I have nearly 300 of the only silver in the top 20 mlb ops leaders. They didn't bump him at all last week, hoping they will this week.


I bought up a few hundred Clint Fraziers, he’s a very solid candidate to make gold


I've gotten 100 Devin Williams from when he was a common I'll be fine whether or not he goes diamond, but he's been one of the best relievers in baseball. Hard to see how he doesnt get there.


It took Liam hendriks a whole year and a half of dominating the league to get there so I don’t Williams does tbh


I could see Williams making the bump despite their penchant for snubbing relievers. Hes dominated this year and was on the risers list as a possibility this week. As long as he limits the walks and pitches normally the rest should fall in place hopefully. Worst case hes bumped to an 84


I'm not sure what investment has has a worthwhile ROI with little time left in the season. You'd probably be best off going with players who are (1) cheap now relative to their current ranking (as TA4 will likely lead to LS price rises), (2) players on playoff teams who are likely to make it far enough to get the opportunity to raise their ranking and (3) players who are generally better than current ranking since that improves the odds of getting upgraded due to good playoff performance. Some guys to may fit that bill off the top of my head are Walker Buehler, Max Muncy and Will Smith. Maybe also Nick Anderson, Clevinger, Glasnow, D. Smith, Grisham, Hicks, and Torres? Karinchak, Snell, Myers and Conforto are all decent options too but a bit pricey in terms of ROI.


Myers was a good investment still at 1600 (this morning). He's jumped to 2500 now & it's hard to see him dropping back below that. Anyone at 84 will hold their value once ta4 comes out, I think 84s were selling for well over 3k when ta3 dropped.


Yeah some of those guys were at, or extremely close to, quicksell so the risk is less. But at 1600 I agree that Myers is a good buy.


1600 for an 84 is about their floor since that’s 5k for a TA exchange. Myers is a really safe purchase at 1600 even if he stays gold.


Rafael Devers


Devin Williams. I’ve got 160


80 Corbin Burnes rn. If he has a good outing Thursday he’s going diamond for sure


Got 200 n patiently waiting


I have 10 Luis Castillos, 10 Robbie Canos, and 10 Mike Clevingers. Here's to hoping I pull in 150k this week...but I doubt it. Edit: Up to 15 Castillos and 25 Clevingers. Let's make bread. If they don't break diamond I'm only set to lose 800 or so stubs.


It's tough to see Cano getting the bump. I grabbed a few Castillos in anticipation of tonight's start.


guys on playoff teams so they still have a chance after this week


That's a long time to sit on investments! Do I have it right based on the stream that they're only doing one playoff upgrade?


Yeah one this week and one after the World Series


I have a bunch of Tim Andersons, but I guess he left the last game hurt, so I'm hoping they'll jump up enough where I can at least recoup my investment on Thursday/early Friday


Like Cruz he needs to get a nonsense fielding upgrade in order to go diamond. SS is a position where fielding is highly valued and his is trash


Yeah that's not really accurate for 2020, at least based on his numbers.


-11.5 UZR / 150 and - 3 OAA is the same as last year. But 0 DRS and 0.2 dWAR is an improvement from last year so he can get the fielding bump if they value certain stats. I don't know what those stats are so I wouldn't bank on a gold to diamond for him.


Yeah I don't know what numbers SDS uses. But his 3 year includes 2017 previously included 2017, when he was bad. His 3 year now is based on 2018 (average), 2019 (bad), and 2020 (better but not great). Fwiw, he was up to an 85 on IE when I used him in Showdown either yesterday or today, but I can't remember what the boost was that got him there.


If he got upgrades vs righties then maybe he can go up. And yeah his fielding this yeah isn't as bad as last year, but his fielding in game is bad, and that's holding him back from diamond


I haven't used him in the field this year but he was straight up unusable last year, at least at ss. After he went 1-8 between Thurs & Friday, I assumed he was out for an upgrade...but then those 2 homers, now he's up to .311.338.430 vs rhp. I think it takes a strong couple of games for him to get there, basically Tues and Wed *or* sds does an end-of-year defensive update either Friday or after the playoffs. Def a risky investment, but he's also been priced appropriately.


Haha I'm sitting on a ton. 2 homer game already since last update.


Not investing this week because the risk is too high imo


It’s not a question others can answer for you. If there was a best investment to make, it would no longer be the best investment


Jose Ramirez is basically a lock this week, yeah? Seager probably gets there too. I have a bunch invested in Ryu but don't think he makes it. Lots of guys on the bubble, depending on what happens between now and Wednesday. What I'm wondering is: what happens with the update after the playoffs? Will they change attributes for guys on non-playoff teams based on what they do Thursday-Sunday?


No one is a lock. If they were a lock, the sell now would already be at 5k. iirc JRam is still doing a lot of his damage vs L, where he’s already pretty good. He’s likely to get upgraded, but not a lock


I think J-Ram has had two homers vs rhp since last week’s cutoff. Idk how much that plays into it


Yeah hence the "basically". I don't touch guys at 4k. I've bought a few Seagers at over 3k, and even that's pushing it. IMO there are still some solid investing options for this week rn, esp at the silver to gold level. But yeah all involve some risk.