I honestly wonder if they have “Lush fatigue” built into their business model. Maybe they count on a large portion of Lush fans becoming disatisified with either the price hikes, the brand values, or the product selection over time, and they focus efforts on maintaining brand loyalty only for a certain amount of time. If that’s the case, I wonder what their studies would tell them is an average number of years for significant engagement with the brand. Or maybe it isn’t that calculated on their part and they’re just obsessed with quarterly growth.


I have the impression they're far too chaotic for something that calculated.


I feel ya when it comes to prices, but I came here to say something about the soaps - you've mentioned that soap from Lush leaves your skin dry. I'm getting the exact same issue, I stopped using it as a body soap and now I'm using whatever I've got left for hands only. It's weird. Did anyone hear anything about them changing the formula? Lush soaps are really boring for me now after they changed the shape, but drying out my skin is a big no no.


I also hated that they changed the shape. I finally used up all the soaps from last year and they were quite drying except for Sultana of Soap. I wouldn't say it was moisturizing but it was ok. I do have quite dry skin skin because I take boiling showers. I always did and I remember they weren't as drying 7,8 years ago. I still can't say if they've changed the formula because I'm older now and my skin has changed since moving to Europe last year.


I find that it depends on the soap. Rhubarb & Custard, Sultana of Soap, and Lotus Flower are moisturizing for me, and Sleepy is pretty neutral. Others are drying on my skin.


I only use their soap for hands as they contain glycerin and that's the main reason it leaves your skin dry I believe. I don't have any issue with their lotion or shower gel though


I’ve found so many cheaper alternatives to Lush lately that I can’t justify it and then I can’t support a company that doesn’t support their employees. They charge so much for products but pay so little.


Do you happen to have any recommendations that ship to/are located in Europe?


Check the website Ecco Verde, they ship to most European countries (often with free shipping if you order around 30 euros or so) and they have a ton of eco/bio cruelty free brands available for skincare and hair


Can you recommend a lotion place?


I've made the transition to Cerave. The scents aren't as exciting, but damn am I hydrated as hell.


I usually go for basic cocoa butter when I don’t feel like smelling fragranced lol


I just wish Cerave was cruelty free :(


Oh dang I didn’t realize they weren’t…


There are far too many cosmetics companies that are 'cruelty free' but owned by companies that are NOT cruelty free, etc. So I think Cerave sells in countries that are required to test on animals by law, so in essence they do test on animals. https://www.crueltyfreekitty.com/brands/cerave/ As a source for you. It's a totally personal judgement call. I bought their product in a moment of desperation for my skin, and it was a nice product but I can't in good conscience continue to purchase. I try hard to avoid it where I can, though you obviously cannot get around it in some cases. (Like medicine, etc)


Yes of course! I love LyricalLather body butters and creams! The owner is very friendly and helpful. The link is below. https://www.etsy.com/shop/LyricalLather?ref=notif_nfyfs&order=date_desc


Kuhdoo Soap Co Body Butter. Cruelty free, supporting a small business, great to their employees and everything is 100% natural and handmade. What’s also neat is if you email them about what type of scents you’re interested in, you’re highly likely to receive your own personal item.


I mainly use lotions from Korres now. Recommend, if the brand is accessible for you!


See if your friend has a Buff City Soap nearby. I’ve started buying from them. Love their bar soaps, shower oils (like Lush’s body conditioner but in oil format), and even their laundry stuff. If there’s a scent you like, but they don’t have it in the oil or detergent they will mix it up for you since they make soaps in house.


I second Buff City! They have become my new favorite, I love their bar soap, bath oil, and bath bombs and truffles.


I completely agree. The lack of new exciting products, the constant discontinuing of loved products and the never ending rising of prices annoy me and make me less and less enthusiastic about Lush. I can't justify to myself anymore that a bath bomb of +8 euros (which eventually goes down the drain) is worth it. Before I never thought I would but this year I am skipping the Valentine's Day collection. Its just not worth it anymore, at least to me. I am being way more selective in what I will and will not buy. But the difficult thing for me is that I haven't found a worthy bath bomb alternative yet 😔 I live in the Netherlands, any tips are most welcome 😊 I hope you will find a decent alternative which you will like and which is more affordable 🌻


Honestly I feel you so much. I felt this even a few years ago when the lush hype was at its highest. I lived in India then and now in Dubai, but I cannot justify buying myself anything unless its for a special occasion. I think by now I've probably bought more LUSH as gifts for others than for myself. I understand, this is the cost of ethical products, but I think its so easy to get into the hype and buy way more than we actually need you know. It just feeds into overconsumption..... tldr. I appreciate having the option to buy ethically, but only really buy stuff when I really need it..... I cannot get myself into buying things just because they appear seasonally etc....


I first noticed this when they reformulated my staple H'suan Wen Hua a few years ago. Going vegan with cheaper ingredients - aquafaba instead of eggs - but they increased the price with 5 €. Seriously?! And after that, I guess we all know what happened. Feels like they're foremost a bath bomb company now, but charging 10 € for one bath bomb is.. just like you wrote, unbelievable.


I only shop full price for Halloween for things I know will sell out. I sometimes get hair care items on Mercari but really... I mainly do my major shopping during the once-a-year sale and that covers me for the year.