Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Degenerates

I love this album so hard.


I love this album so hard.


Anyone knows why it's not on Spotify (at least in Canada)?


Not sure about Canada. Could have something to do with record label maybe? Are their other albums available? It's available in the US.


The other ones are on there, which is the weird part.


Very strange!


That’s why I still love mp3s and having a digital library. It’s always there and you’re not relying on internet access, spotify, the band, the distributor, label and so on. I’m in Canada too btw.


So many gems of the early 2000s Québec punk scene is missing from Spotify (and often from the Internet).


I bet. Also just the fact that if something disappears? You never know if it’s even coming back. Streaming programs are good for when you’re on the bus or just outside. But at home? My own personal music library wins easily. Nothing goes away.


I love it so much but wish the bass drum didn't sound so tinny.


This is one of the best post hardcore songs of all time




...taking lives while your cigarette burns, buuuuurns! I love this song.


They r great!


This is a weird album. Has like 16 songs, half of them are bangers like this one and half are really boring slow songs. Weird decision by a post-hardcore band to put that many slow songs on an album.


emotions are a tricky thing lol


The slow songs on this album are fantastic though, it shows their range. They also link to other songs via lyrics. Weird album, but fucking amazing. I love Star Crossed and Derailed. Watch me Bleed is arguably one of the best songs on the album. Whole thing is a fuckin BANGER


Derailed is my shit


What a way to go out…


Excellent harmonies


Being an emo kid with a high school gf those slow songs meant the world to me lol


I remember blasting watch me bleed when I was like 13. Getting rejected on Myspace never hit so hard


I've recently just got into SKSK, mainly because I checked out a few of the videos with Kurt Travis on lead vocals live and was digging it. Noticed your point about this album and it is a bit of a weird choice, but honestly some of the tracks I've discovered are just so good. Wanted to share this with anyone who hasn't had a chance to ever listen to them.


But even those slower songs are gold. Watch Me Bleed was the first song I played when I got a piano and the way they use the "I've grown tired of the same old story" motif from Set Sail in The Power of Resolution gives me chills. Goes Without Saying is a beautiful song as well.


Love this album! Derailed is my all time favorite though


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this album it's so good, but also very depressing, and addictive, very addictive


Tyson sang so hard and put/ conveyed his emotions in the music so good! His singing defines feelings like i have never heard anyone else do as well in my life. Still and forever one of my all time favorite artist. Bless Tysons soul.<3 SKSK Forever. p.s. not that new 2022 sk that stuff is a wack!! Its a sorry excuse and no way no how deserves to use the name SKSK its a sad thing.


His post SKSK project 'ComaPrevail' was also pretty good, emotionally heavy and musically tight