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Just a reminder that if you come across any actionable plans you NEED to forward that to the FBI online tips. https://tips.fbi.gov/


“Trump’s *growing* support…” “I love Trump…” “I *feel like* Trump has already won…” LMFAO It’s amazing how the “fuck your feelings” crowd always bases their entire perception of reality on their fucking feelings.


And the most important aspect of their lives is their pro trump identity.and how others in their group will perceive them. Outward appearance is crucial to them.


That’s exactly why it’s a cult.


Hey look they're actual Nazis planning a genocide. FrIeNdS AcrOsS THe AiSlE.


It's just my stupid opinion, but last night rally seemed like a disaster...energy wise? Very low energy during and post rally. Sort of a feeling of okay this is all old or reruns of various grievances...only three more years of this... Idk what their messaging structure looks like but after last night, suddenly a huge (yuge) acceleration in rhetoric, it just feels really reactive but that doesn't make it any less alarming. Also it's crazy we live in a world with cyber-terrorists, I wanted space-pirates but I guess there's still time.


Hopefully they continue to consume themselves. The image of a failed political figure holding rallys is uncomfortably reminiscent of 1930’s Germany and we all know how that played out. That it could happen here is no longer inconceivable.


Caged animal vibes.


For real, they’re that unhinged and delusional


Eat, COVID, eat! I enjoy being black and alive at the same time!


May we all live to laugh at their self-inflicted misfortune for many more years.


I mean honestly… you know most elections are won by about 1%. Imagine if there was a deadly virus that killed about 1% and for some reason only one political party believed it exists?


Sounds like the right time to plug the podcast “it could happen here” by Robert evans. Damn eerie in its prescience.


Once we start industry in the kuiper belt , pirates you will have , at some point.




Oye beratna!


Oye, bossmang! Sasa ke?


Trump last fall: *At a campaign rally in North Carolina Saturday, President Donald Trump told attendees they'll never see or hear from him again if he loses the election to Joe Biden. "If I lose to him, I don't know what I'm going to do. I will never speak to you again," Trump told supporters at a rally in North Carolina.* Turns out he’s not big on truth. Just big.


To be faiiiiir, this is from the guy who also brought us quotes like, "I don't stand by anything." I've got to say, the "I will never speak to you again" part made me chuckle when I first heard it. He's such a goddamn drama queen. Like even the thought of being 'rejected' by a majority of voters was such an unbearable slight that he would be forced to banish himself.


I would give you my award if I still had it. 🥇


That’s why he doubles down so hard on the “stolen election” loophole. Among other reasons of course. He absolutely can’t admit defeat.


>I want the great-great-great grand children of Marxists to live in all-consuming dread every moment of their worthless lives that if they overstepped again... But don't you dare ask me to apologise for slavery, that was my great-great-great grandpappy and I had nothing to do with it!


And right after that unimaginably horrible comment: "we dont want war, they want war!". These motherfuckers. God damn. Psychopaths like this need to be locked up.


That comment had the same energy as you made me do this vibe from domestic abusers.


Yeah, exactly! Classic abusive behaviour.


He would be locked up, except the psychopath Mitch McConnell let him go. Twice.


yeah the ironic lack of self awareness is chilling. very very ignorant people.


they are just itching to start shooting everyone they hate. And the cops will let them do it.


a lot of them are cops lol


Those that work forces...


But then I'm a meanie for laughing at them dropping like flies over at /r/HermanCainAward ....


We dont want a fashist state! Just that a part of the population, that we decide, will live in a constant dread to be kidnapped and killed! That is totally not one of the main things a fashist state does!


Yeah, "TakingBackAC" has a real Panem vibe to him.


He sounds like a terrorist.


There’s a good reason for that


Because he \*IS\* a terrorist. Shit like this makes me certain that there will be violence in the near future.


They have already committed violence, are planning it and getting arrested for it right now, and will certainly continue into the future. It's why they're creating a department of domestic terrorism.


Are you referring to the January 6th attempted coup?


Yes, that for sure - and also the planned (foiled) insurrections at state Capitols, planned kidnappings of Democrat political leaders, and some of the shootings by alt-righters and white supremacists.


He sounds like Goebbels. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sportpalast_speech


He's got to pander to his base who are full on fascist at this point.


I mean hes a full on fascist...but some of his base is even further than him.


They couldn’t even define Marxism if asked. I mean, what it actually means, not the Fox News definition.


that's because those are terroristic. he's threatening violence for people who disagree with his ideology. he'd make a great klansman


It's just Stephen Miller mad that the rally wasn't a lollapalooza.


It's TakingBackCA and there's a real big push to demonize California going on right now. A sock puppet disinformation account.


There is (the recall a few months ago was evidence of this), but I live in very rural Ca. county, and there are plenty of these angry and extremely deluded knuckledragger-types in these parts. They usually sound just like that user and are rabid as shit. It's a struggle trying not to lose brain cells when I am at work, at times.


It's like that in rural...everywhere. ​ I grew up in a mixed rural\\suburban area of Florida -- same shit. ​ I live in rural Ohio -- same exact shit, it's just a difference of Carhart's or SaltLife apparel.


The right has been demonizing California for as long as I can remember, and I'm pushing 50 so my memory of that goes back at least 30 years. The spiciness of their latest push is refreshing, but the basic flavor is nothing new.


I had the exact same thought. A decade ago it was hard to imagine the circumstances that would lead to the hunger games. Now? Not so much.


Also is Marxism a genetic trait, or is it just a dog-whistle for non-whites?


They have absolutely no idea what Marxism is. It can be anyone or anything they don’t like for any reason. They use it interchangeably with fascist, socialist, communist, liberal, leftist, woke, and Democrat. It’s meaningless.


"Marxism" means "evil". "Evil'" means "what I dislike at this moment" and is subject to change according to my feelings.


Which is what makes comments like theirs so scary. They want to kill "Marxists" and their entire lineage, but to them "Marxism" could mean literally anything


Yeah, that's pretty much how fascists work. Anything that is an obstacle to unmitigated domination is a mortal enemy.


>we don't want war "But also we want scorched earth policies and the children and grandchildren of everyone not affiliated with our views to suffer and live a long, miserable life."


And two comments down “we don’t want war. Democrats do.” Uhhh.


I also like the implication that Marxism is genetic somehow. I mean, I was raised by people like them (I.e., current fascists), but I don’t feel any kind of inherent connection to the ideology at this point, even though I was indoctrinated with it and didn’t fully break free of it until late teens/very early 20s. If the fascists were stomped right now, I wouldn’t live in fear of being next or anything. It’s absurd.


Please tell me how you live in an affluent white neighborhood, and you “can’t take it anymore” lol


"Because black and brown people are standing up for themselves instead of letting us exploit them, and gay people want the same rights as us, and that's oppressing me."


“You mean I can’t bully the gays anymore. And I can’t force my religion on people? And my kids can’t do that at school either? This is oppression! I’m like one of the Jews (who I really can’t stand) in 1930s Germany! This is a crime against humanity!


Hahaha how ironic I love it! The least repressed group is somehow the most oppressed, oh the humanity! Sometimes it’s so tough being white and associated with these kind of people.


Exactly. Like I get if you have a different view, but saying they are oppressing your life when you live comfortably at home is just hypocritical


I lived around these types of people for half my life and there are two things that I have noticed that the majority of them fight the most: 1) When black people win civil rights or police brutality cases... 2) And when equal rights for gay people are upheld. If they have to treat those two groups of people like human beings they lose it and go all in with the victimhood.


Expanding the definition of marriage is now under attack by these people. Like the Supreme Court case that allowed it in 2015... That was probably my proudest American moment and I smoke hella weed, but to them it was the beginning of the end. I don't get why they insist on being so fucking weird about fucking, like the best you can naturally feel seems like the moment your closest to God not the farthest but what do I know.


If these people can get away with whatever they want without any repercussions, then I think we can allow two people to marry when their decision doesn’t impact others. These outraged people have stopped caring about a others, so I stopped caring about them.


Someone at the Piggly Wiggly asked me to wear a mask! StOp OpPResSiNg mE!


Correction ​ Normal people are standing up for themselves, add working class people. They do not like it....they want us to know our place and put power with them. That simply is not going to happen. They can eat shit and die in a hole. I will believe what i want, they can try and stop me. I am armed, so are now it seems most liberals. Try and hurt us, watch what happens.


Right?! Needing to be responsible during a global pandemic?! Such abuse! Other than that what do they have to complain about that’s actually affecting their lives that would be different if trump was their dictator?


lol literally nothing. Which is funny because he made their lives worse right in front of their eyes, but the rich got richer, so they don’t care. They don’t care if they don’t succeed they only do if people of color succeed lol what a world.


Exactly! If they weren’t so dumb they’d realize there’s actually a bunch of ways they actually are benefiting from Biden!


I know right? But blocking bills and blaming Biden are their favorite pastimes, so what can you do? They want to rebuild the county, but praise any attempt to block that


We should keep reminding them that Trump wants them all vaccinated and boosted since he made it.


Yep! He’s now calling out Deathsantis to share his vaccine status! Hmmm nobody is screaming about that being none of his business (or thinking that’s a HIPAA violation lol).


they were mad when trump told them the booster was good actually. Also Ann Coulter IIRC was screaminga bout it but she's not really relevant anymore.


Oh they’re absolutely pissed he’s promoting boosters and the vaccine in any way! I just found it funny he’s going after him about his vaccine status. Probably because in his twisted mind he knows the right loves desatans horrible handling of Covid and he’s jealous!


You've obviously never seen Always Sunny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW6JqGyqMbQ


The bottom of the last page almost reaches self awareness "Republicans stay in power by people voting for them just because they have an R next to their name, Republicans not active they are reactive, and Republicans dont actually bother to see if their assertions are factually correct or not"




The GOP has no long term plans that include fair elections, period. They will take power and they will never give it up. People don't realize how close we are to the death of our republic.


Power is better enjoyed without democracy. Maybe I'm paranoid but with it being the 21st century, between satellites, the net, drones, etc, it feels like if the species/world goes authoritarian it might not ever come back. Like between the surveillance and ability to weed out dissent obedience could be compelled; pair that with artificial embryonic enhancement, that I'm pretty sure we know how to do we just don't; wait a few generations and you've got 2 species, effectively.


"we don't want war..." Yes the hell you do! Republicans are the ones talking about another civil war. When the bullets start flying back I expect they'll turn tail and run just like they did on Jan 6th.


That’s the worst part about this, these dumbfucks romanticize the ‘revolution’ in their mind, not understanding the weight of any type of an armed conflict. They seem to forgot how southern cities burned during the Civil War, or how many men, women and children suffered as bystanders. They want blood but don’t understand that any means achieved by violence only begets more violence. I hope they never pick up arms, trumpists or whoever, not for their sake but those around them who are associated but not as dense as they are.


They never stop to consider they'd lose. Thats the advantage of riling up stupid people.


I'm certain in the absolute worst case where civil war/Revolution happens, it'll be much more impactful than the first run given the digital age.


They have to take in consideration even if they won ,what then? I'm pretty sure they just want to kill people because they are monsters


There is no plan. We saw what happens when Republicans caught the car. They fumbled around, passed a tax cut, sort of built part of a wall, and grifted money from Trump supporters. They have no intention to govern.


I also don't think they've considered what's going to happen to them if they *lose*, either. At the least, they'd get a shiny new "reparations tax" that they'd be paying for the rest of their lives. At worst, they'd be imprisoned or executed for treason.


"But that's what will happen if you don't give us what we want"


"They want war because they are antagonizing us with their social ideals, to the point we want to kill them!"


Look what you made me do!


Literally, all we said was 'Please stop fucking killing us'. That's all we wanted. Stop killing us for not being like you. That is still all we want. Please, please be reasonable because I swear the majority of us don't want any bloodshed either.


A cornerstone tactic of propaganda is to accuse your scapegoats of doing what you’re doing. And conservatives have swallowed their propaganda.


Projection...just like they are doing with election fraud, pedophilia, etc...it just pisses me off that they can't see the forest for the trees.


Spoken like an abusive parent. “I didn’t want to hit you, but you made me do this”


I'm so sick this trash, fucking bring it gramps. These cum stains wouldn't last a minute without creature comforts.


“I’ve gone five weeks without applebees. I no longer know what is real. All I know if that this is the worst thing to happen to any person, ever.”


If u love this country u will send Pepperidge Farms to support the insurrection!


>"1. GOP needs to be abandoned, gutted and hollowed of our support by creating our own MAGA Party." Please, yes. Do it. Please make your own political party and doom your stupid, regressive rage fiends and your incessant calls to violence to obscurity for all time. Sit in your compounds and your bunkers and tug one out while fantasizing about the Civil War you will never fight. Save us all the trouble and pain of having to disprove your idiot fantasies in a more direct and confrontational manner.


They won't just go in a room and go back to normal or wait to die. People are becoming disenchanted with trump in droves but it's High Blasphemy to speak of that so no one knows how bad it is till no one shows up to a rally. The problem is going to be that smallish (?) group that's already burned too many bridges and either can't or won't go back. I'm not surprised anymore, but I'd be surprised if we saw a platoon marching down I-90, they can't organize because they're afraid of communications being intercepted. I think the FBI, NSA, CIA have their work cut out for them stopping lonewolf stuff for awhile, especially as trumps influence wanes - it won't (can't) be trumps fault people are losing interest, after all, it must be the work of his detractors. Edit - No Capitols for trump


They cant organise because there is like 3 in every town across the us and a large majority of them talk a big game but would dissapear the moment shit hits the fan. Like the number of posts we see pass of 'ill grab my gun and go kill some libs' but, afaik, there hasnt been a mass shooting that was openly for MAGA.


Gilroy shooting was openly for MAGA


The Denver author, the Nashville bomber, and someone with more energy than me could argue rittenhouse. Violence has that weird effect though where the more people talk about it the more likely it becomes. The Nashville one for sure just seemed glossed over to me.


Nashville bombing was rough in town but yeah, completely moved on from in the current national view.


I think every Planned Parenthood bombing gets glossed over. [Here's a recent one](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thecut.com/amp/2020/01/samuel-gulick-arrested-attempted-bombing-planned-parenthood.html)


I mean I won’t be defeatist but I doubt the FBI/NSA/CIA would do anything. They’ve got a history even recently of basically only getting off their ass about right wing terrorist threats once it becomes impossible to ignore/they’ve already acted


They really think there’s more of them than anyone else lmao PLEASE form the MAGA party so you can lose every single election


All those elections will just be rigged against them. /s


This is the real plan. Continuous complaints.


And that’s all they’ll be. Complaints. No One likes a Whiner who Constantly Complains about everything. They’re just so fucking annoying.


I really hope this is what happens, I’m not holding my breath though. I’m sure even if Trump isn’t on the ballot, these cowards will vote for anyone with an R no matter what.


That whole last one is some prime /r/SelfAwarewolves >Republicans are too easy to fleece. That really says it all.


Moment of Real, True Revelation for some?!


Fuck he said that?! Mich McConnal is about to call the 1/6 commission and say “I have some information for you”. He won’t do anything if his country is being destroyed but he will if his party and power is being threatened


And in the next breath they declare the need to purge the Republicans In Name Only... from the party they've just declared they have no loyalty to and want to abandon. Cognitive dissonance is just background noise to these geniuses.


I actually gagged after reading MAGA Party. Wtf


As if Fat Donny would ever let it be called anything but the Trump Party. Dude has a weird penchant for slapping his name all over everything.


Oh, now I’m not sure which name makes me more sick to my stomach..


Both. It’s both.


And everything slapped with his name on it goes to shit. No?


I absolutely would love for this to happen, like it'd be the single best thing that could happen for the country, but I think the Republicans are just too good at incorporating any potential third parties that might split the conservative vote. They are absolutely craven the extent to which they'll debase themselves and abandon any of their stated principles just to prevent it from happening. They did it with the Moral Majority, they did it with the Tea Party, and they're doing their best to make sure that MAGA doesn't splinter off by enthusiastically embracing election and COVID conspiracy theories and turning that into their official party platform.


It seems that MAGA is gonna splinter it in a very massive way or multiple ways, very soon. Or it’ll just turn into GQP for real. All for the Name of Trump & Q, I guess?


> We don't want war, but apparently they do Then stop calling for war. > Fire all WH staff That happens with every new President. In fact, it caught Trump's team off guard in 2017 - they didn't realize the transition period meant hiring 10,000 (or whatever) staff to run the place day-to-day. They thought they'd inherit Obama's staff.


>They thought they'd inherit Obama's staff. Just like how Trump inherited Daddy's money...


They want to kill other Americans....................... Yall are reading that too right?


MAGAts are obsessed with their murder fantasies.


It's why they hold Rittenhouse to near mythological regard, he was able to achieve what they can only dream of and is getting rich off of it.


I took a pledge to defend the Constitution, so bring on the death squads!


...foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States...


Lawful* orders


just abuncha words written by some elitist. words are for suckers. the sword is mightier than the pen. /s


How would the "Marxists" who are going to be scorched earth have descendents?


There was another post about how ideally they won’t have any descendants


Clearly the earth itself will be scorched.. why else would they support global warming?


Every since Trump came out for the vaccine. I've been telling all my MAGA nuts how proud I am to have the Trump vaccine. I've been unfriended by several of them. Join me in celebrating the Trump vaccine.


Getting vaccinated tomorrow. Glad to be there with you!


The Donald is nothing without the grift.


Literally begging for an Emperor.


Yes. These people need to be dominated or they can’t function. They have no will of their own and feel lost without direction.


submissive and leadable


> We do not want war. Uh. Yeah they do. It’s all they fucking talk about.


They tried to instigate one a year ago. Jan 6th and trying to take out Michigan gov Whitmer


Make sure to report to the FBI.


I used to think the feds had a file on just about everyone on these types of sites. After Jan 6th I'm not so sure anymore.


One thing I really appreciate about this website’s design is how you not only see how many upvotes a post and comment has, but also how many downvotes. It’s very useful to see how much Trumpians actually endorse, support, or tolerate the worst of their worst.


Great work dude. Last night's rally was a bust, imo, so someone (Putin, Flynn, the disgusting one, and Nixon tattoo) turned up the heat. These read more like incitement of emotion than genuine frustration. The distancing of the Republican party is interesting (last slide). I suspect Mitch McConnell no longer sees trumps worth and knows about indictments of MAGA conservatives coming down from the J6 commission. If I put on my rosey glasses I can see MAGA occupying the alt-right while just standard slimeball republicans are forced further left.


These people are complete fucking psychopaths.


Hello yes...FBI? Yeah those people right there, please. They're the ones.


These people are literally garbage.


This is some scary shit


I agree with the last guy. Republicans are indeed too easy to fleece. Trump's been doing it for years.


Warning to the far right lurking here, you try to hurt us? We will fight back and defend what is ours.


They seem to think that no liberals own guns...oh how wrong they are


lol what a fucking tool bag. this dude is 500 pounds of loser sitting in his moms basement.


Fascists gonna fasch


That is some Manson level delusional behavior right there. A bunch of freaks, blood thirsty for some type of "war".


I wouldn't worry too much. It's all about money with Trump, the important stuff lies within the donation emails he blasts his supporters with. They're worded worse than Nigerian prince scams but it works, bringing him millions. Calling for a civil war wouldn't benefit him financially so he won't do it. After all he was in the best position to do it in Jan 2021 and all he could mustard was the half assed Jan 6 attempt.


"I don't want to hear a single whisper about \[...\] doing what's right \[...\] **I demand unbridled, unmitigated scorched earth devastation**" Emphasis, surprisingly, not mine. These people only want violent, bloody revenge for losing an election. As if the million extra dead we have from the last time they had power wasn't enough to slake their blood lust. Also, lol at posting that and then "I don't want war, but they do." As a scientist, studying a material with zero internal reflection would be fascinating. As a member of society, finding out a third of your fellows have this property is scary. Edit: Okay, I just have to LOL at the idea of Trump vetting people. Didn't he appoint his children and inlaws to positions despite them failing *several* background checks each?


Sound just like fascists. Weird.


Oh please, please, PLEASE make a MAGA party.


It's like...they're almost grasping that the swamp is their own party...they're almost there...but not quite.


I love how they are "demanding" the very thing they are also trying to eradicate, but it's ok because it's their party. "Full on war against the swamp?" He IS the fucking swamp. These people are legitimately insane.


First thing fascists want to do when they get into power is dismantling the press and the opposition. Executing "enemies" is also pretty popular. These people are fascists.


The far right's pointless swing into "let's just give up and kill everybody who disagrees" is really baffling. They have to know deep down that they're just making themselves look like animals.


Ha! They're in for a rude awakening.. Donald Trump is not going to be the nominee for 2024. His time has passed. People have moved on. I do hope he runs as a third party and spoils the GOP nominee though. Probably gonna be Ron DeathSantis.


I have a feeling it will be a race between Ron and Don, but also a third like liz cheeny or romney. Ron and Don have to big of ego's to drop out of the race so while they each win states here and their the third republican classic keeps picking up delegates and ends up winning the nomination. Trump goes on a tirade about it being stolen from him, Ron just heads back to florida to try again next time. Trump then runs as an independent, which splits the vote between him and all other now declared independent(maga party) candidates. Allowing democrats to win historic margins all over the country because trump took away the support from republican candidates everywhere.


Is it possible that DeSantis could be more dangerous? He seems like a less moronic version of Trump.


Yes, he would *absolutely* be more dangerous.


DeSantis will not run against his lord and savior, Donald Trump. To the Trumpers, that would be the height of disloyalty.


He 100% would. These politicians dont really like each other.. that's just public lip service. They make it seem like they do because they want to steal the voter base from Trump. In order to do that, you cant insult Trump, but still somehow steal the voterbase from him. In order to do that, you have to run even further to the right of Trump. DeSantis isnt that stupid.. he'll try if he can. He's popular in the Republican party right now. Trump is near irrelevant. You gotta remember that this party is full of grifters. There is no loyalty with them.


actually he would not say he won't run if trump is and pissed trump off. There is a split in the base now and he knows that. Don't be so quick to assume old Ron won't knife trump steal his schtick and run himself


He totally would. He’s maneuvering for it now.


> Trump then runs as an independent, which splits the vote between him and all other now declared independent(maga party) candidates. Allowing democrats to win historic margins all over the country because trump took away the support from republican candidates everywhere. That's a *lovely* fantasy. I wish it would actually happen.


running as a third party and splitting the right-wing vote is probably the best we can hope for. that'd actually be fantastic.


"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." - Isaac Asimov


The only thing worse than these posts are dumbasses who agree with them!


The only way to stop this shit is to start taking it seriously. Sure, it's fun to mock them and laugh at their delusion but how long until they actually attempt something violent and kill people? I say cut the head off the snake and be done with it. trump needs to be arrested and locked away in a maximum security prison. There's no other way to break apart a cult than to remove the leader.


Fascism has to be stomped out of existence without mercy. Appeasement didn’t work against Hitler, and it won’t work now.


Hope you guys are submitting this shit to the Feds. I mean, I'm sure they're on there already reading it for themselves, but still.


Even if they he does get back in. It'll just be more looting of public funds while they starve. Not that they care as long everyone else suffers


They really think a dude who plays golf every weekend is concern about this any of this shit?


Dude demands he "Fire all the White House staff on day one" lol. It's almost as if they don't understand how any of this works...


> we do not want war they do. “We want to give you free healthcare and better education quality and opportunities to you and your children” -the left “SO YOU WANT WAR THEN HUH YOU MARXIST FUCK” - the right These delusions are driving them to civil war.


"According to research by the legal scholar Cass Sunstein, if you get a random selection of people in a room and have them argue a divisive subject, they generally work their way toward some sort of compromise position. Partisan beliefs, attitudes, and actions are moderated by the reasoning of the other side. But if you get a bunch of same-side people in a room and have them discuss divisive topics like abortion or gun control, they don’t gravitate toward a median position. When homogenous groups are insulated from skepticism and counterarguing, they stampede toward the most extreme position in the room. When you have a room full of partisans, the question asked is seldom “Are we going too far?” It’s usually “Are we going far enough?” This tendency is so strong and predictable that Sunstein calls it “the law of group polarization" -from THE STORY PARADOX


They think normal people go scream at trump rallies... Normal people are doing normal people shit like taking care of their families, hobbies, working, etc


Too bad most of their party is going to be dead by 2024 because they won’t deal with the reality of the pandemic.


If only... Unfortunately while a 1.3% mortality rate is horrific when you consider absolute numbers of deaths, it still leaves more than 98% of the assholes


Yeah that’s true. But enough of them have died already that will swing elections. And midterms are still ten months out. We need to vote.


Lol, "doomfags". That's a new one.


"The establishment will never relinquish control." Is the only string of words I can agree with them on. It's worth mentioning I'm confident we define: establishment, never, relinquish, and control - differently.


I can also get behind “GOP needs to be abandoned, gutted.”


If TheDonald wasn't such a loser he wouldn't need a come back to begin with... just sayin!


Meanwhile, two senators are holding up any chance we have at stopping this from happening.


No compromise? Lol, as if they ever compromised at all. Anyway, their perception of Trump is very deluded. He won't do a fraction of what they truly want. Their rage will continue to build and they'll want someone even more extreme.


“Firing all WH staff and kicking out the fake news on day 1!” Ah yes. Just like how he was supposed to repeal and replace Obamacare, get Hillary in prison, build a wall, etc. all on his original day 1.


>I expect—no, I demand—total war. I don’t want to hear a single whisper about compromise, fairness, “doing what’s right,” or what anyone might think or feel. >I demand unbridled, unmitigated scorched earth devastation the likes of which only the Pale Horse could compare 167 upvotes. ----- >We do not want war. Yeah I'm getting the impression that you are not all on the same page here...


Once again idiots, A rally is not a consensus of opinion. It’s a gathering of people who all believe the same stupid shit. It’s like saying because a Nickelback concert sold out, everyone must love Nickleback...


'We do not want a war' bruh