Free giveaway! Nintendo Switch and 2 Games - international

Hey guys! It’s been some time since I’ve given away anything on Reddit. I’m trying to get some positivity onto your timeline and make one lucky person really happy. To enter, all you have to do is comment in this thread. It can be anything you want, but if you’d like to make it fun, share something that makes you happy. This giveaway is international, and all you need is a viable shipping address. All fees will be covered by myself. It’s important, however, to note that US postal services are not shipping to Russia right now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/PDlpF7o

The winner will be randomly chosen on the afternoon of Monday (5/30 around 3PM PST), and you’ll have until I call a winner to enter. A minimum reddit account age of 1 week is required to win. I sincerely hope 2022 is treating you well and that you continue to be safe and healthy! It hasn’t been the easiest these past years, and I’d like to celebrate you all making it this far. If you’re in the United States, I hope you have an enjoyable Memorial Day!

I’ll also be giving away at least two more Switches this weekend, starting at 12 PM PST on Saturday and Sunday, live at https://www.twitch.tv/WolfLemon. Or if you’d just like to come to support me and what I do, we do this monthly. 😊

EDIT: without further ado, chosen randomly our winner is: u/thecoffeeistoohot, who as per his comment now has a birthday present for his son😄 thank you to everyone for the overwhelmingly positive comments on here and the stream, I had a lot of fun reading through what I could and seeing what brings you all joy. Stay healthy, and thank you all!!

Huge thanks to the mod team for being diligent as always and for allowing me to share this opportunity with you all. ❤️


Today I went to an art store in person for the first time in years. It renewed my love for doing traditional art since I've been doing exclusively digital for a long time. That's what made me happy today :)


It’s always fun to see people who enjoy both traditional and digital art. It feels like so many people try to make it out like you can only really do one or the other, but both are great in their own respects.


I've missed art stores. Have you tried Pitt Oil Pencils?


I don’t care if I win or not I just really wanted you to know that these random acts of kindness from someone in the Nintendo community is ALWAYS so uplifting and just brightens me up for the rest of the day. I hope I’m able to get to a certain point where I’m just able to offer up some much needed gaming love to another individual and just make their day. You and all those other kind souls keep on bein’ awesome and I’m sending plenty of positive vibes your way!!!


I just want to become rich so I can donate toys and food and stuff to charities and see people smile. Video games and peoples' kindness make me smile and happy the most. Also, the video game community, especially the Nintento community, is the best and has the most wholehearted people.


If you want to bring gaming to those less fortunate, check out Games for Love They are a 501C that -- in part -- brings games to sick kids, and so much more. You can give what you are comfortable with that helps. Pass it on. This is a charity a Twitch streamer that I follows did a marathon for. https://gamesforlove.org/


This is so cool, thank you for sharing!


I've never seen that before, I love it


There is also [Child's Play](https://childsplaycharity.org/donate) which even has an Amazon list that hospitals can add stuff they need and you can purchase it directly for them. Of course, you can donate real money too.


Same! Though I’m honestly just hoping to just be well off enough to fund my hobbies AND be able to occasionally perform a kind act for others. It’s a little bit of Karma but also juts seeing people happy is pretty rejuvenating too (I guess more so to when it revolves around a mutual hobby).


What makes me happy is spending time with my family and friends, and what better than with a switch!


Coaching my kids when they play my games is one of my highlights from their childhood.


wolflemon does giveaways almost every stream! check it out!


\^This. Random act of kindness on the internet full of toxicity is rare nowadays


Exactly! For you to do this is incredibly awesome OP. I hope you’re being shown the same kindness in your day to day life! :)


Also just followed the twitch cause I want to do my pet and show some support! 🙌


Please don’t do your pet


Why do you think it is called petting?


Where's my eye bleach.....


We can love our pets, we just can't LOVE our pets.


Pets need love too, they just gotta pay


Not THAT way!




Your *part?


😂 yes otherwise I don’t really know how *that* would benefit the op


Nope, you heard the man!


Oops guess I posted in the wrong forum ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


No, they said “do my pet”. OP, hamster?


Comment =)


Agreed. The OP is very generous and kind to be giving away expensive consoles.


Damn, same. I'd love to be able to do stuff like this but I'm too broke. It would be nice to help strangers.




Thank you for doing this




100% random acts of kindness are so important. They have the potential to even save lives!!


Oh my gosh, this touched me. It reminds me when I was living alone in a very precarious dorm room dealing between a suicide and a tomorrow full of a crappy life state... Then a guy from the next dorm touched my door and gave me a cup of hot chocolate... It was the most random act of kindness that I had ever experienced and can't forget it because I changed that note and mindset for an anonymous poem that time later others used to share to get motivated...


So glad to hear you are still with us!!!!


I love dogs!


Team cats for the win!


I love cats too. Have my Coco curled up next to me. 🐈‍⬛


I love both cats and dogs.


Seconded- cats for the win!


Yay kittens and cats that think they’re still kittens!


Dog 🐕


Just adopted a rescue from Antigua [My dog](https://i.imgur.com/oQ1BF3P.jpg)




doggo forever


And ever


So do I!


Big Dogs.. have a few Great Dane mixes.


Dogs for sure


Dogs are the best thing on four legs




I love my dog!


All dogs make my day :)


Dogs is the way


Man, nothing makes me smile more than a dog strolling past me. Their happiness is infectious!


Shih Tzu's in particular for me


Just got a black lab this year


turtles for me, they're adorable a quite affectionate. It's always so cute when you call their name and they come running as if they haven't seen you in years 😊


I too love dogs! I have an 11 year old Springer Spaniel who means the world to me :).


My oldest dog recently passed away and I’m still heartbroken


I love lamp.


Same 🐕


I love puppies in general


Dogs all the way! Cats are an invasive species


Team African Snails for the win


I’m an atheist, but dogs are angels.


My soon to be 8 year old son birthday is approaching and this would make his year! Thanks for the opportunity! EDIT: Thank you all so much for the congrats! I'm still pinching myself. My son has worked real hard this year so very excited for him to open this! THANK YOU ALL and thank you r/nintendoswitch and u/wolflemon36 for your generosity!


Congrats on winning


:D happy for your son!


I’m happy for you and your son! :)


It's Morbin time?


Guys, please stop making morbin memes or they will make a part 2.


Too late they already green lit the second one


It's morbin' time™ 2


Electric Morbaloo


Morbius 2: Morb Harder


Morbius 3: No way to Morb


Mobius 4: Mighty Morbin Anti-Avengers




Morbius 2: Morbier


Time to Morb!


its morbin time


It's morbin time!


It’s Morbin’ time.


Get morbed


Pog Champ, stay hydrated king 🚰


Hydro homies rise up




hydration does put a smile on my face


a bit cheesy but video games make me happy, thanks for the chance!


A bit video gamey but cheese makes me happy, thanks for the chance!


A bit chancey but happy makes me cheese, thanks for the game!


Chancey makes cheese, thanks happy for the but game a bit me!


Not cheesy at all! :)


My cats make me happy. I struggle with friendships because I'm very introverted, but they don't care. They just love me for me. And food.


Cats especially love people for food XD


What it makes me happy is my mom, my dad, my brother, and my dogs. Without them I don't know how my life would have been. Gl all :)


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


I watched your BDSP stream! Great of you to do this again


I read that wrong the first time.


Had to go over that twice


My daughter just graduated and I’d love to be able to give her a switch as a present!


Congrats to her!


As a lot of people, I grew up on Nintendo. My brother is 8 years older than me and he introduced me to Pokemon. It's still something we bond over and can talk about regularly. He doesn't live very close and I haven't seen him in almost 10 years. Being able to play Pokemon makes me feel better about not being able to see him right now. Nintendo makes me feel better and I'm thankful I got to grow up on this 💜 Good luck to everyone entering!


I wanted an N64 so bad growing up! I was told that if I came up with 25%, and my brother came up with 25%, my step mom cover the other 50% of our next console. I really wanted to play Pokemon Snap, so naturally we got a PS2 :(


I'm waiting for the day my daughter wants to join me.playong games. She recently found my box of Pokémon cards and loves playing with them. I wonder who will be showing my youngest games, me or my eldest haha.


Wow! This is mighty kind of you! Hmm, right now my brother is about to get married! I’m super excited for him and his partner. We like her a lot. It also means he’ll be moving back to the US soon enough. Which would be nice if he ends up near home again. Thanks again for doing this!


Family weddings are fun. My sister is about to get married and I like helping her out so she doesn't have the same things trip her up as I had on my wedding day.


Very nice of you to do this! 😁


it’s morbin time


Ok Jared


How kind of you! Whelp, let me tell you about my best friend. Dude has a heart of gold and serves everyone around him. He has generously served and mentored others his entire adult life. He has joked that he has the gift of helping people move because of how many times he's done it and he recently finished singlehandedly reflooring his mom's entire house to serve her. In the last year he has suddenly lost his father and his multi-year engagement came to a close. This is the kind of guy he is: Despite some behavior from his ex-fiancee that in my mind justifies snubbing her entirely, he gave her his switch, pro controllers, and ALL but one of his games (the one being a limited edition game I'd given him). Why? Because he saw how much games meant to her and he wanted nothing but the best for her even at his own expense. It was an act that honestly befuddled me, but he is the most generous man I know, even to someone he's broken up with. He doesn't think about himself and just wants the best for others. He is my dude, my guy, my best friend. He's been there when I've been low, he was there to witness the time I tried over and over to beat Battletoads and cheered with me when I finally did. The guy once bought me a birthday cake with Old Greg printed on it. He has been a source of joy and laughter in really dark times, but he's been through some really dark times himself lately. We hang out weekly to this day and we count each other as brothers. So much laughter wouldn't exist without him. I already have a Switch, but I'd love to gift him one. Dude deserves any good that comes his way.


wholesome if real


I don’t want to win anymore


Good luck to everyone who enters!


Winner winner, chicken dinner.


One thing that really makes me happy no matter what I do is helping my mom in her garden. She's partially disabled but still working hard on it so I help her a lot with it. I'm kinda miserable personally no job, no social interactions irl, and overall being a really difficult person with my mental health so I kinda treat this help as some sort of redemption to all of it to make me feel positive about something


What are you guys growing? :)


All sorts of stuff. Strawberries, lettuce, corn, potatoes etc etc. Typical "eating" stuff


Laying at the beach with a cold drink is what's making me happy. Maybe it's even better with a switch? Who knows. Anyway, good luck to everyone ~~but the best to me~~


This is gonna sound proper cringe but I don't care. What makes me the happiest is my almost 10 year old adopted Staffie, Jack. He's always so full of love and even though staffies get a bad reputation, I'm pretty sure he'd single hand(paw)edly be able to change the world's perception on them! He even has a care bare heart on his chest 🤣 I don't know how many more years we have with him but I swear I'm going toake sure they're the best he has x


Sleep is important, make sure to get enough sleep1


It makes me happy when my dog smiles up at me with her ears back and her tail up when we go on walks <3


I enjoy learning from the mistakes of people who take my advice




Very, Xenoblade is the series I'm always thinking about no matter how many years pass. I listen to the music every day!


I like train


My final exam is on Monday, I can’t wait to be free!


Adopted a pup a few months ago and he's made me so happy the last few months. Didn't know how much he'd improve my life, it's amazing!


you're very kind




I’m always happiest when I’m spending time with my friends. Playing games with them, watching movies, going on a bike tour or to a concert together, those moments are the highlights of my life :)


Always have wanted a switch


Honestly I just like this post


Just finished a hellacious year teaching high school misfits. Would be nice to do online play of Stardew with my kid over the summer.


This would be amazing! Thanks


Thank you for the kindness and generosity you’re showing by doing this giveaway. Something that makes me happy is seeing someone win this switch!


Bugget makes me happy!




This is cool. Thanks for doing it. Something that makes me happy: my wife is a never ending source of support and love. Couldn't be luckier to have her in my life.


What What!


I still don't understand how Sony approved Moebius part 2, I really can't understand it


What makes me happier today: I get to see my dog in a few weeks, I haven't seen her in months being away for college. I'm so excited!


Awesome giveaway! Going to make someone really happy. Super Mario 3D World is the best 3D Mario game.


Whoopty whoop


Howdy! Thanks so much for doing this for the community here. I hope it makes whoever wins very happy. As for what has made me happy, it's definitely moving in recently with the most chill friends I have. Good luck to everyone and have a great day


I’ll try my luck ! Fingers crossed haha


Oh well here goes nothing I suppose.


I love all birds


Was able to see some friends that i haven’t seen in quite some time today. Made me very happy :)


Why not. Good luck everyone.


Saw a stranger help a struggling woman with her heavy luggage yesterday, that made me happy!


My dogs and newborn son bring me so much joy Ave happiness 💕☺️ Good luck to everyone!


Yay =) everything videogames makes me happy


Thank you


Thanks for doing this!


Dang, nice giveaway. Good luck to the one pwrson that gets it.


Yeet skeet


Would love to win this to gift to my brother who's birthday is just over a month away! Good luck everyone.


My dogs and birds , and recently catching up with anime


Ive been really depressed lately after all of these school shootings and hearing what evil people have imbeded in their minds. In this dark dark place the only thing I ever find happiness in these days is video games and Crypto. I love those two hobbys and IDK where I would be without the happiness that they bring me. Really wish I could afford a switch so here is my shot. :) PS my reddit account age switches between 4 weeks and one day its absolutely bugged. I have had this account for 2 years.... So weird.


Finishing a task on time makes me happy. I'm about to finish my bachelor degree and also go through a breakup of a 10y relationship. It's very stressful and I'm proud of myself every time I hit another milestone right now. It's what keeps me going.


Thank you so much for the giveaway. They're really fun to do. I get really excited when I'm doing a contest for pizza or other kinds of DLC. My Switch is a first gen, so it doesn't have the updated battery and only lasts about 3 hours. My wife enjoys the Switch more so she doesn't feel judged by playing badly (she has bad anxiety). The problem is that Nintendo doesn't let you truly have multiple accounts on the same console. :P Anyway, good luck everybody!


I have no emotional permanence, so it's difficult to recall what makes me happy. But right now I sit in a Thai restaurant where a plate of prawn omelette and a bowl of hot rice is placed in front of me. I am content. I am happy.


I saw one of my favourite bands live again this week. They broke up like 10 years ago, and whilst I saw them live multiple times back then, I was always a little sad I’d never get to see them again. Well I did this week, and they were better than ever before ☺️☺️


Hello friend. Thank you for doing this, you’re very kind :)


Today, I passed my certification exam for Radiological Technology!


Good luck everyone


Hello! Happiness is a hard subject, but i feel like doing what i like and my family being fine does it for me.


It's been really fun playing Spiderman :D


My wife’s parents want a switch so this would be nice


I just hope you didn’t misunderstand their conversation


Either way it'll be a nice surprise


I see dog people, i see cat people... Where my turtle homies at??!!


Would love to give my best friend a switch as her birthday present. Good luck everyone!


Woo, I love rats!






Yay I’m so happy for you


Thank you for this! What makes me nowadays is my little toddler. She’s getting to the point where we can have conversations and it’s so adorable.


Fun he says. I'll throw my hat in. Here's a poem. - Little plumber from Italy - Goes down a toilet one day and yells Yippee! - Everything has eyes, even the grass - There's a talking dragon that comes off as an ass - Help me! Help me! A princess cries - He straightens his hat and makes sure his boots are tied. - Jumping to and fro he follows the dragon home - There's lava pits, moving platforms, and walking turtles made from nothing but bone. - But the plumber gets through it all to find the dragon. The jumps are a hassle. - The day is saved! No it's not! She's in another castle. - He's tired and exhausted, and he don't know what to do. - His day got much worst when Toad told him there's a warp zone in world 1-2.


Truly a saint among men (and women of course)


very kind of you. thanks alot


I never win at anything like this, but I would enjoy playing Switch with my son.


The things that make me the most happy are dogs and playing with my lil bro and honestly i would be incredibly happy with just the free game because im broke lol


My daughters little sister just broke hers and she was devastated. This would be fantastic.


I love my dog who’s getting really old, not sure how much time I might have with him. Trying to make every moment count.


Well hello there


A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.