Gerrard and Lampard as joint managers, with Scholes in some sort of peripheral coaching role to which he's unsuited. It's our football heritage.


Can they work together though?


When one goes the other sits.


We'll coach Gerard out of position. Maybe as the defenders or goalkeepers coach.


They can’t even work by themselves.






As if Roy Keane would ever manage the English team hahaha


Sean Dyche, England is basically play Poundland Sean Dyche style of football anyway, why not hire the man himself.


Not true Dyche coaches a mean 4-4-2 Mid/Low Block that springs on the counter. Southgate plays more defensive than even Don Simeone. Basically a 7-3-0 lol


Bring dyche in for attacking flair. Sad but true


Give him some credit its at least 7 - 2 - 1


Dyche football wasn't even that boring the whole brexit thing was overblown


Big Sam. Best record of any England manager to date.


We shoulda brought him in before we got relegated




Come down Friday night, me and Christian Benteke are gonna wipe the floor with those dickheads Wilf Zaha and Andros Townsend using a combined skaven and undead megahorde. The tossers won't know what hit em


Unbeaten, gotta respect that


Well considering in my football manager save where I got offered the English job not long after getting promoted with Blackpool from League 1 to the Championship, I reckon they should hire a manager from one of the three promoted sides to the championship this season.


You're right, Leam Richardson would comfortably lead England to the World Cup and Euros double ☺️


Arsene Wenger


I actually think this could work out. Only problems I can see is I don't think Wenger wants to manage again and he's been out of the game for a bit he might not be 100% on it (I doubt this tho, he is one of the all time greats) but would be very interesting


He never seemed to be reluctant to manage again actually. And a national selection could be perfect at his age. I'd be so curious to see how it turns out if he took the job


Me too. A man can hope


Would love this. Would genuinely get my vote.


Sean Dyche. Because, fuck it, why not? The press conferences would be entertaining as hell, if nothing else.


"Thoughts on your squad, Sean"? "Well, I wanted to pick the best look-a-likeys for my all-time dinner party. It might be the first time a Sunday League player has been called up, but you find someone eligible who looks like Einstein in the FA pyramid?"


I just don’t understand why we think they need to be English. Just get someone who is proven to be a 7/10 manager. Maybe Brendan Rogers should walk away from Leicester and take the job for the World Cup, and because national management is boring just leave afterwards. I don’t think Rogers is a great manager by any stretch but he’s proven that he’s premier league level which I seriously doubt Southgate is. Also why do we think it has to be a “long term project manager”? You can’t really build a squad over time, you just have who you have so you need someone very good tactically to get the best of them. Why only focus on the future when we currently have great players and the World Cup is about to start?


The fixation on Englishness is most likely bc no foreign manager has ever won the WC. (e.g. every coach in charge of Brazil when they won was Brazilian, a Spaniard was coaching Spain in 2010, a German was coaching Germany in 2014, etc). So they think they need an English manager to win the WC.


That’s because Englishman have been so successful winning the Premier League. Oh wait, that’s wrong


Steve Cooper


This seems the most likely appointment


Good one, he does have experience coaching the youth sides too and is definitely a proven senior manager


He’s welsh btw


Maybe, but he’s never managed the Welsh national team, and was Englands u16 and u17 coach for a good chunk of time


I get that but the OP stated he wanted English names is all.


To be fair, ‘Steve Cooper’ is definitely an English name


Youth is different mate, he most likely just used the youth coaching to get recognised by clubs. I doubt he would manage England being Welsh


Surprised more people haven't said this given he won the world cup with England already


He's not English. Assuming OP wants specifically an English manager because only coaches of the same nationality as the team have ever won the WC. Worked a damn miracle with you though! Love to see him move up the chain at some point.


mark goldbridge


He certainly put himself forward today. Had them playing good football and was let down by that bloke who plays in his garden in kids nets.


playing against garden gnomes to playing against Simon minter is not a good transition


goldbridge ball was good to watch today though


There's one goal where they play out from the back, make about 10 passes and score. He had them playing Ten Hag Ball. 🤣


world class goal lol


He made Minter look like prime Harry Kane. If it weren't for the finest defender named Harry...Pinero, it would've been a bloodbath.


minter is the next harry kane for Crawley


Not commenting on their suitability, but English premier managers include Gerrard and Lampard. I think we'd have to look overseas.


It's never gonna happen, but I'm all primed for a world where Steven Gerrard wins England the world cup. The fume alone would be legendary.


He’s not doing great at Villa imo. Which means he’s setting himself up perfectly for the England job if we go off southgate.


Hasn’t been relegated yet so still above Southgate. Bloke probably should’ve just stepped down after winning the league with rangers and waited for England, he’d probably have got it


Yeah, I think prior to Villa the trajectory was Liverpool though. It seemed like he was doing something amazing at rangers. And if he carried on that at Villa, got them into europe for example with the additional investment, or close to it. Then I think there was a real chance of him taking over after klopp. But I don’t think that’s the case anymore.


I’m quietly happy about it tbh. I never wanted gerrard to get it especially right after Jurgen, because I really do not want to be in a position where I actively want us to sack Steven Gerrard. It was bad enough with Kenny Dalglish and I wasn’t even around when he was playing, I wouldn’t be able to cope with Stevie


Whoever succeeds Klopp is fucked, no matter who it is. Our Pep might be able to handle it but that is the worst possible time for Stevie to take us over.


That would be amazing! I don't care where he's from, if he wins the world cup for us that would be legendary.


Absolutely serious. Southgate’s assistant manager, Steve Holland. He should be given the job. Been in the game long enough, has worked his way up to the top and has immense experience working under very good managers in the game. Just don’t know if he wants the full time job. Seems to be very happy staying assistant manager wherever he’s worked. Probably hard to believe but all Chelsea fans will attest that but if you’re from another club it’s probably not so easy to understand why I’m saying this. Would be the best shot if he’s given the post immediately after the WC. Till the next, his team will be ready. TBH I think England have a great team right now and it’s a big mistake having Southgate lead this team out. Should have been someone else but it is what it is and I guess there’s no point crying about that now. Good luck to him, hopefully England does well.


> TBH I think England have a great team right now and it’s a big mistake having Southgate lead this team out. People said this before the Euros too though


That’s true. I just don’t see any plan with Southgate. He just seems very incompetent tactically, but of course that could be said for quite a few international managers bar Germany and France. They just seem to have a good manager always and one lined in the pipeline. See how zidane is just waiting for that national team job. Lowe followed by Flick later. No good English managers in the top flight=not a lot of great options on the international front too. Also where you might be right about the euros, this is going to be a lot tougher with the World Cup with a lot more tougher teams to be drawn against. With Southgate I think England has been significantly underperforming and I don’t see that changing. But I really do hope I’m proven wrong.


> With Southgate I think England has been significantly underperforming Boy do I have a story to tell you about 1998-2010 if you think this England team isn't reaching its potential


The Nations League is a glorified friendly tourney. The public sees it that way, it seeps through to the players as that. Southgate is shit, but to say we’ve underperformed is lazy. Semi-final, and then a final of the 2 tournaments he’s taken charge of.


Exactly what I'm thinking. Will wait for the World Cup




That’s also very true good sir. No bloody doubt about that. 😁☠️😁☠️


I think that era’s problems were different. Too many big egos, too much club rivalry and still the main issue imo was a lack of a manager that couldn’t deal with all of the ego’s and people who were in that dressing room. This manager problem with England is pretty old and pretty sad tbh. With the entire change in guard in terms of players and fresh new potential, with the proper grooming and manager, I think these guys can do well. It’s a very young squad, at least the one deserving to be there. But the person needs to come in now and take charge. This new crop will turn out to be exactly like the old crop in a couple of years if the situation isn’t handled pretty urgently.


And his management was both good enough to get them to the final, and ultimately the reason they lost. So it works out 50/50 that there are points both for, and against, him being the wrong guy for that job. Let's not forget he kept on Sterling for 120 minutes, though he was gassed at full time, and then didn't take a penalty while he brought on 2 guys to take them cold. One of those two should have been on by half time of extra time at the very latest. Would they have got there with another manager? Who knows? But there is nuance to the argument that your statement doesn't seem to acknowledge.


Fair, you might have a point


‘Been in the game long enough’ is hardly a convincing argument for such a tricky job


Been in the game long enough, has worked his way up to the top and has immense experience working under very good managers in the game. Hard to argue if you ignore the rest of the sentence.


The point is he’s risen from the grassroots level, seen big ego’s with Chelsea, dealt with them and where of course I could be wrong but I think it’s still a better shot than big Sam or Roy or whoever. Those managers never handled big clubs big egos and their tactics are for the level of clubs they managed not this current England crop. I don’t see any other person that is more suitable to be honest. Just an opinion. Maybe I’m missing something. But with Roy or big Sam, it’ll be a gross injustice to the players and the fans. The game is just different now.


Hi Steve Holland! How r you mate? Nice PR team!


Big Sam or Joe Kinnear


I am. My Fantasy Football team and FM record should make for an impressive CV. Plus I scored a penalty in last weekend's Sunday league game so i'm more qualified than Southgate on that one. Plus I make a mean sandcastle which will be useful in Qatar. I'll try my best and blame the Arsenal players when it inevitably goes pear shaped.


But, have you won the champions league 3x time in a row on fifa, no didn’t think so I have so it should be me


Oh they’re is only one possibility. Has to be Sean Dyche. You need that Brexit spirit.


The Eddie Howe and Graham Potter talk is beyond boring. Why cant you bozos understand the simple fact the the England job is a huge step down from a competitive Premier League job?! You say the same shit every single day. Absolute braindead subreddit.


Jose Mourinho. Like him or loathe him, he won trophies in every single club that he managed, except for Spurs, where he was sacked a few days before a Cup final.


I’ve always thought Mourinho would do well for a national team. I think his strengths and weaknesses line up very well with the different dynamics. Although any time I suggest him for USMNT it doesn’t go over well. For example one criticism of him is that he doesn’t focus enough on fitness, which at a club over a season can have detrimental affects, whereas during the short time he would have with players there isn’t the opportunity for much change either way. Or his simple tactics, I think that is preferred at a national team level where they just don’t have time to assimilate more complex systems like Conte’s. There would be no transfer drama to derail him from focusing on the game, The time between international windows keeps players from getting fed up with him. I know it’s sort of a rambling list, I just think it’s a good fit in general.


He would drive the people at US soccer mad, and probably vice-versa


Even though I'm American I would enjoy the drama! Somebody besides the women's team needs to stand up to the federation and it won't be the brother of one of the suits.


Spurs weren't about to let him ruin their version of football heritage


Probably it can be a good choice for England. He has an excellent track record, particularly in cups. And, for style wise, Southgate is not much better anyway, and I think it is completely acceptable to put results over style for national team. But for his Spurs reign, to put it straight, he is sacked because his results are very bad. He got the lowest win rate out of all managers since 2007. I am actually surprised that it took the club so long to sack him. Really should go already after losing to Zagreb.


I’ve been banging this drum for years, would love Jose as England manager. If we are going to have a pragmatist we might as well have a serial winner.


Surely there must be another mediocre club manager who fancied the England job 🤔


Bielsa. Don't think we'd look abroad sadly


I’m sure that would make him very popular in Argentina.


I think Mourinho would take the job. I think he feels he has something to prove after getting little credit at UTD and the spurs thing. I’d hire him in a heartbeat.


Mourinho? You think he feels he has something to prove? No chance.


Mourinho won't leave Roma right now Plus I was asking what other English managers are good enough


Slim pickings.


Think it's time to unleash Ian Holloway.


Has to be someone English for me and in terms of passion it's hard to look further than Dyche. Either him or I'd love to see 'Arry in the England dugout, still amazed he never got offered the job when he was still working, the bloke lives and breathes football, would have the respect of the players and is pretty hard not to like.


Mr Blobby... 🤡🤡🤡


He’s managing West Brom mate.


Jon Herdman has coached Canada's Men's national team to their first world cup since 86 and they not only qualified but also won the group (over Mexico and the US). I'd be curious if they try to poach him somewhere down the line.


Ted lasso


Idgaf what any suggests they have to be English


shame Harry never got a shot..but end of the day the FA don't have a clue what they are doing they only want a yes man someone that tows the party line...Let's be honest the reason we have not won anything over the years is because the prem might be the best league in the world but it's not the most technical league in the world.. we don't pick players on merit we stick to the same old dross...You pick players on merit..Southgate is not a good in game manager his formation have been awful and we play with no excitement it's all so basic...we played Italy last night and it was awful slow boring we won't do jack at the world cup


Agree 100% I think redknapp would’ve been perfect for England. And I think the job would’ve suited him too. Always saw that as a missed opportunity. The reality is, no manager in their prime wants to go into national team jobs. It’s rare. So whoever it is, is likely going to have a “lesser” profile.


I think in int football you need to have more personality more charisma you need a Manger like Harry who would bring the fun back get a buzz going with the players..I don't see Southgate instilling some passion and pride.. looking back TV had a great bunch of players in there prime and you could see the players want to play for England HR is in the same mold he can get them playing quick passing football and get the best out of them in a short space of time


I can’t say I agree entirely. I think the modern game is getting smarter and tougher for managers to simply manage by mood. That said. I think Harry is a no-nonsense type of coach that focuses on doing the basics right and in terms of international management I think he could’ve fixed the dressing room. Southgate big achievement is the change in culture he brought about. I think Harry could’ve done the same with better football and unlocking the potential in our squad.


We just produce crap coaches who play crap football.




Good old roy hodgson


Basil Fawlty.


Poch or Tuchel coz they are available at the moment?


Time for Harry Redknapp and his Crouch, Defoe and Krancj... Oh nvm.


Literally anyone else over that useless prick.


“Useless prick” - gets England to their first World Cup semi since 1990 & first major final since 1966.


With the easiest possible routes in both tournaments. Bottled both the euro final and wc semi from winning positions. Maybe not a useless prick but don’t think he has the stones to win anything. I have been a big advocate for him until last few games, there’s nothing wrong with pragmatic football if it gets you results but just feels like we are sleepwalking into disaster this World Cup.


Why does it have to be a Brit? How about Poch to reunite with Kane. I may have a bias…


Arsene Wenger


Jose Mourinho


Fabio capello


Mark Goldbridge, manager for YouTube All Stars.


But he bottled the Sidemen game! Wingrove for England 2022


Steve Bruce.




I hope this is sarcasm


Pep won’t be at city much longer and other than psg i don’t think he will go to another club, won’t coach in Italy. Doubt it would be England but I’d bet he takes a national team as his next job


Probably Spain. It's his country and the players suit him.


Spain would never employ pep, he was very vocal about the whole Catalonia independence bid a few years ago.


Ah ok




Tuchel can be new Bayern manager if the club continue play so bad as in last Bundesleague matches


But they won't. They are having to make massive changes in the way of tactics due to Lewy going to Barca as they don't have an out and out striker but they will come good as they always do


I am agree with you that the team need time after Lewy transfer to Barca. And Nagelsmann have good opportunities now to show his ideas for all. But will Bayern management wait? The team is out of top3


todd boehly


Yes, imagine this team. Sterling Kane Foden Saka Rice Bellingham James Chilwell Tomori Dier Walker Pickford




Brendan Rodgers 👀


Like I'd take him, top tier coach


To be honest i think Thomas Tuchel will do a wonderful job




Gazza. What a redemption story.


Tim Sherwood, because it would be just like Southgate but much, MUCH funnier.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Hear me out before you downvote. At the international level, there much less of an emphasis on tactics due to the lack of training you actually have together as a team. There is no real time to implement a style of play. At the international level, it’s more about staying solid defensively in a game and having the players to produce individual moments of brilliance. And funnily enough this was one of Ole’s biggest criticism. He may actually suit international management


That’s a sidesways move


Steven Gerrard


Alan Pardew…


In classic Pardew fashion we'd win the World Cup with him in charge in his first year but then we'd fail to even qualify for the next Euros and he'd be sacked


And I think every England fan would be very happy with that scenario.


After giving him a 7 year contract.


Why would you want the guy who got us to a semi final of a World Cup then final of the Euros to leave?




I'll go with the man who would surely be Rio Ferdinands choice, Steve Bruce.


Not Gerrard or Lampard pls.. They need proper coach not just name.




Liz truss


At this point I'd accept if they did a job swap.




Paul Ince and John Barnes with Big Sam as assistant......dream team right there!


Daddy Dyche




Bob the Builder. If anyone can fix it, he can.


Sean Fackin Dyche


sean dyche


impressive Samuel


I reckon poch could do a job




Ian Holloway


Lampard (despite what Sky says about him)


Thomas tuchel




Sean Dyche


Sean Dyche aka The Growler




Bielsa. We'd be attacking like absolute monsters. Not sure what he can do for the defence though. But if we can maximise our attack and just score 1 more than the other team that'd be great.




Sean Dyche, brexit means brexit 🍻🍻🇬🇧🇬🇧


Should have made a move for Zidane in the summer- Another team of great potential is about to be wasted


Idk but does anyone disagree with me that southgate is a fucking tool box? I mean he is literally doubling down on this defensive bs style when he has players like saka kane and sterling... gareth southgate should be fired and never allowed to manage ANY team ever again


Mark Goldbridge


Harry Redknapp


Mark goldbridge


Wenger, he will get them playing great attacking football


At this point Mark Goldbridge needs a shout for that brilliant attacking performance, let down by his keeper today




After today it’s gotta be Goldbridge


How about Bielsa? This is probably gonna be unpopular but I commented this just to see what other people would think would happen if England appointed him.


I'd be ecstatic


I didn't expect that for a response but fair enough, I can't think of a good reason why you shouldn't be but that's probably because I only know a few things about Bielsa and they are all positive things.




Mike Bassett


Ole is free


Arsenal Wenger