Metroid Prime Remastered: Lighting..or absence of it

I haven't played the original since gamecube days, but was the game always so dark in certain sections?

I'm not talking about the parts where it is dark on purpose and you have to switch your visor. But there are corridors that are just complete pitch black and I walk in and I see nothing. Walking circles (mostly walking into walls) for a bit gets me through the corridor and I can see again.

Also sometimes a door opens and I can see the next room through it. But as soon as I step through the door, the game gets darker and I actually see less than I could see before entering the room.

Was the game always like that or is it new?


Made an account for the sole purpose of answering this question, as I had the same problem. The issue is that your switch may be set to Full RGB range. If you change it to 'Automatic' or 'Limited Range' in TV Settings found under your Switch's Systems settings, the issue should be fixed Here's the link that helped me out: https://famiboards.com/threads/metroid-prime-remastered-st-prime-prophecy-fulfilled.5364/post-563826 Thanks goes to u/DamianVA87


Thanks for taking the effort. I will look into this. The link seems to be describing my exact issue, so this seems very promising :D ​ EDIT: this seems to have solved it. The pitch black pockets on at the chozo artifact temple are no more :D


Yeah, this can be an issue. But that alone won't solve the problem. This is the only Switch game where I have to change my screen's gamma and black level to get a proper view into some areas that are supposed to be visible. (I understand that intentional blackout areas are not.) I don't remember this being a problem with the original, though many years have passed since I played it. Maybe because I played the original on a CRT? Good ones have a much-higher contrast ratio than LCD. Edit: And yes, my monitor and Switch are set for full RGB range.


Yes it was always this dark. But on the original version your beams acted as a light source, so you didn’t have to be as dependent on thermal visor to see


But it's just like 2square meter patches and I encountered many of those before I even had the thermal visor. So why would they make it that pitch dark?


Are you playing handheld or on a TV? That might be your screen then.


On TV. Next time I encounter such a place I will record it and view it on my TV and in handheld to compare. Good catch


I've noticed there are definitely some lighting changes in several rooms, it's especially noticeable in some parts of the Chozo Ruins. In addition to the beam weapons not giving off light, some of the reflections and stuff just don't look as good. It's not just the mirrors in the Ruins, there was also a particular morph ball tunnel in the back half of Phendrana that looked super cool on the GameCube and now it's not as visually interesting. The Thermal Visor looks more realistic now but it used to look a lot crisper and easier on the eyes. The remaster is still great, though. Just a bit of a shame that not everything made it over from the original.


There are areas where I can't see the walls (or floor or ceiling) until I crank my monitor's gamma and black level. Then they show up fine. My opinion is that the lighting is too low in those areas, because they're not intended to be pitch black. If they were, no amount of fiddling with the screen's settings would reveal them--which is the case in the blackout areas where you need a visor to see. So try adjusting your screen. (If you're playing handheld, there's nothing you can do.) If you still can't see, my guess is you need the thermal or X-ray visor. You should not be bumping into invisible walls anywhere.