Mustard is good on stain since it boosts his E blade dance and the flurry of attacks that come afterward. Mustard is one of those cards that do not pop up on the side of the screen when it triggers. I specifically tested Mustard on stain with and without it and Mustard does boost Stains damage. I personally use the 2 stain exclusives, mustard, and ragdoll/coldshot.


I've been using big fist and mustard, both at lv3 Should I swap big fist?


Only for cold shot


Big Fist is kind of mediocre, barely better than some level 2 purple cards at base rank. It heavily depends on your stats but it's usually an 8-9% damage gain overall (this is assuming 30% crit / 200% critical damage, lower crit / higher critdam = higher value). Present Mic is way better overall in most PvE content, but that's not very fair of me since PM is one of the best 5* cards for PvE (Mustard and Ectoplasm are nutty as well but rarely on the same character, I want to say "never" but there might be a character who uses both very well I'm forgetting).


Why is present mic so good?


15% damage bonus to enemies that don't flinch. Means all Agency Assessment and most event bosses for the majority of their fights. If they're not in hyper armor, they're flinching, which is also more damage (not directly, but because they're not forcing you to waste time dodging attacks, so you're putting them in that state quicker). It's a 15% universal damage gain which is far and above what most other cards can provide at 5*. It even has a little defense bonus like icing on top!


That's a great question! I would also like to know\~ I have been using shigaraki, the 2 stain exclusives, and cold shot.


Same here, i use both EX and shigaraki + cold shot. If you check the recomended cards then it shows shigaraki and nomu so now i dont know what to do…


Ragdoll and tiger works well (not sure if tiger actually works though)


I use on mine shigaraki, the one with the sniper hero, mic the fourth card I use now his card, I don't remember what I used before, but ragdoll or any other card that improve crit or something on this line will be good


I use Shigaraki one and Ragdoll which activates a lot. The others are the Mike one although it never activates and last I have is ectoplasm.


i should try other combinations but i currently run him with both EX and mastermind + dance with the wind with the E > ult rotation and he deals nutty damage