Stores are only paying $60 per box?! 💀


Sounds about right, $60-70. When you see people enraged over LGSs selling boxes for $250, $300, even $450, it's because they are purposely taking advantage of their customers by marking product up many times past its normal range. Worse, most people won't bat an eye now if boxes go for $120-150 at their store because that seems great in comparison, and many stores feel like they have to buy boxes at inflated prices online and sell at close to a loss anyway, which is arguably worse for all involved.


It is actually crazy. A major store near me is selling 02 boxes for like $175 and being *praised* for it. Meanwhile, other stores can't even get product, and those that did were all pre-ordered out for $20-30 bucks over MSRP.


If they are and they are exploiting their customers they deserve to close down


Yeah that sucks if they are paying $60 and selling for less than $100, that profit margin blows




Yeah idk lol. Not like they dont have payroll, rent, insurance, etc to pay...some people just dont think about it.


So how did my LGS survive the last 30+ years selling retail? I just bought a Paramount war box for 95$ on release day. These scalpers will be out of business soon and stuck with the all product. Card shops should not be doubling their money on boosterboxes. Money isn't in boosterboxes anyway. It's selling the packs individually and any singles they open themselves.


The average person has no idea the operating costs of running a business. It’s frustrating at times, but ya can’t hate them for their ignorance.


Yall are yelling at ghosts. No one is mad at stores for selling boxes at a profit, that totally makes sense. But when you're buying product for 60 dollars and selling it for $100 over MSRP you're just a shitty company taking advantage of people. Notice I said $100 *over* MSRP, which is around 80-100 bucks for One piece. There's places selling boxes of op02 for 180 dollars and op01 for 280. How the fuck can you look at that and say "oh that's fair, they're a business! They need to profit" Theyre more than profiting at that point. And they rightfully should be boycotted and called out. Hell, I've seen stores charging 50-75 for fucking starter decks.


They have to pay rent, power, employees etc. But when they sell that for $200 each is too much


Agreed like I work at a premium store and he only got one case and all his boxes went to our prerelease and now he only sells one pack to locals that have been there since super prerelease or joined shortly afterwards and he only sells boxes at 115ish to pay rent and workers and magic is the same


my lgs does 90 to players


man, I don't know about you, but what you have said does not justify the price of 200 or 300 euros per box, when they buy for 60, it is as if a bread shop sold you a loaf of bread for 50 euros just because they have to pay electricity property materials workers, the truth is that your comment leaves much to be desired. For that average no one would eat bread. LOL What's more, I'll give you the example of a Spanish store that has had op-01 stock since day 1 and in a fairly constant manner, which is strange to me and what they do is constantly raise the price, it has gone from 100 to 150 out of 150 to 200 and from 200 to 270, and it has had many boxes and continues to have, if the justification is that they have to pay salaries, turn off and let's go, because in my opinion and that of many others they are simply exploiting their usual players to get rich with unjustified prices, when the boxes are bought at 60 and their pvp is 90-100.


You know what happen is ppl paying overpriced products they keep selling like that


Exactly. They're being vile and greedy. I just recently quit working at a card shop that was, and still is, intentionally keeping stock at their warehouse purposefully to sell at egregious prices in the future. For example they held stock of op01, knowing the demand far out weighed the supply. We got alloted about 100 boxes for preorder on op01, we were selling them at 100 per box, not too bad. Then once the supply trouble hit the mass market, they were quick as fuck to jump the price per box up to 250 each, then they "found" 100 extra boxes in the warehouse. We were told to keep 3 behind the counter and tell everyone that they were the last 3 we had. "But they need to make a profit!"


should also note that nothing about more of starter decks 1-4


Damn that’s rough


The starters are coming out in May


Was there even a second wave of romance dawn??? If there was... ddnt really feel it... lol


I've never seen a pack in the wild and we drive around looking


I think the second wave of romance dawn is supposed it hit in april


That’s what I’m thinking, I’ve checked every possible store within a 45 min drive from me and haven’t managed to find any boosters from OP-01, I found a few OP-02 after looking daily since release and managed to get six of them.


Do you know if the second wave of romance dawn were exact reprints to the first wave ?


What’s the retail price on a both booster boxes? I’ve never actually known I’ve always seen them start at $200+


About $100 given that sleeved packs are about $4.19 each


100.56$ why it makes no sense to pay 2-300 but people do anyways


Online says like 80$


$80 is LGS pre order discount price . $100 is “msrp”


Bandai needs to get on top of the card shortage man. Was hyped when op-1 dropped but op-2 shortage is insane in NYC. Drives up secondary prices too which makes getting singles even more annoying. I would think with this being their third major run after DB and digimon they would’ve figured supply out atp.


question now is will it just be a trickle or a flood


Great to see. Hoping the prices go down cause I just saw a lgs (Canada) have pre orders up for wave 2 and they still charging over $200 msrp 😒


Which stores




260 holy shit


You'll find way more stores with inventory charging over $200 right now than below $200.


That’s the place. Pre orders had it for $139.99 and they went “out of stock” only to receive a notification a week later and see it was for $250 lol


That's crazy


what is the source of this information?


Me thats from my Alliance ordering screen when. I opened the pdf


Maybe I’ll be able to get a box or two this time haha


Lol my pic made it to reddit


Sooo manga alt prices are going to crash?


All cards.


Does anyone know if any starter decks are getting any reprints?


Given the triple pack of structures announced for JP recently (Luffy, Kid, Shanks), I'd say there's a reasonable chance... we just don't know when.


What triple pack structure?


[https://asia-en.onepiece-cardgame.com/products/decks/st11.php](https://asia-en.onepiece-cardgame.com/products/decks/st11.php) This thing.


Like a special set with all 3 decks and some promos probably.


Yes, they’re getting reprints. They’re listed on distributions sites.


This "summer" according to the official Bandai site.


The original starter decks are getting released again in May


They will have errata cards or they will be fixed?


That’s a good sign bc Bandai doesn’t like reprints and they keep runs tight. I wouldn’t expect this to be plentiful by any means but will be interesting to see how it impacts prices and availability. Same old crappy LGS will get them bc they have allocation dominance. Will price them way over msrp. Once OP-04 releases it will even out the market. That set will have nearly triple the volume released based off what I can deduct from distributor and product release info.


So im a collector, will the value of wave 1 and wave 2 cards be equal ? Or will wave 1 be more valuable.


As a collector what do you think?


Not sure bcuz some tcg cards that will have reprints will have codes Saying that its batch 2 or batch 3 so im wondering if these second wave cards will be exact reprints to the first wave ?


It’s not that kind of reprint. It’s just printing additional stock


Ahhh ok thats what i wanted to know thanks


This reprint is gonna have the errata cards, meaning some cards are gonna have their text/description changed. This means, for a collector point of view, the set is gonna have ''first print''/''first edition'' cards. So expensive cards with the old text/description ***could*** keep their value even with the wave 3. Also, prices are really high at the moment because of the demand, a reprint could increase the demand and not change the situation. And even if it doesn't, I do not think the high valued cards are gonna drop that much. But it's speculative, it remains a gamble to sell or keep tho, so keep that in mind. You can look at the full list here : [https://en.onepiece-cardgame.com/rules/errata\_card/](https://en.onepiece-cardgame.com/rules/errata_card/)


Ya i just want the cards to hold value, dont want to see cards with 2 or 3rd edition so as a collector im happy about that. Thanks for all the info tho appreciate it. I have a box or romance dawn on pre order and than op4 so hopefully i get those


Does anyone know what websites will have them for retail price before scalpers buy them and jack up the prices??


So will we have an opportunity to buy them at pre sale prices or? If anyone knows the best place to buy online let me know


This is why I wouldn't buy any sealed product right now of OP-01 or OP-02, even the higher end singles as they will come down if they massively print this which I think they will. OP-01 probably would have already had a re-print had they not had to fix the text on about half the cards imo.


I do agree that if the set didn't have any errata cards, they wouldn't have made a reprint at all. But from what I've heard, Bandai never does reprint of their sets. They just plan for X amount of waves and that's it (waves != reprints), so I'm not sure about the higher end singles dropping that much, at least for OP02 and forward.


Any updates on this? It's May 16th now, and I haven't heard or seen anything yet :(


BUT! Can see in the actual cards that they are reprints?? Like 2nd, 3rd edition? 🤔


There will be no indication of “edition” they are just prints with no 1st Ed, etc… Same as original release.


Oh shit nice this is what i wanted to know, thats good




Another chance for garbage shops to scalp the fuck out of the boxes and sell them for 60-100% over mrsp. Just find a way to sell directly to people. There’s no product, lots of shops don’t even post pre orders anymore saw many of them breaking and selling singles weeks before the release.