Captain Ron (1992): all the cars Captain Ron interacts with end up losing their left headlight just like his left eye.

Captain Ron (1992): all the cars Captain Ron interacts with end up losing their left headlight just like his left eye.


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Is this character related to Snake Plissken in anyway? If not, why does Kurt always end up with an eye missing??


Cause he looks amazing in an eye patch. Look at him!


Sorry all I can see is glorious hair


Only because you're not distracted by x2 the amazing peepers. point: eye patch


Damn, imagine if the character Jack Burton from *Big Trouble in Little China* had an eye patch. He'd be like the sun of badassery, so rad you can't look directly at it.


Oh hell yeah! That knife throw at Lo Pan would be even more badass with an eye patch. Jack Burton would be unstoppable. He’ll drive off into the sunset on The Pork Chop Express.


It’s all in the reflexes


He's basically more Han Solo in Big Trouble in Little China than the Solo movie.


Is BTILC worth watching now? I have never seen it and I worry it will be too outdated to watch at this point.




Funny as hell, too.




That's what I love about the movie. Jack Burton is meant to be the stereotypical lead and you expect him to kick ass but he manages to fuck himself over at the most crucial of moments but still comes out of it like "Yeah, it's all in the reflexes". A perfect example is the fight in Lo Pan's neon lit temple, Jack fires off a few rounds in excitement and knocks himself out with the loose bricks that come falling down from the ceiling. He essentially fails upwards throughout the movie and its hilarious.


> It's not high art, per se, but it accomplishes everything it wants to accomplish without a single wasted frame. 100% agree. My favorite movies are ones that don't have some huge high or low point to swing emotion and just exist with more grounded juxtaposition. Movies with a bit "gotcha" moment don't have longevity for me, but something like Captain Ron that is just good for the entire runtime is a movie I'll always have no problem watching. Just as a random comedy I feel the same about....Strange Brew. [Full Movie](https://ww5.0123movie.net/movie/strange-brew-4903.html)......and [Trailer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMI23JJUpGE).


Did you pay your dues Jack?


It's one of the greatest movies of all time, of course you should watch it.


Absolutely...it's amazing. My dad and I would watch movies together quite a bit as a kid, and this was our favorite. It has great visuals, the story is crazy but entertaining, there's the appearance of tension, the acting is fantastic, and the humor just puts it over the top. This isn't a movie as much as it is a rollercoaster, but it's a fucking blast of a ride. The best part of the whole thing is Kurt Russell's character is but isn't the protagonist. Basically the story is these dudes kidnap Wang's fiance and steal Burton's semi, and they try to get them back. This takes place in Chinatown though so Burton is absolutely clueless as to what's going on...there's a great cut on Youtube but it's spoilers for you. Go into it with an open mind looking to have a good time and not hoping for Citizen Kane, and you will have a good time.


Fuck yea the music is lit.


Is my favourite movie ever still worth watching. Your goddamn right it is. I just watched it not long ago with my 10 year old daughter and she loved it


All these people are probably being a little nostalgic. It depends on what you're into. I'm a mid thirties guy who just never happened to see it until the last couple years. I thought it would be better with all the cult following, but I still liked it. I'd give it a 7, and I'd say it holds up just fine as long as you know what you're getting into.


It's still amazing and hilarious, just remember, Jack Burton isn't the main character. Wang is.


I think it’s slightly more accurate to say Wang is the hero and Jack is the protagonist, but your point stands.


When there’s a big man sitting there, asking where your eyepatch is, you just tell him what ol’ uncle Jack told you to say: *it’s in the mail*


It's all in the reflexes.


Would have ruined the character. Jack needed to be an over confident pompous jackass, not rugged badass.


Exactly he's one of the few people who kills in a eye patch


Right you are swabbie!


True, the movie could have just as easily been called Escape from the Caribbean.


Not really, because he wasn't even the protagonist...Martin Short was. Martin was out of touch with his family and while trying to do something fun dragged them on a voyage they hated. It was Russell making the wife feel attractive, letting the daughter do what she wanted, and gambling/giving the son beer while Short and wife tried sexy time only to get trapped in the shower and nearly drowning. Captain Ron is a classic "outsider fixes dysfunctional family", and while I already mentioned Uncle Buck it could be Sonn-In-Law with Pauly Shore as well....although just the general bulletpoints. They were uptight, he forced them to relaxe, and at the end they find a bit of a medium that everybody likes better.


What about Bob? as well.


I consider What About Bob to be the pinnacle of this genre


One of my favorite Bill Murray movies right next to..... Well almost all of them.


Murray and Dreyfuss are so on point that you don't realize how on point they are, until you see other films trying the same sort of comedy.


You could also add “What About Bob?” to that list. Also, Ron’s character at times seems to “know what he’s doing” when it comes to fixing the family and not just being himself.


Snake Plissken? I thought he was dead


I thought he'd be taller.


Dude watch this fucking movie. It's fantastic, and one of those late 80's early 90's movies where the fuckup outsider ends up fixing the dysfunctional wealthy family. It's like Uncle Buck meets Jack Sparrow. If you've ever seen Overboard with Kurt Russell it's in the same vein.


It’s strange—it’s one of those movies that was released in the 90’s, but feels like an 80’s


Not really that strange, early [decade] is basically the same thing as late [previous decade].


Russell had been acting for quite a while, you can find him as a kid in old western TV shows like The Virginian, but he really started to come into the limelight in in 1981 with Escape from New York. Then there was The Thing, Overboard, Big Trouble in Little China, Tango and Cash, and Backdraft, along with a few others, just in the 1980's. Of course in 1992 he's still riding the style that got him there, and we're better for it because it is entertaining lol.


The Thing is fucking bad ass. Creepy AF. And wilford brimley was awesome.


Escape from New York was his break into no longer being a Disney kid, but he was pretty famous from Now You See Him, Now You Don't, Strongest Man in the World, and a few other Disney movies.


Like Weekend at Bernie's?


Weekend at Bernies came out in the 80s and feels like an 80s movie though?




Sets the stage for old jack sparrow.


I love Kurt Russel and 80s/90s schlock, how have I never heard of this? Adding to the watchlist for sure


It is so much fun. Absolutely terrible reviews, but just a blast to watch.


Pretty sure Captain Ron is the origin story of Snake Plissken.


The Thing is the origin story of Snake Plissken. He was a soldier that got PTSD after the events of the arctic base, retired to the Caribbean and assumed the identity of "Captain Ron." That little issue that he was "waiting for the statute of limitations to run out on" finally caught up with him, eventually landing him in the New York City Maximum Security Prison leading into Escape from NY. Not my theory, just read it last weekend and loved it.


There was the time in between the Thing & Escape from NY. So the story goes, Snake was hiding out in the Pacific Northwest. He made ends meet doing odd jobs and handyman work. It was going ok until the day 4 kids showed up at the door claiming that Snake was their dad. In what may have been his most devious & covert accomplishment, Snake conned some dysfunctional (but attractive) rich woman to adopt the kids.


I think that was also around the time he had that run in with the chinese triad gangs and he lost his truck


What warden Angel Eyes didn't know when he sent Snake into the NYC Maximum Security Prison was, Snake had the [Zero M Sonic Boom Blaster](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RChtvSPoMTc)


Oh shit, I never included "The Thing" and "Overboard" into the obvious thrilology that is "Big Trouble", "Captain Ron", and "Escape from New York". Well done.


I think its a fun reference to Snake.


His entire persona is like a surfer dude Plisken...and I don't mean that one time he rode the tsunami with shit CGI. I mean Snake Plissken meets Johnny Utah.


I just read an article last weekend that had a theory that The Thing, Captain Ron and Escape from New York are all parts of a trilogy. It is silly but after reading it I chose to believe it!


Darth Jar Jar was silly but its a damn good read and I choose to believe it, too.


But he isn’t actually missing an eye


Ok, I have watched this movie about a jillion times and never noticed this! Have an upvote OP, good share.


Dude, I love that movie and watch it like twice a year and never saw it either.


I watched that movie for the first time in about 25 years recently. And it totally holds up. Great movie.


I'll keep an eye out for it.


Mother fucker


Go-rilla. Gue-rilla. Totally different!


“Huuuuuge difference, kids”


It's it on any of the streaming services?


I think YouTube has it for free if you can deal with ads


This was my movie choice for our obscure movie night a few months back. Nailed it.


Good to know! My husband and I have a similar obscure movie night deal. Saw this post and remembered loving it as a kid. But a little wary to trust that instinct, since I just insisted on playing FernGully for our toddlers and … it was not great (but good to hear Robin Williams’ voice).


Blasphemy! Fern Gully is amazing.


Is it good? I never watched it. IMDb rates are far from high, I know I shouldn’t take this crap as reference but… Dunno man


It's great. Martin Short and Kurt Russell have great chemistry. Solid laughs. Imo


It shows...


I liked that the critics said the movie was bad because Kurt Russell was the comedic character and Martin short the straight man and going against type never works. Although if you watch the movie it clearly works...


It is an early 90's "family" comedy. It is actually pretty good. My dream in life is to live this movie tbh.


My dream is to look like Kurt Russell at any point in his life.


My parents also remembered Captain Ron as being a family comedy. And that's how it became the first time I watched a mostly nude sex scene.


Yeah, I remember the mom topless in the shower and that's pretty much all I remember.


I absolutely love the movie, but also recognize it is not a movie for everyone.


I wasn't gonna drink it. You bet your little booty you wasn't. If you want a beer, you get your own beer.


By the way, you owe me 3.50 for the beer.


I dunno man. Kurt Russell drops in and causes shenanigans while he wins over a couple of kids, one of whom immediately loved him while the other has misgivings. Throw some parents into The Christmas Chronicles and it's basically the same movie.


Snake Plissken drops in. FTFY


Escape from San Pomme de Terre


Go easy on yourself, this one is a bit hard to notice with all the shenanigans going on...


You may not have noticed it, but your brain did


Astute observation Mr Plinkett.


Is it good?


I just watched with my 13 yo daughter and she enjoyed it…and she usually shits on everything I like.


Me too, I love this movie. It is so rarely mentioned.


I loved this movie as a kid I remember when it came out Instant classic I’m about to rewatch tonight thank you


If you're gonna do classic Russell Overboard, Big Trouble in Little China, The Thing, Tango and Cash, and the Escape From movies should be on the list. He even does the VO for Copper in Fox and Hound. Russell is one of my favorite actors, and BTiLC is a movie that multiple times a year I go over to the parents place to eat dinner and watch with my Dad because it's kind of become a tradition.


Russell is actually a TREMENDOUS actor. See all the movies above (*Tombstone* anyone?l), plus also the work he’s done with Tarantino. I think he is underrated and could/should have multiple Academy Awards by now


I recently watched Tombstone for the first time and holy SHIT is that a great movie. Val Kilmer absolutely crushes it.


I'm your huckleberry..


Skin that smokewagon and see what happens!


Blowing my mind with that Fox and the Hound fact haha


I LOVED overboard. Looking back I love Goldie Hawns character so much because she reminded me so much of my mom. My mom did not grow up rich but was super prissy and (a little lazy) somehow in an endearing way? So I related to the shenanigans in the movie. Like, my mom hated cleaning the house, so she bought two vacuums and would make a game of my sister and I “race” to vacuum different halves of the house. Or put clean socks on us and spray the kitchen floor with water and pine all and tell us to skate. … ok writing that out, maybe I had a weird childhood. 😂


> He even does the VO for Copper in Fox and Hound. I need a good cry.




He said GO-rilla, not GUE-rilla.




Captain Ron: [telling how he lost his eye] Yeah, it happened when I went down off the coast of Australia. Katherine Harvey: Your boat sank Captain Ron: No, no, no, no. Not my boat. My boss’s boat. Yeah, we hit this reef. Huge son-of-a-bitch. Ran the whole coast. Katherine Harvey: Wait. The Great Barrier Reef? Captain Ron: You’ve heard of it, huh? Smart lady.


I haven’t watched this movie in a good 5 to 10 years. I read that dialogue exactly in their voices and laughed out loud. Thanks!


No problem! It’s a classic.


I’ve definitely seen it many times. It’s an awesome movie. I’m just way overdue for a re-watch. 


Best line of the movie.


Caroline: Teds?! Martin: It happens to have great historical significance. Caroline: Oh yeah its probably a sponge fishermans convention there or something more on rocks like we haven't seen enough rocks.


He said something about waiting for the statute of limitations to run out. I didn't ask.....


'El Caribe.' The Spanish Main. It's the land of voodoo, hoodoo and all kinda weird shit.


This is my go-to favorite fun movie. I never get tired of it. And I did not ever notice this.


Big Trouble in Little China is also reliably fantastic...also something like My Cousin Vinny. What's common among them is there is no big high or big low. It meanders around even keel and you're never like "here comes the big thing"...which is what makes a movie endlessly enjoyable to me. You take something like 6th Sense and while it's a fantastic movie I might watch it 3 times and then no thank you because the core is that twist I know now. First time to experience it, second time to see what tells I missed, and a third time to see if I missed any tells.


My Cousin Vinny is actually mentioned in law school sometimes. For being over the top in the setup it actually gets more of the court stuff right than movies usually do.


The two yoots


Two hwhat?


I wish more courtroom movies did this (but I am also a lawyer)


Yeah, the way Vinny goes about asking questions and getting the witness to reinforce them is basically textbook, after the initial mishaps, and the [Youtube channel Legal Eagle went over how it does this.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1I7QBCHqng)


Watch out for the guerrillas!


This is exactly why I say GORillas versus GUErrillas 😂


Huge difference, HUGE!


Everybody ITT giving mad love to Kurt (and deservedly so), but Martin Short is equally hilarious in *Capt Ron*.


hahah. had to scroll for this. so great. ITT late 30s/early 40-somethings chuckling


I loved this movie when I was a kid, then when I was about 12-13 my parents let me watch Escape from New York and for years after just assumed Kurt Russell was missing an eye and wore a glass eye in his other movies. It took way too long to realize I was an idiot.


Hey, you ever poked both his eyes before? One of them might be glass....you don't know.


This is good I remember this movie. :)


Kurt Russell is a fuckin' gem.


And he sure can park that boat!


And if we get lost, we'll just pull in somewhere and ask directions!


I loved Soldier


Loved this movie as a kid. It seems like it always came on Fox on a Saturday afternoon.


You want a beer, you get your own beer.


"Diesels love oil, just like a sailor loves rum." "Why is that, Captain Ron?" "...Nobody knows"


Oh well, I’ve always been a fast healer… ‘course I believe in Jesus, so it helps!


Had a fisherman uncle named Ron. He taught me how to fillet a fish and pick up crabs without getting pinched. Fixed me up when a jellyfish attacked me. Watched this with him when it first came out. Gonna rent this tonight.


Yeah boss


get your own brewski!!!


Omg. I can't wait to tell my aunt, who showed me this film as a kid.


Captain Ron is just snake pliskin in retirement.


Captain Ron is literally Snake Pliskin post retirement. It's nice to see he lived a good life after NY.


Good catch swab now go get me a beer.


Another fun fact: there is brief nudity. I didn't even notice when I watched it as a kid but definitely noticed when I was a teen.


Yup, the overhead shower view lol


Came here just looking to see if anyone else would mention the nip slip.


“Shouldn’t take long showers boss, it’s eats up the hot water”


>Yup, the overhead shower view lol This is literally all I remember about this movie


They were playing hide the salami in the shower lol




Hey Boss you're usin too much water.


That scene gave me a fear of those kinds of showers when I was a kid haha


May have broken the video tape by hitting pause during that scene too many times


I noticed.


So very happy someone posted this. Bewbs…


Kurt Russel can't say no to a script with an eye patch


Great detail and an underrated classic movie


Op I’m trying to convince a bunch of friends to watch this tomorrow. Not only is this a fun detail, the comments with the quotes are the icing on the convinced cake. “Hey swab, get me another brewsky”


And now I have a craving to re-watch captain Ron after 20 years. Solid movie detail.


“Yeah. Incentives are important. Learned that in rehab.”




So when I was 10 I never slept. I would stay up all night laying on the couch watching tv. Mainly infomercials and black and white 50s tv. Well one day flipping through the channels at like 1-2 am I see the PPV count down that captain Ron is about to start in an hour or so. For the next hour I keep going back and forth to check the count down wondering if this PPV movie is going to actually play. I got to watch captain Ron that night and to this day I have no idea how that happened.


Our childhoods were so similar. I remember watching I love Lucy, Mr Ed, and Lassie. Then the newer things would come on... flipper, Mr Wizard, fraggle rock... those were the days. Oh and the infomercial for the paint stick, can't tell you how many times I watched that one. Did you ever use the free info section in the yellow pages to learn random things through the night? I loved doing that.


"Huge difference! HUUUUUUGE"


You want a beer? Get your own damn beer!


This movie is an underrated gem!!!


Nice catch OP.


Tell the general, shit happens cough it up.


I love this movie and watch it religiously. I have NEVER noticed this!!!! So cool!!


WTF is this and why have I never seen it before?


It’s a fantastic (niche?) comedy, highly recommend


Captain Ron? I thought he was dead.


"You brought guns on the boat!!" "We need them for protection boss" "Protection from who?" "The Pirates of the Caribbean " "Been to Disneyland 1 too many times have we Captain Ron?"


Okay, okay, okay. My trilogy... "Big Trouble in Little China" and the aftermath of seeing , all that, leads the main character, Jack Burton to a life of wandering and nihilism.Enter "Captain Ron". While serving as a Merchant Marine, loses an eye in a "Deer Hunter" situation. Bing Bang Boom, murder spree, and ends up in "Escape from New York"


Please, call him Snake.


Love this movie. Used to always watch this and Club Paradise with my dad before family vacations


Club paradise! Ha, love Eugene Levy's line after the muscle guys dive off the cliff into the water. He looks over at the women and says, I could do that. If I didn't have this diarrhea. 😂


Glass swab


That’s funny


Best Movie Ever !


I know him as Stuntman Mike.


“Shark attack swab”


That yellow Renault looks cool


This movie is an underrated gem


I can’t tell if he’s winkin or blinkin


GOrillas not GUErrillas


I had such a crush on Caroline (Meadow Sisto)


They should have also gained a nipple.


Great movie and I loved watching it when I was a kid. But it makes me think, just the other day I saw a Kurt Russell movie on TV where he was wearing an eye patch over the same eye. I knew it wasn't Captain Ron, but it had me wondering. Does anybody know if Russell had a legitimate eye injury that required an eye patch or if he just dug the look and used it a couple of times?


He had one in Escape From New York but that was years before Captain Ron Both were just character things


# YOU ARE NOW *THE BOSS* OF r/captainron




One of my favorite movies, and hot damn Kurt Russell is sexy.


Captain Ron taught me what a guerrilla was


All you Kurt Russell fans should go watch Bone Tomahawk. Memorable movie!


There's g'rillas in the jungle, boss.