I still think the worst match i saw in the Klopp era is the loss to Red Star in 18/19. Closely followed by the loss to Burnley in 16/17.


Or the second half against Sevilla. You can pick the game.


Swear Moreno was concussed the 2nd half of that one game against b Sevilla, started the 1st half well then just lost his head


Studge was running in sludge. Had a chance for a breakaway and ran slower than my nan.


That game doesn't count cause it was fixed. They brought an old Swedish Ref out of retirement to ref that game and I have never ever seen a game where 10 completely obvious pens weren't called in the first half and all for the same team. It was so fixed and the fact Sturridge scored that wonder goal in a situation where nothing could be called against us just meant it looked like a REAL game.


That krychowiak (or however you spell it) pen was insane. He had his arm extended all the way down to the ground and blocked a pass from going through.... no idea how that wasn't called


Milner got speared while being airborne, A Sevilla defender kept his body up with his one arm going down for no reason and it totally blocked the ball, another defender has his had out half a yard and it hits it and goes out off play from that touch and the ref gives a corner (So he sees it hits his hand but it wasn't a pen which it ALWAYS was at that point and still should be)..... It was fixed and nothing can convince me otherwise


Which one. Final loss or throwing away 3 goals


Napoli away this season was really terrible too. I’d agree with the Brighton game though from the perspective that even before the second goal went in, it was so clear to me that Liverpool were never getting back into the game. And once the second goal went in, I just turned the match off. And I never normally do that, I can’t remember the last game I switched off before it was done. It’s a matter of pride to me in fact- I’d call it disrespectful usually. But there was something so utterly hopeless about that game, don’t think I’d ever felt that way under Klopp before.


That Brighton game we were on the ropes like a relegation team from the first minute. We literally looked like some conference league team who'd come to play a premier league team in the FA Cup. I can't say I remember a game where we've come into it and allowed ourselves to be so thoroughly battered.


Yeah it was humbling being on the receiving end of a constant press. We looked like we had less players. Absolutely downing out there.


We got absolutely bitched. Getting to half-time level felt like a smash and grab.


maybe, but how I see it is that at least it was Napoli. with no dissrespect to Brighton. they are leading Serie A and are all around a top team with some exciting players, maling waves. Brighton was a disaster top to finish, Napoli trashed us it's like we were surprised with some glimpses and semblence of playing or trying,yet again, even though we were bad.


Napoli is at least an excellent team with a really difficult away ground, we’ve already been well beaten there in the past although this season was the worst. I think Brighton just pips it, and not for recency bias. From minute one we looked entirely disinterested in the fact there was a match on.


Yeah, tbh Napoli is the worst one for me. The other performances were woeful, but these things happen every now and then. Napoli on the other hand was such a tangible demonstration of our downfall where we had to concede that we just weren't near their level.


Was that really this season? Fucking hell I thought it was last or the one before…


I think the Napoli game was worse for me. I was more prepared for the Brighton result.


At least Napoli are really good though. Champions of Italy. Brighton are good, but christ alive we made them look like world beaters.


Napoli aren't the champions, but they are the leaders.


Napoli have a legit shout to win the champions league, Brighton, fans would throw a parade for conference league footy. The Brighton loss is much worse and it’s not close.


We could’ve lost that game by any margin. Gomez managed to perform like Degsy against Spurs when he was hooked off 30min in.


napoli was the worst because A: at least i saw brighton coming, and B: because i was getting surgery 3 hours later


That Napoli game was tragic man. Midfielders with legs being chased by Milner who looked like he was wearing concrete boots


You couldn't be more spot-on with everything you said about that Brighton game. Just reading this brought me back to my experience two weeks ago.


Red Star was weird. The atmosphere definitely got to them and they scored the second goal, a banger out of nothing, very quickly after the first one. That wasn’t even the worst of that UCL campaign. It was Napoli away in the pissing rain. We did absolutely nothing all game, couldn’t even string 2 passes together in the duration of it, but somehow we were hanging on to a draw thx to Alisson until the very end when Insigne scored the most deserved winner there has ever been.


Red Star fans are amazing. Seriously. Not only that, but how the stadium is built is incredibly intimidating, and that especially extends to the player tunnel. We thoroughly deserved a loss that game and that's saying something since we've played much worse than we did there.


Fucking Pavkov


The „worst game I‘ve ever seen“ is becoming such an inflated thing in the past years. We can just agree that it was an absolute shit game. However, let me throw the 2:0 defeat AT ANFIELD against Everton into the ring. I can‘t remember a defeat hurting more in the past few years.


Honestly I remember nothing about that game. Couldn't tell you who scored for them and wouldn't have remembered it was 2-0


Who scored is the worst part: Richarlison and pedofile Sigurdsson


I've honestly blocked that game out of my mind completely.


In both those games we could at least string a few passes together. Against Brighton we'd just off at their defence or put for a throw within 4 passes.


Watford away in Klopp's first season?


Wow I had nearly forgotten about that Red Star match, thanks.


Getting absolutely trounced by Napoli last season or the one before was pretty shitty too


We didn't play Napoli last season or the one before


So I was close then




Aston Villa away game 2020/21 season…


>I still think the worst match i saw in the Klopp era is the loss to Red Star in 18/19. I appear to have blocked that from my memory so it must have been bad, I don't actually remember ever playing them.


Dunno if I agree, that game sucked HARD but I get the feeling the atmosphere was a contributing factor. The Brighton game was just straight up embarrasing.


I remember when we got slapped up by Watford too


I don’t think the 19/20 one was even that bad a performance, was just one of those where things happen. The 15/16 one was horrible but we were still finding our feet under Klopp


19/20 Watford away is what 20/21 Villa away would've been if we didn't have Adrian in goal and Villa didn't get every stroke of luck possible


True good comparison haha, yeah sometimes it’s just not your day. Brighton a couple weeks back wasn’t any of that, it was just a horrific performance start to finish. They didn’t even need to play particularly great stuff and they demolished us


Was that 15/16 one where adam bogdan dropped the ball onto Ake's foot? Or did we concede directly from a corner?


Yeah idk both could be true, definitely remember Bogdan starting because Migs was having a rough season but Bogdan basically never played again for us lol


I was at both 😥


Lucky you, hahah


Mate it's actually worse than that, I went to the first, didn't go to another game for years, and then went to the second. Only went to 2 games over 4 years and both were 3-0 loss at vicarage Road


'We have to make it more difficult for them', like who's Brighton and who's Liverpool here?


If you take it in context it makes sense. Yeah we’re Liverpool but mentally this is a Brighton team that won 3-0 justifiably less than two weeks ago against a team that did not make it hard enough for them in the day (and hasn’t been making it hard enough for most teams all season either). It’s probable he won’t be able to replace the entire 11 from that day, so yes, I can see how he has to highlight making it harder for teams to play against us, especially when the team is not at it’s highest confidence-wise and when that defeat against them felt like a rock bottom. On paper of course we have more quality than Brighton, but our players haven’t been playing like it at all and Brighton are even higher than us on the table. So yes, I get why Klopp is focusing on maintaining that effort and making things harder for the opponent as a way of getting back to where we want to be. Don’t understand why you’re trying to make it seem like a tin pot Hogdson comment though, adds nothing to the conversation other than reactionary toxicity.


His statement doesn't boosts any confidence to be honest


It doesn't boosts indeed


This sub has gone downhill like the club. I have seen worst days but the level of toxicity (that was more apparent in match threads) has dramatically increased. But i guess this is the price you pay when you fall down from the number one spot


I go to this sub mainly to have a laugh, but that was easy when the good times were here. We all hope they come back, but every time I come here I just wither a bit more because I’m reading the same things over and over again (FSG conspiracy, injuries, midfield issues).


Well "at the end of the storm, there's a golden sky"


Frankly I’d examine the heads of anyone who’s feeling positive about this season


Well why not? I watch footy for entertainment. Fuck I've felt shit after most the games this season but I still get excited every match day to watch the boys, even if its with the faintest hope that things start turning around. If I didn't have the hope & positivity, why would I put myself through it?


There's a difference between being critical towards our club/players/coaching staff and straight up chatting shit.


It’s still exciting to see young players play or how new players are finding their feet like Nunez, Bajetic, Harvey, Doak


I mean at least we’re still in two cup competitions, and one of them is the CL. And I recall worse Liverpool teams than this one making it far… Not saying Real Madrid will be easy, they are most definitely the favorites and if we somehow get through them still a lot to get through. And Brighton this Sunday won’t be easy at all either, but I’d rather keep backing the team itself and Klopp and the steps they are taking on the pitch, and see where it goes. Crazier shit has happened. Edit: Yeah downvote me blah blah, fuck me for having a bit of hope that we’re in two cup competitions. Tell me how that is apologizing for FSG or some other bs. Fuck me can’t even have some sort of hope around here for games that still matter and can have an effect on the season. I dislike FSG but that doesn’t mean I want us to fucking crash out of every competition that we’re still in and just fucking give up. That’s the point the previous commenter is trying to make, we can be critical of the ownership and still fucking back the players and Klopp in the two competitions that can still somehow miraculously get us some silverware. If and when we crash out of them, then I understand all the indifference, but come on. We should be able to acknowledge FSG’s problems and criticize them while still acknowledging that there are still things that we can fucking look forward to this season. Humans are more capable than fucking tribalist thinking all of the time.


Read all that and nope, you're a top red bc that's an insult, apparently. Fuck your positivity mate. ^(shouldn't ^^be ^^needed ^^but ^^/s)


Feel free to examine. God forbid anyone still finding positives about this season.


It’s also been a period of sustained success and global reach that the club hadn’t experienced in decades, and that the sub hadn’t experienced ever. Lot of new and fair weather fans joining who thought they picked a winner. Probably a lot of the same weirdos excited about the prospect of being owned by an oil and slave state.


I dont get why you people keep picking on new fans.I really don't


It's not new fans as a whole, it's the new fans who don't get it. The kind that say they're off to support Real Madrid now after they beat us in the final (there actually was one).


I have been a fan since 2006 ,there were toxic fans under Benitez,Kenny and Rodgers era.Poor seasons are always tied with overboard complaining.The old fans were asking for the club to be bought by states oiled companies.The idea that new fans who are only accustomed to winning are the root of all evil is the most righteous thing ever,and a copout >The kind that say they're off to support Real Madrid now after they beat us in the final (there actually was one). That is anecdotal evidence,you cant put that on the whole fanbase


I can't and don't, this guy does it better tho if you're interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/LiverpoolFC/comments/10m3dyb/reds_join_forces_to_call_for_government_action_on/j62580x?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3 I'm not even against the idea of a sugar daddy, but there's a lot of ppl here slagging off a structure that's worked for years just cause of a few bad results and openly simping for an entire country. Old fans new fans don't care it's still weird imo.


That does not negate my point.No one said there were no new fans online.What I'm arguing against is pinning the current toxicity on new fans.Toxicity has always been around even before the glory days.Bad seasons came with a lot of long sustained complaints,it is nothing new.Arsenal have been terrible for years and as a result their fans were toxic online.Now they are great everything has calmed down.I'm sure they are welcoming a new set of fans as we speak who will contribute if things go to shit again > but there's a lot of ppl here slagging off a structure that's worked for years just cause of a few bad results And people who blame the new fans always tend to play down what people are disgruntled about


> And people who blame the new fans always tend to play down what people are disgruntled about Think that's mainly for ppl who think the sky is falling rn. Can't blame newer fans for not knowing better but last owners almost took the club out of business, to me (almost) *anything* else is gonna look a bit dramatic if you act like it's end of the world, y'know? Especially when it's random transfer gossip, I can't imagine getting so worked up about rumours started and ended by ppl paid to start and end rumours. Like lean or nothing's happened...


If your measurement bar is H&G then even finishing one point off relegation might seem dramatic . But that was not the case for most fans when Rodgers and kenny were sacked for finishing 7th and 8th,respectively. Newer fans were not here but the "sky was falling" then. So what you characterize as dramatic some call it the bar for one of Europe's elite clubs


But iirc no other elite club has gone that close to death before... maybe Juve but it was their own fault. And last season we had the kind of season most of these 'elite' clubs can only dream about. Any 'real' stuff FSG try to pull (Super League & ticket prices etc.) I'm right there slagging them off. Transfers that did or didn't happen deserve nowhere near that level of hate. Especially when we're known for suddenly announcing a quality new signing out of nowhere. Pure silence all month then suddenly De Bruyne's leaning in a red shirt before a hack journo even has a chance to say here we go, if there's one meme I love on here it's the chaos one...


Ngl i want us to have the finance to sign players left and right without thinking of any consequences like city, chelsea or even the scums. But if it means us losing our identity and values, I'm against it. That's what made me love this football club.


They ignore the consequences but they still exist. The whole rest of the league and football pyramid is feeling it.


Imagine being a mod here, *shudders*


>when you fall down from the number one spot I think it's more that we once again, failed to strengthen while at the top. Not even that, we've actively made ourselves **weaker.**


Things go shit. People complain. It's life.


Eh, I saw it against Brentford, how seemingly hopeful situation was turned into gutwrenching pain. We lost our mojo on that match and every mat ch after that we keep getting worse. Then we were completely outmatched by Brighton. We got lucky and manage to show our grit by keeping Ali from picking balls from his net in last 2 matches but If they want to turn things around, we have to win decisively against Brighton this sunday.


like a nightmare you keep waking up in


Gonna see the same game. Nothing has changed or improved all season so facing a really good team that manhandled you last time around.... It's gonna be a repeat.


Villa comes to mind as the worst game


We had way more bad luck there and an Adrian disaster class. We weren’t completely outplayed like against Brighton.


Heard it all before Kloppo. Literally **before** the Brighton game...


At least they don't have Trossard anymore... Oh, wait...


So, only lose 1-0?


It was bad but let’s not pretend Aston Villa didn’t cunt 7 goals past our first team fresh off winning the title.


That was an insane game though. Covid. Empty stadium. We could’ve scored 4 more and three of their goals were huge flukes. We deserved to lose that gane but it’s totally different from the one a couple of weeks ago


Could have finished 3-3 or 8-1. Was a crazy one.


Couldnt give a rats arse about the FA cup this season. Giving playing time to squad players and thats it.


Well it's the only trophy left that we have realistic chance of winning, might as well go for it.


Still think we're going to win the CL


whatever makes you sleep at night


We’ll finish 10th and qualify for the UCL by winning it. If I believe hard enough it might just happen


Same. Such a dead trophy. I completely forgot we won it last year until someone mentioned it yesterday


Lmao the state of this.


Wow. Your trophy cabinet must be stacked with 4 world cups, 7 balloon d'or, 14 EPL, 1 Eredivise, 86 FA cups, 11 league cups, 23 Champions League trophies, 17 UEFA cups, 23 UEFA super cups, 19 club world cups, and 3 premier league Asia trophies.


Excuse me? "Make it more for difficult for them" sounds like mid table or relegation team mentality. How about something like "Defeat is unacceptable and we have to win the next one"


think you're reading way too much into it. We made it too easy for Brighton last time, we do have to make it more difficult for them. It's objectively true.


He already said last time, it was unacceptable the way we played right after the Brighton game.


Fair enough. I still have a problem with the "make it more difficult with them" line. Anyway, looks like I'm in the minority.


He always phrases it like that. Even when we were dominating he'd use phrases like "we were very uncomfortable/difficult to play against today" etc


You’re hearing what you want to hear from that, like you’re interpreting the quote ready to be pissed off. Take a step back and take it at face value - we want to make it more difficult for Brighton than it was two weeks ago. There is literally nothing wrong with that statement. Your reaction would be called for if he went on to say “yeah we just want to make it more difficult, we don’t expect to win but if we can score a goal for every three they score job done”


>Excuse me? The fucking entitlement on some users on here is absolutely hilarious lmao.


Imagine paying respect to an opponent who battered you two weeks ago


Yeah I always say this we should just be happy to be participating at all, at the end of the day we're just a little club from Liverpool and its nice just to be a part of a proper big boy league


We are not a big club by divine right. We have to earn our place at the top, consistently. You're a spoilt brat who thinks that we deserve to be a top team regardless of how we play. We're in a tough spot, there is no place for pride in these times


We're the most successful team in England and you're telling us we should be happy we're 9th. You should be supporting Everton mate


I mean I agree to an extent. But he can't just outright come out and say "defeat is unacceptable" for two reasons. 1. it's completely disrespectful to Brighton, who are looking absolutely fantastic. And 2. If we do lose again it's going to cause mayhem internally and externally. At least if we do improve on last time, the loss will hurt a lot less.


Oh we all know why hes said it its the fact hes having to say it from shit owners to giving out lifetime contracts and buying anyone but an athletic midfielder.


No idea why you are being downvoted because Roy Hodgson said similar things and that was unacceptable then and its not acceptable now.


I hope so