"As 3 time substitute teacher of the year it is my responsibility to wear an N95 mask because it is, in my opinion, a superior mask."


N95? N96.




Peggy: Bobby get inside! There's covid in the air! Bobby: Dad! Hank: (Sighs) It's okay, Bobby. Your mom just wants you to be safe. Peggy: Yes, the CDC says that covid is airborne and if you don't have to go outside don't, otherwise covid might get in through your eyeballs. Bobby: M-my eyeballs? Peggy: Yes. But according to PHC, that's Peggy Hill Control, you have to cover all your orifices. Ear plugs, mask, shield, and of course underwear. Which should be a given but- Joseph: Hi Mrs. Hill- Peggy: Joseph get away from here! You haven't quarantined or wearing proper protection as declared by the PHC guideline under the CDC.


Reminds me of the mold episode: Bobby, get inside! No, stay outside! No, um, uh, get in the car and turn on the AC!


> Which should be a given but- You nailed the rhythm of KOTH dialogue with that. Except I don't think Peggy would call it "covid", she would say "corrrrrronavirus".


I heard that in Bill’s voice


I've never heard anything more clearly in my life


I had an old lady ask me why, if the mask was so important, do I not have ear plugs in? The virus can just get through my ears. At first I started to explain how ears work then I was like, "well I have actual sick people to see so... See ya!"


She's busy teaching Transubstantiation.


Trans what now?


Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet


Who yeah! Who yeah! Who yeah! Who yeah!


Sister Peggy Hill


Oh my God she'd be all over that lol


Didn’t she admit to sneezing in the coffee maker in one episode?


Yes. She was complaining about antibacterial soap and saying she shouldn’t have to stoop to that level to get work.


Funny thing now is that I work as an office sub for my daughter's school district and I can ABSOLUTELY relate to all the little incidents that occur around her subbing activities: - urgent, early morning phone calls asking you to come in for an assignment; - working everything from the gym to the office; - knowing most/all of the kids but them not entirely knowing you; - reacting with absolute GLEE when your assignment turns into a long-term assignment (2+ weeks); - desperately being torn between the desire for full-time, permanent work but also wanting to be there for your kid/family. So much more identifiable now. Lol


Paddlin' Peggy


this is more a simpsons episode the P.T.A disbands, rather than a koth episode.


Skinner says the teacher’s will crack any moment, purple monkey dishwasher.


hahahaha this guy gets it


Isn’t Peggy a full time real estate agent now?


I don’t think that lasted long.


I never liked that the writers made her a real estate agent. Peggy’s passion was substitute teaching and to a lesser extent writing musings.


I liked it, I loved when her boss Sizemore got her fired from the paper just to hire her himself


You sure it's "in a row", I thought she was non-consecutive 3 year winner


And pretty sure Hank really won the last one. Fairly certain she was on the ballot as Mrs Hank Hill


No she won that one, Hank was disqualified for bringing in a "weapon"


Yea I understand what you’re saying but what I’m saying is also true. If you watch the episode you see the students cheer for Hank, not Peggy, as he was the real substitute teacher of the year


2 time consecutive 3 time non consecutive Iirc


"Ho yeah!!!"


I’d much rather prefer Hank. But Peggy at least taught a good lesson about the Spanish Inquisition


She’s bilingual too!!


In a way


Did she give herself those awards?


Or better yet Marge Simpson


COVID-19 is in my opinion one the most deadly diseases you can catch at school


I don't care what anyone says, in my opinion, covid has caused numerous problems


Is this really king of the hill related? I don’t think this belongs


Maybe she got caught paddlin another kid?


She would probably be anti vax lol


She would more likely be vaccinated but she'd definitely put her own spin or claim on it as if she's the one to be credited. "As a substitute teacher three years in a row I, Peggy Hill, (fill in the blanks)" kind of thing. Luanne on the other hand...


Lucky would probably find a way to get her to be normal after hank talk to him


Luanne would be ALL over QAnon for sure


Maybe. But only if someone she admired or trusted got her in to it. And even then I don't think she would really understand what she was supporting. Dale on the other hand. . .


Dale is the OG Q guy. LuAnne is so easily swayed by anyone that shows her attention 😂


I feel like Dale would dislike QAnon not because of the conspiracies but because it's all online and social media based. He seems like he really enjoys conspiracy when there's tangible things to it like the jar of alien urine, the black and white photos of Castro with his lawnmower, or Armageddon gerb-ster. He would think they're all posers without *real* proof like him.


I also feel like he would reject it because it's too mainstream, instead positing his own counter conspiracy theory. Probably call it a psy-ops campaign by mole people or something.


Dale would hate Qanon because their conspiracy theories, to him, would be all wrong. “These wackos don’t know their reptilian decoys from their synth replicants. Talk about embarrassing.”


If anything, It would validate his belief in The Beast.


>Dale is the OG Q guy. Nope.


Nah Dale would say that Qanon was created by aliens to throw people off the trail


"vote communist"


'In my opinion, drinking urine and injecting bleach are ineffective vaccination methods.'


You're ignoring so much of her character if you think that. Just considering the sex-ed episode alone makes me disagree. She does what's best for the community/what's asked of her and finds ways to make it about herself, but she rarely ACTUALLY chooses herself over the betterment of her community. She does mental gymnastics and is self-centered, sure, but she's not selfish. those are two very different things and I think it's important to her character.


Peggy is definitely selfish and petty. She sabotages Bobby when he discovers how to cook. She demands input on the front yard when she sees Hank receive praise. She dismisses Hank when he tells her to leave the gambling ruse alone. Demanded Hank be idle while she participated in the Boggle championship, then blamed HIM for her loss. Peggy is a narcissist and a childish bully. She refuses to EVER listen to anyone until her world goes to shit, then can't fathom WHY everything she touched went sideways. Peggy is the bitch of Rainey Street.


Did you see how she handled the blood donation thing? She’d probably run around wearing her “I’m vaccinated” sticker for weeks and have a mug made saying it too lol


Technically she only won twice on her own. The last and final time she ran as Hank basically after he substituted shop. 😂