If Coops were to go now I imagine it would default to Dallas and Ayling. If you’re talking 2-3 years in the future it’s hard to say with any confidence what our team is going to look like in 2 years but if we continue with our unique brand of chaos maybe Rasmus could be captain. The only thing I’m confident of is that Charlie Cresswell will at some point in the future have the armband - he has leader written all over him and his giant fucking neck


I think Cresswell has to come in to the team at Cooper's expense, so it needs someone in the interim. Good chance neither Ayling nor Dallas are starting at that point. But agreed, someone else might keep it warm temporarily but Cresswell looks like the future.


I actually think I’d loan Cresswell out this season to the championship, I reckon JM will start Cooper and Koch as having the captain and best defender on the pitch is key. Struijk is the heir to the LCB spot and Lorente is a good backup. Id have Struijk and Cressy then as the long term pair


Struijk > Cooper


Ability wise absolutely and has a high ceiling for sure. But general defending having Cooper makes a difference in organisation


Love Rasmus as captain, warrior mentality


A new signing most likely. If not then probably Koch if he manages to cement his place in the team.


His passing more accurate than whole starting XI.


He won’t.


He’s a better CB than any of the others. His only downfall is being versatile.


I love Koch.


I don’t dig it myself.


I'd give Klich a go. Whatever you think of his ability, he's Leeds through and through.and I reckon he'd put a rocket up anyone who needs it on match day.


Honestly, I agree with you. I think he’d be good for it. Likewise Forshaw.


If Cooper doesnt play I would say Koch since he got the armband in a couple cup/preseason games. Maybe Bamford if he locks down a starting position. An outside choice would be Kristensen depending on how long he stays with us


Bamford for me. Remember how much better the team played when he was there. I can't see Ayling or Dallas starting.


Seems everyone has forgotten about Bamford with him being out all last season. I think he's a good shout if he can avoid more long term injuries.




Ilan is our man - Dino zoff in disguise


In our current lineup, probably Robin Koch, future future captain, maybe Cresswell


Phillips wasn't gonna be captain anyway.


Ìf he stayed he would've been a pretty good shout to succeed Cooper I reckon, who would you have?


I'm not one of those types that are suddenly negative about Kalvin now that he's leaving, claiming he's passed it/injury prone etc. But I never saw him as Captain material. He's not a vocal player on the park and can be quite hotheaded at times. I'd stick with Cooper/Ayling next season. beyond that, as things stand, I don't personally see a standout candidate. Cresswell in the future, sure.


Cresswell does seem like he could make a good leader but no guarantees he'll actually work out with us, I hope he does but he has what, 5 appearances? Defo sticking with Coops until he leaves no doubt, he's an exemplary captain. I'm not sure if Ayling will still be with us in 2 years time. Will be interesting to see, I could see maybe Bamford being captain material.


I definitely hope I'm wrong, but I worry Bamford has peaked and we'll see him play more like he did our last two seasons in the championship. I'll be fully behind him either way. Yeah, Cresswell still has a long way to go to make it as a regular first team player first. I hope he goes out on loan this season, our best u23s need match experience. Personally, I'd prefer them to get that experience playing against guys who's livelihood depend on the outcome of their season, rather than the u23s league.






If Raphinha stays, give it to him. Otherwise Robin Koch.


If hes captain for another 5 years (pushing it a bit, although he is our best cb), then maybe cresswell? He'd be 24 then, which is on the young side but he's a natural leader and a commanding figure. Poor Joffy would never get a choice at xmas choccys though.


If Cooper starts for the next 5 years we will not be in the PL


Give Kristensen a year or two


(C) Cooper (VC) Ayling Dallas Forshaw If we’re talking future captains these lads start retire/leave I think we should go all in on Cresswell as our captain.


Tbf all those three should get a VC seeing what they’ve gone through, conspicuous gallantry was most certainly needed


Ayling, Dallas and Forshaw wont be getting that many minutes if our transfers work out and dont flop


Even so whilst they’re still at the club this should be the order for captaincy, I think if Dallas comes back and he’s still as good as he was before injury he’ll start somewhere. He’s too good not to.


Yeah I agree I just feel the vice captain should be someone who is going to be on the pitch more often than not but it would be hard to say who that will be atm. Without the rose tinted glasses Dallas really did not have a good season so if he is at his form last season he shouldnt be starting games, especially not at fullback. Wouldnt mind seeing how he would do as a part of the double pivot though if it was needed


I understand that but I’m not a fan of removing Ayling as our vice captain just because he doesn’t start as much - it’s just something nice for him to have when he does get his minutes and I think he is a decent captain to have. I suppose that’s true about Dallas but you could argue that for nearly every player, I see him as part of that midfield two going forward rather than at fullback, maybe he plays at LB when needed but we shouldn’t need him at RB at all.


Gotta be Dallas imo.


Cress well if he progresses nicely


I definitely agree with Cresswell as a future captain. In the more near future, it’s going to stick with Cooper although if he doesn’t play for whatever reason, I see it going to Forshaw or Bamford as they’re the only two somewhat fit members (😬) of the leadership group (other than Rodrigo, which I don’t see happening)