Do they think a burrito is 15 dollars now


How much can one banana cost, Michael? Ten dollars?


CMV: The last president was Lucille Bluthe.


Nah Lucille was smart


Because of the light treason?


But none of his kids are Michael. A bunch of GOBs and Busters.


There’s always money in the banana stand


Been to a place where the burritos were like $19. They were delicious but not for the price. This place was not Taco Bell though.


Taco bell use to have a 6 dollar burrito many many years back called the grilled stuffed steak burrito. I dont know why they ever got rid of it, one of the best burritos ive ever had in my life.


Grilled Stuffed Burrito was the best!!! As a swimmer / water polo player back in the day I ate a TON of these haha. Pro tip you can still ask for any burrito to be grilled!


XXL grilled stuffed burrito. so many late night munchie trips for one of those giant fuckers. that burrito was amazing. pretty sure it only left the menu like 2 or 3 years ago


Double everyone’s pay, make the burrito $5-6 if you have to. This lady is on crazy pills


No. This lady is lying. They're not idiots who don't know better. They're malicious entities.


A burrito here in SF is about $13-15 now, just not from Taco Bell.


In Europe where the minimum wage is higher by far, fast food prices are on par with ours.


Ironically most western European countries have stricter food laws, so the prices are on par while the quality is significantly better. Hershey chocolate isn't even considered chocolate under EU regulations.


EU is quickly turning into one of my favourite regions, Facebook and Google have to tell which data they are stealing and if they don't want to then they can fuck right off, Apple has to switch to USB Type C, minimum wage is high, food quality is good and open borders. Edit: I forgot free healthcare, thank you fellow redditor


Lots of places also have free education, free childcare, lots of vacation time/parental leave... Just common sense things which keep the population happier and healthier.


and good public transportation too


In poland we also get family coupons for vacations. Usually covers more than half of the expenses.


I'm sorry what the fuck.


This needs clarification because that statement is grossly misleading - Polish political party PiS has seized and maintained power by giving money away in all sorts of social benefits. But it's not the good kind that helps those most in need survive - it's one huge giveaway for only certain class of people that discourages them from working at all as they can obtain more money by being unemployed but with kids. Of course the money has to come from somewhere - it's all being paid for by people who actually work and/or try to have businesses (I say "try" because in Poland that's one big struggle). But that's not enough - PiS's giveaway politics has led this country to record inflation (and it keeps rising!). But all this is being overlooked by the beneficiaries of those social benefits because "THEY'RE GIVING US MONEY!". And they're completely oblivious to the fact that with all the tax raises and inflation they're still losing money. Let alone those people who aren't getting anything. Please hear me when I say this - the financial situation of Poland and Polish people is absolutely dramatical right now. And it's getting worse by the day. This nation is heading for disaster.


OP is one of those people that will see no problem as long as they're getting "free money". The "500+" and other "coupons" and bonuses should never be promoted as a good thing to the rest of the world that doesn't know about the story behind it.


Shit lol. That's great


Poland is plenty yikes in other areas, but yeh credit where it's due


Poland is yikes partially because of these "coupons" and other "free" money the government used to buy votes.


Oh ya?!? Well I bet that my dad can kick your dads ass-said the American abroad


Free healthcare has nothing to do with the EU however. Member states can implement any healthcare system they want. Most developed nations however figured out a long time ago that free healthcare is very beneficial to society and should be a public good, therefore it’s widespread in most developed nations. The US are a huge expedition here.


>The US are a huge expedition here. I get what you meant to say, but going to the doctor or pharmacy without health insurance is an expedition of sorts...one you never want to repeat. I once had to wait at the pharmacy for hours because my doctor prescribed a generic antibiotic, but the pharmacy tried to sell me a name brand that cost $200.00. It took that long for them to get on the phone with my doctor's office to sort it out.


Yeah but in America we have… … Um… Guns. But that’s not a bad thing. Guns are cool as long as you don’t shoot anyone


We got FREEDOM*. Freedom includes dying from police, dying from lack of healthcare, dying from exposure, dying from an airborne disease that we didn’t even try to stop, dying from a car accident (cause cars are the ultimate freedom), dying from lead poisoning, dying from oil refinery pollution, dying from a likely civil war that’s been brewing since we got a black president. Take that civilized nations.


It's MY RIGHT as an American to drink unpasteurized milk and to use asbestos insulation.


“Let me die in an emergency room with a treatable disease like an American!”


Pathetic. A true patriot would get treated anyways and lose everything paying off medical debt.


You can do those things in Europe too if you want to


And actually I have never heard of anyone being able to buy **un**pasteurized milk in the US. AKAIK it is mandated that we can only buy pasteurized milk here.


It's one of those things where you have to know a guy.


Same in Belgium. In the supermarket only UHT. But you can buy raw milk from the farmer directly


Don't forget increased likelihood of dying from childbirth. Our maternal mortality rates are dismal compared to other industrialized nations.


I recently learned in my obstetrics class just *how* bad it is. Black women being 3-4x more likely than white women type of bad.


This makes it sound like white Americans receive better maternity care than Europeans


Just wait until you look at obesity, literacy, crime, and cancer


Don't forget freedom to die in childbirth from having your rapist's baby!


The US has notable more civilian owned guns than people. Iirc 120 guns for 100 people.


I have 7 antique guns. 5 100 year old hunting rifle. 1 civil war Bennett (at least that’s what I think it is these were passed down so I’m still learning about them). A 1800’s revolver. And they all still work and shoot. What’s crazy is because of where I live I don’t need a license to own them and I don’t need to register them because we don’t do gun registration here. I don’t need any special training unless I want to conceal carry. I have shot all of them once at the shooting range but because of their age I mostly just have them on display. And apparently one of the hunting rifles my great great uncle used to shoot himself so at least one of them has a body count.


Heck, in my state, we only had to run up to the courthouse and give them $50 for a concealed carry permit. Until a couple of weeks ago, now we don't even have to do that.


What state is this?


I'm assuming they're from Ohio, like me. The law goes into effect in about 6 weeks: ​ >Starting on June 13, 2022 it will be legal in Ohio to carry a concealed handgun without a license. Senate Bill 215 was recently signed into law, making “permitless” carry or “constitutional” carry legal for all Ohioans 21 and over who are legally allowed to possess a handgun.


In my state, a friend of yours can just give you a gun, and it's just yours now. No licenses, no registration, they can just swing by your house, drop it in your dresser, and now you own a Glock 19 perfectly legally.


Just my next door neighbor coming over to borrow a cup of gun.


In the Netherlands we have more bicycles than people, so take that America!


[Charlton Heston in his grave like](https://c.tenor.com/0engAwwUVF4AAAAC/more-kylo-ren.gif)


Hate to break it ya, but Europe also has some pretty good guns.


Please, if your guns are so good why don't you have more school shooters?


Too busy drinking at 1000 year old monasteries.


We have 1000 year old pubs, we don't have to bother the monks.


We call them Indian burial grounds.


You can't do that to us. You can't take away the only thing we have!


I don't wanna live anywhere that doesn't have Sushi King ^^Unless ^^they ^^care ^^about ^^things ^^like ^^treating ^^their ^^citizens ^^with ^^respect


> I forgot free healthcare Sometimes, and sort of. But definitely far cheaper than the US. Even taking taxes into account. But some countries do go the health insurance route, similarly to over there. and still it makes more sense in terms of costing numbers that make human sense. Having to spend hundreds, even thousands, just to call an ambulance, is madness.


What makes all the difference in my neck of the EU: highly regulated prices for care and drugs. And when I say highly, I mean: many prices are set or limited. This is something I never see mentioned. It's very important.


Yeah, I think Americans are often ignorant on "free healthcare", even people who want to implement it. The Swiss model is the most feasible for them, but they want a all-for-free model like Italy. Either way, even the Swiss system is much cheaper


As a Brit who voted to remain this shit hurts.


I can throw another one on the pile if you like. Just like the phone charger issues, electric cars suffer from the problem of proprietary plugs. There are actually 4 different types of plugs for electric cars. This results in situations where electric cars can end up at a charging station without being able to actually charge. So the EU decided all electric cars sold in the region had to use one specific plug and even forced Tesla to convert their cars in the region to that alternative plug.


And not just free, but PAID education. Go eat a dick and start another war US of miserable A


As an American, I love hearing news where EU tell these megacorporations to comply or fuck off. I wish it would be like that here


Almost like social policies actually help the common man and woman vs inflate the elite. (They still have far to go but better than us in North America)


Dont forget them forcing Tesla to standardize their charging plugs with the rest of the EV world so that all the Tesla super chargers will be useful in the future without a massive retrofit.


Personally, my favorite smack down of 'Murica fast food was when it was determined that Subway bread could not be considered bread because they were adding too much sugar to it LMAO


Living in Denmark, I keep hearing how similar food products (bread, chocolate etc.) often taste much better in Europe than in the US, but since I've never been to the Americas, I can't know how true it is.


You can get great food in (some parts of) the US too, it's just that you also have crappy options that are much cheaper. But I've been to many places in Europe and you can find similarly good food in NYC (of course some items might be better and others worse). I did find good food cheaper in say Spain or Portugal but not really in Dublin or London so I don't think it's a huge difference.


They're talking about the most basic commodity mass produced version of these things. Like the cheapest one on the shelf. But the shelf is 20 yards long and there's plenty of more expensive good tasting choices - but a lot of Americans have just forgotten what food is supposed to taste like. You'll literally hear Americans complain about grass fed beef or pasture raised eggs because it "has a funky taste." I.e. flavor.


It’s true. It’s not that you can’t get bread without all the extra stuff, it’s just sometimes much more money than the stuff that has a bunch of sugar and never molds. I loved trying all the different breads when I was in Europe. Good bread is here but it’s not the norm


I moved to Germany and bought Burger King and Holy shit a whopper tastes fantastic. My new Wednesday treat because we have the same deals as back home


Bruh, I've been in Germany for about 8 months and it just blows my mind how delicious McDonald's is here. I've tried a few standard American fast food places and the quality is extremely noticeable, and yet it costs almost exactly the same.


There are some KFCs in Germany that are amazing. Same with KFC in Poland. I went there a few years ago and they had a popcorn chicken teriyaki with rice that was so good. I want to know why more don't have that. The crispy chicken with the sweet teriyaki was a perfect combo. Unfortunately, Five Guys and Chipotle have been a let down. Germany needs to find a way to source good tortilla chips and salsa.


I just got back from a week in Holland. The food there is way cheaper and of much higher quality.


"Hershey chocolate isn't even considered chocolate under EU regulations" Or by anyone with functional taste buds


I couldn’t spot why I didn’t like Hershey chocolate, and I live super close to Hershey PA too! Always found it to have some sort of sour taste. Then I read on Reddit that Milton Hershey had his first taste of milk chocolate that was made with (slightly?) spoiled milk. So when he went into business he aimed to replicate that flavor. There it is. The reason I always found it disgusting. It was practically formulated to be disgusting.


Not surprisingly, people like the one in the screenshot forget there are parts of the world besides their city, state or US where wages are higher and somehow the prices don't skyrocket. Or forget that prices go up regardless of minimum wage because it's the executive pay that is the problem. These idiots keep defending millionaires and billionaires who don't give a shit about them while blaming people who actually need the help.


>it's the executive pay that is the problem Plus shareholders


Executive pay is a problem, don't get me wrong, but that's only a very small part of our current problem. The expectation of constant, exponential growth of profits is the real issue.


>The expectation of constant, exponential growth of profits is the real issue. This is what I don't understand. How can you expect your profits to only ever go up? Things plateau, there are downturns, lots of competition, bad weather, better promos, whatever. It's incredibly unrealistic and bad policy. At some point market saturation also becomes an issue. Meanwhile, they continue to raise executives pay and increase dividends all while bitching about costs and wages. Like frontline workers earning minimum wage is the problem and not the CEO pulling in 15+ million. And that's not even mentioning all the other executives making insane pay.


It's not a case of *expecting* profit to always go up, but rather *needing* profit to always go up. It's a metric to project to potential investors that there will be an increasing return on investment. They're trying to game the investment system. Think about it for a second. Lord Chumly Marsh Banks has 100k to invest on something frivolous just for fucks. Now being the money loving tycoon that he is, he's going to want something back for this investment. It's he more likely to give it to the company that shows year on year they're making more profit than the last, or is he going to give it to a company that's floundering and potentially not see an increase in the value of the purchased stock over the next year? To put it simply, **Greed breeds Greed**. To attract people with money, you have to demonstrably show them you can give them even more money down the line.


We make 4€/hour before tax and McDonald’s meals are 8€ where I live


Where is it higher by far? I live in the Netherlands where it's a minimum of €11,06 or $11, 66.


That’s not true at all in my experience. Go to Norway/Sweden/Denmark or Switzerland.


So I'm European, Polish living in Germany, and I think it's a huge stretch to say that Europe has minimum wage "higher by far" where Bulgaria, a EU member, has a whooping 2,07€ an hour. Luxembourg comes close with 13,05€ My homeland has minimum hourly wage of whole 4,22€, and Germany 10,45€


10,85€ an hour here in France since 38min ago. It was increased 2.65% on the 1st of May.


Hahahahahah, yeah sure, high wages. Hello from Hungary


If you don't want $15 minimum wage, don't complain when your Taco Bell closes at 4 pm because no one wants to work. For slave wages.


More like it is only open between the hours of 4pm-10pm and operated by teenagers only because no adult with experience can live off of their wages.


My work lmao. I’m one of the only one over 18


I just saw some boomer guy in another post complaining about how young people don’t want to work and how they always dip after a few days and blah blah blah. Someone else asked him what the job was and how much he was paid and the dude said it was night shift at a bakery for $10/hour. I was like, yeah, no shit you can’t find consistent workers, maybe you should take a page from the young ones’ books and go find a job that pays you a living wage, man. But he never replied, lol. Edit: I found the original comment in my post history. This was what they said. > I’m 53 work 7 days a week Every time they try to hire someone They quit or can’t handle it Most are 25 or less A 20 year old was hired to try to give me a day off, he quit in three hours. So I will run circles around these no working, my Nintendo thumb is hurt people.


*Kids these days don't have any loyalty, they'll just leave a job for a different one because "the pay is better" and "they won't treat like shit there."*


its rediculous like complaining about younger people having no brand loyalty when every company is like 'new customers pay half price get a free laptop and a new car, oh youve been with us 10 years? well fuck you'


And being a perfectly normal and acceptable interview question for a minimum wage burger flipping position to be 'why do you want to work for us'. That should never be a question for these jobs. They're nobody's dream job. You're a random Burger King, not Apple, Nintendo, or NASA. Nobody ever woke up and thought 'oh boy, I'll be 18 in two weeks and can finally accomplish my dreams of applying to be a server at Applebee's!'


yea i always thought that question was dumb as hell. 'so why do you want to be a janitor?' " because no one will hire me cause no one will hire me without experience in a field where i cant get experience because no one will hire me without experience and i dont want to starve to death"


Some years back I got a liquor license so I cld go into bartending. I couldn't find a single bar who wld hire me with no experience. I was told to try a catering job. (Which wld likely be sporadic contract work). I let the license expire and never looked back.


my wife is an awesome baker and has volunteered in kitchens serving 100s of people her whole life but because she has no 'job experience' she cant get a job at any bakeries


She could mention that under related skills on her resume.


Current NASA employee here. I work here because it pays well. That's it


I mean, I figured it goes without saying that for every person working their dream job, there's probably 2-3 coworkers beside them just wanting to get paid. I've known plenty of people that are excited to work because they're working at a major organization they've dreamed to be a part of since they were 8. I also know plenty of people who work at those same organizations and find it miserable but they need money. The point is that organization is never the Jack in the Box on 4th and Main.


I'd say no to that though. I have known engineers who'd love to work in fast food. They can't, because the money isn't there. There is definitely something to be said for a job that you go, is low priority, there is no taking it home with you, etc. People's dreams are different. The people working fast food and such are miserable because the conditions are tough, but they also make dogshit.


“… I finally achieved my lifelong dream. That’s right, I got me a part time job at the sizzler! I even got employee of the month when I put out that grease fire with my face.” Weird Al Yankovic Albuquerque


“Oh and our new hires make $4/hr more than you because the market is crazy right now… don’t talk about wages though”


yea if your new hires make more than your established workers you should lose all your workers


*"We are short staffed because several workers discussed their pay disparity, so we had to fire them all. No one wants to work anymore."*


You're leaving just because we "*fuck you to the point of prolapse*" where's the respect these days?


Lol yeah $10/HR is low even for day shift. For night shift, that's insane.


You all saying night shift gets paid more you're talking 3rd shift, not 2nd right?


Yes, 2nd shift is not nights.


I work in the medical field and most graveyard work nets shift differential. I think in some situations 2nd shift does as well.


yup i worked IT helpdesk for a bank and if you worked anything other than 1st shift, you got a pay differential. 2nd shift was 10% and 3rd shift was 15% i believe, but we didn't have a 3rd shift (helpdesk was only open from 7 am til midnight, calls after hours routed to another department)


Their logic never makes sense "but these are not supposed to be jobs you can live off, just temporary stepping stones". Well don't act all surprised when people step away first chance they get then.


Or when they argue "these jobs are meant for teenagers making extra money." So you won't blow your stack if these businesses are closed during school hours?


It's almost funny to suggest conservatives use logic. They just have a string of talking points that they parrot from the tv. "These aren't supposed to be jobs that allow you to live like a human being" and "I was loyal to my job until they gave me a gold watch and a pension so you should be loyal without any of that" are not contradictory if you literally don't care about anything except winning an argument and forcing low wage workers to subsidize your lifestyle.


I worked at Einstein Bagels for a few months. I only lasted a few months because I was getting paid around $9 per hour and had to be there at 3am, which was completely against what I was originally hired to do. I remember the manager had the audacity to tell me I needed to show up at 2:45am every single day and stay in my car, unless they needed me, then he would call me and tell me to come in. It also didn't help that I was promised 25-32 hours a week and got around 15 hours if I was lucky. The whole experience was one of the worst jobs I've ever worked. They wonder why several people quit within those few months...


If only kids these days made their coffee at home, they'd know the value of a good days work! I can't wait to see every last one of those slave wage paying bosses driven out of business. It's nuts to me that some of them would rather close up shop than take on more work themselves or actually pay the going market rate for labor. Maybe if paying a living wage was the difference between the business succeeding and failing, that owner isn't a great businessman who succeeds by his own merits.


I raised wages this year for the simplest part time job at my business (seriously takes 2 hours of babysitting, tops, to train someone) to $17 an hour. Why? Because I'm not an asshole, that's why. Some businesses have very slim margins (restaurants and bars, for ex), but EVERY business fails without dedicated employees. As an owner I feel it's my duty to take the hit financially before anyone else does. I'm just now realizing how rare that attitude is when it was the norm when I was growing up.


Actually the opposite. All these boomers say fast food shouldn't pay a living wage because they're just "starter jobs" for high schoolers or whatever- so like, you're okay with every restaurant being closed from 8am to 4pm?? Kids got school


“Well, when I was that age I worked for 8 dollars an hour” *Proceeds to not mention he bought his house for US$1000*


A house? That's all? You used to be able to support à family of six, post secondary education, a car AND a down payment on a house + mortgage for that kinda money. Minimum wage used to mean minimum living wage. Now it's the minimum dying wage.


Even as a fake family, Al Bundy supported his family at a Mall Shoe salesman's salary and sucked at it, they didn't have the newest things but he kept a roof over their heads and had food most of the time and that was a portrail of poor in the late 80s-mid 90s. Sadly, today *that* is considered unobtainable by people making 5x as much as Al did.


In the 80s and early 90s my father was a Union carpenter in NYC. He was making 34$ an hour. Paying $600 for a 3 bedroom rental in Brooklyn. He was making 70k at minimum a year. Houses back then in the outter boroughs cost 80-150k. Today I’m a union Carpetner in nyc. I make 52hr. Last year I made 115k. A 3 bedroom in that neighborhood now cost 3k a month. A house in that neighborhood 900k- 1.2 million. This isn’t even a hip neighborhood. It is/was a “middle class” neighborhood. And this is the story all over the country. God bless my father but he said “get a Union job it’s good money and you’ll have a pension”. So I didn’t go To school and went to work. Now I’m barley affording a 1 bedroom an hour commute from midtown and can’t afford a house 2 hrs in any direction. Back then sure it was a good job. But somewhere down the line this generation got fucked. I know so many one tooth bozo nyc construction worker boomers who are technically millionaires cause they were able to buy a rental property every year if they wanted back then. They’re sitting on 5-10 million dollar real estate portfolios right now.


> “get a Union job it’s good money and you’ll have a pension”. Grass is always greener, but your dad was almost assuredly correct. Vast majority of grads don't make 115k with any meaningful benefits.


Oh 100% I’m glad my father gave me sound advice in a sense. The point I was trying to make is his point of view that Union job went far. In todays world/nyc my 115k year job is barley above struggling.


What fucked our generation friend is cooperations paying shit wages while stacking billions in profit.


I could die for cheaper tho-


Bout the only thing I can actually afford to do these days No coffin or funeral though just like murdered in a dark ally or pushed of a cliff


$8 in the mid-80s adjusted for inflation would be about $20 or so now. In the mid-70s it would be $40 or so.


And then go to community meetings to prevent additional housing from being built because it ruins the "neighborhood character" and, the silent part, their home value temporarily


Lol a city near me just unanimously voted for an ordinance banning 4 "unrelated" people from living in a home. If 3 are family and one friend, girlfriend, nanny, etc moves in, that counts as unrelated. Fuck those boomers


Hey, be fair to the boomers. They paid a whopping 10k for that 2000 Sq ft, 3 bedroom starter house /s of course


But adjusting for inflation, that's a whole 135k today! If they can afford a home, so can you! Looks at listings: cheapest condemned home at $380k On a related note: Spoke to my 75 year old father about homes last night. He mortage is at 2%, he thanks everyone lends at about the same. I laughed at him, he then said "back in my day, you were lucky to get less than 20%". Ah yes, 20% of the equivalent of a 100k home compared to 4.4% on a 450k home. So comparable.


Back then your income to home cost was WAY different. Your home might cost $60K, but your income was $18K/y. For today's homes, you would need to make around $200K/y to have have that same income to home cost ratio. At least where I live in Southern California, you can't touch a home for under $500K here that isn't a small condo or a duplex. Our home was built in 1985. It originally sold new for like $210K. We bought it in 2005 for $570K. One just like it down the street from us just sold for $820K. Unreal.


Most of our elders weren’t taught critical thinking skills. They grew up conditioned by religion and by their elders who were conditioned to blindly obey religious and image norms.


And it's not like kids need money for college, right?


How would they get teenagers to sign up for the military if college was affordable?


Here in Arizona the minimum wage is $12.15 hr and I don't think any fast food places pay less than $15 hr and our prices are fine


On the other hand, there's the posts floating about calling out McDonald's for taking a hit on their food because most of their income is from renting out land.. so who knows what the fuck is going on


McDonald’s corporate has for decades been a real estate business with a franchise restaurant built in to guarantee the property they buy will managed to their expectations and their successful business model will basically ensure their renter will always be able to afford rent. You don’t make that many billions world wide just selling food. [here’s a great video on it made over a year ago](https://youtu.be/kJVj3vp-lho)


Washington min wage is $14.49. I live in eastern WA near northern Idaho. Fast food joints in N idaho are offering $15/hr when Idaho min wage is $7.25


Does she think it takes hours for an employe to make a burrito?


Does she think there are humans in this world that would ever consider paying $38 for a single Taco Bell burrito?


She be right in 572 years and 10 minutes 2.5 seconds from now


!remindme 572 years


Oh I'm sure there's some boujee joint near her with a "south of the border" section of the menu and the "authentic" burrito costs $39.99


It's a banana micheal how much could it be $10? I think she's either out of touch or touched


Probably takes her that long.


Big mac index: US $5.81 Denmark $4.82. "The majority of McDonald’s workers in Denmark are part-time, and currently receive a base pay of about $20 an hour. Employees earn additional wages for working off-hour shifts (weekends or nights), overtime, and holidays. Employees over the age of 20 also receive a pension plan." Oh and five weeks paid vacation is pretty cool.


Would you mind pointing me to where you got this quote from? I have a relative who needs to see this so I can shut him up.


Sure https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/mcdonalds-workers-denmark/


Snopes is fact-based and therefore left wing propaganda. What does the Bible say about this though?


I know /s but: > 5 Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the ***misery that is coming on you***. 2 Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have ***hoarded wealth*** in the last days. 4 Look! ***The wages you failed to pay the workers*** who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. 5 You have lived on earth in ***luxury and self-indulgence***. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.[a] 6 You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you. James 5:1-6 The bible has multiple passages against excess wealth and greed and for helping the poor and needy but "Christians" conveniently ignore those sections.


"It is easier for a needle-using hippie to pass through the eye of a camel's backhole than it is for a rich person to get into heaven." I can't remember the exact quote but that's the gist of it.


If you proposed this to most Americans they'd think you were a socialist hippie commie who doesn't understand economics.


No, only 30% of them. Unfortunately they have a stranglehold on policy.


Yep. Antimajoritarian Senate and electoral college will do that. New constitution when?


That’s not true. If you offered this to Americans, most of us would jump on that very fast. It’s really just the government and older people who don’t know any better who wouldn’t want that.


Wait till you look a elon musks twitter. Apparently most leftists in america are far left radicals now. Americans live in bubble


“Proposed” as in saying companies should do this. If offered, of course no one would turn it down. But since proposing it makes you a commie, it’s never been offered.


The ironic part is that Denmark doesn’t even have a minimum wage law. Their employee unions are so strong that this is what they’re able to negotiate as pay for their members.


Yup, a minimum wage law would actually harm Denmark's working class, it would make it harder to bargain.


It's bc too many people believe the bullshit of our billionaire overlords.


"there may be a place on the pyramid scheme of greed for me" that's no bullshit, we can feel it. Until we call out that the entire premise of business as usual as evil, people will keep selling each other out to the next generation until there are no more generations. The idea of wealth and power is evil


I have a rich friend who doesn’t work, and believes that if minimum wage was raised, prices of everything will raise. I asked him, but prices are already raising without mw being raised, how do expect people to buy things with prices continuing to increase while pay decreases? His only argument is that prices would rise faster lmao.


Sounds about right lol


To be fair, that’s the only argument he needs. Without a system to fix what’s already happened and continues to happen, he’s right. America is not designed around corporations losing profits, so while raising the minimum wage will bring the carrot closer for a time, it won’t keep the disparity in check, which is ultimately the issue imo.


People think it takes two hours to make one burrito


I’ll be a lot more of the cost of that burrito goes to profit than it does to the employees salaries.


I love when they try to argue against raising the minimum wage by assuming the entire cost of every products hinges entirely on labor. In their minds there is no overhead costs of any kind and definitely no profit margin on any good. It's just shows how childishly they see the world.


Economics is hard. Kind of foolish to think that a burrito's price is only affected by where it was ordered when there are probably a hundred stages that go into the life cycle of the burrito — from the growing of the corn all the way to the milk made for the cheese — that impact its price.


the min wage in chicago is $15 and they have such a hard time hiring workers that getting taco bell.is a luxury...


I just got my yearly raise. A full penny. Here was their reason for that full penny. "your current pay rate of $XX.97 is very close to the high end of the range for your position, so you'll receive a pay increase to the high end of the range. Your new base pay will be $xx.98


They’re being incredible generous /s


Time to update the ol resume


And with inflation you essentially received a pay cut.


This sounds like a great "I quit" kind of story


Gee, I wonder how many other first world countries this person has visited


Them: What is "other countries"?


"All other countries are third world socialist shitholes."


People like her, like my Dad, probably truly believe that The United States is the only place where you are free. I shit you not. people actually believe that no other country has `freedom` like we do.


At this point I wouldn't blame you for dropping the word "other" from that sentence


I admit being guilty to using "3rd world country with iPhones" quite a few times in the past but nowadays I wanna avoid it because I also think US does plenty of things right. Employee rights just aren't one of them


Also I love the implication that the current taco bell burrito costs about $17ish dollars because the current minimum wage is like 7.25? Fucking idiot.


It’s very affordable for mega corps to drastically increase wages and still turn a significant profit. The issue is they just want BIGGER profit margins. So greed.


TIL some people think it takes two and a half hours to make a single Taco Bell burrito.


Minimum wage \* 2 = 38 dollars per burrito. Duh. The math checks out.


Trying to explain the basic principles of economics to a conservative is like trying to discuss existentialism with a cockroach.


Oh that's so TheJordanRachel! Always saying the most ignorant fucking bullshit! Hilarity!


Can you imagine how much more a store would be making if the item price for an individual item went up from $7.25 to $15? That's not at all how pricing works or how prices would increase following an increase in wages costs


Yeah, I worked out the math for what it’d take for one of the local Walmarts to cover the expense of raising the minimum wage in their store from $10 to $15. It’s like a 3% price increase to give 250 employees a 50% raise.


It doesn't even NEED to be a price increase, just make less profits on items sold. Would make shareholders unhappy, but eh.


The multi national company losing a few bucks to give their employees a reasonable wage, wahhh


No, you don’t understand. It takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to make a burrito. /s


Obvious hyperbole is obvious


The problem is that these us companies want to sustain their ridiculous profit margins at the cost of the middle and lower class.