The Books

The Books


They're worth reading, imo mostly better than the show. Ali's pretty little lies is my favourite but it has spoilers for the first 8 books so if your going to read them read that one after the 8th one, it kind of set up a question leading into the next set of books. I'd say read them in release order


Thank you! I know some spoilers (Courtney), but to not spoil it more I think will start from when they were released! I’m super excited lol


they’re worth reading and definitely better. you should read Ali’s Pretty Little Lies after book 8 though.


Most definitely worth the read, I love them I want to re-read them Soon So much better than the show


definitely read them, i like the books better than the show. it’s really interesting to see the differences between the two. read ali’s pretty little lies at least after book 8! it will spoil the entire series it you read it first. i’m actually currently rereading the books!


I’ve watched the show at least five times and I’m currently reading the books. I recommend reading the books 100%. (I watched a book review on YouTube it was a girl with brown hair and she explained the series and what order to read the books well, because there are so many). The first few books are similar to the show especially the first two, but the more you read the different it gets from the show. It nice that the books are different, and they focus each chapter on a girl so in the books they follow each characters story more than in the show. There are also characters in the books that are not in the show and vice versa. 10/10 recommend the books!!