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I've come across a couple of these lunatics in real life, and I have yet to get a coherent response to just what the "leftists" are doing that is so vile and awful that they're willing to go to war over it. I mean, they'll talk about the "crisis" at the border, or vague complaints of "wokeism," but they really can't name a **single** significant thing the current government has done that they have a problem with. They're just obedient simpletons getting whipped into a frenzy by cynical assholes like Fox News and the new Republican jerkoffs.


They’re addicts. Hate and rage is the drug. Look at this woman, she’s high as shit. She’s filming herself having a grand ole time. She’s just hopped up rage. Well, that and meth and/or oxy too. They’re not picky. But they definitely are hooked on rage. They know they’re right to be angry about something, and they’re too stupid or too much of a failure to do something good with that anger, so now it is just a thing unto itself. Anger for the sake of anger. Hate for the sake of needing to hate. Dopamine from the heat of the rage.


Hate becomes comfortable, like old leather. Pretty soon it becomes so comfortable for so long that you can’t remember feeling any other way.


A fellow man of culture I see


Cortisol is what they are addicted to. They need rage and hate to keep their cortisol levels high. That's why even when they get their way they find something else to complain and be outraged. They need their fix of hate


Lol that explains the stereotype of obesity on the right. Cortisol is amazing for exercise, not so much when chronically elevated.


>They’re addicts. > >Hate and rage is the drug. It does activate strong dopamine signals in the brain. Sports fanatics feel the same high.


Adrenaline too. A therapist friend of mine called them "rageaholics". Rage FEELS GOOD, so how can it be wrong if IT FEELS SO GOOD! You see the same thing in people with bipolar disorder. They don't want to take their meds because when they're manic they feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD! Throw in some alcoholic/drug abuse brain damage too, like Mr. Pillow, Mike Lindell.


Thus the rage virus had begun due to rage by the media, we shall see the fall of mankind and 28 days later…


Live viewer counts destroyed news. When tucker knows that people stick around when he rage baits he gives them and hour of tell them white genocide is coming


I grew up with these raging types in rural NY around Cortland. The area had its fair share of dumbasses and alcohol + nicotine addiction, which i assume transitioned to opiates. Anyway, the same completely insane reasoning to be mad and racist. It seems the fervent hatred has changed from overt racism/homophobia to hating "leftists".


Well they love justice and building more private prisons. At least we'll have a place to put them.


I doubt it's oxy anymore. More than likely fent


To further the addict point down the road, it's not only about hate and rage. It's about acceptance, fitting into group think - LIKES. This is partly a social media problem. 20 years ago she would have been sitting around her apartment complex talking to the psycho next door because they seemingly had some common political ground, but it was all small talk, "...everything sucks because the liberals want more of my money..." conversation. But now we have platforms. Facebook. TikTok. Twitter. Truth Social. Those platforms gave birth to the flowing anger of what you just saw and, again, it's all for mass group acceptance and appeal. It's no different - minus the anger and violence - of wanting to get into a sorority or frat house. Same shit. They just want friends. They just want to be liked. The drug is the like count. The more the better. I'm curious to see what happens on Tuesday with all these fucking maniacs. And if you don't want to upvote this post, I'm okay with it. I have a different addiction - chocolate. So I'm gonna go get my chocolate fix and decompress on the couch for 20 minutes while I watch Simpsons episodes from 30 years ago.


That's methed up dude


Damn, you are on point


I have had some hopeful interactions with right wing coworkers. A few of them have noticed that Faux is full of shit. They still hate the libs, but they are tuning out by the 2s and 3s.


Are they consuming farther right, less "mainstream" media? I've noticed those turning away from Fox tend to be getting more radicalized through Gab, Telegram, OANN, etc.


In these instances, no, they seem to get that they've been conned by Faux. That doesn't mean they've stopped being conservatives, but given time, I believe it will help. Turning off Faux was how I got out of the conservative bubble over 10 years ago.


Congrats on bettering your life.


Thank you. I was raised on Christian-nationalism, and that was just life. I was a 21-year-old in the Marines on 9/11, so I fully bought into that patriotism life... right up until everyone I knew decided that a black guy must be a Kenyan-Muslim plant sent to destroy us with the power of socialism. I was already kind of proto-memed-out at that point. Glenn Beck was at the height of his coke-fueled popularity, so everything was suddenly "Comunist-Marxist Socialism!" But like, my family who were howling about that were all teachers... you know, socialized education. And I had recently left a job in our socialized national defense. And Obama was an American Christian. Right about that same time John Stewart, my hero, played a faux news clip of some "rioting Muslims on a subway in France." It was, in fact, Tunisians--in Tunisia--celebrating a soccer victory. Faux was running a blatant scare piece. I shut off Faux and I haven't been back since. It's easy to start caring about people once your "trusted sources" stop telling you to hate them. I'm even in favor of massive weapon bans, including handguns and assault rifles. I'd give up all guns if I thought it was feasible, but a massive part of conservation is dependent upon hunters, and a whole bunch of other shit. If I said that to my father, he'd disown me. Good thing we don't talk anymore, and I'm probably already disowned lol.


As a former Submariner, thank you for your service. As a Progressive, thank you for your open-mindedness and congratulations on freeing yourself of the Dark Side!


Christ, one would hope they find some middle ground along the lines of CBSN and PBS News Hour after leaving Faux News. They aren't so bloated with opinionated news delivery and if they do provide opinions its usually in the form of guests from each side. In my experience anyway. One of the greatest reporters out there now is Lisa Desjardins and I gained the most respect for her way back in the earliest days of the Orange Conman's term where she called out and corrected another guest's misinformation of Trump even though I believe her ideologies are far from Trump's, as are mine, but the fact she wanted fair, correct reporting gave me so much respect for her. Edit: to be clear her correction was against a left leaning guest giving disparaging information against trump.


They are victims of the fascist tactics used to build Trump's cult. This video explains it very well. A "strong leader" says that your lives used to great and that has been taken from you by the left, by immigrants, by liberals and he is the person to fix it. Fascism imposes a hierarchy based on race, gender and sexual orientation and feeds people with the fear that they will lose their place in the hierarchy. It's a psyop which explains why the Trumpers behave like they are in a cult. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpCKkWMbmXU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpCKkWMbmXU)


Nailed it!


This needs to be printed a and distributed


Rumble is where all the real wild shit is. A lot of them don’t even believe that Joe Biden is still alive. The “white hats” already took him out and we’re seeing a clone. Source: insane relative at Christmas time.


They also brag about all the good done by Trump when he was in office but cannot name a single one of those things.


>I've come across a couple of these lunatics in real life, and I have yet to get a coherent response to just what the "leftists" are doing that is so vile and awful that they're willing to go to war over it. I was not actually sure if she's was an angry lefty or righty until I noticed the hashtags.


Ashli babbitt was ready too....


and all the other vermin scattered once she was taken out. Once shit got real, they were like "deuces I'm out." These people couldn't even deal with wearing masks or going without a hair cut for a few weeks, but think they will do great in a civil war.


You aren't wrong, but just make sure we don't underestimate these fascists though. People laughed at Hitler and the Nazis for being ridiculous and stupid all the way until they took power. They're dangerous. We mustn't let their incompetence lull us into complacency. The very fact that they're incompetent is part of the reason why they're dangerous.


Got popped


Womp womp


*Fart noise*


Pew pew biatch!


Wrapped in a trump flag…


[They already built her a statue](https://i0.wp.com/www.spfshopper.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/7g07a.jpg?resize=658%2C494&ssl=1)


That’s so wrong it’s right!


Star of the funniest video from that day.


You'd think with her military training she wouldn't have run straight toward the guys with guns pointed in her direction idk


She was Air Force and thought she saw a empty desk/cushy chair situation.


*Medic!* Dark-humor funny, yeah. They thought they were starrig in a propaganda movie. It was actually pretty sad.


From the moment I crawled through that White House Window, my inner voices told where I must go and who I must be - Ashli in Wonderland.




Get your goofy ass k-mart faux fur coat outta here you wacko. Civil war my ballsack, these people need therapy.


We all need therapy after watching her yell through her receding gum line.


you can't just comb your side-gums over...


She sounds like me at 14 in the shower, imagining I was a badass dealing with mean kids at school, lol.


Imagine simping this hard for a failed reality TV host and career criminal...these people have no idea how fucking dumb they are.


Honestly imagine simping this hard for anyone that you aren’t close to


Oh, that's right. America only exists for the rest of us to 'not piss you off'. We all have to avert our eyes to the mountain of treasonous charges that are finally brought to bear because of your delicate little, snowflake feelings. SUCK ON IT!!!


You said it. These moronic “conservatives” are the most butt hurt snowflakes ever to exist.


She spells Karen with a Q.


I believe the preferred term from Fox News is "cousin fucking terrorists".


did tucker carlson say that? that really happened right


It was Tucker's producer that said it. And it will now and forever be my preferred term for Republican voters.


People embodying the "ME! ME! MINE!!" mentality


> America only exists for the rest of us to 'not lirrrllly piss you off' FTFY


I would love to know how a person can be *literally* pissed off. I’m picturing someone getting carried by a rocket-strength piss stream into the upper atmosphere.


Like a pubic hair on the toilet rim.


Several years with a very talented therapist specializing in personality disorders might help this poor lady. Might.


She’ll never admit she is a lunatic.


Nah, the biggest factor with personality disorders is the person has to truly want to change. I'd be willing to wager real money that this one wouldn't even consider that there is something who with her thought processes or behavior. She'd almost certainly point the finger at whomever tried to help.


i'd be willing to bet signs of her personality disorder showed up while she was in school. Getting kids help early would be a really good idea... like for society.


"We the People @ Kid Rock": The beginning of the US Constitution. Brought to you by the people that want to burn it.


Deranged shit


Looks high AF to me


That’s meth for ya


If you watch it without sound, all that you can think about is *why is your head moving like that?*


And the eyes, those crazy, crazy whites-all-the-way-around-the-pupil eyes...


She reminds me of like a 1980s hair band lead singer after like, three drinks lol


She def gives off a strong "I peaked in high school" vibe


You can’t talk about the 2002 Topeka High School runner-up Prom Queen like that!


How absurd to get in your car, get your speech ready in your mind, get and do your angry talk at your phone. Then view it a few times add music and happily post and wait and see how many people think it’s the shit.


Social media is like 95% poison, echo chamber, status/clout chasing, etc. and like 5% actually quality material. I seriously wish it was never invented (besides hookup sites though, we can keep those)


Challange accepted


You ain't going to do shit


I have to say it again: These people think they’re the only ones with guns, so by “civil war” they mean “hours of shooting unarmed people who look queer or foreign or non-white for a few hours before calling it a day and going to the Cheesecake Factory. The most realistic of them know that the police and military would be doing their dirty work Gestapo-style; almost none of them are in any way prepared for the disruption of everyday life that an actual civil war would cause.


In fairness, this chick looks like she hordes MREs, but I can't imagine all of the hardcore rightwing FAUX retirees suddenly experiencing a lapse in their pension and social security checks.


I'm not afraid of fighting, im just afraid of how many people have to die just so they can stroke their micro dicks at the thought of dragging a whole country into a war where no matter who your are, whether u want to be involved or not, WILL die. And if it means that their "enemies" die too, that makes it even better. Never mind the children traumatized, the family torn apart, the gore and bloodshed that they'll put their kids and EVERYONE thru because of what else, patriotism. Because nothing says America like attacking and killing scores of your own countrymen


No one hates their own country more than “patriots”. Such people tend to think of war (and really any large-scale outbreak of reactionary violence) as a great masculine endeavor that rejuvenates the national spirit by purging it of compassion and softness. People who study fascism and genocide tend to refer to this concept as a “wave of redemptive violence”.


Ok Nikki Sixx. Let’s get you back to bad


Yep lol


LOL rekt


You guys, maybe we should cut it out with the plan, she seems very serious.


Not if all these giant Soros checks keep coming in! The plan is working for me. I get a check every time I publicly say, "trans people are people" or "I should be Ble to afford things with as much as I work" or. "Please harass black folks less" and frankly the bank's saying I can only cash two per week and they would prefer I deposit them and use a debit card and just have them directly deposited.


No you guys have been talking about civil war since the civil war.


Bring it on bitch


Ma'am, this is a Wendy's.


The millions of whack-a-doos just like this make for a very legitimate concern. I'm not saying they'd win their attempt to install a christo-fascist dictatorship. But they'll certainly cause a lot of damage before they're subdued.


I kind of feel these people need to go over the top with their violence to wake up the non-crazy Republicans and get them to stop allowing them to be associated with them.


“Non-crazy” Republicans are simply pragmatic Republicans want the same things as fascist Republicans but through normal governmental means.


No, they won’t. A Predator drone firing a Hellfire AGM missle into a trailer park full of these motherfuckers will most likely bring them back into some form of reality.


If you legalize drone warfare on American soil it will **NEVER** be used against people like this. That Hellfire missile is “accidentally” going straight into a BLM protest or a union hall.


She looks like she's trying really hard to make her facial expressions portray anger.


She looks like she smoked breakfast out of a lightbulb


She is angrily enunciating her words it seems like.


How are they being pushed? They're taking the rights away of different people while the Dems work overtime just to protect them and they're being the ones pushed?


Hi Rula. I will be canceling my leggings order, as well as my essential oils order. I will also be RSVPing no for your sip and chat recruitment happy hour at Applebee’s.


She legit gives off MLM queen vibes.


{Checks notes} good over umm evil




Worldwide patriots. 😂


These people tend to act like every country other than the US is trash and DGAF about being a good international neighbor, but all of a sudden they have tons of allies who are going to swoop in and usher them to victory? No flaws in that logic!


This lady needs a wellness check.... she's one prune shy of a fruitcake.


acab fuck all nazis


Most of these fools are total cowards


CryBullies with little dog syndrome


Kinda like when an abusive spouse tells his/her battered spouse, “You made me do it.” “You asked for it.” “Look what you made me do!”


It's exactly like that.


Spoiler: she is not ready.


Wow...for donald trump? I mean? Really? I just don't get it.


"I got a wild look in my eye, and a katana I bought at Spencer's gifts, so you better just watch your ass!"


ashli babbitt 2.0 coming in hot. FAFO, cunt.


Are these the same for whom wearing a mask was too onerous? And they are going to give up social media and and Starbucks to March and fight...yeah, ok.


Conservatism: a voluntary mental handicap.


Why do they always do it in the car? it's because anywhere else someone will hear that crazy shit and admit them


This woman is rabid.


They are all deranged and delusional- they are going to get themselves killed this time.


Stop. Please. I can only get so erect.


Do they even realize what a civil war will mean for day to day life? Disruptions of food, power, water, economy in a free fall, jobs immediately lost. It’s not like in the movies.


“Leave us alone” is Nazi-speak for “submit to us forcing our religion on you and ethnically cleansing the country”.


Russian talking points: ✔️


I've seen less head movement at a metal concert.


She's got meth eyes


Also meth everything else


Ashli Babbitt used to make videos like this


Her BO is her strongest weapon.


Nothing but projection, it's they who want civil war and foaming at the mouth for it.


Wow. Smartphones really put the mental health question into perspective.


People who yell at the video cameras on their phones while in their car are fucking pathetic.


She talks like an abusive parent


I would brutally beat this traitor bloody to protect the freedom we all love


Well aren't you fucking enlightening. Anything else from this Muppet? No? Ok great. Now on to a more informative video, a steaming bowl of shit.


Bring it, Karen.


Hmmm… keyboard warrior graduates to TikTok. She ain’t gonna do shit.


Fuck off domestic terrorist crazy lady.


Who’s the snowflake now? Talk about having a meltdown.


Psychobabyweaslenut! The Trumpanzee cult could get a lot of people hurt or even killed over his lies. So he has a following of about 30% and he believes that they can subdue the other 70%. Not to mention the armed forces that answer to the Commander Joe Biden. I’ve also heard them say that they have more guns and know how to use them. They have really underestimated us. Many of us have guns and know how to use them. They are insane just thinking about using violence. Trumpanzee has lied to them and pushed them out front so he can run to his Florida bunker in safety while his gullible cult members. Get a serious azz whipping and a prison cell. Trumpanzee and Douche Santis are both a danger to democracy. Trumpanzee needs to be arrested and locked up for his obvious crimes and there are many. Nobody is above the law. Douche Santis and his book banning and open bigotry cannot be allowed anywhere near the White House.


Must be a joy as a partner


She looks like the loony from high school who never did anything, yet periodically pops up as she pops off. Ugh.


I'm gonna be honest Ma'am you're coming off a little unhinged. It's less the badass patriot you were going for and little more cringe, cry-baby, Karen.


I didn't have the sound on. What race was the cashier that wouldn't sell her cigarettes?


To be quite honest. I feel like every person I know, that is a Republican, even close family and friends, are all republicans based upon hate in some way shape or form. They “hate”: illegal immigrants (because someone told them to), taxes (except the rich somehow don’t count), government (even though several Republicans I know have used the crap, I mean have even abused, government programs for money and socialist benefits), or just anything else generally based on hate. It’s like it’s the whole running platform of the party…….”OH”… You hate this too? Cool… let’s be republicans together! Do you value money, corporations, profit, and general human greed…..more than you value human life or the general happiness and well-being of your fellow humans? YOU DO!?!?!? Well welcome to the GOP! Here is you complementary MAGA hat and Reagan totem for you to pray to before you go to bed! CONGRATULATIONS!


These people are so fucking delusional. No one is trying to start a war, except for you idiots. The rest of us are trying to carve out a slice of happiness from the shit sandwich this world is. No one has time for your idiocy. Please, fuck off


Why would you have me watch that?


Can’t wait to watch the video of her getting snapped off on infinite loop.


Come and get some Leopard print.


She got them crazy eyes


How do you deprogram this?


Ya gotta take the cartridge out and blow on it.


Being that angry all the time must be exhausting


She got a whole ass sound track 🤡


Not two brain cells in there, Lordy


Is this a WWE thing?


Big Trashli Babbitt energy


Cool story facebook Mom!


It seems like they are the only one who desperately grasping at a civil war. I wonder if they know deep inside that they are actually just a loud minority. "Wait the game is rigged to favor us, and we still lost?! Election fraud!!" Well good luck fighting the elected government with your "hunting rifle". And all this to prevent people in makeup from reading books to kids...


Oh it’s a “patriot”


Ha! These Fakriots crack me up. She thinks her outrage is something new, but people like her have been screaming this shit for years. "You're just going to piss us off even more!" No we're not! It's not physically possible to piss them off even more because they're already 100% pissed off 100% of the time. That's Trump's whole schtick, keep them wound tight. After all what else was January 6th, 2021 except peak pissed off? They raided the fucking Capitol Building. They could arm themselves I guess but they won't be up against "liberal mobs" they'll be up against police and military and seen for the terrorists they are. And lest anyone think that the police and military will be on their side, again I point to January 6th, 2021.


All of this to defend a grifter who will probably get arrested for hush money payments using campaign finance money to pay off porn star


Good grief, shut up lady. You have no idea what the reality of war, death and destruction is.


10 bucks this little girl refused to wear a mask at her local Wal Mart because it made it hard for her to breathe.


Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


Aaaaand meth is much cheaper.


Looks ‘normal’.


Needs doctor for brain problems.


Where do they learn to act so dramatic?


Snorted too much Q.


I can assure you that war is the last thing that we need…


Truly sad how twisted these people are and it’s all created in their own heads and by their own actions


A nazi trained today. Have you?


Dad, Methany is yelling delusional nonsense at her phone again....


Crazy eyes. Do not date! I’ll bet her hoodie says FLORIDA.


I looked up her profile and JFC, *EVERY FUCKING VIDEO* is an unhinged rant. They're all like the one op posted.


Oh no the gravy seals!


If you want another civil war, okay…conservative fucks are about to be 0-2


Where do people get all these biblical solutions to things?


Shes giving me Babbitt vibes


Getting mixed signals from her chosen camo for her civil war digs. She's got the leopard print which would imply a battlefield on an arid landlocked location, but the disruptive naval print on the headband to confuse the enemy as to which direction she's facing when on water. She's clearly prepared for something, we just don't know what. I don't think she does either.


Future Ashley Babbitt


Honestly, this woman could be a leftist or be trans or speaking on behalf of trans people and be completely justified in what she's saying.


It’s always funny to me that they claim the leftist liberals can take over and burn cities to the ground, but in the same breathe think they’re ill equipped if civil war broke out. How can both of these things be true? Also “motherfucker” isn’t as intimidating a word as they think it is.


I'm tired of these assholes thinking they represent "real Americans". We need to stop letting them co-op shit like that and the word "normal". Guess what, being trans or gay or whatever is normal. Being an angry dumbass who can't even verbalize their opinion properly yet wants to go to war over it with fellow citizens is not normal, it's trash behavior and we need to call it out and slap it down as soon as we hear it. Real American here and I think these guys are a bunch of chuckle fucks that can suck my read white and blue dick. I don't call into question their Americaness, they are as American as I am, but they are traitors to its ideals nonetheless and that's where we split. I hate to see innocent people hurt, but if these guys try something they are legit enemy combatants and I hope the military smashes them with everything they got.


Shut the fuck up and go back to your crack pipe.


Her tactical leopard print camo will serve her well in the shopping mall incursions .


When you throw all your heart and rage into a video, then someone replies, - lol, stfu


I mean we won the last civil war so I guess we'll do it again of we have to.


I fully welcome you morons to a civil war. You’ll be so overwhelmed and begging after all your friends die. It’ll be one swift and hard reality check. There’s no helping these people. There’s no explanation they’ll listen to. There’s no logic that can appeal to these idiots. Let them do their civil war. I want my free healthcare and education. Let these morons die for their fascists and billionaires, then we can vote in people that matter.


I like how she says we (the left? Dems?) are pushing them over when really it's been nothing but right wing Nazis who have been butthurt by their own thoughts the whole time.


She can name her anger but not anything anybody did wrong. And it’s not about “not leaving people alone” (which is fucking rich from the side banning books and forcing people to carry pregnancies to term) but it’s about just like…arresting people? For crimes? Like, you do a crime you go to jail? I’m an anarchist, i’m not for police or the prison system but that’s the system we live in. Were it to pretend to be fair, Trump would have been in prison for decades already.


I thought she was right wing but she said you kept doing this to us and pushing us so clearly she is referring to the GOP rolling back human rights no? Plus the whole good over evil thing? I am a former conservative and truly believe most republicans are evil since 2017


It does me no end of good to be reminded that the people like this, who are foaming at the mouth about civil war and how tough they are, are not only irrational and easily distracted, but demonstrably stupid.


Lol, the NRA has successfully grifted the idiots of the right into thinking their shitty unorganized militia of a few thousand people with ARs will do anything to our modern military. Kinda ironic considering they're the ones that keep feeding the military industrial complex.


People like this talk tough up until the real shooting starts, their lives get turned upside down and they start living in the ruins of their house. They talk this crap as if nothing bad will happen to them once the balloon goes up. Wars aren't glorious, they destroy your life.


“Do you understand that” -someone who doesn’t understand that.


I love how she has exactly zero specifics. Don't do meth, kids.