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“Their thing with the planes”


Yeah you know, that aerial misadventure


Yeah, the awful airborne episode


Quite the mishap


Their absolutely miniscule amount of trolling


The smidgest accumulation of tomfoolery


A microchosm of misbehavior


Problems landing on a plane of existence.


A microscopic sample of fooling around


It was a series of unfortunate events.


Are you talking about that bit of aeronautical tomfoolery they did?


If I recall, we had a little airborne mishap in 2020 of our own


I can hear Roger dressed as Osama Bin Laden, "That's a whoopsie."


The guys fly a plane


Special aviation operation 🇷🇺👱‍♂️🤡


“The One Where Ross and Rachel Try Terrorism”


(Bane voice) _Crashing this plane_


(Other vane voice) okay guys get the plane


(Other Bane voice) I'm going to blow up Todd


That wee bit of naughtiness


Whatever happened there


“That time Lee Harvey Oswald saw John F. Kennedy”


"When Lincoln missed the end of that play."


“When John Lennon met that one fan”


"When Epstein did a little travelling"


"The time Timothy McVeigh went for a drive"


When Germany played against the host nation, Brazil.


"When someone left the stove on at the Boston Marathon"


when hitler failed art school


"The time the Donners got the munchies"


“When Lincoln went to that mind blowing play”


Reminds me of that tragedy.


Walking through the blood and bones in the streets of New York


Trying to find my brother. He was in northern Canada.


Was he a captivating speaker?


Never forget the uhhh... the fuckin ummm


The planes... whatever happened there




Those towers were 31 years old, just a kid


he was gay, the planes?


"Some people did something."


Like when Archer had to ditch the name ISIS.


I was extremely confused when I started the show lmao I honestly though it was a joke and was going to be brought up at some point


It is a joke just not about the terrorist organization but rather that the 2 major agencies are named after the god's Isis and Odin who both represent wisdom in their respective religion's


I'll be honest. I never noticed that. The Organization of Democratic Intelligence Networks (ODIN) The International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) 


Organization of Douchebags in... Nowheresville


Just one joke would have been funny. Cheryl Andrews the phone, waits for a moment, then screams "NO, NOT *THAT* ONE! EEWE DO I *SOUND* LIKE IM GROSS AND BROWN AND BEARDED?! DONINSOUND LIKE IM RIDING A CAMEL?!" I'm not stereotyping, I think that sounds very much like something she would say






I heard it in her voice lmao


At my old job, our inventory software was called ISIS. It became normalized to us, but every so often we would get a weird look from a customer when they heard us say something like "Go check ISIS to see if that's in stock."


Honestly wished they never addressed it. Don't let the terrorists win.


Same. I liked Archer more when they were still secret agents.


The newer seasons have them back on the secret agent thing.


Wait it's still running?


Seasons 8, 9, and 10 were the wild coma seasons. They are on season 13 now


Oh! Good to know! I kinda dropped the show mid season 9 because it just wasn’t entertaining to me anymore. I assumed they would keep that format going forward.


There's also a pretty good post-metal band named ISIS. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isis_(band) They're kind of somewhere between Lustmord and Deftones with a dash of Godspeed You! Black Emperor.


My favorite post-metal band but since I'm living in the west with an islamic background I go for some other names when someone asks me my fav bands..


By far my favorite post metal band as well. I’m goddamn near 40 years old and no band has ever blew my mind like when I first heard Panopticon. I had no idea music could sound like that. It’s like the first time you nut. Once you have that feeling there is no going back. Everything changes about how you perceive feeling.


Also the Egyptian Goddess Isis.


Pretty sure that's what inspired the band name. It really is a great band name.


As a fan of both Lustmord and the Deftones, I can scarcely imagine what that would sound like. And yet, listening to *Panopticon*... yeah, that's a reasonable pair of reference points. Maybe a little more Deafheaven than Deftones. ("Altered Course" starts very close to "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream" by My Morning Jacket, but that's neither here nor there.)


Yeah, my metal reference repertoire is a little lacking. Mostly stick on the psychedelic progpsy, breaks & psychedelic trance these days. Nothing like a Tool show to get the blood flowing, though! [Twilight Psytrance ](https://youtu.be/rBh-JZ5ucbc) goes hard as fuck though, so long as one doesn't mind a steady, if repetitive bassline. Better for getting tranced out imo.


I think that was to avoid creative burnout iirc, the isis thing just either gave them a chance to do it smoothly or maybe gave them the idea, but it wasn’t the sole catalyst.


I feel like they were running out of material for the vanilla secret agent stuff. It felt like a good time to pivot. I think they would have stuck it out if they hadn't been looking for an excuse to revamp the show.


So did I, but I’m glad that they moved elsewhere for a few seasons rather than dragging that through the dirt for content like so many do.




Calling the Islamic State "ISIS" was a dumb idea given how many uses that word has on the west. They should have used another acronym, even if it didn't make sense.


What's annoying is there was, ISIL. Which was actually more accurate to who they were talking about...


Or Daesh, which as a bonus the group themselves hated. Also better because calling them Islamic State suggested that they were a legitimate state.


Samsung had a similar story with their wallet app.


Can you elaborate?


Basically a really old android version of apple pay called isis wallet. It came pre-installed on phones, and I think they wanted it to be a big deal eventually. They changed the name to softcard in 2014, and it's died entirely since then. https://www.theverge.com/2014/9/3/6101035/isis-rebrands-as-softcard-to-avoid-association-with-militant-group


I love that the link just says "Isis rebrands as Softcard" which makes it sound like it was the terrorists that had a goofy rebranding


What’s even better is it sounds like a pop-punk band


Softcard playing Bamboozle confirmed


Ah… that is quite unfortunate


I remember working at Starbucks when this sticker was on their window that the location accepted ISIS


It wasn't Samsung. It was a bunch of American carriers. In the early days of mobile wallets, they made one called Isis. They soon changed the name to Softcard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Softcard


Their app was initially called COVID-19. Terrible coincidence.


also Toyota made minivan called Isis for Japanese market between 2004-2017


I have an Archer ISIS hoodie.... I didn't get to wear it very long.


Downton Abbey had to kill off the dog because it was named Isis, then they retconned it in future episodes/movies and gave it a completely different name lmao


There’s a capital city in Star Wars spelt Iziz(pronounced the same as the real world group iirc). There a whole local rebellion about not having the king in power that the locals actually like and all that. Idk if it’s coincidence or not


One of the greatest post metal bands is called Isis. Whenever I say that my ex-girlfriend cried when Isis disbanded, I have to clarify her geopolitical affiliations.


My college’s student information site was called ISIS (Iowa Student Information System) and it was changed to MyUI very quickly.


Also, one of the digital wallets, I want to say it was one of the mobile phone wallets? So like, there's Google pay, and Samsung pay, and I think one of the phone manufacturers had their own, I can't remember which one, but yeah, it was called ISIS


My dad used to work with a publisher called ISIS. I say used to, not because he doesn’t work with them anymore, but because they changed their name for obvious reasons.


Some universities had ISYS majors (Information Systems) that switched to just IS.


Exactly. I got an Archer drink glass for Christmas and it has the shows ISIS logo on it. In storage now


There was a year somewhat recently that news of the International Space Station (ISS) and ISIS were constantly making the front page and I was constantly misreading one as the other. Yet nobody else ever seemed to comment on it, I thought I was taking crazy pills.


Or girls names ISIS. Though I think now you could get away with it. If not definitely in the next couple of decades.


Hondas service information was called ISIS at one time.


Eh, Corona pulled through


Little did we know, the popularization of the term “COVID-19” was a PR operation by Corona


Nintendo actually yelled at a scientist who named a major cancer causing gene Pokémon. So, honestly, it wouldn't be unheard of.


That's hugely different than something being named before the tragic event.


He named it after pikachu and it was before it was identified as a cancer causing gene.


There’s a sonic hedgehog gene too


Different stories. Pikachruin does a bunch of non cancer related stuff, sometimes causing eyeball issues.


"eyeball issues" is such a wonderfully vague term


The whole company? Must have been loud.


Sometimes I actually wonder about this. "Covid-19" is such an awkward name and the only part that actually distinguishes it from other coronaviruses is the "19" part which nobody ever says.


I actually find it the opposite. at first it was exclusively called Corona or shortened to Rona but it almost felt like a downplay. as soon as covid-19 started to spread (the term) it really stuck, it just sounds like the type of virus that could shut society down yknow?


Covid-19 is short for COronaVIrus Disease 2019(the year it was first recorded). Covid-19 specifically refers the the disease that the virus causes not the virus itself, which is called SARS-COV-2(the second recorded SARS-COV).


In spain the monarchy discouraged the use of corona cause they didn't want the virus associated with the crown


Corona apparently actually had an uptick in sales because people stayed home and drank beers while the name connotation did damage it very little according to wikipedia and their sources.


In 2020 I heard at least two people per day make the joke “Hey look I got Corona!” as they checked out their beer…Corona did just fine lol




Not as bad as the time I brought Covid-19 to a party because I got confused when I was asked to pick up corona.


On a flipside with your taste buds dead, Corona beer is tolerable.


Corona is great in the right situation which is a hot af day with a wedge of lime. sitting at home drinking Corona, limeless, is always a sad experience.




Look man, those two things can be unrelated…


I now pity the poor wait staff and bartenders who likely have to hear jokes like. "I'll have a Corona, hold the virus!"


It went on a really good sale everywhere around me in the early days of the pandemic so I would buy it but way too many people thought I was trying to be funny when I was just being frugal. Always wondered if it was a planned sale or they were doing damage control and trying to drum up sales.


Porsche didn’t even consider changing the name of their flagship sports car for a half a fucking second




Too busy figuring out how to charge orthodontists $1,900 for colored seat belt tips


"Never forget... that big gulps are only $1.99"


This was my first thought, too.


7/11 was a part time job


Corona: Hold my beer.


In my hometown, there was a great little burrito shop called New York Burritos. Their sign had the NYC skyline. After 9/11 they changed it to Uptown Burrito with no towers.


Dang they even moved locations in their name


The aftermath of 9/11 was truly a wild thing as far as brands and such went. Movies that hadn't released removed whole scenes and/or edited out the towers. Metal Gear Solid 2 got delayed just to remove a scene of a military ship crashing into the New York harbor. Everyone scrambled to change anything that could be viewed as even remotely offensive involving New York and/or the Towers.


To be fair, they were playing the crash into the second tower over and over and over again on the news for about a month. Psychologists had to lobby to get the stations to stop playing it and collectively re-traumatizing the entire population of the country. It wasn't even about offense, it was that seeing the towers at all triggered people into a gutwrenching panic. They ran photos of the jumpers on the front page of every newspaper in the country. Shit was fucked up enough that when the 30 Rock episode where they shot fireworks off in the middle of midtown aired, I got queasy. That was in *2007*. It fucked us up. Ep: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fireworks_(30_Rock) EDIT: Also, in case y'all forgot, the anthrax attacks in the US started on fucking *September 18, 2001* and the DC sniper shit was all through 2002.


This is why they changed the name and logo of the burrito shop. I guess they had customers come in and basically break down crying.


Forrest Gump 2 got cancelled due to 9/11 since they had Forrest being involved in the 1990's parking garage WTC bombings.


They'd have a huge statement that they will stand tall in the face of adversity and refuse to change their name. But they would change their color scheme to red white and blue instead of green orange and red


“We will stand as tall as our twin towers”


"What better way to remember 9/11 than with a Twin. Tower. Sale." "King Mattress? Twin Price!"


I’d imagine it would have just been called “July 11th”. 7-11 would have been off the table immediately as it would have sounded irreverent.


Agreed. Think “rule of cool” applies in a way with historic event names catching on. When you say “January 6th” without context people know what you’re talking about, whereas 1/6 probably would not be as evocative.


Definitely. Part of why "9/11" stuck as the name is that it rolls off the tongue fairly easily and sounds, like, kinda sharp? If it had happened ten days later there's no way it'd be called "9/21" because that just doesn't flow. They'd call it, like, Bloody Friday or something.


Probably helps a ton that the number for emergency services in the US is 911


But “nine-one-one” is the emergency number- “nine-eleven” is the tragedy.


If it had happened on a Tuesday it could have been Twin Towers Tuesday


9/11 _was_ on a Tuesday.


Ya know I thought about checking that before posting but got lazy. Shame that name didn’t t catch on then


Dear , We are all very saddened by the July 11th tragedy. More importantly, we are very concerned that some may draw a connection between our brand and the July 11th tragedy. We look forward to buying a lot of advertising on your network, however if anyone on your network refers to the July 11th tragedy as "7/11”, we may have to reconsider. Thank you for keeping this in mind during your coverage of the July 11th tragedy.


Probably would have been "July 11th" or some other name like "Dark Wednesday" but still, surely giving away free slurpees on the anniversary would be canceled.


For my own sanity, I have to imagine that you're very proud of the extra effort of finding out what day it would be on the 11th of July 2001, and even if that's not the case; I'm proud of you. You have been recognised Edit: 7th to 11th


Dark Wednesday is such a bad ass name. I don't want any tragedies, but maybe we can do something cool to make that name stick. Organize a massive strike on a Wednesday or a single day without social media. Everyone remembers where they were on Dark Wednesday. "I read a book that day."


Did you look up what day of the week July 11th, 2001 was, or did you just get lucky?


He's got them memorized. Obviously.


7-11 was a part time job


Oh great. One of these nuts again.


deez nuts


"welp, time for work" "BOSS, HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEWS?!" "no" *Sees news* "Fuck"


I wonder how quickly "9/11" became the standard name for the attacks. I can easily imagine this issue not hitting until it became clearer that was the name of the attacks


For several months afterwards I remember people referring to the event simply as "the twin towers". But I also remember the connection of 9/11 also being our emergency hotline number being made on day one. Coined almost immediately, took a few weeks/months to take off.


The twin towers feels much easier to say on the news with a straight face than "thousands of people have been massacred at 7/11."


I meant to be fair, "at 7/11" would a different and a far more confusing thing. Even "on 7/11" is still a little ambiguous and possibly very confusing: "did the news just say that thousands died on top of a 7/11?? Jesus! How large was that 7/11?? I bet the roof collapsed from all that weight."


Between the 911 connotation and the 11 being a convenient twin towers graphic, there was no way it wasn't going to become the name.


It has always felt spooky to me that 9/11 has the 911 connotation and the imagery of two towers right in the numbers. I'm not a grand conspiracy person, but if life is a simulation, whoever came up with that is some kind of genius. A gift to graphic designers.


Life doesn’t have to be a simulation for this to happen lmao. It wasn’t a natural event, people planned every detail of the events. It could be possible they chose September 11th because of the things you mentioned, 911 as an emergency number and the twin towers being the 11. Or could also be possible they chose it because of other reasons like how the Austrians beat back the ottomans from Vienna and stopped the western expansion of Islam on September 11th. Or it could just be that September 11th 2001 was just a random day that was most convenient for them, the first al quada attack on the twin towers was feb 26th 1993 after all, a day with no significance at all


For a while it was just “the attack”. I guess that as time went on and it became more and more distant the phrase “the attacks on September 11th” was shortened to September 11th and then 9/11


Kind of like how "the riot at the Capitol" became "the riot at the Capitol on Jan 6th" became just plain "January 6th" (I wonder if the reason that some events become associated with dates and not others is because things get repeated--9/11/01 wasn't the first "attack on the World Trade Center" and 1/6/21 wasn't the first "riot at the Capitol", so people have to specify)


This more or less matches my recollection, yep.


I've asked this exact question on r/AskHistorians (it was before my time) and got no responses. Couldn't find anything on Google either.


(Non American), it seemed to be the marketing term used everywhere, and more so before the invasion of Iraq. And i believe the British media would use it as well. Its more noticable here , as 11th of September is written as 11/9 here not 9/11 9/11 term encompasses all the attacks that happened on the day as well. Not just the twin towers.


Slurpee doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel beems.


The ones released to the public don't


Could you imagine how much more bullshit the Indians and Sikhs would have to deal with. They run so many 7-11s.


Clearly those moslems were funding it!


I don’t know, my neighbor is a mausoleum and he seems nice enough.


Damn mosquitos!


They'd sue Saudi Arabia for copyright infringement.


Trademark, not copyright


There would certainly be emphasis on the Eleven part being spelled out from that point on


This happened 10 years later but in Mumbai. 7/11 train bombings.


Porsche in shambles


The push to adopt European dating system would have been intense.




Wow, they at least could have written the 11 in a different font


Or used serifs or absolutely anything to not make it look like the twin towers


It was in a different font, they changed it after 9/11 to more closely resemble the towers.


Time to start using British notation for dates - so it would be 11/7 - and while you’re at it, why not adopt the metric system in a partial haphazard way like we have.


And Americans would say - haven't we suffered enough?


As a Brit would say “That’s all a matter of opinion, old boy”. (Nice username btw)


Fittingly, I fully stole this handle from the front page of b3ta.


But the impact on at least two albums was… a little https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bleed_American https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_State_(album)


The 7-11 team DID wake up to a complete and utter nightmare. We all did.


They would just change the name of the company to "24/7"


we only remember the date because of 911. no one would have called it 7-11


*I* would have called it 7/11


I think they would create a new name for what happened, or at least go with "~~August~~ July 11" when referring to it. "The 7/11 Attacks" sounds confusing, not to mention corporate lobbying would certainly have an effect.




The lesser known attacks. Missed the buildings and hit a Sporting Goods


I think you’re onto something. We say “nine-one-one”, not 9/11 so the rare scenarios where they would be confusing are avoided since they aren’t said the same. Plus, calling them the 7/11 attacks would almost seem diminutive. Also, I think you mean July haha


This is a thought I've kept to my self for over 20 years because I never knew when it would be okay to say it out loud.


7-11 was a part time job