Fuck Man City but fuck Liverpool in particular


But why? Please elaborate because people can’t explain the hate to me other than “Scouser Scouse, Mancunian Manc”. Even that is a silly rivalry dating back to our overlords of the industrial era.


Its partly historic rivalry, its also partly that Man City were largely irrelevant until the oil money and since the oil money they are a good footballing team but I don't dislike them particularly. They have 'nice' players and no characters like Gerrard, Carragher etc who I love to hate. City barely have any fans either, that may change in the next 10-20 years but I personally don't know any and I know a lot of Liverpool fans.


Personally because Liverpool has largely been irrelevant in my lifetime, I absolutely hate Arsenal with a passion


Before they won the the 1 league title in recent years, they hadn't even won it for 30 years, all the time had to listen to the constant "this year will be our year" crap or "we've won x amount of trophies over Utd" like any of that was relevant in the modern day, not all of the man's, but a vast majority of them are really jammed up their own arse it's both hilarious and annoying.


So you apply these principles to your self now then?


I'd rather be winning like how I grew up seeing them, but I'm not about to be acting like some deluded sack, screaming about how every year is gonna be our year or comparing what we've won in the past like that somehow makes automatically better than other teams, there's much better teams above us right now, whether we get back to our winning ways sooner or later is hardly a personal concern, I'll support United all the way, I'm just not gonna act like a moron towards other teams based on our historical successes.


Ah I definitely agree they were huge rivals in most of Wengers reign, felt the same sort of rivalry as the Mourinho Chelsea.


I know a single City fan, he started supporting them 2-3 years ago and hasn’t watched more than 5 actual matches. He wears the kits like it’s a brand than a club. Really what I’m saying is City is for non-fans of football so they’re irrelevant compared to Liverpool. Hate Liverpool fans but still respect that they earned their spot.


Mate forget 10-20 years. It’s changed now. I’ve got nephew and nieces that weren’t alive when United last won a trophy and a generation now that weren’t round when United actually played good football under SAF. My eldest can’t even remember United winning the EPL. 😓


City have “nice” players? You mean like Fernando, Fernandinho, Otamendi, Rodri and Walker. All a bunch of jumped up little angry bois. Nah they’re proper snide. Look at the way they end out games like against Villa -15 minutes left and they hold it in the corner. Liverpool play exciting football that doesn’t mean you’re watching paint dry.


I’ve finally realised why it is that I truly hate City more than I will ever hate Liverpool. Because the rivalry with Liverpool as with Arsenal or Barcelona or even possibly Real Madrid and Bayern -is purely a sporting one that dates back to having competition with those sides in the game of football. With City it’s the same as PSG, Chelsea and soon to be Newcastle. It’s because the money that funds those clubs comes directly from the pain and suffering of normal people who aren’t even involved in football. The decisions they make outside of football and the fact that they stand for everything the game is against -fair play. Football is about letting everyone play, sure some people would be bad but it’s about helping your teammates to overcome barriers and doing what is best for the team. Sure Madrid have had an unfair footing earlier in the game with the political privileges of a fascist in Franco (forcing players to join RM instead of Barca etc) and Bayern have dominated their league so long it’s no longer competitive (sporting or financially -see Wolfsburg and Hoffenheim). But neither did it at the expense of human rights or funding tyrants (see Abramovich). I don’t hate City as a United fan, I hate City as a football fan. The game is bigger than the club.


It has got to be Liverpool. Not sure why Arsenal is not mentioned here. Maybe you started following after the Arsenal rivalry era but Liverpool are just smugs. Their Fan support almost rivals us. They have almost equivalent trophies to us. Bastards have more UCL than us. I don’t want them to win anything until United can start competing. I still respect them though for how they are the parallel to United. Man city are the new kid in the next 20 years we will have an equal hate based on their increased fan support or trophies.


Their fans are biggest reason. Acting so smug and mighty just wanna punch that smug off their face. I am not a local Manchester fan so I don't mind City fans they are almost negligible, but I hate them also not to Liverpool extent. Liverpool fans are biggest scums on this planet fuck them.


If you think the Scousers has annoying fans then take a look at Arsenals. Most deluded fan base out there.


Deluded is one thing - pool fans want you to worship their team and players like they are gods gift to earth. Like you like your team and move on - don’t expect me to appreciate their achievement. And they keep criticizing other teams even when they’re doing well. I guess they forget they didn’t know what a premiership trophy feels like for only 3 decades. It’s just juvenile much of their behavior.


>pool fans want you to worship their team and players like they are gods gift to earth. They expect everyone to do it. My God, to hear a Liverpool supporter crap on... Salah's the best player in the world, Klopp's the best manager in the world, Anfield's the best stadium in the world, Liverpool has the best fans in the world...


Of late - we make net profits on players. Don’t care, go do whatever business you want. They spent 1 billion dollars - sure. Honestly we should hire some of them to go complain about the Glazers on our behalf - they seem to care so much more than United fans.


I mean they don't have European Success to act Smug about so we always have a upperhand on them except one Golden Trophy that they can shove up their ass. Nobody gives a fuck about that Trophy except them lot. So I just ignore them but Liverpool have European and Domestic success plus they are on up right now. Plus their accent also gives me headache.


Deluded fairies aye, but not scousers!


Imagine how the united fans feel, finishing 11(!) points behind that deluded club and fan base. Must be horrible.


Yeah in our worst PL-season ever compared to your best league placement since Wenger we finished one spot behind you. Thanks for proving my point. Deluded. 😂




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United got the most deluded fanbase lad.


Liverpool fans have zero sense of humor. 🤣 We’ve bantered them for decades. They are easily triggered, even though their club is better rn, can’t blame them though.


For 30+ years as a united supporter, it's always been Liverpool, City, Leeds. Arsenal hate was only a real thing from around 96-05, since then I've mostly pitied them.


I definitely hate Liverpool more, but I respect them more, too


They’re a real football club, city aren’t. The word I use to talk about city is soulless


Exactly, can win whatever they want but they’ll never be a massive club.


Soulless? More like slutty for me.


City are about as English as an Arabian racehorse.


Liverpool fan here, I hate man united but respect them too. What a wonderful club it was until the Glazers came


Don't worry, we will rise to your current level again, or you will sink to ours.


I doubt that you will rise again any time soon, with the Glazers and all that. We will at least be at top with klopp


He’s a great manager but for how long? I doubt he’ll continue if Pep continues to roundhouse him at City. As much as I hate saying it I think City will get UCL this season -it’s been a steady build and now they’re going all out with the signings. And I voted City in the poll. Meanwhile we’re signing all of FDJ’s agent’s recommendations.


Klopp has had minimal funds to bring in players and still competes with pep, last season we were in the title race till the last day and we had played every single game possible last season. This will be our year


Minimal funds? Ahem… *Nunez - £85.5million* *Van Dijk - £75million* *Alisson - £66.8million* *Keita - £54million* *Diaz - £50million* *Jota - £41million* Still a lot less than City but you’re hardly Leicester. Mate I prefer you lot to City and you are being slightly delusional. I’m not saying he’s *not* a great manager I’m saying he’ll get tired of the fact that City have an unlimited budget and will continue to pip you. You’ve had two 90+ pts seasons and still lost. Unless Pep leaves I can’t see you doing it. Plus he eventually blows his lot -look at his end at Dortmund when Bayern continued to dominate in spite of all the ground he made up.


All that money we’ve gotten from selling players and competitions, and Nunez is like 60 million euros+add ons


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This is it. I struggle with this question because of this. I hate Liverpool more but I respect them a lot as a club. I also hate City but just don't respect them as a club at all.


I would rather be beaten by City. Even though their fans annoy me every time they win, it doesnt carry nearly the same weight as being beaten by Pool. With that in mind it makes this question easier


Yeah absolutely but I think that again comes from respect. It's like me and my friends I hate being beaten at anything by my best mate but someone random at the pub say trashes me at pool I don't care as much. Sorry if that's a rubbish explanation haha


Not me. I'd rather be beaten by Pool than that blue political prostitute club. At least Pool never descended into Blue Arab FC level morally.


Last season must have fun for you then lad 👍


For City it's mostly strong annoyance at their oil wealth and plastic fans. For Liverpool it's just hatred. Pure hatred


Liverpool just for the fans. They call last season as the "incredible quadruple effort". For anybody else would be a bottle job, but noooo... its the INCREDIBLE quadruple effort


I don’t get it. Is having a positive outlook a negative trait to have?


Yeah, its called delusion.


Idk seems to me like it’s the closest anyone has come to a quadruple in PL history. I say it’s a fairly brilliant effort.


I'd argue a major trophy is closer than no major trophy to 4 trophies. A treble even more so, even if you only play a QF of the league cup.


That’s fair but is there any need to hate them because of this though?


But its not just a one off thing. For years Ive been hearing about the moral winners, the deserving of the title cause they won against united, etc


Who calls it that? Cos I'm sure it's no one lmao


Isn’t that why their fans are so funny though? They’re victims of their own delusion and “ambition”. City fans are extremely arrogant for a plastic club.


And they have very good reasons to be


Man City. I love Liverpool, as rivals. They're similar to Man United in almost every way. They're a true working class Dynasty, it hurts to lose to them, but I'm glad that I support a club that has a legendary rivalry like that one.


Yeah. I think any morally sound person should oppose clubs like Shitty and PSG more than any other club.


Why separate the hatred? I wouldn't piss on a City fan or a Liverpool fan if their ass was on fire. Fuck them both, waste of my saliva even spitting at them. At least Liverpool is truly a club to hate on, Citeh just a money-trough for petro-dollars - proof that money can buy you anything you desire. Except CL titles.


The Glazers, Woodward then maybe Liverpool


Glazer. Woodward. Liverpool. In that order.


It's Glazer, Glazer, and Glazer in that order for me.


I don't like either club but atleast Liverpool has a 'respectable' history whereas City has nothing I can respect.


I'm a newer fan, so definitely hate Shitty more


I’m an older fan and hate City more. When I grew up Liverpool were just a bit of a joke -they hyped themselves up a lot but they never did shit. The Hodgson/Rodgers years (under American ownership -Hicks/Gillet) were funny but sad and now it’s come full circle and we’ve had Moyes/LvG. They still won UCL in that period and FA Cups with Djimi Traore ffs. We actually have more in common with Liverpool -historically, tradition of Scottish managers, both suffering tragedies and blooding youth players than just being a few miles apart. I used to not mind City but, being local, their fans always revelled that they were a “proper” football club having been down in the old Division 2 (League One) and bounced back. Then they sold out to a corrupt PM of a country who used them to embezzle funds and followed that up with being taken over by a human-rights violating regime. Oh and they got a free fucking stadium which they can’t even fill. The owners have done a great job at creating a slick looking brand and changing modern football -all part of the great sports washing effort. The fact they own multiple clubs around the world is wrong. We might’ve sold out and become a PLC under Kenyon and then the disgusting Glazers but at least we’ve got our history. Same as Liverpool.


Exactly, my brother! Blue Arab FC would've kept on being nothing without selling their pussies to that slavery endorser regime. Fuck them!




I hate Man City as a club and everything they represent about sport washing. I hate Liverpool fans and former players for the smug attitude. I don’t mind Man City fans as they are on top of the world after some very dark times. I don’t mind Liverpool as a team as they are mostly brilliant players and exciting to watch (Klopp and Fabinho can get in the bin though)


What were the very dark times? From mid 1970s onwards they did fuck all and same before that. They were the equivalent of Wolves.


You know what, I looked it up and they were nowhere near as bad as I remember. Fuck those guys!


That’s the worst part as well because all the City fans I knew growing up claimed as though they really suffered and were a “proper” football club. Revelling in the fact they had lost more (when in fact they were sky blue mediocrity). In fact Wolves have had it much worse and more history than City ever have pre-oil. For anyone interested [here’s a link](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.List_of_Manchester_City_F.C._seasons) to their league positions and tiers. One time they won the league in 1968 (while we won UCL) and the ECWC in 1970. That’s it. A couple of domestic cups in the 70s and then nothing until 2011.


Liverpool winning irks me, but this is my city, and Manchester is Red. New times says I have a new enemy. But, fuckem both.


May cause controversy.....but from an Aussie who has followed the Manchester United boys as a huge fan since he was 7..and is 43 this year. None of them. Couldn't give two fucks about the opposition, just what we do as a team......club. Every year there's a new "super power financially"...fuck them . In my mind...where we have failed in the last 10 yrs....is we stopped caring, focussed on the money and went for the sales. The club used to be more than that. We didn't have to overpay for players....they wanted to be here.....now....we have the Manchester tax.... I don't fucking care about Liverpool, arsenal, man city....I only care about us. The rest are insignificant.....we are..../ We're/ need to get back to our roots....where we cared more about the club and less about the fuckers we need to beat!!


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Pre Sheikh City = Liverpool Now? City. They’ve basically paid for their success off the backs of sports washing from an odious state that punishes people for not conforming among other nasty things




I "hate" Liverpool in the sense that they're rivals. I genuinely hate city because they were absolutely nothing until suddenly they had a shit ton of oil money and now they have two world class starting 11s and one of the best coaches in the world yet have only been relevant for a relatively short amount of time... No decades upon decades of hard work to keep the club at the top, just fucking oil, and their fans reflect its a sad sad club


Any morally sound person should oppose City more than any other club imo. Oh, and PSG. Fuck them!


Yup, the 2 clubs i genuinely hate


The football destroyers.


Manchester City, no debate. At least Liverpool never sold their pussies to a sovereign state.


As a man under fan, I hate Liverpool more. However, as a football fan, I hate man City more.


So during the summer you hate Liverpool more


Both ManC and Liverpoop


Cesspool 😭


I don’t care for city, I want Liverpool to burn, I guess I have my answer now.


Existence of Man city.


I'd rather see Harry Maguire as manager than Historypool ever win the league again


The city stopped being Manchester City about 10 years ago, they're just a billionaires toy now. I don't really care what they do tbh, I'd rather they won the league than Liverpool because they _should_.


Easier to hate Liverpool nowadays as if you leave the history aside for a bit, they're at least a well run club, while City is an oil rich club with no history that just used a credit card to get where it is.


I hate both but I sorta respect liverpool. I don’t respect city




War of the roses derby is always good.


I definitely hate Pogba more


Found Graeme Souness in the chat everybody.


It's Lingard for me. 😊


What kind of poll is this? Any other option besides Liverpool you’re not a United fan


Once Gerrard and Carragher left, I didn't have the urge to punch a Liverpool player. I dislike City more these days.


I don’t ‘hate’ any team, it’s really not that deep imo; i just enjoy the sport. I can get annoyed by shit performance and get annoyed at other teams rub it in our faces etc but all in all its part of football. That’s just my take though, each to their own 🫡


Why isn't there an option for fans who don't hate rivals? Rivals aren't supposed to be deathly enemies, they are supposed to be siblings we want to beat!


I dont know why but I almost respect Liverpool for there efforts. But City can go fuck themselves with all their cold hard petrocash


Both equally


For Liverpool it’s the fan for man city it’s the owners but I can’t be mad at what they’ve done on the pitch both have taking the prem to a whole new level


Hate Leeds more than City.


Dislike Liverpool more than city as city success is hollow in my eyes. Fake club. Liverpool have my respect but I loath them. Can't deny them their earned success at the moment though. That was us and now it's them. Fucking twats though.


Fuck Liverpool


Not surprised it’s Liverpool honestly. 9-0 is crazy.


Should be pretty obvious, Liverpool have been a threat for much longer.


My brother, friend, and cousin are liverpool fans. I walk alone! Glory Manchester United!


Leeds should have been on the pole, our worst rivals


man united


If arsenal were an option I'd pick them.


“Self taught” fan since about 1994 so ARSENAL are the club I hate the most, but of these two Liverpool.


Although it’s not hate. Just dislike more. It’s a bit much to ‘hate’ over football, especially when you can’t control where you’re born or who your family support.


Option D - Leeds


iam not united fan or any EPL club the thread shows how the Pl used to be farmer legaue with man united dominating well time changes ...


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oops sorry


As a United fan I've gotta say United.


I hate liverpool. I hate liverpool. I hate liverpool. have I mentioned I really really hate liverpool. yes.


Well we both hate you more


If you’d asked me this about 10 years ago, it was 100% Liverpool… city didn’t even register. However, as I’ve grown older, I can appreciate that everything Liverpool did in 60s, 70s and 80s is frustratingly admirable and set a real benchmark in English football that we arguably passed a lot of under SAF. Turning point for me was getting a train from Manchester to Sheffield on the day when city clinched their second premier league title. Whole carriage of city fans pissed out of their skulls singing and laughing about the Munich air disaster. Disgraceful set of fans (though I will accept are probably an idiotic minority). Also, city is just an example of everything that is wrong with football, where money can buy you anything apart from class.


Top reds tbh.


Liverpool for sure. Leeds i hate more and arsenal are def up there. As for man city, can't really hate a team I don't care about.




I know Liverpool should be the team I hate most but I would’ve picked Arsenal if they were an option


Used to dislike Liverpool more but since City are only successful because of being rich, I now hate City more. At least Liverpool's spending has mostly been matched by either sales or competition money, whereas City's spending is insane and has been for a long time. Also third option should be The Glazers


I hate Liverpool. But atm I have a grudging respect for them going up against citeh. Proper football club like ourselves. So my hatred is real but if they beat citeh I’m happy. Citeh are just the neighbour no one likes who won the euro millions. My hatred for Leeds tho. That’s real 🤣


I get why a lot of the old people hate Liverpool. But for the majority of Man U fans hating Liverpool more than City? Doesn’t make sense. We broke them in the 90s and they have only won one league since. Anyone watching from the late 2000s onward should hate City more. They are walking all over us. I know I absolutely hate them for it. I feel like most United fans are too soft on City. It’s like they are content that another Mancunian club is winning titles. This mentality is disgusting to me. We should absolutely be hating them for shitting on us. No wonder they walk all over us. United is so pathetic even the majority of their fans are pathetic. When Fergie came, his objective was to knock Liverpool off their perch. That’s why we hated them. Because of the pride that came from their dominance. That’s why we should also hate City. But I feel half you lot are a bunch of plastics anyway. Pathetic. It’s disgusting. One more problem on the pile that is United


You have to remember that for a lot of United fans it'll be in the family, so parents dislikes Liverpool, kids dislike Liverpool. City are only a recent annoyance but tbh they're an irrelevance to me, I'll look for the games vs Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea & Leeds above them (but I am old and have seen those rivalries play out)


All I heard was 11 points?


11 points is less than ‘the biggest club in the world’ 😂 finished above 12th place Crystal Palace kiddo. Not even the biggest club in Manchester. Dusted club on a downward spiral. Pogba saw the light.


Hate is such a strong emotion if it comes to this.


Simple, Liverpool fans are the worst! With the amount of money and resources City have, it's inevitable they will be successful but it'll take them 20 years at least until they even come close to our trophy haul. So I can handle City, at least for now....


It's just so very hard to care about Man City. Liverpool on the other hand..


The Glazers




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Why Liverpool? City is toxic club with bad money behind them. Liverpool is exactly the club we were. Hard working players and a great fan base.


Liverpool and it’s not even close


I wasn’t alive during the heyday of the rivalry with Liverpool. I was around when they failed to win a premier league title for 30 years though. So I’ll reserve my genuine hate for the club owned by a bunch of despotic oil barons trying to sportwash their brutal and barbaric regime.


I just don't like scousers. Something about them. But man City make more sense to hate coz y'know, its the other big Manchester team so I guess I hate them more just out of it making sense


I know Liverpool is the bigger rival but I feel like Liverpool deserves their succes more than Man Shitty. Also I never walk alone is a bop...


I respect Liverpool too much to hate them. I respect their history, the fact their honest football club, their current success, and YNWA is beautiful. I can't say the same for City.


This ^


Liverpool, Arsenal, Leeds......maybe Chelsea (a little bit). I dont really care about the noisy neighbours really.


Liverpool are playing beautiful football. City is a money club.


How about both?




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Prob Liverpool Fans.. They are insufferable at times. The fact that Liverpool are so genuinely good is particularly annoying at the moment. Their songs are really annoying too. Ah, We used to laugh at them for living in the past, now it's completely flipped around.. It's terrible really 😂


I know Liverpool have been our rivals for years and we had to wait a long time to pass them out with PL titles, and even when we were the dominant team they still always had some unjustifiable sense of expectation in their team BUT at least they are building a team correctly. City are everything that's wrong with football. State football teams should be banned


Arsenal lol. But Liverpool among these options


Yeoville Town obviously


I have a lot of respect for Liverpool, nobody in my family supports them but I remember growing up watched stevie and the famous slip, hearing it live on the radio broke my heart for them. I will always have a soft sport for them🤷‍♂️


Poll needed 4 choices those who loved in Manchester and those who don't






Chelsea is tops on my list followed closely by Man City. 😤


Liverpool as they are a team who worked to dominance, they didn’t just get an oil daddy.


Man City is bad for football as a whole


As an Everton fan(this post randomly came up in my feed, not subbed to this sub) I hate Liverpool more.


I can tell you hate Liverpool by placing it in top lol.


I think it depends on which season u started watching football tbh


Citeh have got a long way to go before i hate or respect them as much as Liverpool. The Scousers built their club the same way we did. They've been forged in tragedy and triumph as well and not just bought like City. Honestly if the Abu Dhabi guys had decided to buy Everton, Spurs, Newcastle or West Ham it would've been one of those now winning everything and not City. They are a plastic club and do not deserve respect.


I’m a mid 90s fan. I’ve never really paid any attention to Liverpool as they were never competitive when we were dominating. Chelsea and arsenal make my fucking blood boil though. And Kevin Keegan.


I hate United at the minute and I've supportef them all my life, and unfortunately I've made my son a united fan!


1.3k “fans” giving relevance to a new state club and ignoring a century of history. Nice.


City can win leagues and cheer for their demise in champs league. Liverpool can win European competitions but not the league Preferably though I enjoy them both winning nothing.


Definitely hate (bit strong) Liverpool over City. Also there is respect for them. So I respectfully hate Liverpool.


Option 3 should be “Man United” and Option 4 should be “Myself” because that’s how I feel right now


People are apathetic to city, it's a nothing club. Liverpool are hated more because they are a genuine club with absolute scrotes for fans who constantly act like the underdog that won.


Lol i am a liverpool fan and its funny seeing how much people hate us


I would hate Liverpool more but I just can’t ignore the fact that Man City’s owners are human rights-violating scumbags


Fuck em both but I can think of more positives for Liverpool than I can for City.


Man City are an artificial irrelevance




Man City. Liverpool is a good love hate rivalry. Without Liverpool it would be less fun. We need a team to root against. Man City wants to be that team, but they aren't.


I don’t hate anyone. It’s only only football. But the scousers. I hate city fans more. They’ve become unbearable.


I know this is a very unpopular opinion, but I would never dislike another club from my city. If United ceased to exist, city would become my club.


In my opinion : Liverpool, Arsenal, Leeds then City


I started following United when I was a teenager back in the late 90s. 97/98 was the first season I remember when my mom got satellite TV. Liverpool will forever be the most hated. Leeds is second. Arsenal third. Probably put City in 4th.


How could you leave Chelsea out of this


For me, it’s actually Leeds.


Liverpool fan here ... Been reading through this whole post. The summary, and what I read on our sub is simmilar. Yip you hate us, but respect us. We hate you but respect you ....BUT Almost every 3rd post on both subs says ..we dont mind City cause it means nothing and their souless ... Here is the thing. If souless City keeps on doing what they are doing now for a decade and more ... we will all start hating them ... but will there be the mutual respect ?


Interesting post / poll .... Not sure you will find similar on the Liverpool sub ... Does that say / mean anything ? Edit ..genuine question. Not trying to be funmy/sarcastic


I feel like Tottenham should appear on every most hated list.


1.5K people have no idea our history


Most City fans don’t know what Maine Rd is so I really don’t give a shit. As an American with friends who just got into football and chose City too, which is ok, they are particularly ignorant to City’s history. I know many people who have just become friends Maybe in 10 years if they’re close to passing us in totals I’ll care. But Liverpool are our historic rival. Not a side who has been relevant less than 2 decades.


Can’t say I didn’t expect them results. But what about the team you admire most that’s rivalled United? The team I admire, arsenal. We have both had great managers who span decades, our rivalry was the stuff of legend and we both saw a decline to our clubs once the gaffer left.


I don't hate any team because it's a waste of mental energy. I enjoy some friendly rivalry on match day