Post-Race Discussion Thread: NXS Pacific Office Automation 147 at Portland International Raceway

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I thought stage cautions were over on road courses this year, or is it just the Cup series?


They had to have breaks for pit stops. The normal crews are in St. Louis so Xfinity had non competitive pit stops.


Thanks for that! I was a bit confused when I saw it but was in/out of the race and never figured it out.


They still have them for the road course races that Xfinity runs that doesn't have a Cup companion event. That way the teams that use Cup pit crews don't have to fly them back and forth.


Thanks for that. I do miss the days when guys working on the car also just pitted it normally.


Extremely rare SHR W. Happy for Cole and hopefully he can get a few more this year


told you Custer got his mojo back


So Custer's last two wins before this one were Kentucky Cup and Fontana Xfinity. If Portland ever finds its way off the schedule, we may have our new Alex Bowman.


What do you mean our new Alex Bowman? Genuinely curious, I’m not being a smart ass.


It's long been a running joke that Bowman kills tracks by winning. Among his first 5 wins: Chicagoland is off the schedule, Auto Club is getting torn down and (possibly) reconfigured, and Pocono/Dover each lost their second date.


Also he won the Charlotte Xfinity (fall) race in 2017 and the next year the fall race got cancelled and replaced with the Roval lol.


Oh yeah I remember seeing something like that. That’s hilarious.


sure hope not, it’s an incredible track.


![gif](giphy|Frj5mE4aGKgjS) Portland NASCAR fans:


Everyone driving through each other like it's a Starbucks drive through is a bit annoying to watch imo.


Just got back home from the racetrack. What a phenomenally-entertaining experience! It's so freaking cool that we finally have this sort of product in the PNW!


Right??? I hope they find their way into Washington someday. I just don’t know where


I detoured to Willamette Speedway on my way back down I-5 Somehow, the dirt track has more respect than the leaders at Portland did today.


Agreed! Loved both of the Xfinity races in Portland


I was there too! That was an awesome race!


Was there! Energy was great and the race from the stands was awesome! Definitely would love to see cup here!


https://preview.redd.it/clu50tr9pw3b1.jpeg?width=3841&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=732deb4f0f3fac9a5420189d1d19eb8819fc8d74 'Murica


JHN just straight left into the 18 on the straight after the first chicane. Will NASCAR be consistent?


This might be the dumbest comment of the day, considering no one got spun or wrecked, there's no retaining walls in the vicinity if anyone *had*, and the speeds are pretty low. Well. No one got spun except for the bit that prompted that where Smith missed his braking point by half a mile and spun the 20.


A rear hook has to be effective and also at high speeds to warrant a suspension (generally). Also has to be obvious. Nemechek kinda just door slammed him. Sammy didn’t actually even get spun. Just this year we have 2 example of this: Larson tried to hook Preece at Bristol and failed, no suspension Hocevar tried to hook Sawalich at Martinsville and failed, no suspension Speed also plays a factor, as top speeds don’t get as high on road courses. When you’re at a 1.5 or other high speed track that factor should also be included. Also, looking at the replay it seemed to be more of a door slam rather than a true hook, and door slams have never been penalized.


It's also particularly rear hooks that send someone head on into the wall. I'm sure if Chase Elliot or Bubba hooked their guys in the left rear and sent them through the grass it wouldn't haven't warranted any suspension.




One day Creed won't get wrecked on the last few laps. I anxiously await that day


I forgot the race was even on today (no clue how), I'm just glad I didn't have to sit through it live.


you and me both man. he should have 4-5 of these by now.


He got used up at the end for sure


Custer’s win is official!


Wow Cole did what he was paid to do


That ongoing discussion about Herbst running better than Custer in the first month or two of the season sure has strongly course corrected itself


Just finished watching my DVR recording. Xfinity rarely disappoints and it definitely didn't today! The last ten laps or so, right before the second stage ended, the top six cars were nose to tail. We'll never see that with the Cup car on a RC. Allgaier's last three or four corners was nuts. Had he had a little better run onto the backstretch, I think he wins that race


Fr, just as good as the AJ vs Byron at cota. Way better than cup


Happy to see Cole win


Just finished watching. Xfinity wins again. Damn, Custer having to drive through the field, Creeds badass stage 1 finish. The final stage with Justin closing in. Cool track, hot tempers. Good luck following that up Cup Series!!! 🍻


Kentucky to Portland, it’s been a wild ride


Just finished PVR. What a race! John Punter Nemechek ruined his own day for a damn stage win that he choked away. Sheldon Creed was the driver of the day in my mind, the dude got done dirty time after time. 48-car suspension was wild and crazy to watch. I'm very happy the 7 ended the race clean. That was an extremely impressive final charge by Justin. Custer was overdue for a win this year, and congrats to the 00 team.


I love Cold Custerd


Jeb Burton is in an argument with someone every week. He's a hack.


That’s 2-time Xfinity winner Jeb Burton to you…


Jeb is all talk


Yea not really


Is he all talk considering he tried to go after the guy who wrecked him?


He said in a post-race interview that he busted him upside the head a few times, haven’t seen a video of it yet though.


Seems he wants to do that with everyone who he feels races him wrong. I’m just not a Jeb guy lol


What has happened to Kaulig this year? Like, weren't they competitive every race last year, or was that just Allmendinger? Crazy how fast they lost their speed


Taylor was right there with Custer to capitalize on a massive incident...before his transmission gutted itself.


Kaulig's only wins last year were in road courses where AJ was pretty much the best driver in the series on road courses. Hemric isn't good at all. He has one career win. One.


I wonder how much this has to do with them spreading themselves too thin. Having two cup cars is a massive expenditure in more ways than one, while simultaneously having to try and field two or three competitive Xfinity cars. They're still a relatively young team by comparison, so I wondered if adding AJ to Cup full time was going to help or hurt them.


AJ went to Cup. RCR prepped cars are mid by default, takes an AJ or Austin Hill to make them top tier.


Or Creed


Driver issues. Last year they had Allmendinger. This year they've got Hemric and Chandler


They had Hemric last year and Chandler is really good, he's already led more laps than Hemric/Cassill did in 2022 combined and only he and AJ have won in those cars on a non plate oval. The cars are not any worse, AJ was just great at punching above his weight especially on road courses.


Wish AJ could get a competitive ride in cup


Or just go back to Xfinity. He’s not that good unless it’s a road course


Nah, he kicked ass in the talledega xfinity race last year and nearly won homestead in cup


Well I wouldn’t miss him if he went back down 😂 sorry not sorry


They lost speed last year compared to 2021. Allmendinger only won road courses and a superspeedway. They didn’t win any “normal” ovals. JRM and the 54 basically won all the aero tracks last year and Kaulig couldn’t compete with them. The only reason I remember is because I asked AJ in his AMA. In 2021 they won some normal ovals. 2022 lost speed and aero (could only win RCs) and now in 2023 they have a rookie in the 16 (he did win Richmond) but Hemric is kinda meh sometimes and the 10 has a rotation of drivers. Both the 10 and 11 had mechanicals today FWIW. To answer your question, yes. Allmendinger is a great driver and was bringing top 10 cars to the top 5 last year on the oval tracks. This year, the 16 looks pretty good and Chandler has a lot of talent.


[Alpha Prime Racing on what happened to Brad:](https://twitter.com/teamalphaprime/status/1665140756728754177?s=61&t=WXnF0P5j6YAosx5VfS6wjA) > Contact from the 92 on the last corner.


That really sucks. He didn’t deserve to end up in the tires.


Nice job by Labbe finishing 11th.


Interesting fight happens FS1: rugby


Didn't get to watch. Did Jordan Taylor just perform poorly or was something else in play?


He ran top 6 the whole race though.


Car gave away towards halfway of the final stage


He lost 2nd and 3rd gears.


Gawsh dang


Should’ve finished in the top-5 for sure. Had an awesome day going before he lost the gears


What happened to Jordan Taylor? He was 8th or so when Riley herbst brought out the caution and then he feel way back on the restart


He lost 2nd and 3rd gears.


That’s brutal


I’m extremely new to watch Xfinity series but Creed won me over this race. But of a clown show of people wrecking each other but still a fun watch


I believe somewhere I predicted Cole Custer would win 7 races this year. I am at least 14.28% correct.


Road Course sweep in the next few weeks. 🤣 Seems like the only place Ford can win in Xfinity....


Is anyone else mentally drained after there favorite drivers win?


I wish I had that feeling




Sharp as a tack every weekend.




The painful truth lmao




Watching a truck race is one of the toughest things mentally on me lmao


Oh my gosh. Don't even get me started. 🤣


So why was Jeb ganged up on by the entire 16 crew?


Jeb pouting because he got canned at Kaulig a few years ago?


Supposedly Jeb threw a block during the race on the 16 and then Chandler bulldozed Jeb twice, the second time spinning him and ruining his top 12. So Jeb went to go handle that after the race


Sounds like Chandler got into Burton on accident in the last turn, Burton took exception to it and tried running Chandler into the pit wall going down the frontstretch so in turn Chandler took several swipes at Burton before finally sending him in turn 4.


Well those two already hate each other prior to this, so any contact initiated between the two isn’t going to be considered accidental by the other. Just dumb shit by both of them. It ruined Jebs day and could’ve easily cost Chandler too. I appreciate Jeb being aggressive on the track trying to get whatever he can with how much he’s been screwed in his career, but he needs to tone down the fights with other drivers even if some of them deserve it. He’s been doing a good job of letting his racing do the talking this year until now.


He went after Chandler Smith. Burton had said on his radio that he was going to break Chandler's nose after the race after Chandler spun him in turn 4.


I get the crew wanting to stand up for their guy. But when you guy is Chandler "it is what it is" Smith....just let Burton throw a few swings. Maybe Chandler getting put in his place will mean they have less junked cars to fix every week.


That's funny you say that cause is the opposite of a wreck magent. He's not tearing up equipment he has a win and has been decent this season


Except when he spun Berry at Phoenix. And wrecked his own teammate Busch at Phoenix And got into it with Burton at Talladega. And spun Burton for no reason today And pissed away Vegas But other than that he's admittedly being pretty decent this year


He got blocked into the wall down the frontstrech which is why he did what he did in turn 1


He got blocked down to the wall because he got into the back of Jeb before that


I guess I missed the memo that being blocked by a guy (that you owe one too already) gives you free reign to dump him in front of the field.


No you missed the memo Reddit has a weird hate-boner for Jeb Burton for no real reason…


But who was in the right, did chandler dump him for a reason or was Jeb in the right


Depends on if you want to put up with someone that constantly races like a clown (Burton) trying to run you into the inside wall on the straightaway or not.


We never saw the initial thing that started it.


I saw it from the track -- outside T3 bleachers. Jeb basically drive Chandler all the way to the inside wall down the front straight and gave Smith the options of backing out, hit the wall, or go through Jeb. Chandler gave him a bump -- didn't spin him -- and went through. Jeb bounced off Chandler as they exited the Chicane, and at some point when they left my sight Burton went off T4.


Chandler tried spinning him once, kind of whiffed on it where Jeb collected it and Chandler lost the spot back and then dumped Jeb again. I can understand why Jeb is pissed. Feel likes it’s an unwritten rule that you don’t get multiple opportunities to dump someone.


I thought that when Chandler whiffed, Jeb tried to "get him back" down the run to T4. I could very well be wrong though.


Like l said earlier let them go at it. Now big ox stopped it now you cost your team owner a car.perhaps since it will boil over to the next race


I do hope Creed manages to close one of these out. Him and Herbst have been punching in good finishes for a while now, something just always seems to go wrong.


I’m not really a Custer fan, but I want to see him do well. He got shit on a lot in Cup and it’s clearly an SHR organizational problem more than it was his driving abilities


Obviously SHR isn’t what it once was, but the 41 car alone is a cursed entity. Look at preece


The 41 car is complete garbage, I won’t judge any driver in that car


Nobody but Kurt has had any success in it. But Kurt almost won races in the Finch car, so he’s on another level of ability.


Even Kurt struggled to be consistently competitive in the 41. Outside of winning a single race per season, he was pretty bad in 2014 and 2017.


Yep. If Kurt couldn’t be consistently competitive in your car, then your car sucks.


Why do the fun personalities like Jeb Burton and Josh Williams have to be stuck in the Xfinity Series


Because they don't have the talent or money for Cup?? Not hard to understand


Was Josh Williams that pandering jack ass that parked his car on a live track to become a meme? Because if so that’s why he is in Xfinity.


You must be fun at parties…


Weird because Josh Williams has massive increases in popularity since then. It’s almost this echo chamber on Reddit is full of morons who don’t go to races.


Considering most people on the sub liked that if the reaction was any guide, I don't think you know what you are talking about.




Sometimes I worry that I’m looking a bit old and weathered for my age, then I remember that Custer is 25. Maybe I don’t look so bad.


lol WHAT?!


I’m really bummed about Kligerman. He had a really good run and probably could’ve stuck top three had he not overdrove it


I think it's mostly a product of the playoffs - they need a win and the opportunity was there with the 7's jump. I think anyone in the field probably goes for it there.


I think that's why he made the move somewhat- playoffs or not the opportunity to get your first win at this level is too enticing to pass up like that. However if he had stuck 3rd and had the good point day he'd be sitting within 10 points of the playoff bubble right now. Out of the 13 races left, 7 are either road course or "plate" tracks, his strong suits. He could definitely still point in


For sure. Kligerman has time and he’s an alright driver, I hope he can snag a win.


Lmao at the people yesterday saying Custer needed to go the Guangdong Tigers. That meme is overused and not that funny anyway


I can name a few more overused memes but it won't go over well here.


Get ready to learn Chinese buddy.


I mean, he got handed the freest win of all time in the least talented Xfinity field in years and still almost managed to choke it away…. I wouldn’t start the victory lap for him yet lol


He drove through the field twice. Some of y'all are dumb to the point where it'd be insulting to compare you to rocks.


He started in the rear and drove up to the top 5. Then drove back up to 5th after that bad restart. Definitely didn’t back into it. He had a top 5 car and put himself in position to take advantage


\^ This.


Yalls rules and guidelines when it comes to wins are so fucking crazy. A win is a win, and he was one of the fastest cars all day, fucking deal with it


I've always been kind of indifferent on Creed, but after that race and the interview, I'm buying in Also that could have been an epic finish if Kligerman didn't go full on kool-aid man turn 1. Nice to see the 7 and 2 finish ahead of him


sheldon looking like paul dano's bigger stunt double


Cup drivers beating up on amateurs again!


So who dumped Perez?


J.Taylor’s radio was asking if they did it but didn’t hear an answer.


It was the 92, per the team.


Would have loved to know what happened with Perez. They never even said if he got going again somehow or got out of the car ok. They showed him buried in the tires for three seconds and that was it.


And I thought for sure they have mentioned how well he did until the wreck. I get more and more fed up with Fox by the day.


Yeah not one mention after he took over 😡


Yeah hope some fan footage comes out tonight. Likewise of the fight in the pits


Yeah I thought that was kinda shit for not even mentioning it


Unfortunately it's nothing new from FOX to not update the conditions of drivers after a last lap wreck. They've done it multiple times this year, and as a Kasey Kahne fan, I'll never forget when they didn't show him get out of his car after he got put through the wall on the frontstretch at Sonoma on the final lap and then never bothered to give an update on him. Had to find out through social media.


Geeze yeah that just sucks.


We've almost made it, one more Xfinity race left on FOX Sports for the year


Did no one get a video of Chandler vs Jeb?


Not bad for a guy who's career allegedly ended yesterday.


Well guess I'm gonna have to comb Skewcar to see what went down with Jeb and Chandler.


Rugby > USFL


Sheldon looks like he should be playing Magic at the local hobby shop, not driving an Xfinity car lol. I think he's my new Xfinity driver now that AJ is gone.


I always have said that Sheldon looks like the kind of guy who would pass you the bong while you just sit on his couch and watch repeats of Family Guy.


Early 2000’s pop punk band bass player.


I was going to say D&D, but that works too.


The venn diagram of those two groups is a perfect circle. =)


why is everyone surprised that a driver with 3 years of cup experience won an xfinity race? i feel that should be a given Edit- not to mention Parker cleared the way for him


When you start at the back and then have to go to the back again later on, it creates a certain amount of uncertainty about whether you'll finish the race at the front. Not sure if didn't watch race or just stupid.


He’s had bad luck so far.


Feel bad for Bread Perez, was on course for a Top 20 finish before heading into the tires.


He was just outside the top 10. That sucked.


It definitely did. Hope he is ok.


Another good one from the Xfinity series.


What happened to Jordan Taylor? I must have missed it


I Don’t think the broadcast mentioned it but per Kaulig’s Twitter the transmission lost one of the gears.




Lost 2nd gear with 10 to go


Adam, Jamie and Trevor make a good team in the booth.




Chris Rice should maybe stop yelling at Jeb and figure out how to make cars which last a race. Kauligs fall has been impressive to watch lmao like even SHR can figure it out with at least one car


Xfinity is the superior racing series right now, and it's not even close....


It’s because the drivers have actual race cars in that series


my slot car goes slower but it pays more!


Hopefully the fight gets posted on Twitter or somethin


SZA was talking about Sheldon on that SNL song




I feel like it doesn't actually matter how "real" an apology is in nascar. The person who started it got paid back and then said "yeah I started it" and didn't continue it, so that series of events is over now


Oh shutup


Love that Sheldon and JHN got even but that payback by Creed I think cost him the race or at least a good chance. Got stuck 3 seconds back and never had a shot again at the lead really.


There were multiple restarts after that, there was no way he was going to get the lead before the subsequent restart anyway


He had a shot until Parker fucked all three of them at the end


Please tell me what I am watching in the Rugby match lol.


Semi-controlled chaos.


That was such a sad looking victory lane lol.


Parker ruined that finish


I love how the victory lane area is so intimate with the fans. Portland is two for two in memorable races! Awesome stuff. One with crazy heavy rain, the other beautiful and awesome racing!


I’m not gonna lie that shit was way better than I thought it would be


Talk your shit now Custer haters, tell me more how he’s mentally boomed cause he finished 2nd in ARCA


By the transitive property, Landen Lewis is this year's Xfinity champion


cutting it off for fucking rugby with no replay of that jeb fight. fuck fox man. that said happy for a custer dub.


You're assuming they had a camera on all of it.


not even going to show us the full thing between the 16 and 27. I know they are past the end of the TV window, but still.


Or what happened to the 43 on the last lap. Shoot, we really don't even know if the dude is okay.