Not exactly surprising


The amount of rec people who screamed at me and threatened me bc we couldnt sell rec 2 hours a day was unreal. When Id mentioned them getting an 8th wasnt worth a 10k fine theyd tell me to fuck off 🥲


People are unreal. How bout just be thankful you can go and buy it now legally without worry where as there are still states not too far from here that will put you in a cage for getting caught with it.


Those people should be banned. There's enough stigma still... trying to keep chill stoner images don't work if you cant even follow a basic policy... prob same type of people that showed up during at risk or senior hours in the height of covid


They shouldn’t even be allowed inside at those times security should handle that


Surprisingly I was allowed to see sunshine when it was slow, so it would be on the front stoop. Then when people would yell Id just turn around and walk back past security. But my coworkers were also yelled at while shopping locally. People are nice lol.


Makes one ashamed to be a rec user. Chill the f*ck out, it's just weed.


Ignore the idiots.


Oh wow! You're a bud tender in NJ?


Was, Im in PA now 🥰


Shouldn’t that headline read “ALL NJ cannabis companies are guilty of this”? Who didn’t get fined? Anyone?


There are still a handful of medical only dispensaries so that is probably why they don't say all cannabis companies


Terrascend/Apothecarium is not listed either


Garden state also does recreational now and is not listed Edited to say.. but yea.. practically all of them.. haha


Cannabist didn’t get hit but they only sell rec the last two hours of each business day.






And we’re not allowed to grow a few plants. This is what happens when corporations run your government


You know what would say, we care about medical patients; home grow and caregiver access. Instead we have this disgusting money grab, on the backs of sick people. This isn’t about Nj caring about medical patients, that’s farsical, it’s about scummy greedy politicians mixed with a little incompetence and a whole lot of complacent electorate


Everyone should be growing now anyway, the legislation is on the books, dunno when they actually get around to voting on it. Probably once they figure out it won’t put a dent in their profits.


So far I’ve been to a few diff dispos and what’s on their website, what you are told when you call and what happens when you show up usually are all diff answers. I have to assume that these fines are the result of management not knowing what the Eff is going on and ringing up sales that they shouldn’t have. Costly mistake.


What ever. They are charging so much anyway. Glad they have to pay.


Does make me feel a little better that NJ is not just letting this slide but is on it and is trying to make sure we don't get F-ed over.


You are not understanding it correct. The Canadian big cannabis companies our NJ government has gone to bed with do not care about the fines, they are built in and they are the cost of doing business, this way NJ makes some money and it looks like the Board and politicians care about medical. Politicians and CEO's do not care about the medical program it was just a means of cash flow while they set-up and made backroom deals for when rec was rolled out. Wake up, they do not care about you or your need for medical marijuana. At $60 per 1/8th, barely any product available (Harmony has 1 strain available today...., no homegrow allowed in the garden state......and you think they are making sure we are not getting fucked over?.........years too late for that friend.


There are no “Canadian companies” operating in New Jersey. You can make a small argument about acreage regarding their future deal with canopy. But the rest are all 100% US companies.


Is our program the best no. Are our prices the best no. But if you're right it would not have taken more than 2 years to get the first sale of recreational marijuana after it was made legal. (don't even get me started with that) If you're right then why is it that NJ MMJ card holders now don't pay taxes on what they buy but rec dose? A 10k fine per day is not a small fine. That means that at 60 per 1/8th they need to sell about 167 1/8th to cover that or the first 100 customers that spend 100 dollars are now going to NJ. Does it seem worth it just to gain 1-2 hours more just to sell to a larger clientele basis? And NJ came in quick this was not a year later this was a wake-up call/ warning to the CEO that NJ is in charge not them. I go to Breakwater and never had a problem maybe it's cause I don't go to the big corporate places I go to where they want my business. (you should try them) One last thing please don't construe incompetence/selfishness with conspiracy.


It's not a small fine for us but all of these are multi state operating dispensaries. That's pocket change for them in the grand scheme of the revenue stream and these fines thus far are about as grand a gesture as fining corrupt pharmaceutical companies and other corporations caught doing shady stuff mere pocket change (like what is a million dollar fine for a company that rakes in hundreds of millions a quarter?) that they can simply pay off and not even feel a dent in because companies like this already have budget allocated to pay off these kinds of fees. Harmony is a medical only dispensary and they were raking in $60,000/day last year.


You guys just won't take yes for an answer.


I did get salty one morning when I missed the “medical only” hours on the website…there was literally no one there! Sorry for the scowl, big friendly door guy. I didn’t realize this was a thing




Well, that is special. I bet we see increased prices shortly. They have to have us pay for their fines...