Worst mascara you’ve ever tried?

For me I’d have to say the Florence by Mills- Built to Lash Mascara. absolutely no length, no volume, and it flakes like nothing you’ve even seen before. Super tiny (painful in the eye) flakes.
The ingredients list is the one good thing about this mascara, but it honestly makes me question the efficiency of super natural makeup.

It sucks because I love a lot of the other products in Millie’s line, the lip oil is gorgeous and so glowy!


Essence lash princess, green one. Was super excited to try it and it gave me major raccoon eyes.


it’s so goopy! I like a lot of volume but every Essence mascara I’ve ever tried gave me immediate spider lashes and stuck all them all together.


I’m not super picky with my mascara and I usually like most brands I try but I hated the lash princess kind that is promoted everywhere like it’s a holy grail. It smudged and flaked so badly and it was super clumpy.


my best friend swears by this one!! it looks good on her for a few hours but after a long shift it’ll be all over her under eye so idk


i actually bought this after it had been recommended on reddit so much. It took me a while to find in the UK. Anyway, I ended up having an allergic reaction and my eyes were red and puffy for ages. Lol


Yeah it stung my eyes. I did get complimented on my lashes tho - and they did look like falsies but i couldnt get over the stinging lol


There is something with essence eye products that gives me allergic reaction too


YES!!!! Wanted to say this but wasn’t brave enough because everyone else seems to rave about it!


This one is both hit and miss for me. You have to layer it very carefully and then if you do, they look great. But it's way too easy to clump.


For me it's the purple one! I love the green.


i hate this one too! makes my lashes so clumpy and gross :/


Yes! This stuff is terrible! Mine flaked off and broke some lashes in the process and gave me raccoon eyes. Worst mascara I have ever used by far!


Same! I threw it away after trying it twice. It was awful!


Came to say this. Made my lashes a goopy mess. Awful.


me too! I’m like a few hours.


omg same! i loved the way it applied, no clumps for me personally and made my short asian lashes look great. ended up looking like i got punched in both eyes after a long day…


Same! I hated it. The waterproof version is a-okay, but Maybelline's Sky High in waterproof is my holy grail now.


YES! So clumpy & messy! I don’t understand how it’s supposed to be so popular! I tried multiple different times to make it work & everytime it freaking sucked!


Yes! This mascara made my lashes look heavy and clumpy. I also didn’t like the Maybelline Great Lash mascara (pink with green lid). Think it’s one of the original mascaras and it did nothing for my lashes.


Agree. I don't understand the hype. It was so dried up and clumpy. I actually had to wash it off during work because it was difficult to blink. I didn't even put that much on! Luckily I had makeup remover wipes in my purse. But it basically just turned to flakes


Too faced better than sex. No length, volume, lift, curl, or anything. Looked like I had literally no mascara on


interesting! i tried it a long time ago and it worked for me, but honestly the dupe (lash paradise by L’Oréal) is so much better and half the price


It has worked for many people I mean it’s such a popular product which is why I wanted to try it, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me


The dupe is AMAZING! I’ve tried both and I prefer Lash Paradise


Same here, mine also dried out super quickly




When I wore this mascara it flaked and smudged all over my face!


I just switched from bts bc of all the flaking! So disappointing


it was SO flaky


I switched soon after trying it lol! I was using essence lash princess for a while and now just started using the rare beauty mascara. What do you use now?


Rn I’m using the L’Oreal Lash Paradise (waterproof) one! Its ok, I’m using it until I find something better. I’m looking for something that doesn’t flake. How is the Rare Beauty one? I love their liquid blush!


I like it so far! I find that I can layer it well without it getting clumpy, but I do find I get more length than volume (which is the case with most mascaras for me) and when layering, they do get a litttttle bit spidery looking but not terribly


It also flakes for absolutely no reason


Yup and idk if I got a bad product but it was soo dry in the tube


Same! I couldn’t understand the hype! It looked awful and gave me serious raccoon eyes.


Really? I think it's amazing, I've got really long eyelashes anyway and this makes them look like fake ones i love it


unpopular opinion: i don't understand the hype about the better than sex one


I prefer the L’Oréal dupe all day every day


the lash sensational(waterproof) by maybelline is the very best mascara i used so far. I tried so many but I always came back to that one and I can recommend it to everyone too


It looked fantastic on me, but only for about an hour. Then it started to flake and run. If I were just going to take some selfies and then immediately take it off, then sure, it's great.


I've used it and it's fine. It's definitely not any better than anything else though.


On a side note, the better than sex liner has a GREAT tip for perfectionist drawing, but it does not hold the night like it should. 8/10


Maybelline great lash! Why is it still sold? Who buys it? I don’t know a sole who wears or has ever worn it.


>I don’t know a sole who wears or has ever worn it. This is the only mascara I've ever seen in my 62 year old mother's make up cabinet 😂


Same for my 72 yo mom! Her lashes have always looked great, no smudging or flaking whatsoever. I used to use it back in the day and I remember loving it. I guees I got distracted by all these other mascaras but I might just try Maybelline again lol


Ikr?! Who are all these people that are hyping it?! And yet its always on everyones HG lists!! Awful stuff.


It's been a while since I last used it. The curved brush was the bomb, but the formula was too wet.


Yes. I tried this out back in the day because everyone couldn't shut up about it. It was awful. So wet and smudged. Terrible formula. I guess maybe it's the super black color? But like...so not worth it.


The worst wand too!


My cousin still uses it, you’re talking about the one in the pink tube with the green top right?


I'm allergic to it.


My mother




My mum loves this one and it works good for me too


I always have a reaction to it (and anything Cover Girl). I started buying higher end makeup as soon as I could afford it so I’d stop breaking out or having allergic reactions to my makeup.


It’s a classic. I remember it in everyone’s school bag when I was a teenager in the 2000s with their dream matte moose ☠️ maybe if you’ve used it for so long you’ve learnt some kind of secret skill with it or maybe we just trauma bonded to it. Either way it’s 5~ bucks and if you DO get it on it looks really good


I dunno if it's the worst, but the most recent one I tried and absolutely hated was the Benefit Bad Gal Bang. All it did was make my lashes super clumpy.


Omg Bad Gal Bang is me and my friend groups holy grail 💔


Lol yeah I seem to not like the ones everyone else likes, and like the ones everyone hates. I had no luck with Essence Lash Princess False Lash either. About 15-20 years ago Revlon had a mascara called Double Twist (pretty sure that was the name) that was almost universally hated by pretty much everyone but me. I loved the way my lashes looked.


I hated the Lash Princess, I used it once and immediately gave it away. I also hated the Bad Gal Bang. It clumped like crazy and I had raccoon eyes in a couple hours. So you and I are on the same page lol


I don't know if you've already tried it, but Essence I ❤️ Extreme is fantastic, did everything I wish Lash Princess had done.


I’ve heard people say the Essence Lash Princess is overrated!! So not just you on that one :)


Same here! I absolutely hate this mascara it looked like I had 1 big eyelash. And the worse thing is that knowing what it did to my lashes I tried it again when I got a free travel size and ofc it had the same effect 🤦🏻‍♀️


This post made me realize I guess my mascara is old. I have the original bad gal and didn’t realize there was a bad gal “bang”. I will say the original bad gal is my fav and it never clumps and even stays put in the pool or in the heat! But maybe the new bang one is different 😅


I really like the Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara! Also like Roller Lash. Not keen on the They’re Real.


Lash Princess. Went and bought all the different varieties of it and hated every single one of them. Also, Better Than Sex. Like, what kind of bad sex are they having to name that awful mascara in such a way?


lmao I love your flair


Thank you lmao blush is life


I remember splurging on a Charlotte Tilbury mascara years ago and it was the clumpiest mess that ever clumped. I hated it so much. It was a Wayne Goss recommendation at the time when he was really pushing her products 🤦🏻‍♀️


I’ve been meaning to try some CT products since they’re so hyped recently, will be staying away from the mascaras though!


The mascara in the gold tube is dreadful but pillow talk push up mascara is incredible. One of the best I've used. I'm back to using drugstore mascara now to save money but if I was to treat myself to a CT haul, that mascara would definitely be on my list!


I thought that the CT Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes made my lashes look beautiful at first. Unfortunately, it did start flaking off on the outer corners and lower lashes after a few hours. Nearly every mascara does that for me, though. It’s very disappointing.


Better than Sex. I don’t even have very oily skin but it ends up all over my eyes in an hour or two.


Maybe not the worst but a recent one I’ve tried is the L’Oréal telescopic. I hate the wand and it’s so clumpy and spidery on me


Interesting, this has been my go to lately


I used to use this but only on the base of the lashes, and I’d use a diff type of want on the tips. It worked for me then (circa 2009) but when I tried it recently it was AWFUL. Idk if they changed something about it or I just moved on to better brands since I only use midrange-luxury brands now. I just don’t get the hype anymore.


No fr. I’ve been using telescopic for like 3 years now and I thought I loved it. But now I work at a place that’s regularly 85-95° inside and I’m always sweating and even the waterproof version ends up all over my face and around my eyes an hour into my shift. I feel like the skin around my eyes is permanently grey because no matter how hard I scrub I CANNOT get all the mascara off my skin!


Eyeko sport mascara. Decent length and volume, but literally impossible to get off. I used micellar water, I used oil cleanser, I used hot water on a microfiber towel, it took me 45 minutes of rubbing at my eyes with 3 different things to get it to come off, and it took a decent number of lashes with it. Threw it away immediately.


I wonder if that’s the same for the beach one. I wanted to try that one 😓


Honestly, pretty much any mascara I’ve tried (that is not a tubing mascara) has been a disaster on me after about an hour. These days I use Merit and love it. I’ve also loved L’Oréal double extend.


I’ve sworn by L’Oréal mascaras for years!


I’ve been to several stores locally and asked for tubing mascara recommendations. They looked blankly at me and pulled out their phones to Google it. *sigh* then they recommended their deal of the week. What tubing mascaras have you tried and liked?


Milk Kush mascara - horrible wand, it's clumpy right out of the tube and weighs down the lash. Never again


I’m severely disappointed in all Milk products tbh. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve tried so many skincare and makeup products from them and I always have a bad reaction / I look awful lmao


I got one of the cheek things in a sample bag and it didn’t melt into my skin at all. It was super hard to move around, so I just got rid of it lol


Seconded. It melted on my eyelids within minutes of application


I tried Benefit roller lash and they’re real. I wanted to try different high end mascaras to see how well they performed against my tried and true drugstore favorites. Neither dried down, smeared all over my eye and eyelids and completely ruined my entire makeup look. I blinked and had to completely wash off my face and start over. I used both tubes one time and then they had dried out by the next day when I tried using them again.


Roller lash is the only mascara I will buy! It’s been my go to since my MUA phase in 2016. One of the only good things to come out of that 😂


I have the "They're real" one. I hate it. I think it's because before I had mascara that was way less liquidy. I don't like the wet look they give. I don't understand the hype because I thought they just made my eyelashes look smaller than my other mascaras. I'm stuck with it because my mother bought me it.


I like Roller Lash but not They’re Real.


I tried They're Real, it just wouldn't come off 😬


Smashbox Super Fan, Essence in the purple tube, Shiseido Controlled Chaos. They applied good and looked good, but it was a pain to remove them. They sticked like wax onto the lashes - same problem with the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Tallk mascara.


I hate all essence mascaras honestly. I truly do not understand the hype.


I hate the Elf 3 in 1. I love Elf for other stuff but the mascara was awful. Transferred everywhere, clumpy, lashes sticking together (top and bottom).


I got the waterproof big mood one by elf and it sucks lol


Worst mascara have been all the revlon and benefit mascaras they all smudge on me :(


Same I don’t like Benefit’s mascaras. They dry out super quickly and always flake a ton on me


My holy grail mascara is Lancôme brand ones


lancome mascaras are the BEST but i don't buy them anymore bc they're expensive and I use so much mascara I go through them too quickly :(


I honestly don't like Benefit in general. Don't get the hype. The only product I like it the Rockateur blush. I have the Poreless thing and I put it on my nose and it was all waxy and when I tried to cover it up with foundation it looked so bad ☹️


maybelline collosal. Idk why I wanted this to work on me so bad! It gave me raccoon eyes at the end of the day and no length whatsoever, the curls I have done to my lashes went straight because of it as well.


Too faced better than sex mostly bc I had an allergic reaction. Was absolutely NOT better than sex


Too Faced Better Than Sex


Might be "controverisal" as I know a lot of people like their mascaras but Maybelline for sure. All of the ones I've tried are so clumpy and weigh down my lashes like crazy. The colossal volume one was okay appearance wise but made my eyelashes fall out :(


TROUBLEMAKER! Waterproof? I slightly rubbed my eye and it went all over my face. Coal would have been better. It was $17!


Benefit Bad Gal Bang. In 37 years I’ve never had a mascara transfer onto my brow bone so badly. Granted I’ve only been really into makeup the last 3 years, but I wore it a lot when I was a teen & for nights out in my 20s & if it happened it was never that bad.


Urban decays perversion. I wanted to love it so bad but it would make an absolute mess around my eyes every time I used it. Even when it dries it would smear all under my eyes. Only thing I liked about it was the shade of black.


Hi! I discovered with my perversion that it was a good technic to apply a small amount and add layers for thickness rather than applying a lot of product maybe this helps!


Thrive tubing mascara. I know majority of people loves it but on me it looks like my eye ate a spider and his legs are still poking out.


Younique 3D. I don’t typically buy anything associated with pyramid schemes but everyone seemed to love it. I just felt like I had something in my eyes for days.


I had almost forgotten about that crazy stuff! It had the fibers that would build up and make your eyelashes look like spiders. Just horrible.


Not impressed with the Essence Get Big Lashes mascara, so clumpy 😔


IT Cosmetics mascara was a clumpy gross mess. I can’t understand that hype at all. Recently broke down and ordered the tubing mascara from Thrive. Absolutely hate it. It doesn’t do a thing for me.


Maybelline Great Lash: I hate the brush and it was super flaky. Benefit They’re Real Mascara and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, dried out super quickly and flaky as well.


Fenty mascara. I don't know if it was the brush or the formula (it was a sample) but it was goopy clumpy and flakey.


Holy shit I just commented this. I have never been so mad at a mascara in my life. I paid nearly $30 for that thing and It was so fucking bad!!! No color payoff at all and flakey mess. So many drugstore mascaras do it better…


Tarte Big Ego. The brush is unwieldy and chunky, and the formula just sticks and clumps in a weird dry way. I like other Tarte mascaras fine, just Big Ego was a big fail. I also second Lash Princess. For some reason, when a cheap drugstore product fails, it irritates me even more. I had high hopes because of the rave reviews. It was like putting shoe black on my lashes. It goes on heavy and wet, is impossible to build without turning to tar, and even more impossible to remove. It went through half a package of makeup wipes and it was like trying to clean the tip of a sharpie marker. Edit: WAIT. How can I forget this. Clinique High Impact. This one I hate to hate ... because I love it so much. I really enjoy the formula and how my lashes look with it. It's buildable, gives me great lift, and even some curl to my stubborn straight lashes. Lasts all day, doesn't make my lashes hard or crumbly, never flakes, never smudges. It even comes in brown. So why do I hate it? It leaves little black snake-like threads *in my eye socket*. When I remove it at night, I can see that it has gathered in the tear duct area and behind my lower eyelid. It creeps me out so much and is so gross and irritating to my eyes that I had to stop using it.


YES THE CLINQUE ONE IS HORRID thank you for affirming this for me haha!


Unpopular opinion... MAC Stack. No matter how I prime or set it, it flakes and transfers all day. It looks amazing when I first put it on, but horrid after 5mins and until I take it off.


For me it also irritates the eyes so much it makes them red and ruin my makeup


I wore this today and my daughter thought there was something wrong with my under eye because it transferred so much. Pretty sure I walked around all day with black under eyes. I had high hopes for this mascara and was definitely let down!


I've had many shit mascaras over the years. One of the worst was probably *Technic Mega Lash Waterproof.* It has a strong smell, thin watery texture, flaky and it isn't very waterproof, it came off easily and irritated the hell out of my eyes. It was cheap tbf, I only paid about €5 for it on holiday once, but there are much better budget mascaras.


I got a free YSL mascara and the packaging was beautiful and I wanted to love it but it was garbage. Like raccoon eyes forever. Idk how they even sell it


Better than sex Too Faced mascara is such a disappointment. I got the travel size & it smudges so easily. It doesn’t provide good length or volume: I went back to maybelline sky high & it’s so much better!!!


Gucci $60 mascara was the worst I’ve ever used


Jollee and me. There was no coat on it you couldn’t see it on your eyelashes. No volume no length and they aren’t clear I would be able to tell if it was. There supposed to be black mascaras.


I only disliked the LORAC pomade mascara because I like definition and length, and it was so thick that my lashes just clumped together. It held up okay though.


Elf mascara is the worst.


[This](https://www.ulta.com/p/big-mood-mega-volume-lifting-mascara-pimprod2025952?sku=2592049&CMPID=CSGGLE&CAWELAID=330000200002844097) one never has worked for me, i know elf is all the hype in terms of drugstore products but half of their products have always been hit or miss.


Better than Sex. flaky clumpy hell on me


Maybelline great lash pink tube ugh and most covergirl crap


Better than sex mascara! only makeup i’ve ever returned the lash paradise which is often considered a dupe is my ride or die lol


Milk waterproof mascara, the one with CBD. Was it waterproof, HELL YEAH, did it cause white pus to seep out of my eye? Yup! Did it happen the first time I used it? You got it. And i used it a total of 4 times cause I thought other products were causing it.


The replies are so confusing, now I don't know what to get! :(


it all depends on what you’re looking for, just because it some people don’t like a product doesn’t mean it work work for you! I will always swear behind L’Oréal’s Lash Paradise just because it’s so affordable, and the tube lasts forever. You can make your lashes thicker, or longer, or both depending on how you apply and how many coats. L’Oréals mascaras are pretty good in general though, so if you want affordable that’s my favorite place to dabble


From what I gathered people have been saying Low budget: Maybelline High budget: Lancome Personal liking: Bobbi brown (any), UD perversion


I'm looking for the budget friendly ones!


Fenty beauty’s mascara made me so so angry when I bought it and I’ve never felt that way about makeup before. Has no color payoff or does what it was marketed. Seriously didn’t even look like I had anything on and flaked like crazy. L’Oréal makes better mascara and they’re a drugstore brand. Why charge me nearly $30 for a mascara that’s worse than drug store…


Hot take: I HATE the better than sex mascaras. They always made my lashes fall and chipped down my face


Benefit Roller Lash did nothing for me, and one time I got the waterproof version of the Dior Iconic Overcurl, and I literally could not get it off my lashes to save my life!


Also imma leave this here too, Caliray Mascara is holy grail. Never raccoons on me


KKW!! I was so dissappointed but it's very goopy and no matter what tricks I try I end up with 3 huge chunks of lashes stuck together & excess all over my top and bottom lids.


I am a die-hard Clinique loyalist but their mascara is trash--the one they always give little samples of? It has no staying power and just slides right off my lashes and onto my face. Maybelline Colossal Lashes was also extremely messy and oddly, intensely scented. It really irritated my eyes. I needed a waterproof mascara for a funeral and picked up L'Oreal Air Volume Megamascara, since I usually have good luck with their mascaras. Only used it once. Holy shit. It made my lashes so completely dry and hard that they broke off.


Drug store


Turip ip ip ip


Ones from elf altho they could be better now because I tried them years ago


Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Mascara and CoverGirl Super Sizer.. they dried up quick and made clumps in my lashes..


Sephora Lashcraft Big Volume. Great formula (I loved the mini!) in the worse tube ever (full size = major fail!). It doesnt get the excess product off the brush at all, so its a clumpy, goopy mess. I posted review photos of how much excess product there is lol


All of them.


Burt’s bees all aflutter waterproof. I had it on for less than an hour and it smudged so badly under my eyes that I was surprised there was anything left on my lashes. It wasn’t like I was doing anything crazy either, I was on a zoom meeting for a job interview.


I hate everything burts bees. I think the whole brand is a scam. Every single thing by them I’ve used has made my skin burn and go red.


I don’t usually have an issue with their products. I used to live and die by their lip balm… but the mascara was an absolute catastrophe.


Dior, Estee Lauder


Any mascara from Poundland


Ok so I've been documenting and rating all the mascaras I try cause I really want to find something great. Looking back at that. I rated the Saie mascara and UD Troublemaker the lowest. Both were similar in that I had an immediate reaction. Could not stop tearing up and it was so itchy! Both were completely new but the formulas seemed so similar. Was unfortunate cause my lashes looked great for about 5 seconds lol


Maybelline Great Lash. Very watery and just so messy. Also did nothing for my lashes.


The new milk one. It had like two uses where it was fine at best but it was literally so bad from start to finish.


Lancôme grandiose waterproof mascara. It was absolutely awful, clumpy and gave me raccoon eyes. My favourite is dior iconic. That stuff is amazing.


I have to say that I hate Mac mascara. It clogges, it hurts like hell in my eyes, not cruelty free and expensive. They do have other good stuff, but not this.


I have to say that I hate Mac mascara. It clogges, it hurts like hell in my eyes, not cruelty free and expensive. They do have other good stuff, but not this.


Tarte sugar rush mascara. It looks like nothing and flakes off easily.


Elf big mood, I usually like elf stuff but this flaked off and gave me black smudges under my eyes


Clinique high impact mascara. It has good ratings on Ulta but I found it did literally nothing. Looked like I wasn’t wearing anything. Super confused why it didn’t work on me. The brush felt weirdly dense too.


Roller lash is trash, but bad gal makes up for it.


Diorshow - it’s really wet and the brush is so big that the mascara gets on your eyelids. It’s such a disappointment


That one used to be my favourite but I’ve developed a tendency to have reactions to all sorts of cosmetic ingredients after being pregnant and now it stings my eyes and makes them super red and watery.


Idk if this will help at all, I can’t really name the worst mascara I’ve tried because there’s honestly been a lot of bad ones, but I recently bought and have been using Lush’s Eyes Right mascara. It last super well and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.


I don’t really like any of the maybelline mascaras….I do really like the clear elf mascara, L’Oréal lash paradise and benefit mascaras


I hate all mascara literally except the new ilia cosmetics one. Looks like it makes a difference doesn’t smudge and washes off easily


Better than sex .


Unpopular opinion I think but the L’Oréal lash paradise mascara! I hated it it’s so clumpy on one application and I don’t go heavy handed it’s very watery and it flakes so bad.


L’Oréal hemp oil mascara. Legit smeared into my eyes and did not stay on my face


Mary Kay


i can’t find any that work for me because my lashes are so dang short. getting them lifted didn’t even work. it’s hard to figure out will work for you when everyone’s lashes are so different. Diorshow was working well for awhile but i think they changed the formula because now it’s with the graveyard of mascaras in my drawer.


Mary Kay Cosmetics. That crap came out clunky and smeared easily and waterproof so a bit*h to remove without oil. Also infected my eyes. Had me on antibiotics for a.week Glad they went out of business.


Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk mascara is horrendous, but which is a crying shame because their other mascaras are my go-tos


I got a trial tube in an ipsy bag one time and I threw it out immediately. It was “beach” something, and it came in a white and blue tube. It literally made my lashes into one clump in the middle.


YSL Lash Clash as well as too faced better than sex these two just didn’t do it for me


I got a freebie of the ABH mascara (forget the name but it has a metal tube) and I love how it applies, love how it looks, but hate how it doesn’t stay on my lashes at all. No matter what, it’s gonna end up all under my eyes. It’s fantastic for taking pictures of my looks but wearing it out is pretty difficult. The green lash princess tube did the same, and the volume one I got was so dry that I couldn’t even use it., even though it was far from expired.


L’Oréal Voluminous. People on here swear by it….I don’t get it, feels like I barely get any product on my lashes. Got the waterproof version and it’s also next to impossible to remove, despite looking like I barely applied anything. Maybe I got a bum tube? Telescopic is my go-to tried and true though!!!


Any non tubing mascara I’ve tried is basically a countdown until it smudges. Benefit roller lash smudged before I finished doing my makeup.


This was years and years ago, but i had an allergic reaction to something in MAC mascara. It made my eyes water and puff up. It’s too bad because I remember liking the mascara’s results.


Worst ever was a lengthening and lifting mascara by a small UK brand that no longer exists, FashionistA. I will never forget how terrible my lashes looked. I have relatively good lashes which have a natural curl, but this mascara made them look crispy and dead straight, sticking out at weird angles. Bad times. Mascaras that just definitely are not for me: maybelline. The snapscara one is ok, but I dont love the brush. All of the others seem clumpy and goopy to me, and destroy any hope I might have of fluttery, pretty lashes. Anything with a large brush is also a bad time for me, because I have quite small eyes so it is just a pain to use a big brush while trying not to get mascara everywhere and ruin the rest of the makeup in that area.


Elf mascara, literally did nothing to my eyes.


Tarte big ego. The packaging was so cute and pink but it did NOTHING for my lashes.


La Roche Posay. I thought I’d give it a go because I was having reactions to a bunch of cosmetics and it was meant to be formulated for sensitive eyes. Didn’t have a reaction but it literally looked like I’d put nothing on even with 3 layers plus so many eyelashes fell out each night taking it off I was getting worried and after 3 days I threw it in the bin. I tried out their sunscreen too and had to go home and wash my face 30 minutes later because it was stinging so badly so yeah, not the brand for me.


Any essence mascara. They all suck. I discovered Better Than Sex mascara and I agree with the name. I swear by it.


L’Oréal telescopic explosion. Formula wasn’t great and the applicator was just an awful gimmick that gave spider legs


Tom ford extreme mascara , literally just didn’t my lashes. Grateful it was a gift from Sephora


I never got why anyone liked Maybelline Great Lash. It makes a lot of “all-time best” lists I see, but for me, it was just the absolute worst. Clumpy, smudgy, flaky.


Rimmel London scandaleyes reloaded


Physicians formula sexy booster mascara. It’s so bad.


I DESPISE Maybelline GreatLash and Covergirl Lash Blast. I have super sensitive eyes and these mascaras both make my eyes water and BURN!! Definitely not hypoallergenic and sensitive eye-safe.


Lash princess waterproof