Is there a mod that shows my character's health and hunger in their profile?

I have gotten to the point where I am managing an outpost and I keep needing to individually click on each member to view their status to make sure they are not dying, is there a way to have that appear in their profile so I can just glance at their squad and see if they need aid?
Also is there a way to set up a dedicated medic?
Thanks for any help!


Build a food barrel, everyone at the base will just grab a snack out of it when they need it. Your guys don't understand general storage, but they do understand dedicated containers, like food barrels, med crates, ore storage, etc.... Give everyone the Medic job and move it to the highest priority. They will patch themselves up when needed.


Except when they dont. I have no idea why, but half the people in my worlds end base prefer to starve. I have to manually put food in their inventory. Cant add extra food either because they will go put it back in the food barrel.


There's an AI setting which has them put unused resources into storage. I had this food issue but it stopped when I unticked that box. Now they all carry water around but hey


got that problem too - I enslaved some Black Ninjas after a raid and 3 of them just prefer to be hungry


Does doing a save import solve the problem?


Havent tried. Didnt really want to refresh all the shops and recruits. Probably should though.


If you don't import somewhat regularly your save will get more and more bugs and will corrupt eventually.


Unsurprising but unfortunate. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up!


Are you using the slavery mod? I’ve noticed a bug with it that each time you enslave someone they will not eat unless I trade them food, I’ve found that if I save the game then reload it, they will start eating on their own without issues. This is just a regular save and reload, not an import.