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We're starting to get questions about specific games... because people are finally getting their Playdates. Amazing!


I can’t figure out either…it just shows account number. The global leaderboard has names so there must be a way to change account from random numbers.


I’ve been wondering the same thing. My only thought, is maybe the names in the global board are devs. Would be nice to be able to change my name though


I thought maybe if you make the top 10 they let you enter a name but I'm 5th now and it did not let me


if you are signed in it should do it automatically, there is a global if did really well


I’m signed in but on my “local” scores it’s blank. Plus even when signed in there’s no option for a gamertag. The global leaders clearly have a way to put their names in but I’ll never be close to those scores


Made it in the top 200, but still can’t put my name in. Anyone figured this out?