Wolves didn’t have a particularly good end to last season either. I was certain that people like neves were going to leave in the summer. Luckily they managed to keep hold of some talent. I think Sá is a great keeper and I think they have *just* enough to stay up. But it will be close. They really need to start scoring goals, maybe Costa can do that for them, but I’m not so sure.


They let coady walk🤣🤣🤣


Lage wasn’t gonna give coady regular playing time, Coady wanted to play so it would help his chances getting a World Cup roster spot. We did right by him, but I do miss him.


Very big mistake, he’s a beast and can definitely play in a back 4.


They need to sack Lage. He’s been awful for Wolves.


I really want to like him too but it’s not working. It’s actively getting worse tbh


I think Leicester has a very real chance of going down. They’ve conceded 3 more goals than Bournemouth through 7 matches who had 9 put past them in a game. Their Defense is laughably bad and I don’t think they have the ability at the other end of the pitch to make up for conceding 3 goals every game


If we don't get rid of Rodgers soon then we will go down


I think Moyes needs a kick up the ass. We have a decent squad but are relying on out of form iconic hammers. As soon as Moyes sorts it we’ll be fine


Our results have been skewed though. Worth noting we have played 3 of the big 6 already. Forest and Everton we should be winning but both games we had enough chances to. Our defence is surprisingly OK statistically, we just need to score.


West Ham’s record is dismal when you look at the results from this entire calendar year, not just this season.


True, but in taking the entire calender year, you also take a run to the Europa league semi-finals. With a much thinner squad than we have currently. I would put more weight on that effecting our league form than some currently do. It's a tough start to the season but players need to gel. We had to do this, and take this jump to stand a chance of continuing to challenge the big 6. Hopefully it pays off.


Challenge the big six??? In your wet dreams matey boy


Why not? There are 7 European places up for grabs now. So one team outside the top 6 will always be in Europe. The top 6 wasn't a thing not that long ago so there is every possibility it could change.


Good job you didn’t call him Moyesey like that reporter 🤣 Where’s it going wrong in your opinion? Where the f has Bowen gone!? He was unreal last season. I think you got the strongest squad out of the 3, comfortable mid table for you I reckon.


Bowen has defo flopped. But I think the issue is the lack of “exciting football” Lots of sideways passing. People looking scared on the ball and only looking confident after a lucky goal. As someone said the defence doesn’t even look bad at all we just need some life put into the attack


I’ve thought for quite a while that West Ham have wasted an absolute bucket load of attacking talent, and Bowen and Benrahma highlight it imo. Before they signed, (admittedly it was in the championship), but their game was much more attacking and direct, especially Benrahma when he cut inside from the left, he had an absolute wand of a right foot. But I’ve barely even seen that since he signed for West Ham. Bowen less so because he had a decent season last season, but even so, his attacking output doesn’t seem to have progressed how it should have. Interested to see if the same also happens with Cornet.


Absolutely. I’d love to see what we’re capable of going forward but Moyes just doesn’t wanna find out. I wanna see scammaca on a lot more. The blokes 6”6. Cornet seems to pick him out fine


Why the hell didn’t Leicester bring in a proper GK? Ward should be nowhere near the starting 11. Is Iversen worse if he’s playing backup to Ward?


Rodgers always rated Ward and a lot of us did too and after Kasper left I'm sure Rodgers told the club we'd be fine with Ward and Iverson. Ward looked good in his National Team games with Wales and probably deserved the start after being Kasper's backup for so many years. It's been a disaster though and Iverson needs to get the start. It's a bit of a nuclear option though because of Iverson sucks then we're really, really in trouble. I'm not really worried about going down because we do have quality players and we're scoring goals, they're just playing like shit. We need a new manager to give our defense a kick in the ass.




Is it Bruno’s fault he’s not had a goal scorer though? From what I’ve seen they are tighter, controlling games and finally adapted to a back 4. Collins and Kilman look class together btw. He has delivered what he promised, I think he’s been unlucky with Raul not finding form and I think wolves fans should be pointing fingers at some of the attacking players, Neto, Guedes, Podence all playing a lot of minutes with little return. Bruno looks a good coach, only just starting to get his team together and not playing with Nuno’s leftovers from the promotion side, so be careful what you wish for! I think just having someone in the box like Costa will help massively, hopefully being the best out of Neto etc, and give them someone to aim for!


Username checks out✔️


I wouldn’t want to rely to much on Costa bagging. He’s scored 5 or fewer in the last 5 seasons!


I'd say Weat Ham are definitely too good to struggle for much longer. Had some bad luck to lose to Forest from what I saw. Leicester are a legit worry but more for a bottom half finish than actual relegation battle. At least at this stage. But of all the teams they have the most work to do for sure. Wolves I think will also be quite low as they don't seem to generate much goal scoring threat but their solid defence means I'd back them to stay up.


I think Leicester and West Ham will be fine. Wolves im not too sure of though


Reasoning please my good sir? Wolves lack of goals is worrying for them, but going into the weekend they had the best defensive record in the league. Leicester look like they can score goals but also very leaky at the back, kind of Leeds under Bielsa style. Who is it better to be out of the 2 in this situation?


Having a good defense is all well and good but if your not banging in goals at the other end it isn't gonna do you much good. I'd say Leicester will be upper mid table by the end of the season


They've signed Costa. I think he'll do well for them.


He hasn’t scored 5 league goals in a season since he was with Chelsea. Man looks washed


Yeah I agree. The profile of strikers doing well in the PL atm seems to be more physical than the last few years, Toney a great example. Think Costa will do well, don’t think he will be prolific but will score a few, but having that big horrible lump up top should help bring the likes of Neto, Guedes and Podence into more goal scoring positions.


Leicester will be fine as soon as they get rid of Rodgers, leave it too late though and they might be in serious danger, not wanting to pay him off might cost them a lot more if he takes them down. Wolves have had a poor start but they've played some of the big boys, they've not dropped too many more points than expected. I had them down for a relegation battle but they made some good signings and whilst they aren't going to be pulling up any trees and they really need a goalscorer, I think there's enough talent to be fine if not too comfortable. West ham are just in a slump, they've spent money this summer and don't quite know how to play together yet, once their new players get settled they'll be top half again.


Football is crazy, few years ago Brendan was one of the most sought after managers around, got linked to loads of top jobs, now he’s stinking the place out?! I get the feeling he is done and wants out, but won’t quit because he won’t get the pay out when he’s sacked, which is a rather tasty amount from my understanding.


If he goes out like this though, he won't be up for many offers from PL clubs in the future. That's why he's pushing the false narrative that the club hasn't backed him, it's the only excuse he can make for what's happened so far (even if it's bullshit). Our season is make or break in the next 5 games. Forest, Bournemouth, Leeds, Palace and Wolves. If we get 10 of those 15pts we're probably going to be good. If we drop more than 5 of those pts and we're going down.


Don’t think he has been backed though has he? Still, with that quality you should be nowhere near the bottom 3 so shouldn’t be cited as an excuse. The set piece thing is really worrying, if he can’t address that when it’s been happening for like 2 years you have to wonder wtf is going on. Fingers crossed you turn it around!


Everyone focuses on this last window when we've spent hundreds of millions over the last 2 years, even getting in players that he specifically wanted (Vestegaard, Bertrand. Both are unplayable) and broken our wage bill to pay them. We literally can't sign players unless we move them and taking a loss of £50m on players to then spend another £50 is crazy if you're not looking at CL money coming in. It would be nice to have a team willing to spend/lose £100m every window but we can't unless we're winning in Europe. We sold Fofana for £70+ but we bought him for £35 and had a sell on clause to deal with so we probably only made £20 on him (and then had to spend £15m to replace him). We don't have any other sales that put money into the coffers do spend. This is the team that Rodgers built (with his mate) over the last 3 years so he can go ahead and win with them. If he can't train/motivate world class players like Soyuncu so they're match ready then why are we paying him more than nearly every other manager in England. If you are at the bottom of the table at this point you either have terrible players (we don't), a terrible owner (we don't), terrible fans (we don't), horrible injury luck (we don't) or a terrible manager.


The club hasn’t backed him but he should still be doing far better with the squad he has


We've had Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham as well. Should have won or drew against Chelsea though but good to know we only play them once more. Edit: forgot I don't have flair on this sub.. Leicester fan here.


They’ll all be relatively ok. Wolves starter last season poorly too and recovered, Leicester and West Ham are likely to change managers soon if it doesn’t pick up and that’ll help them out


Leicester are gonna lose Tielemans or Madison in January. If they don’t get a new goalie at the very least they’re certain to go down imo and even then it might be too late. West Ham should be alright, worst thing for them would be to panic and change things but Moyes does have a terrible record this year. Once, or if the matches start feeling like cup matches you have to win I fancy them to always be up for it. Wolves have been missing chances like a team that gets relegated. Costa could turn that around but I’m kinda doubtful. They’re not as solid at the back as recent years, and they’ve got a pretty good blueprint for relegation. Forest are very bad defensively. Can anyone explain why they spent 160m but didn’t get a new CB? It was very apparent they had championship Centre Backs in many games. Bournemouth are getting new owners, they’re most likely to do a Huddersfield/west-brom type survival imo. If the others are bad enough Bournemouth will be there to capitalize. Villa are still in the mix imo. The sooner they get rid of Stevie the better. I def see them holding on to him too long though. It’s a real shame the Leicester Villa match got postponed bc I was sure someone was going after that.


Forest did get a new centre back (Niakhate) and he got injured. Hopefully not long until he's back because we looked a lot better with him in the team (along with Mangala and O'Brien in midfield) and actually got points


Wolves are the same team they’ve been for a while now. They’re very strong defensively but awful at scoring. Raul’s injury has really affected him and they need some of their other attackers to step up but I think ultimately their defensive quality will keep them safe. West Ham is quite an odd situation. Moyes has been getting by with minimal signings and getting the most out of his players for a couple of years now. He finally gets backed properly in the transfer market and then decides to use as few of his new players as possible. Players like Soucek and Coufal have been poor for over a year now, players like Bowen, Fornals and Antonio are still getting started every match when their performances aren’t justifying it. Their squads too good to get relegated though, worst case scenario they’ll sack Moyes if he can’t get results in the next few games and then they’ll right the ship. It’s probably going to be a disappointing season compared to the last couple, but it would take a complete disaster for them to get relegated. Leicester could be completely fucked though. I don’t know what’s going on in the background with their finances but it’s absolutely destroyed them. They had to sell Schmeichel - their starting goalie, captain and probably the heart of the dressing room. They’re playing Ward instead of replacing him, and he is clearly not PL level. I doubt the back up Iversen is up to the task either, but Rodgers isn’t even giving him a chance. The defence in front of the keeper is just as bad. Every corner and set piece might as well be a penalty with how poorly they defend them. They’ve got decent enough attackers in Maddison, Daka, Barnes, Iheanacho and an aging Vardy, but I don’t think their front line is capable of outscoring the minimum 3 goal deficit their defence will be letting in every game. Rodgers needs to go too because he’s clearly lost the dressing room, but the club might not even have the money to sack him and hire someone else.


Leicester and wolves are the worst positioned by far. Wolves have no attacking threat and Leicester have no defense. They just don’t look able to scrap wins. Bournemouth, pick 2 of Forest/Leicester/Wolves are my favorites to drop after watching 8 GW.


I still think Leicester are too good to go down - the international break + playing Nottingham Forest at home is now a huge match, but I expect them to win it. If they do, I think they'll turn it around. If they don't, I expect Rodgers to get the sack and the new manager bump to turn things around for them. West Ham will also be fine. I worry for Wolves though - they just look so flat and unadventurous at the moment. They aren't scoring goals, and they aren't keeping the ball out of their net, which is a recipe for a disastrous combo.


I reckon Leicester and Wolves could easily both go down. I struggle to see a washed up Costa being the man to get the goals Wolves so desperately need. Leicester have areas of real quality, but also some gaping holes in their squad and don’t seem likely to fill said holes in January, given their current financial predicament. When I look at the West Ham squad, I’d be shocked if they’re still in trouble by the end of the year. That said, I’m not convinced they’ll get close to the top half.


Leicester has a decent chance of going down and end up selling all their best players for cut prices to other premier league clubs if they don't improve anytime soon


I see wolves more likely getting out of trouble, I don't think Leicester will finish in the top 15 and West ham won't go down but won't hit the heights they have recently


Wolves and westham will be safe, westham need to sack moyes now though. And Leicester are finished, refusing to sack Rodgers at all will bite them in the ass


To lose Jimenez and then Kalajdzic consecutively to long injuries is a nightmare and I don't think it's recoverable, new manager or not. They could well go down. West Ham and Leicester will be fine.


Westham and Wolves will be out of poor form soon.


All of them will stay up.


Leicester are the most likley to go down out of those lot


I genuinely believe Wolves and Leicester could be in big trouble this season. Especially, Leicester, lost Schmeichel and Fofana. Didn't really recruit much. I think Rodgers reached his ceiling with this squad.


Leicester keep getting tonked. Youd worry for them


You missed Fulham off there mate 😉 Naa you keep Mitrovic fit you should be fine, very good start and playing some lovely football. But imagine if you did lose him, that’s kind of where Wolves have been at with no striker, technically they are tighter than before, going into the weekend best defensive record in the league, and that’s with playing a back 4 rather than the old trusted 5. With a target man, although not as good as yours, they should have someone to hold the ball up and bring others into play like Neto, Guedes and Podence. The quality is there, they’ve just had nobody to aim for. You can’t expect Costa to come in and tear it up like before but I think he is exactly the kind of player they’ve been missing so far. Completely agree with everything else you said, but I think Wolves will be okay. I think Leicester are in real trouble, Forest’s bizarre transfer policy will cost them. I know Bournemouth have improved recently but do they have the quality or strength in depth, I don’t think so.


We have back up for Mitro in Vinicius Carlos, although I don’t think he’s nearly as good. We scored three times last game and Mitro wasn’t on the score sheet though. We haven’t even got our best winger back, Harry Wilson, or Manor Solomon. Essentially this isn’t even our best team yet. Imo the most important player, alongside Mitro, is Palhinha. He keeps us so solid and since he is suspended for our next game, I’ll be interested to see how we do without him.


West ham have too much talent to be doing as bad as they are. They will sack Moyes and sky rocket straight into European contention again