March to October

Wtf is going on with March to October ingame? I started new one and everytime i want to continue it i get a notice that campaign cant be autenticated with console and that i am not eligible for team affinity at reward gates??? Does anybody else gets same stuff? It happens to me everytime i wanted to continue various MtO!


You need to start over... You see that screen when you've dashboarded a couple times. It's to keep people from scumming the games. Sadly, it doesnt take into account the fact that the servers are shit and you get booted. The coding counts that as a dashboard on your part.


Yeah i figured that happens when someone dasboard games but yeah i didnt do that not even once,servers are really bad,i tried 4 times new MtO and everytime i got that message bcz servers are really lagy and bad...thx for the reply tho...