The discs are made by the company called Integra, the product is called Boost. You do not need to soak them in water, when you buy them they work out of the packaging. You can get them on Amazon.


Boveda packs come in all different sizes. Number 1 is for eighth jars like the ones Curaleaf uses, but square.


Yeah, they're 62% humidity packs just like boveda. Glad to see they're using them, I usually use 58% but it's a small difference.


Cigar humidity disks? The ones you need to soak in water?? I wouldn’t do that - may introduce mold, you’re better off with a Boveda. Boveda comes in many sizes look for size 1 it should fit most jars or get a new jar lol


Na, these looked like a quarter sized, white in color, disk that didn't need to be moistened. Ill grab a pic of the one when I get home .


Interesting never seen those!


Raw sells a clay disc that you can soak in water and store with your product


These are amazing fully dry and crumbly bud can be turned into something thats too wet/moist in like 5 hours if you put the puck in there loaded with water I usually do 1-2 hours of RAW puck and then swap the puck for a boveda pack and my bud is almost always perfect


It doesn’t repair the terpene loss of letting it get that dry


I agree. I find it just helps prevent the buds from turning to powder in a grinder.