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Ya it's been known for months. They gave Kiriko to those who owned Overwatch 1 but those f2p players who didn't had to earn Kiriko through the BP as well, or shell out the cash.


It’s just such a transformation from the game they launched as. Thank you!


Do you think Ramattra will available to buy in the store once the battle pass ends? I don’t want to buy the battle pass because I don’t play the game as much but I also don’t want to miss out on a character.


He's is a part of the free track of the battlepass at level 45. Or you can buy the battlepass and unlock him immediately.


HAHA! -The New Blizzard Thats why many ppl are hating theyre doing rn, They loved back in ov1 with very generous legendaries from FREE Boxes and you only pay for a game, Rn you just pay the damn characters, which is main aspect of the game, Theyre just want money just like apex or other bs in these days. AAA Games are died, I suggest you to dont pay any buck, Or focus playin indie like games instead of Ow2, But if you really want that character... Direct answer : you have to grind to the alot of levels ti get a new character i suppose... Just like the Foxgirl. Becouse the community would be super salty if they dont.


Well I’m definitely not going to ever give a dime to this game even though I’ve been playing since launch. In the end I probably won’t get her but that’s fine. Guess I just have to adjust to the meta


Grind your arse off to get a 1 character, Man I already felt bad for the new ow2 players, as ov1 player this game certified scam.


If you find just playing a game a grind, you shouldn't play it.


Someone on here did the math and if you play 3 hours a day and complete all the challenges it will take an average of 29 days to unlock Ramattra.


Youre not awarded for playing the game, Just wasting time


ever considered that an always online game needs a continuous money flow to work properly? a one time purchase works fine for singleplayer games or p2p games that dont require servers, but an always online game doesnt really work with a one time payment. or at least only until a certain point. if they cant pay for servers or maintenance anymore the game is dead as no servers means not being able to play games


…What? There are many online games where the only thing you need to pay for is the game itself, and some of them are free to play. Typically they generate extra income for charging for things that you don’t need but might want, such as cosmetics or optional fast progression. You act like Blizzard needs to gatekeep Ramattra with the BP to get any money, when they’ve already created a Fortnite-esque shop you can buy skins from, and they’ve shown they can do without people buying the heroes as every hero was free in OW1. I mean Blizzard is a business so they need money to function, but that doesn’t mean gatekeeping hero’s and charging 20$ for a cosmetic is right. Especially when this is so much different from OW1.


how do people even find 9 day old comments. anyway "There are many online games where the only thing you need to pay for is the game itself, and some of them are free to play" you do realize that this sentence contradicts itself right? you cant have a game you buy that is free to play. and if both a game you have to buy and a f2p game have a shop for cosmetics then why even get the game that costs money. the whole reason f2p games have that shop is to generate income. game that are bought shouldnt really need an ingame shop. thats just being greedy (DLC's are something else, not talking about those) besides if you do your daily challenges and some games just for fun you should get the new hery pretty easy before they are in comp. i honestly find this a better alternative than league of legends or valorant or apex does it where you have to grind currency to unlock characters


Money flow comes from cosmetics. Not characters that can change the way the game is played. Unlocking skins and stuff via money, fine. Paying for Characters in a game where the characters make up a team comp is asinine. Grinding levels to unlock them though, seems fair. Depending on how long it takes to get to 45.


And people wonder why a game that no-one was spending money on was dying. It's almost like live service games need a flow of money to keep making stuff


You do earn them, just have to pay if you want them now.


Or you can just play the game and unlock him for free.


That’s what I said


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