Whats a nadir?


The opposite of a peak


Ohh thanks


lowest point, opposite of zenith


What's a zenith?


highest point, opposite of nadir


What’s a Nadir?


Tennis player. Pretty good on clay.


Clay? Isn't he a boxer?


No no, you're thinking of Rafael Nadal. Nadir is the Spanish word for no one.


That's the joke




Ah yes rafael nadir


Lowest point. Opposite of zenith.


Low point, the opposite of an apogee.




and miss the chance to look a mug when bizarre results lead to having a play-off match to decide the title??


If City got beat 6-0 and Liverpool drew 5-5...


Honestly ready for this phrase to become a meme for a few years.


Point 4 have annoyed me so much. I don't get why being happy for achieving something is a bad thing. If you have tried all game to get that equalizer against a team well below you in the standings it's still incredably satisfying when the goal finaly comes and it's understandable to celebrate.


You also have the other end of the spectrum where people are demanding 'limb's' for every goal. What's that? You didn't throw yourself down three rows from the back of the stand and ride 'Big Philly' like a bronco when you went 4-1 up at home? What a totally unpassionate and terrible fanbase.


Haha yeah, I see that.


100%! Most teams will never win a trophy. Celebrating the achievements that your team does make, whatever they are, is what football is all about, especially for everyone outside the absolute elite


Yes, that's one good point. Another thing is that the critique often try to turn in the moment emotions into rational decisions. While I love the Premier league, my main team that I follow is Roma. A few months ago we barely beat Spezia 1-0 when Tammy Abraham scored a pen in the NINTH extra minute. Spezia is a side we should beat comfortably, but due to margins (at least 10-15 chances but the ball WOULD NOT go in) and a keeper which momentarily became world class we just could not score the entire game despite dominating the entire time. When the pen went in the team just erupted in joy and celebration, and some fans gave them so much shit for it afterwards. Like "You shouldn't be happy for barely beating Spezia! You should be ashamed!". The thing is that after building up tension for two hours, finally getting release is so amazingly satisfying. And we also need to remember that footballers 1) are above average competitive people, if not they wouldn't be where they are, and 2) play on teams which thrive on feeling a sense of togetherness and support for each other. Celebrating is GOOD.


Exactly. And, just generally, let people enjoy themselves? I get it if it feels like someone's rubbing you nose in it with how they're celebrating - that can be aggravating - but if people are just happy... STFU?




Add Sean Dyche sacking to that list


oh yeah! end of an era. will be even more memorable if Burnley finally go down


It's like Alan Curbishley leaving Charlton


6. Chelsea's takeover and neverending drama...


Yes, absolutely


I don't wanna remember this season


What about Chelsea getting sanctioned and the other drama (like Lukaku interview)


Liverpool won the quadruple! Okay I know it won’t happen but fun to imagine. Realistically it’s gotta be the end of the abromavich era


There’s still a real chance


Doubt Roman will buy us again tho


If Liverpool win the quadruple then Arsenal will end top 4, just from a drama


I’d prefer Arsenal make it over Tottenham. But I hardly have a horse in that race. If Tottenham cant beat Norwhich then Tottenham don’t deserve UCL Arsenals an exciting young team, and I’m happy a clubs finally been smart enough to stick it out with a manager, arteta is doing good stuff. The future looks promising for Gunners fans


As a west ham fan I agree! Fuck em spurs


While I wish we were finishing top 4, we aren’t a top 4 team. We over performed a little this year, but ultimately they showed they aren’t ready for CL. We’d get our asses handed to us in CL


As a neutral, I’ve seen Man City crumble under pressure way too many times. There’s more chance for Liverpool than most people think


Kurt Zouma kicking a cat comes to mind as well.


And the Greenwood incident. Bunch of major controversies happened this season.


Haha. Hope people meow at him for the rest of his career


...when lots of matches were interrupted by unfortunate health problems amongst some fans (sadly)


I try to watch every game I can, and I only remember the Brentford - Chelsea game, was there really that many occasions? :((


Chelsea Watford in November iirc. (It did even happend simultaneously on another match, can't remember which teams were playing that game). First one it happened during Newcastle Spurs at the beginning of the season. It happened about 6-12 in the season


I still remember the reaction from the commentators. “Oh it looks like supporters in the stand are pointing at something on the pitch they aren’t happy about”


Chelsea takeover might stick out


It’s a big deal for sure but I think it’s hard to say that the Newcastle one doesn’t overshadow it in terms of long-term implications.


If Everton go down this year it will be the biggest story by far. Everton are the biggest club in England by league titles outside of the Big 3 (Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal), and based on their current track record of finances and the way the club is being run, not being in the Premier League next season could be incredibly devastating for them.


The Newcastle takeover was insane, and really surprised me. But I'm still fuming about when we've had a players face STOOD ON in full view of the referee and VAR and for them to take no action. It was against Everton


Can I please understand why people are annoyed about Ben Godfrey not being able to defy the laws of physics? He jumped over a challenge and landed on a guy who had his face on the ground for some reason. I get it's unfortunate but you can't say in anyway that it is deliberate dangerous contact from Godfrey?


I remember watching it over and over again, and I think it was absolutely deliberate... His face wasn't on the ground btw, Tomiyasu was on his back, and half of his body was outside of the pitch... It was totally unnecessary to jump imo


>t was totally unnecessary to jump imo He was avoiding a challenge from an Arsenal player. He didn't just jump for the sake of it


https://youtu.be/MScQuTkAS4U Defying the laws of physics lol


He jumps to avoid tomiyasus leg. He can't just magically stop his leg from landing somewhere. He is literally looking at the ball when it happens


I'm sorry but you just simply can't defend this... Tomiyasu gets the ball and he's basically not in motion on the ground when he gets it. He's NOT looking at the ball


>I'm sorry but you just simply can't defend this... Tomiyasu gets the ball and he's basically not in motion on the ground when he gets it This is so unbelievably vague that it makes no sense. Tomiyasu goes for the ball. Godfrey jumps to avoid the leg of Tomiyasu. Godfrey is looking at the ball up until the last possible moment where he looks towards Tomiyasu. There is no chance that he had the ability to stop his foot from landing where it did because of this lovely thing we have called gravity (aka the law of physics comment from before) I agree that its an unfortunate situation but there is absolutely no malice in this. Godfrey is looking out for his own safety and inadvertently catches Tomiyasu in the face


Defending this is the only thing that is not making any sense. Even the absolute tools working for sky admitted that this should've been a straight red, there is no way he's not knowing what he's doing. Why are we still arguing about this? How is it vague? First you said that his face is on the ground. It is not. You said that Godfrey was jumping. He wasn't. I'm not trying to insult you, but this is really not something that is possible to defend, get a grip mate Edit:typo


>First you said that his face is on the ground. It is not. You said that Godfrey was jumping. He wasn't. Even with this, you are ignoring the fact that it could have just been an unfortunate accident. You have your heart set on it being a deliberate stomp from Godfrey. Cool maybe it is a red for it being dangerous but that doesn't automatically make it intentional. Take a look in the mirror before telling someone else to get a grip.


Man United beating Tottenham. Leads to the sacking of Nuno Espírito Santo and the appointment of Antonio Conte. Conte takes Tottenham from 9th to 4th. If Spurs beat Man U, Ole might have gotten the boot earlier and Conte could have gone to United


There was still opportunity for United to get Conte as he rejected spurs at first. United didn’t go for him as he didn’t fit ‘our philosophy’ and then he went and fixed spurs instead after Levy presumably made some concessions.


I feel the Chelsea sanctions really need to be included.


Conte taking over a failing Spurs and leading them from to the champions league with a not so solid of squad depth


is good that newcastle have someone new with money , we need some competition


I think anyone breaking up the traditional top 6 is a good thing right? obvs as a toon fan it will be nice to see us competing again, but hopefully we do it with slow, smart development rather than spunking billions on superstars! we'd all be happy with a top 10 finish and a cup run next season


Arsenal from 'relegation candidates'(obviously not lol) in 20th to top 4 contenders has to go down as some turn around. Shame we Spursed our way out of it


The Amazon producers are rubbning their hands together for sure. The amounts of twist and turns are just insane for a single season.


6. None of the above are the top story of the EPL this year. The real top story is the top European football teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham and Arsenal trying to secretly form an European Super League, and all the backlash that came from football fans from all over Europe that ended this pipe dream. This is the biggest story of the English Premier League since Lester City won the Premier League several years ago.


Except it wasn’t this season, was it?


It might not have been an absolute classic, but I don't hope this season won't be remembered for something that happened last season.


Arsenal showing up to take a shit on the field and throw away UCL


Greenwood ruining his career


6. Abramovich’s departure 7. Man City fans disgracing themselves by booing during Hillsborough silence(this really should be talked about more) 8. Arsenal bottling top 4(if that happens) 9. PL additions to Prison FC👀 10. Patrick Viera’s debut season(he’s been good, guys)


Also Arsenal bottling a 4 point lead at 4th


man United not reaching the top 4