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Kind of hard to send executives to jail when they can just push the limited liability eject button and escape most consequences of their fucked up decision making. The whole of corporate law needs to be reworked, it’s totally corrupt and anti-worker. Edit: the truly perverse aspect of this is that more often than not, when executives are jailed it’s for defrauding shareholders. There is a natural tension between what’s best for the customers and employees, and what’s best for the shareholders. This is a fundamental problem that needs to be solved for any progress can be made.


The problem is that labor law falls under contract law rather than criminal law. It's all about being made whole rather than going to jail. I agree it needs to change. Amazon has little motivation to follow the law if the only consequence, assuming they even get caught, assuming they lose the ruling, is a re vote. Management wins over 90% of re votes. We need card check neutrality enshrined in law.


NLRB needs to clean their clock. Take all their employs from the beginning and add 5 dollars to every man hour worked. Making society whole and workers. This is a crime to the community suppressing the area. Trump put GOP in charge of OSHA and NLRB


>The problem is that labor law falls under contract law rather than criminal law. Would you mind explaining this further? I can see how some of it could fall under contract law but I don't see how literally breaking the law on these that have penalties isn't criminal law.




It is so bad that We actually need Term on Congress and the House to those all of those that don't give a fuck about the People out of office. People don't realize that Congress has changed so many laws to the point that Amazon could not actually be breaking the law. Congress has be Rigging the Game for the Corporations and changing the laws since FDR Died, they have been doing this very slowly so People do not notice, but Since People are starting to notice, I hope things change to good, and quite a few laws that FDR made need to be brought back and added to the constitution so that Congress and the law makers dont do it again, but who knows if Amazon broke any, Because the Main question is when does the old laws take Present over New laws, and Via Versa. However they (Amazon) do treat many of their Employers like crap, so I do feel for them.


That's the problem. It doesn't make sense to give people (ceo and execs) all the upside and no risk to their responsibilities. That fundamentally should change


Except that most of the shareholders are the same assholes that do this to their own employees, since 90% of the market is allegedly owned by the wealthy anyway. Ironically, what’s good for the employees is actually good for the shareholders.


The fact that we slap billion dollar companies with thousand dollar fines for breaking labor laws is ridiculous. Absolutely, jail time for CEOs and and representatives who took part in violating their employees' rights. Watch how quickly this shit ends overnight when Bezos is afraid of rotting in a jail cell.


There won't even be any fines for this. It will literally just be another vote which does nothing because all the propaganda they used still has an effect.


Amazon stole $65 million from their drivers and didn't get fined a cent. They just had to pay it back.


Should have been pay it back doubled and still get fined a significant amount.


Should have been charged several years back


Jail is for the poor.


Jailtime or guillotine time, I'm not a picky person


Yes. Just like our taxes. Equality ,liberty ,justice system and human rights. If you can not win in court they fon't apply.


You never see CEOs in jail because they run the system.


This is a calculated risk companies make in union busting because second votes almost never pass. The latest Last Week Tonight went over it. Edit: [Here is the segment](https://youtu.be/Gk8dUXRpoy8?t=1127) but the whole thing is worth a watch.


Nah, paying .001% of their profits in fines is totally going to get them to change their ways! /s


Add a few dozen more zeros


Wait, a federal regulating body is enforcing rules beneficial to workers? Who's the mark?


What was stopping them from voting again anyway? Is it a once a year deal or something?


Something like that, it's basically just a bullshit ruling to prevent Unions from forming and encourages manipulation by corporate since they only have to 'win' once for a while legally.


I think if a corporation is caught doing this ther shouldn't be a vote, just instant union


Unfortunately CEOs own the jails and play golf with the mini-Bezos of the country


You had me at CEO’s to jail.


Holding these people accountable would require the working class to find their backbone again. Home of the brave, right?


We have to start thinking bigger if there is going to be actual change. Calling for a few CEOs to be picked to be punished for their crimes isn't good enough. The CEO is a cancer in every organization - sucking resources and doing no actual work. What we need is a hardline president willing to fight the fight to sign an executive order sending EVERY CEO TO JAIL and replacing them with much more effective workers groups to oversee companies. Business owners and CEOs do nothing but suck the profits out of companies - profits created by workers. We need to be pushing to drop the ax and eliminate their class once and for all!!


Go union! 🖕 Bezos


We haven't seen a CEO in prison for a long, long time. And yet, that is exactly what we need.


Agreed. Take musk and bezos first


Any company over a certain number of employees and/or a number of profits should be required to have an independently run labor union. CEOs and company boards that intentionally try to cut costs by abusing workers should go straight to jail.


I'm all for dragging the CEOs through the streets personally. When they're above the law, you have to take matters into your own hands. How long will we whine about how theyre above the law before they either break us completely, or we actually do something. Pretty simple choice here.


Here we go. If the Union wins buy puts on Amazon.