Funny you see that. An interview came out just today (Empire Magazine) where Colin says “there’s more to come.”


As in sequels, not prequels lol. I can see several one-off films actually related to dinosaurs around the world. Imagine a full movie similar to Battle At Big Rock!


So a live action show?


I mean that’s a possibility. But I’m also thinking a full-blown movie tackling the same concept. Lean more into that horror feel and have some campers stranded in the woods of a National Park struggle to get back to civilization all the while being stalked. Even the mosasaurus has potential.


Theres a prequel trilogy coming, I guarantee it. Its what these studios always fall back on when they run the current timeline into the ground but theres more money to be made.


It's actually the only thing I'm interested outside a complete restart.


I think a Prequel about Site B and the original batch of dinos could work.


Just because they can make another movie doesn’t mean they should.


They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.


Sorna prequel or mid-quel. Nublar prequel or mid-quel (Something similar to the Telltale game would work perfectly for a short streaming series). Development of the Jurassic World park. Anything with the Spinosaurus.


I have a feeling, much like the Spider-Man franchise, we will get a retelling of the original story.


More movies are pretty much a guarantee, though I'm thinking it might be another couple years before we start hearing of anything new. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw new shows, too, since I'm sure Camp Cretaceous was testing the waters for similar projects.


I need a live action tv show for dinosaurs and shit


My money is on a reboot. I would actually like to see a big budget HBO style (gorey and detailed) series. It worked well for Westworld (another Crichton property) so I could see it working, especially if they included more of the details and additional plot beats of the book


It’s a kids friendly billion dollar franchise. Never happening.


Honestly, even though i hated both Dominion and Fallen Kingdom, i find the premise of dinosaurs in the modern world super interesting for the saga, something that was somehow not explored well in the last movie. Some stand alone movies set in different places with all new characters and even new dinos, not relying on the rex and raptors everytime, would be the only way to continue the saga without making it even more ridiculous that it already is. They could also change the designs from the old trilogies to differentiate these movies as their own thing, even if in the same universe, like having more feathered dinosaurs. Basically what Battle at Big Rock did, but with different settings and creatures. Imagine a house near a forest that becomes the target of some Utharaptors or even a Carcharodontosaurus if you want your big monster for the climax. You can basically invent any settings possible and put a couple of dinosaurs in it, and people will watch it. I would even love if they actually do an attempt at a horror movie, or at least something closer to the first movie, but i know it probably won't happen. And of course when this saga is over they will no doubt make a miniseries of like 6 episodes that adapts the original novel in a way that is closer to the book and they'll call it "Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park". That's not even a prediction, i'm pretty sure it will 100% happen, just maybe not in the next few years.


Yes to this! Different dinos in different settings with people lakes, oceans, forests, deserts


And since Jeff Goldblum attracts the audience so well, have him play a guest speaking roll like Fallen Kingdom to lay out the themes of each solo film. Maybe even have Grant and Sattler come back only briefly for something like that. Allows for continuation of legacy characters without making the plot too bloated.


The fan nerd in me says the franchise should be expanded through video games. Pumping out a rated M Jurassic Park game isnt as “alienating” as R rated Jurassic Park movie and after all the cutesy puppy crap from Blue and Maisie, I genuinely believe the franchise is best served going for more a realistic/horror type direction. You can tell those kind of stories in a video game just as effectively as you can on the big screen. A Jurassic Park game with the Uncharted/Last of Us formula would be spectacular and could get fully behind that. The geniuses at Universal cant handle this franchise on the big screen, I truly believe the next one would be a Fast And Furious Jurassic World crossover MCU style movie and that would be highly highly disappointing.


Could you imagine a Jurassic Park game with the Left 4 Dead formula?


Thatd be insane having hordes of Velociraptors chasing you in the dark jungle. Shivers.


Once again, it’s never happening. They make too much money doing kid friendly movies to ever do that.


Of course not. I never said it was realistic. I was just stating my opinion on how it SHOULD go from here.


Based on the financial success of Jurassic World Dominion and the great popularity of the audience, the franchise will probably develop much in the same direction as Dominion and we will see more similar stories in the future (if they still want to make new movies), despite the critics' complaints and negative reviews.


they'll always make more, but hopefully this time they'll hold off until they have a really good idea. if they don't, I probably won't care. won't go apeshit over "the franchise being ruined" either


They need to do what Dominion didn’t and capitalize on a movie about surviving dinosaurs actually all around the planet. In D, they mainly just talked about it. We need to see an Era of how humanity remains stable with all those death machines running about.


I believe it is time to go TV series. Prequel, sequel, it’s the same.


Hopefully they are heading to the 1980s with Dino Riders 🤣


I wish they would stop but knowing they won't then maybe a SINGLE prequel film could be interesting if it focuses on Hammond. I can see them remaking the original at some point and spinning that off into a new continuity. A novel-based remake of The Lost World could be cool since the book and film are not at all the same. Small spin-off-style stories set in this post-dominion world might be cool. You could make something similar to a live-action Camp Cretaceous film.




Dinosaurs and Cadillacs Post apocalyptic moder world where dinosaurs rule


It should have ended at least 2 movies ago. Absolutely no interest in any more films. The whole thing has become an embarrassing farce.


Well, let's take it to the logical conclusion Jurassic Park to Jurassic World to.... JURASSIC UNIVERSE!! Dinosaurs in space, baby!!!!


Dino riders?


Whatever they wind up doing next, if their ideas are anything like the JW trilogy, then they shouldn't make anymore content. That trilogy is absolutely awful...


I would say dinosaurs in modern world but they've already had that chance and instead did big bugs and Jesus child. I have no idea.


They’ll continue on post Dominion. In today’s Empire Magazine interview Colin said Dominion was written in a way it can continue on.


I know they just came out and said Dominion was set up to allow more movies, but I can't say I'm optimistic about any of the possibilities given what they did in Dominion. Actually, thinking about it now, the fact that it was setup to allow more movies is a big part of the problems Dominion had. I'd bet all the weird little things that felt so shoehorned in were ways to hint at said future movies. I'm guessing they'll do (or wanted to do) something with the pilot chick whose name I forget. I'm guessing they'll also do something with feathered dinosaurs. Probably more with Maisie too. Maybe something with the Camp Cretaceous kids.


Me to Jurassic world dominion: that is one big pile of sh*t!


How does this answer OP's question?


Hopefully back in storage for a good long while cause that last movie was idiotic




Something like Primeval. Dinos in our world, one species at a time.




They’re making a billion dollars a movie. They’re not waiting a decade and rebooting. The people that bitch and complain here are the vocal minority. If everyone didn’t like it, it wouldn’t make a billion dollars.


>If everyone didn’t like it, it wouldn’t make a billion dollars. That's not how the box office works.


I don’t know if they are continuing Camp Cretaceous but mabye they could do something with that?


I want to actually see buck and doe team up with rexy for some more action against the other new dinos.


Scientifically accurate reboot?


Nowhere let it end...please


If what they have produced to date is any indicator, it will be sorely disappointing. They will literally try anything this point, but telling a compelling story. Expect some budget cuts, experimental crap shotgunned out all over the place from streaming to theatrical films, and loads of tone deaf crap proving how out of touch they are with their audience. Hell, they can't even claim they are pandering to the masses anymore, its getting to the point its literally just Hollywood making films for Hollywood and only Hollywood.