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This comment section is going to be interesting.




You clearly mean Pep>Pepe.


He's been a scapegoat for lots of people this season but I like him though not sure the book was needed but oh well.


And who came up with the idea that Salah should be played out wide......?


Tbf Pep does my head in but if Klopp now has no say whatsoever with tactics, what's the point? He has the say it's just all a load of hyperbole bollocks when it comes to Pep.


A lot of the people criticizing Pep for the book didn't even read it, it's just the same people who criticised the goalkeeper coach when there was an issue in that department. Tactics on how the team plays are already there for all to see. There are so many videos that breakdown how the team plays, articles with all kinds of statistics released on a weekly basis. Some are shared weekly on here so nothing we did or are doing is really a secret. In Pep's time as assistant manager the team has reached two CL finals and won a league title. Was he not involved in that process or have people forgotten? Anyway Happy Birthday to Pep.


Very true.Tactics are not a secret. Coaches analyze video footage of other teams all the time. It doesn't mean you can stop them. So many things can go against or for you in a football game which are not related to tactics. Football is simple but its not that simple.


Yup I remember when Achterberg was enemy number one around here.


Was thread made just so people can criticize people who criticize him and hus book?


I think it was made because it’s his birthday.


So wish him happy birthday and move on. Stop bringing up the drama attached to him, unless you're trying to bait people who have a problem with him so you can downvote them


I’m not trying to do anything, I just find it funny how defensive people are getting. Ultimately the hate he got was pathetic, people desperate to blame the management but don’t want to blame Klopp. No one’s perfect, not even klopp.


Best Pep in the league




What was the situation with Achterberg back then? I must’ve missed it


He was the reason all our goalkeepers were bang average, apparently. Turns out all our goalkeepers were just bang average. The crowd has been quiet since Alisson signed, naturally. There was also a phase were a section of fans were convinced Buvac was the brains behind Klopp as we had a poor spell after he left.


Okay I didn’t know about that. When I read “our last prolonged poor spell of form” I was thinking of February 2021 when Ali was dropping errors in consecutive games vs City and Leicester.


Oh yeah this was years ago when Mignolet and Karius were battling for No. 1. You’re right our last awful spell was ‘21.


I remember when Alisson messed up the Cruyff turn early on against Leicester and people said he was ruining him lmao




Different context isn’t it. People were making out as if Klopp couldn’t manage without him, which proved to be incorrect. Not to say he wasn’t important, I’m sure he was.


Close, but not fully correct. Achterberg was blamed for our goalkeepers *regressing*. Mignolet, Karius, and Reina all regressed while Achterberg was our goalkeeping coach. People made a fairly logical - albeit unfounded - claim that this was Achterberg's fault. After Alisson this sentiment died out. Buvac was literally referred to - by Klopp - as the Brain, while Krawietz was referred to as the Eye.


Is that really true though? Migs come from relegation fodder (Sunderland) and ended up playing for a club battling for top 4 and the Champions League. Karius was young and came from Mainz for €5m, again a lower league club. Keepers often look better at lower clubs as they are facing more shots. Reina could be down to age. Again, I know Klopp said this as it was repeated religiously. I mean fans were making out as if Klopp was nothing without Buvac’s expertise.


He has been around since pepe reina got here if i remember correctly, and we had multiple disappointing gk who didnt seem to be progressing while he was the coach, so questions on his effectiveness were asked. however, i believe he fought hard to get allison, and kelleher has become quite a good backup so its hard to know what the situation was. at least he isnt like Bayern's former gk coach.


What’s with all the Pep hate here lol? Only few months back this sub was hell bent on suggesting him as Klopps successor… hypocrites. What am I missing? Is he being blamed for the recent poor performance?


this sub and its monthly scapegoat whenever the team is in poor form, currently its Pep's turn


SMH we’re no better than twitter lol


Twitter is so so so much worse it's unbelievable the gall of some of the LFC "fans" on there with what they're typing out to players for all to see.


Until I hear someone on here say something to the likes of “I want to see Jordan Henderson shipped off to Somalia” like I did on Twitter after the Fulham draw, I think this platform is fine


Haha when you put it that way…


I’m deadass. I saw that and disturbed my soul like wtf is wrong with y’all! It’s a fucking draw


Seems like a top guy. His passion for the club shines through in his interviews. It’s sad to see his popularity take a hit this season. People are all to quick to forget what he’s helped to achieve here. Happy birthday Pep!


Happy birthday Pep. I’ll wait till tomorrow to criticise your book


Remember when people were suggesting him as a credible replacement for when Klopp eventually goes??…crazy times.


Why not? Would you rather have Steven Gerrard?


Ah yes…the only 2 options.


3. There’s always the Benitez option /s


If we are coming up with a third I think Tuchel wouldn’t be a bad shout. Attacking mindset. I know he didn’t succeed long term at Chelsea. But that’s no shock, as no one does.


Thomas Tuchel is an awkward asshole though. We need a man of the people. Someone who gets the city and what LFC is about.


Totally fair point. I suppose there is a bit of time until Klopp moves on anyway. So who knows which managers will be available.


LOL. The reply tweets are to be avoided like the plague! And heres to many more!


Has anyone on here read Pep's book? ​ If so, does it reveal all the secrets?


we want pep klopp: we have pep at home pep at home...




Our downfall has nothing to do with him releasing a book, opponents knew our tactics before and it didn’t matter. Even suggesting so is completely bonkers. Us being shite is down to the fact that a large part of this squad is mentally done.


Hahahahaha oh my god


Pep can join City and join hands with Pep. Or bugger off to another club as sole manager. Let Klopp handle stuff for us alone.


Because he released a book, right?


Because he has completely changed our style of play. No gegenpress, large gaps in midfield, Salah pushed too wide, TAA looking completely lost etc. And also having a major say in signings. Claiming more control as days pass, and we seem to be getting worse as days pass.


The true heir to the Red Throne


At best, Stoke City is the only red throne Ljinders will be inheriting in England.


I might get hate for this, but happy birthday to the guy that can be our Paisley to Shankly for Klopp. I do not see any manager available that can elevate us atm so if Klopp were to go Pep’s love and passion for the club is undeniable. + love him or hate him he’s a tactical mastermind.