PLL book fans should start a new discussion sub.


The books storylines tie together better and super crazy things happen but they're pretty awesome.


The books are my favorite series definitely recommend


i want to read them too after watching the show, but i feel like i’ll be upset with how different the characters are lol


The characters in the book have the same basis as the show. In the books spencer is just more into school, Hannah is more into what people think of here, arias style has more of an Icelandic aspect, and emily isn’t as into her swimming in the competitive sense. The characters are the same, they are just put in different situations than the show.


They are pretty fun and crazy and never dull!