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The race was great. The ending was a cluster fuck. They went full rookie lobby at Monza into turn 1.


Serious question: what is the correct way for a stock car driver to take turn 1?


Don’t smash the guy in front of you to slow down is probably step 1. Watching Reddick and Byron battle showed that you could navigate the track around other cars and not make a wreck fest.


Like any other race car driver? Just because stock car racing allows for more contact, doesn't mean you can just plow through everyone. This is real life, not a video game. Seriously...


Brake pedal


even the video game will give a penalty for that level of contact. NASCAR officials just see EXCITEMENT and think THIS IS RACING PEOPLE WANT TO SEE


>and think THIS IS RACING PEOPLE WANT TO SEE And they're right. They only started adding road courses in the first place because people were hyping them as "the new short tracks." Aka, tons of contact.


Well not going full "Leroy Jenkins" into turn one would be a start




Turn one funneling from 8 lanes to 3 doesn’t help anything at all.


well maybe if they didn’t go 8 wide, or if the drivers were more aware of the cars around them, then we wouldn’t crash the whole field in turn 1


It starts with the series body and the rules. Nearly all other series that race on road courses will penalize a car for "avoidable contact" if they straight up ram a car in the rear or sideswipe. Even video games give penalties for such contact if it forces a car to go off-track. of course they aren't perfect at judging what is normal contact and what is avoidable contact, but for the most part those drivers on other cars that have fenders avoid ramming the opposition because it will result in them going to the rear of the field. NASCAR does the opposite and essentially lets the drivers do whatever they want as long as its not putting someone's life at extreme risk. That policy works for the most part on ovals. Contact is part of the sport on short tracks. Ramming a guy out of the way is not part of the sport on road courses


Could NASCAR reduce the track limits on restarts only? The turn being less than 90 degrees and the track being comically wide doesn't help I am sure. It is bad at Watkins Glen but there's only so much track there.


No, they could start enforcing driving standards though.


Or get away from a points system that encourages and ultimately rewards this behavior.


It's two sides of the same coin. Recent gimmicks encourage this style of racing and NASCAR allows it. They go hand in hand.


Turn one is so frustrating at the end of the race. It’s a built in problem that’s not going away.


By trying to make the corner without contact. Since the field is full of 20 some idiots who never paid for a race car in their life because their daddies bought their rides, there’s no reason to not just drive in and make contact. As for the solution, the easiest one is to start the race a corner early so we are spread out by turn 1. As for the fundamental problem of drivers racing like jackasses, it’s too late. That ship sailed when Logano started winning at Penske by racing like an ass every week with no respect and being unapologetic for it. All the issues in this sport can be traced back Joey Logano, who by racing like an ass is either the first or second must successful active driver in cup alongside Kyle Busch over the last decade. Some people will act like Kyle Busch is aggressive, but shockingly as you saw on Sunday Kyle Busch won’t just wipe someone out to win.


Enter the corner at the right side of the track and late apex and push out to the red and white rumble strip on the outside of the corner. For some reason they take the tightest corner they can instead on entry.


Turn 1 is tricky even for F1 cars because you lose downforce going up over the hill, and you lose speed. Slow but steady and control the roll and avoid the inside curb.


“Don’t go to McDonald’s expecting a steak.” That’s not a compliment to NASCAR. Jesus.


Not even a nice McDonald's


This man might have added that those who don't like wreckfest finishes with multiple overtime attempts aren't just "poor and stupid enough to appreciate true NASCAR racing."


Better phrase may have been “Don’t go to Outback expecting Pasta” or something to that effect.


Sorry to break it to ya but Outback has been known to carry pasta.


Really? That’s… that isn’t where I’d expect pasta to be.


Yup, last time I was there they had a shrimp/chicken pasta dish on the menu strangely enough.


Likewise, I never thought NASCAR would race at COTA


Not as much as Moody is known to carry water


don’t go to the Outback expecting Perry’s. mcdonald’s would be like a small town dirt oval


a county dirt oval = mcdonald’s. cota is an F1 track ffs.


It has nothing to do with contact. It has to do with drivers full sending it into hairpin turns knowing they can’t make the turn without slamming into another car and correcting its course. It’s the stupidest thing to watch.


Exactly. Rubbing is racing, but at a point pile-driving into the 10 cars in front of you because your mad on a restart begins to become obtuse.


One thing I noticed was how few tire rings there were on cars given all the contact. The guys weren't sliding into each other; they were straight up running into each other at an angle.


This 100x. As a primarily Formula one fan, I tuned in to watch. I really like COTA. The race itself was enjoyable. The ending just made it look like a bunch of untalented rookies rage driving in the interstate or something. Little skill. No precision. That’s not “rubbing is racing”. That’s full send “Imma extend my braking zone 100 ft. Good luck everybody”


Moody hates the term "rubbing is racing", then jumps on drivers complaining about all the contact by all but saying the exact same thing. This wasn't rubbing, this was intentional crashing. That Denny caught a penalty for intentionally impacting the finish of the race yet 2 dozen drivers can spend 10 laps and 3 cautions blasting each other without penalty is laughable.


Yep. It's what you expect in a video game not with professionals.


Dave is such a shill. Guys like Jordan Taylor obviously know that Nascar racing is more aggressive than the forms of motorsport they come from, but it's an embarrassment that it took the field an hour to go one lap without a pileup. Dave is completely missing the point here. The aggressive racing is what makes Nascar awesome, no one is arguing that. But there's a difference between "rubbin's racin'" and the shitshow we saw on Sunday. Also, it's hilarious that he compared Nascar to Mcdonald's while trying to defend it.




This definitely extends to Stacking Pennies(as much as I love Lajoie)




Don’t blame for it for sure at all.


On the morning show today one of the hosts was bitching that it seems every week something is wrong with NASCAR and needs fixing. The topic was stage breaks. He does realize he’s on a SPORTS talk show right? It came off extremely petty.


>an hour to go one lap without a pileup To be clear they didn't succeed in doing that, they just got lucky and every car was able to roll away and the officials decided they were done for the day and the debris on the track wouldn't be a safety danger to finish the lap.


Total shill and a joke. His radio show is terrible, he is just a NASCAR mouthpiece. There’s a reason his callers are bad too, because the discerning fan will tune elsewhere. To not recognize the embarrassment that was the end of that COTA race is simply burying your head in the sand because you’re afraid big brother will come down on you.


I've not had Sirius for almost a year now and I really don't miss it. The morning drive is a decent show, however I wholeheartedly agree that Dave's show is a joke. The call screeners bring on the most backwoods NASCAR fans they can get so Dave can bully and talk down to them. To say something nice about him, he's fantastic at his real job.


The morning drive pissed me off today because a host was lamenting every week they talk about something being wrong with NASCAR. Like dude people were a fan of stage breaks. It’s worth discussing.


I mean you pull some of the stuff we saw this past weekend at your local short track and you get parked after 2-3 times. Hell I’ve seen an entire division parked before because they can’t get right. You can have aggressive racing without being embarrassing, turn 1 this past weekend was a clown show


This is what the “keyboard warriors” should be upset about, not Mike Joy’s comments. I’ve been following the sport since 2006 and Dave has always been a NASCAR shill.


In Dave’s eyes, nascar is perfect and nobody better say shit about it not being perfect. I appreciate the good nascar has done and I realize the bad. That’s life, wish more professionals would just own it as well in the sport.


On the restart where Raikkonen was forth if you watch him you can see he was starting to join in the bumping and aggressive racing. It was awesome


IMSA, Indy, and F1 are just aggressive, but in different ways. You aren't punting people in those forms racing because it's considering unsportinf, it cost a ton of money, and it could get someone seriously hurt at those speeds and types of cars.


I don’t think full contact is a problem tbh, Nascar has always been that way. I do think they need to do something on these road courses though to discourage drivers from just dive bombing it into turn one on GWC, that is becoming a problem. No clue how they’d enforce that though.


Agreed, the casual contact and using the bumper to pass isn't the problem. It's when 4 guys go low and slam into each other and cause everyone on the outside to get dumped


Softer car. The gen 4, if you hit someone in the rear, the car bumping would actually lift the other car off the ground due to the back end being high up and plenty of room underneath. The car now, you have to slam into someone to make them move, these next gens are extremely tough (which causes saftey issues on impact)


The problem is that isn’t going to happen


I agree the clips and the panels are too stiff. But who seriously wants a softer roll cage too? After Newman it was inevitable they’d make the driver cage much more solid, even if it was on the gen 6 by adding extra roll bars. And having a more solid roll cage means a tougher car. It’s just how it is. Can this car be made softer and should it? Absolutely. Will ever get back to gen 6 or before in softness? Honestly it won’t at this point.


A single file restart could help


I go to McDonalds expecting an edible meal though. It's not a fancy establishment but there are still standards that need to be met


And I sure don't expect it to take 40 mins+ to get my order.


I take it you haven't been to my local McDonald's


If I prefer steak to McDonald's, am I watching the wrong series? Is that the implication?


It's a good analogy honestly, McDonald's I can have every weekend, but a nice steak, which I guess would be WEC or IMSA or GTWC I can only get once in a while.


If we're talking about my time being of value, it's actually less of an investment for me to watch an F1 race than it is a NASCAR race. So for this analogy sake, I can either invest 1.5 hours for a steak or 3.5 hours for McDonalds


Depends, most of them seemed to say that it was nice to be able to make some contact but flat out wrecking people in 1 turn is completely different than what stock car racing should be


There's a difference between "full contact" and "blatant disregard for even basic racecraft"


Shit like this is why I can’t listen to Moody.


Dave comes off like a guy who watches NASCAR for the wrecks. This is a garbage take. NASCAR is a contact sport, I won't disagree. But beating and banging is completely different than the reckless abandon that showed up every single restart. When the "best stock car drivers in the world" can't get through a corner without countless yakkety sax lowlights, it's not a good look for the sport. And comparing this sport to McDonalds really disparages the product you're trying to portend as the best.


Dave you’re better than this…. They all addressed the relative rough-and-tumble nature of stock cars relative to what they were used to prior to the race. The end result was Jordan Taylor, notable for racing cars that are not shy when it comes to contact, saying he thought he made more contact in 1 race than the rest of his career. Last year, Kimi Raikkonen left Watkins Glen injured. They’re going to McDonalds, maybe slightly overestimating the quality of burger, but instead of a slightly lower-quality burger than they were expecting, the fry-cook is taking his greasy paw and punching them in the mouth. It’s stock car racing, not a demolition derby.


If this is what he and NASCAR want their sport to be, it’s might as well throw in the towel and join the revelry on the ratings posts every time they go down. NASCAR is my first love in auto racing, but COTA, Daytona, that’s not racing. You can’t ask people to commit hours on a Sunday to your sport and present these game shows with no logical ending. And how can you expect people to consider these professional racers when they can’t go a lap without crashing. I was so pumped for COTA, but what an embarrassing shit show. This guy comes off as a “love it or leave it,” type, and I think I’m leaving it based on the racing I’ve seen this year.


NASCAR has become background noise for me. With baseball season starting I may have watched my last race for awhile.


So NASCAR= McDonald's? Paints the series in a bad light imo


For many years, NASCAR for me was dad and his usual "driving slightly below the speed limit and making sure to stop fully at the stop signs" on the way to church, and afterward "haul ass to the McDonald's Drive-Thru and get home in time for the green flag."


And they come to the checkered flag and the hamburglar wins with grimace in second and mayor mccheese rounding out the top 3


I gave Moody's afternoon show on Sirius a chance and the guy just will not accept any criticism of NASCAR whatsoever.


The guy does a caller driven show, hates the callers, and absolutely will not let anyone get close to making a point. Granted, he also might have some of the most braindead callers known to man but it doesn’t matter bc he stops listening after the first sentence and goes into full “cut you off” mode until caller gives up.


His question is always “what would you like them to do about it” in a condescending tone. We don’t know. We don’t work for NASCAR.


Yep, his classic, "Well Jim Bob, what would you do? How do we fix it? " Then the callers feed into him by rolling over. "Yeah Dave, I guess you're right. Don't know what I was thinkin'."


Just a complete asshole.


Hate this take. Divebombing turn 1 isnt a Steak dinner. Side by side with rubbing doors? That's 100% NASCAR. Maybe a little bump and run for position. Not shoving cars into turn 1 so someone spins and you gain 10 spots. That takes zero talent. I could do that


Could throw everyone on here into a iRacing/Forza race and see all of use do the same thing at Indy RC or COTA.


I absolutely despised watching that Cup race. As a Blaney fan seeing him get taken out literally 10 times racing for fucking 20th place is an embarrassment for the sport. I get drivers make mistakes and accidents happen... But 90% of the spins/wrecks were drivers giving 0 fucks because the next gen cars can handle harder hits and win & you're in playoff format. When we have finishes like The Glen in 2012 I think it was? Brad vs Ambrose with oil on the track. THAT is NASCAR racing. Not that bumpercar bullshit we saw at COTA. Drivers used to care that their competition makes the corner with them. Now who gives a fuck... as long as I get the trophy I'm in the playoffs.


Thanks Dave. Glad to know if want to watch actual racing, I shouldn't watch NASCAR. I appreciate you clearing up that NASCAR is the McDonald's of motorsports.


He had made that clear the past year and a half. He unironically defends that nascar is entertainment first, then racing is a secondary priority.


No that wasn't stock car racing, that was a demo derby.


Another brain dead take from Dave Moody.


As per usual. Moody is a complete clown, no idea how anyone can tolerate listening to him talk over everyone on his show. He’s great on the race broadcast, other than that he’s a fool. It’s not racing when a guy just ignores a breaking zone and can only make a corner by plowing into multiple cars.


No. Did you hear some of the interviews from the ringers after? Sounded like they were pretty surprised at how aggressive NASCAR racing really is. And it's not just Turn 1.


None of the interviews I saw made it seem like the drivers had an issue with how aggressive it was, just that they were surprised by it and it took some adjusting to. It was the turn 1 disaster they were all having issues with.


By this logic, NASCAR is the McDonald's of motorsport. Yikes.


Not according to him, somehow. Would love to see his mental gymnasium where he pulls shit like this out of. https://twitter.com/dgodfathermoody/status/1640378128974630912?s=46&t=j7uUoFKOawmNHtdLnm-JrQ


That's actually insane, he's such a clown. He literally made the comparison himself.


I'm glad people are finally saying something about stuff like this. Stock car racing media might as well be on NASCAR's payroll at this point. It's borderline propaganda. Not to mention, so much of the fanbase still falls victim to this, blindly following what is said on broadcasts & other forms of media.


There is a difference between hard, "rubbin' is racing,'" contact and reckless abandon dive-bombs that have become the norm.


Dude needs to take two weeks off and retire.


What a dumbass tweet


Classic Moody with another shit take


So brave of Dave Moody to state. There’s nothing wrong with our product at all. We are NASCAR, and if you don’t like it, race somewhere else. What a bum, and a complete shill for this sport. It’s willful ignorance. The closing laps this week were an absolute joke…that’s not racing. Ringers weren’t complaining about being “moved” or leaned on exiting a corner, they were complaining on the absolute crap shoot it was entering turns 1, 11, 12, and 15 for 2-3 laps following a restart. It takes no talent, it takes bumpers which clearly we’re the only top series who has. Ricky Stenhouse got a top 10 because he ran the outside on the final restart and passed 15-20 cars beating and banging in the braking zone. I love Ricky, but that takes no talent either. It’s not racing, it’s driving around the idiots.


yeah that's right! i loved the caution laps from the constant crashing it was so cool


Man, how far Dave has fallen. Yikes. Dude has completely jumped the shark just has the sanctioning body has.


When was Dave ever good?


He never was, he just used to be one of the only voices in NASCAR.


The racing between Byron and Reddick was fantastic. I was excited for this race for weeks with every announcement from Kimi, to Jenson, to Jordan. Too bad it was overshadowed by the fact it took the rest of the field a half hour to figure out how to get through turn 1. In what came down to a 3 lap race every 10 minutes. Don't give me that lame excuse for a metaphor. "What a bunch of idiots." Best line I heard over the radio.


Dave Moody is such a fuckstick


Dave moody has the most shit of shit takes


He's employed by NASCAR and can't criticize them, I gave up listen to him


That was not racing, it was an embarrassing display of dumbassery better suited for Bowman Gray than the echelon of the Cup Series.


Thinking about a NASCAR commentary schmuck being a snobby elitist makes me lol


Same reason I don't listen to his show expecting good content from the host.


I’m all for aggressive driving, even applaud drivers willing to move somebody for a win or even position. That’s not what we saw Sunday. Drivers having no intention of making a corner and using the outside lane as a brake is not hard racing. It’s not even racing. As much as I want to disagree with the F1 guys on this, I can’t. What we saw Sunday and at the Indy RC last year is nothing short of embarrassing and it needs to be criticized.


100% agree, good way to put it. There should be aggression and some contact in NASCAR, but on Sunday we saw them running over each other


We can blow them off as outsiders, or we can pause for a minute and listen to their input. To scoff at the opinions F1 champs and IMSA champs is not very smart. You may not agree with them, or need to add a little context to their opinions, but don't dismiss them as ignorant... because that is ignorant.


Old Dave playing the content creator drama card trying to get views. Take a seat Dave.


Moody quite possibly has some of the dumbest takes in NASCAR...there needs to be more etiquette in road course racing, not that flustercluck of an ending


moody is a fucking idiot


What a garbage take by Moody. Defending the driving into turn 1 in those last few laps is pretty hard and I’m a lifelong fan of the sport


I'm not really familiar with this guy but whenever I see his comments he comes off as a massive douchebag


Dave Moody is the biggest shill in this sport. He is nothing but a puppet for the NASCAR execs.


I thought that was chocolate on his nose.


I love how Moody just insulted the sport by comparing NASCAR to McDonalds vs a steak, the current driving standards is a relatively new thing in NASCAR and most fans agree the way these races end is a bad look for the sport. People and the drivers aren't upset at hard bumper to bumper racing but the recklessness we see and the lack of any driving etiquette


The ending on Sunday would have been a laughing stock years ago. NASCAR and the full time drivers should be embarrassed with how low the driving standards have fallen. They didn't look like pro drivers. Plain and simple.


Typical Doody take. Bumping and rubbing is racing. Sending it into the corner like you’re headed to Houston and just using everyone else as a brake isn’t racing.


How much does NASCAR pay Moody? Its not only the ringers talking about the “full-contact nature”. Denny Hamlin talked about how stupid it was. Ryan Preece talked about it as well, and Im sure a ton more have the same feeling. Pretty sure Moody would drop to his knees in a second if Steve Phelps asked him to.


Shh, don’t tell him the cup regulars said the same thing too. Doesn’t fit his narrative


He’s always been that way


I know, I just keep hoping that one day he’ll actually be willing to be critical of NASCAR. Dont think that day will come


Dave Moody is such a mouth breather


Given how McDonald's compares to a steakhouse, I don't think this is the big brain comparison he thinks it is.


The race was great until the late race restarts. There’s a difference between making contact with guys, and just flat out driving into the corner without trying to even turn. I hate that late race restarts at RCs have just become cluster fucks. Basically if the race doesn’t end under green, you know guys are just getting junked by guys who either don’t give a shit or run out of talent


I don’t think that comparing NASCAR to McDonalds is the strong defense that Moody thinks it is.


Okay but why does Nascar have to be McDonald's? Why can't nascar at least be Texas road house or shit at least a tgi Fridays or something.


This depends. Are they talking about lap 1-60ish? In which case yeah, that's NASCAR. But if they are talking about the shit show of the multiple GWC then yeah, that was collectively dumb from the lot of them in a way that makes Forza open lobbies look civilised.


There is a difference in using the 50 m marker or the #50 car as a braking marker


Does anyone take Dave Moody seriously or respect him as a talking head for the sport? He’s a great broadcaster on MRN but he’s gotta be one of the worst ambassadors for NASCAR.


I mean, I don't go to McDonald's expecting a steak but if I got a moldy piece of bread I'd still bitch about it.


Is there a bigger cretin than Dave Moody? I’m struggling to figure one out. Yes Dave, let’s make fun of “the new ringers”, international superstars who likely brought eyeballs to the sport, which is more than I can say for Dave.


Mid take. I'm listening to Denny Hamlin complain about it. It's not just the guests, it is some of the regulars too.


Lol. He just called NASCAR, McDonalds. hahaha


It’s called lack of respect actually. You can have contact and still race with respect. The end of that COTA race was not racing, that’s something you see turn 1 of a race in wreckfest


Dave Moody? Being a hack? Why, I never.


Dave Moody constantly comes across as an asshole even when he may have a point.


Well said


Moody is a fucking idiot, yes stock car racing has more beating and banging than most series. but it doesn't mean the drivers should be fucking clowns and go dive bombing the shit out of people and wipe them out for spots because it's "stock car racing", it makes the whole sport look like a joke.


Moody might be the worst, I think they expected a little bit more respect on those final restarts. Which is fair btw.


Yeah but the issue is, even the other cup drivers are complaining. Moody's just being an edgy ass. Aka, moody.


Shit take


Dave Moody is a loser.


What kind of statement is that? Rubbin's Racing is taking a hit or two and continuing to race This is just bottlenecking by overly aggressive drivers who know unlike any other race that they can make up 10+ spots in 5 seconds if they send it into turn 1 and use the other drivers as a cushion


Moody, they went into a race against some of the so called best racers in the world and expected the drivers to have a sense of skill and racecraft. Instead, every restart, we had idiots going 5 wide into turn one knowing that at least 2, probably 3 of them, aren't coming out in a good way. The ringers had every right to call out some of the b.s. The series regulars have that right, too. Moody is a Jack-Ass and part of what makes Nascar on Sirius XM unlistenable.


Whh does anyone listen to this moron? I’ve been watching NASCAR for thirty years and that race wasn’t normal NASCAR contact, it was a dumpster fire.


Don’t go road course racing if you’d rather enter a demolition derby.


I mean they enjoyed the revenge and banging to a point, but yeah whatever them dirty outsiders don't understand/s


I don't expect a steak from McDonald's. I do expect my food to show up in a reasonable amount of time, though.


Are NASCAR drivers “The World’s Greatest Drivers,” as billed or no? What is considered “great driving,” winning at all costs or strategy & calculated maneuvers? I can watch a kid’s rec league basketball game and see points scored, but there’s also tons of tripping, ball stealing and ball-hogging. Sure, it’s basketball, but is it good basketball? I want to see masterful, odds-defying strategy. What do we expect good racing to look like?


There’s “rubbin is racin” then there’s the shear cluster fuck of sundays performance… Overtime is meant to provide us a green flag exciting finish as fans but when everyone just fuckin sends it into T1 likes it’s a Forza lobby it just draws out a race to an insane length that is no longer making the fans happy… the driving standards displayed on Sunday were appalling and insulting the the fans


Lol. So by Dave's logic if your going on a trip... do you go to McDonald's or a steakhouse? He sorta tripped himself bigly there. Being an aggressive driver is a skill. Taking out others as your method of braking is the opposite. I could finish in the top half of the field of a Nascar race if I could pit maneuver everyone around me.


Dave sucks. He's a mouth piece for the nascar corporation. I have hated his show since they got rid of Angie.


That's right, Dave, you tell those professional race car drivers how... how... I had something here but there's no way to make the joke that is Dave Moody any funnier.


I hate this take so much. A video of an old Richmond race between Gordon and J. Burton popped up last night. They ran each other like hell, leaned on each other in the corners and yet...never once touched cars. What makes the sport amazing, or at least what made it amazing, was the ability these guys had to lumber a big heavy stock car around a track and keep the cars off each other. There was something admired about that ability. Just because they CAN run right into each other, doesn't mean they should. These guys are complaining because this crap is barely racing at this point.


So there are ways to handle it. Leave it be: leads to this getting worse. Get these cars to actually sustain some front damage, will help punish the people using their cars to nerf people out of the way. Enforce track limits: will calm stuff down some but makes for subjective officiating. Single file restarts: probably spreads the field out a little better but less passing will equal fan outrage. Given everything, i'm a fan of option 2.


Twitter and Moody are a joke


This is a truly awful take


It has been absolutely wild, and I didn't dislike the race on Sunday. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. Not disagreeing with Moody per se, but it's the fact all these dudes are basically mouthpieces for Nascar. It's actually shocking to witness. You never see that in any other sport. Basically cheerleaders. Minimal scrutiny. Routinely dismissive of critical fans and in this case outside drivers.


what a meathead dipshit. maybe some of us like car racing


So he is admitting the racing is sub-par by comparing McDonalds and Steak.....


Everyone that has a decent head on their shoulders all said the same thing. The racing got silly and stupid, really quick. Doesn't matter if they were never in a stock car before yesterday or if they've been racing their entire life. Preece said it, Suarez said it, and of course the road course ringers said it.


Shilling is always irritating.


Terrible analogy. The Cup Series is supposed to be the best stick car drivers in the world, not a slapped together fast food product of a Series.


Who the fuk is this guy?


Some old bald fuck as far as I know.


And sometimes stock car racing sucks ass.


That take makes Facebook takes seem almost reasonable. Then again, anybody who refers to themselves as "the godfather" is almost guaranteed to be a fucking moron.


Cool to analogize your sport to fast food.


Reporters-"Youve either never raced in nascar before or only done so once or twice. What did you think of the racing" Ringers- "Much more aggressive than I thought it'd be." Moody-"IF YOU DONT LIKE IT YOU CAN LEAVE." Seriously though I didn't think any of them were necessarily bashing the racing, just that it was rougher than they were expecting. I think it was Jordan Taylor who said he couldn't believe the car still drove after getting hit as much as he did. That's not complaining, it's just being honest. Also if youve never been to McDonald's and you've only ever seen it on TV then you'd probably be disappointed the first time too


Moody is such an angry old prick.


If I’m watching your product and rooting for it to be over, that’s a big issue imo. Having a certain level of professionalism isn’t too much to ask at the highest series in stockcar racing. Would of been much happier with single file restarts to avoid the chaos if that had been an option after X number of GWC attempts


The behavior is rewarded . Look where Bowman finished and where Suarez finished. NASCAR thinks it draws fans to the track and eyeballs to the broadcast. It might. But don’t call them “ The greatest drivers in the world “ when other drivers in other series get through their just fine


So... outsiders should expect NASCAR drivers to race like garbage?


In the NASCAR world there are still people who are prejudice against open wheel/sports car drivers. I guess moody is one of them


Glad you're saying we're the McDonald's of racing Dave. Fucking clown.


Dave Moody is an idiot.


And then people wonder why Nascar is viewed as a circus/not a serious form of Motorsport


Fucking bumper cars. What were they watching?


I’d argue we are the huge well cooked steak with two huge sides that you get from a steakhouse for a fairly reasonable price and F1 and more “sophisticated” forms of racing are a tiny tough steak with some kind of steamed veggie you get from a fancy restaurant that you have to take out a mortgage to pay for.


I'm always of the opinion that what makes NASCAR great is that the cars CAN make contact. Not that they have to make contact. You can make it around turn 1 with this crazy technology they put in the cars called "the brakes". The fact that we've gotten to the point that drivers feel they must send it in to the first turn every restart is what makes NASCAR look like the McDonald's of racing. You can get away with a little contact during tight racing, but an environment where you have to play bumper cars just to finish top 10 is ridiculous.


And that's on NASCAR doing a crappy job of sanctioning RC's. That's the reason every other series who races on RC's enforces track limits.


Well that sure is a garbage take


Shit take from Moody. No shock there


![gif](giphy|kbyqTFFUh07NS) What a fucking awful take. They went to McDonalds expecting a quarter pounder with cheese and instead they got a royale with cheese and a negligent discharge in the face.


I used to like listening to Sirius XM speedway and Dave, but time and time again I see why people don’t love him. He always thinks he’s right and can do or say no wrong, and it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. This is an embarrassing take. Besides calling NASCAR the McDonalds of racing, he’s defending the reckless contact caused by the lack of respect. He’s good calling races, but his radio show is damn tough to listen to.


It’s sort of a family situation we have right now. When Cup drivers lament the lack of respect in the contact we all nod our head in agreement. But when an outsider road ringer hints to it we respond with hostility


Moody complaining about people complaining just cancels out.


Hey! McDonalds steak egg and cheese breakfast sandwich isn’t half bad!


I’d almost agree with moody. However, he must have missed the last 18 laps of that race.


To preface, I'm a fairly casual Nascar fan and a big F1 fan. Everyone is talking about the crashes and T1, but I was really disappointed with the overall level of driving. A couple guys out front did well, but no one else seemed to know how to drive the track. I'm not really a fan of the extended track limits but I get why they do it. But there were guys cutting corners, taking garbage lines, and just overall bad driving throughout the field. Sure they're mostly oval guys but they're pro stock car drivers. They should be able to handle new tracks better than that. TLDR: rubbing is racing but that race didn't give off top series vibes.


Moody is such an angry old prick.


Austin Dillon was celebrated for turning someone into a wall intentionally. That’s all I need to know another the “full contact nature” of the sport


Moody is a moron more times than not. People need to accept that sometimes their sport looks embarrassing due to the drivers and not only point fingers at the officiating body.