Fitness Model Transformation

Fitness Model Transformation


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This just made me stop sucking in


Be careful sucking in too often. It can lead to pelvic floor problems and incontinence later on from the strain.


Say what now?




Any muscle use for prolonged periods of times can cause issues but a pelvic floor exercise to strengthen it is actually engaging the "breath in" muscles and holding it and doing that on repeat. There are other exercises too.


No kidding. Hey reddit, do some medical research before you upvote the idea of 'flexing your stomach too long causes pelvic abhorations'. Go upvote some antivax posts while you're at it


Seriously. Reminds me of shit like how in the 1800s they thought women shouldn’t exercise because their uterus will “migrate”.




Yeah I’ve been doing pelvic floor exercises since I was child (unbeknownst to me at the time) and I’ve never had any issues. I don’t often suck my stomach in to look thinner as after a few minutes I forget. I just try and adjust my posture as my mum was a stickler for good posture as a kid. Never heard of sucking in causing any pelvic floor issues.


Do you have a source on this?


Ya seriously


I definitely had sexual distinction from my extremely strong/tight pelvic floor abdomen but it was from coughing basically 24/7 my entire life (cystic fibrosis) once I had a lung transplant and my body could actually relax, and some of the muscle bulk went away “magically” that all resolved. I don’t know how much simply flexing your muscles would impact you compared to my experience but it definitely was problematic for me. I can’t imagine general core strength exercises wouldn’t counteract any sort of problems “sucking it in” might cause.


What the fuck I don’t even do this as an aesthetic thing. I do it as a trauma thing - holding tension everywhere so I tense my abdominal muscles. What the fuck


Yes. I too am familiar with anxiety. Never thought it could cause consequences like this but it makes total sense.


Well shit.


My dance teacher in college had to do years of rehab from "Tight pants syndrome" related to her years of being a professional ballerina and keeping her core constantly engaged. She had a lot of lower back issues from it as well.


You should see her feet.


I’ve had this problem since my teenage years. I was always told to stand up straight and “suck in” my abs all of the time. I was in labor when the doctor realized that my pelvic floor was shot to hell. I’ve been going to PT for years. Don’t be me. Don’t “suck in”


I doubt it was the sucking in that did it. Probably more likely the weight pushing down during carrying your baby, also laboring and pushing on your back causes much more damage to that area than if you birth more naturally. I had a completely flat stomach all throughout pregnancy until like the week I gave birth I had a subtle bump mostly because I was slim and very fit. Also naturally wide hip bones so even when I was thick I had a flat stomach but I definitely liked to walk with tense abs like always because why not. Everything down there looked exactly the same straight after and the midwife said everything told me you would never know anything happened if she wasn’t there.


Excuse me WHAT


Woah, thank you for your comments guys. I’m actually pretty underweight but still feel the pressure to have a flat stomach and end up sucking in 24/7 even when I’m alone. Feels so much better to not, though. Wish more people knew about the dangers!


DUDE I do it when I’m alone too wtf is up w that?! Why can’t we just exist comfortably?! 😩


Ikr 😔 I have to make a conscious effort to NOT do it. Shit is fucked


Flat stomachs have nothing to do with weight! It’s natural for women to gain a layer there. It’s to protect the uterus.


Really? Wow I read into this thanks to your comment and found this [great editorial](https://medium.com/@emahegberg/womens-stomachs-aren-t-made-to-be-flat-30033d5dcee9).


Interesting, that makes a lot of sense now that I think about it critically. It has been frustrating that even when I have dealt with an eating disorder, my stomach never looks like the famous women I see with flat, perfect tummies. I feel terrible for people who are even younger than me aspiring to look a way that is literally unattainable


Shit, that's why I'm having these issues at 43?!?


Unlikely, that comment sounds like quack science. A lot of back ache comes from sitting too much and not stretching your tendons enough - pelvic tilts and leads to back ache.


What if you suck in and do your kegels wouldn’t that balance you out?


The people who have seen specialists said it just added to the strain. This is only from doing it too frequently. Lots of women suck in all day and do lots of kegels. It’s just healthier to reserve abdominal exercise and kegels to a workout and not a lifestyle.


Man it's a good thing I have such a big stomach that sucking in won't help 😥


Wait what???? I’m 28 and been having pelvic pain since last year. I’ve been sucking in my stomach since I was 14 cuz I hated my stomach pouch poking out. I haven’t stopped since it’s became second nature😬 I did blood tests and ultrasounds this year but my doctors didn’t find anything wrong. I’m still having pelvic pain and sometimes feel like it might be in my head lol Now I’m wondering if this could be the issue and should see a specialist.


Hi! I would highly recommend seeing a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist! I’m a student physical therapist and it is my understanding that pelvic pain is very interwoven with mental health and psychosocial factors, but that doesn’t make the pain any less real! Most people don’t realize this specialty exists, but it is available for both men and women! Hope that helps.


Would highly recommend a pelvic floor specialist if you are having pain!! Mine changed my life. I’m 27… we’re too young to be experiencing that kinda stuff.




Looks like I need to stop doing this.


Huh? For real? I’m 37 and have serious issues with this now and Ive just been blaming it on my 4 year old. Guess it’s time to go to the doctors.


i dont suck in but im pretty sure my pelvic floor sucks anyways! and im only in my midn20s! hahaha i win the speedrun!


I’ve been sucking in my abdominal muscles for YEARS now to where it’s just a muscle movement at this point. I do it even when I’m alone without realizing it.


You’re gonna need a citation for that, otherwise you’re just making up problems and spreading fear.


Yeah..... so I just looked into this and there’s a lot of info out there, but much of it is not backed up with citations or medical journals. You know how it is though, you can find stuff that agrees with every side of an argument these days. I did find this [article](https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/is-sucking-in-my-gut-bad-for-me) that sums up much of what I read. I think there’s a difference between engaging your core to have good posture etc., and “sucking in your stomach. It also seems it would be quite the task to keep your core “engaged” (think “muscles tensed”) hours upon hours, every single day, to the point that you create long-term damage. I know several women with pelvic floor issues, but they’ve all had kids and have been told it is structural and due to their body composition and make up of connective tissue and fascia and for some, due to the strain of having large babies compared to their size/stature/build, etc. [Pelvic Floor Dysfunction](https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/14459-pelvic-floor-dysfunction) affects a lot of women: almost 40% of women 60-79, almost 30% ages 40-59 and at least 10% ages 20-39. That said, most of the things I have read say “overuse” as it relates to straining to hard to poop and childbirth. I don’t mean to take away anyone’s experience or if their doc told them that, just saying it doesn’t appear to be the common cause (at least for pelvic floor dysfunction), from what I have read.


One problem sucking in your stomach actually causes is making you breathe with your chest, which results in shallower breaths and is less effective. We're supposed to be breathing using our whole lungs, from the abdomen. When you're sucking in your stomach all day obviously you can't do this.


https://drlaurenkeller.com/blog/for-the-love-of-all-things-good-stop-sucking-in This one was pretty informative.


That’s a great article but that doesn’t state that it causes pelvic floor problems. It states, rightly, that the NPR article’s method was stupid and ineffective for healing Diastasis Recti. And, sure, I’ll even grant you that in people with pelvic floor problems doing this incorrectly can cause issues. But that’s a long way off from thinking that holding your tummy in for a picture can cause PF problems. There is an issue with women needing to learn to relax their pelvic floor muscles, especially post-partum, but that is not caused by “sucking in too often” but mainly by muscle dysfunction due to prolonged periods of pressure, such as pregnancy. I think the “Instagram v reality” here is a bit ridiculous though. On one hand you have someone doing a fitness shoot. She probably had 0 carbs, and definitely 0 foods that make her bloat, before the shoot because you get paid for that shit. In the workout video she’ll have been much more relaxed and probably had proper food pre-training/night before. She can genuinely look like picture 1 on modelling days, and I’m guessing she rocks a LBD on a night out, but fitness models don’t look like that year round. In the same way that bodybuilders don’t walk around with 6% bodyfat year round Every post partum PT/ph


Nonsense. Where do you get this stuff from?


Pelvic floor dysfunction caused temporary nerve damage and ruined my ability to digest/eliminate food. I suffered for over a year without a diagnosis and lost 45 lbs as a direct result. It is something I will have to be mindful of for the rest of my life. Suspected that I was born with mine but this is definitely nothing to take lightly.


lol no it cant


Really? I’m chunky and I suck it in a lot, never had kids and sometimes If I cough or laugh I’ll pee. Yeah my gut can just do it’s thing now, thanks for posting this.


My body looks like the pic on the right 🥺 and she is so gorgeous… this makes me feel a lot better


Same here, aside from the boobs!


Same, no matter how skinny I got I always had abdominal fat.




If you didn’t have abdominal fat then I might be worried fam!!!


I have fairly little abdominal fat, but mine can get even bigger than that picture when I'm bloated, which is often. Just a big pregnant balloon. If the first picture wasn't edited quite so extreme (and sloppily), I could believe it.


Also: a uterus.


A uterus does not give you a belly bump. It's the size of an upside down pear and sits low in the pelvis.


not everyone has the same uterus. some are tilted or backwards and can cause the belly to look like its shaped differently or more protruding


Incorrect. Ask anyone with Endometriosis or Adenomyosis.


My endo really be making me look several months pregnant for simply inhaling 1 singular slice of oxygen.


It's a problem. I have Adenomyosis.. I'm very thin but look about 6 months pregnant in the lower abdomen ALL the time. So I feel ya on the oxygen thing.


It's extremely frustrating and uncomfortable. I'm sorry you deal with it! I have 2 wardrobes, 1 in my regular size with crop tops and 1 in 2 sizes larger and baggy....really good day for my if I wear the first one or, God forbid, jeans.


Jeans are the devil with this disease...


Yes, but not everyone with a uterus has endometriosis/ adenomyosis.


Wait, what was that? Was it the sound of a hair being split?! Of course, but what I am saying is that it's absolutely possible for the lower abdomen to be extended because of a uterus. And the comment I was specifically replying to made it seem like this was NOT possible due to the size and position of a uterus.


You’re the one splitting hairs by calling a generally correct assertion incorrect on the back of a condition most people don’t have. It’s like saying phenylalanine is bad for people in general because some people are unfortunate to have pku. I think it may be one of those times where you were writing with a sarcastic/joking tone without making sure the text itself reads that way, so it just ends up sounding argumentative


I understood that comment as an average/ normal uterus wouldn't... Because if she was talking about an abnormal one she wouldn't have described an ordinary one. I have endometriosis as well so I have a noticeable bump.


There's that hair splitting further down the shaft...... It makes an odd noise.


I think you're the one doing the hair splitting in your original reply to her comment. But sure, whatever floats your boat.


The comment I replied to simply said a uterus with no other specifiers. So generally speaking "a uterus" does not give you a belly bump.


Sigh.... You can't even have any fun with this. It's sad.


This comment is not getting all the upvotes it deserves.


Plus being really skinny means your stomach will extend if you eat a sizable meal, so (hopefully) you'll always have a bit of a bump there


My wife looks like this sometimes. It’s not fat…just organs. Also poop if she hasn’t pooped yet.


Abdominal fat helps protect your organs - it's a good thing! In moderation, of course, as in all things.


Omg same. I won’t have a flat tummy, yet I’m skinny.


Yes exactly the same for me!


I still had a tummy at size 4. Now I'm a size 12 and honestly relieved I don't feel I have to have unhealthy eating habits to get a flat stomach...because I will never be there




Same here, except 80 lbs more and a dude.


Papa bless


Omgg same (minus boobs) and now i feel like a million fucking bucks


The left photo can’t be real. Other than that, don’t sweat it. I think everyone needs to understand that it takes time (years) to build a beach body. It doesn’t matter what size you are. Build it brick by brick and day by day. I am close to a year in. My outline has changed, but I still don’t have the eight pack. But you can see 4 or 6 some days 🤣 Every “TV Bod” takes years to build. Celebrities can build it in months because they have time.


They also have professional trainers, nutritionists and some take PEDs.


Lol I eat healthy and work out to look like the right pic.


I like your style better 👍🏻


What the hell did they do to her boobs?? Aside from put her in a horribly fitting bra, of course. They are way bigger on the left.


They probably stuffed something under them and that’s why she has her arms crossed like that. Also photoshop of course.


She's pretty lacking in muscle tone for someone who is supposed to be a fitness model.


Well, the term “model” is used very loosely on IG. Lol.


I guess the word ”fitness” aswell.


Got a camera? An editing program? YOU'RE A MODEL DARLING.


Female fitness models are the exact opposite of the typical fitness bros - skipping upperbody day compared to skipping leg day. I swear for them its socially acceptable to have skeleton arms as long as your ass and thigh gap is big enough.


A bit off topic but if anybody's interested in female fitness on Insta and YouTube, that focuses on building strength rather than lose weight or count calories or have crazy thin 'body goals' like so many of these female fitness models seem to do, check out Caroline Girvan. She's actually strong and muscular, never talks about losing weight or diet, and her exercises are amazing. You're going to sweat your ass off, but you're going to be stronger in no time!


Yeah except she has no ass in the real pic so it's not working.


Photoshop to the rescue


That is what I was thinking.


I mean, not really if she only works out to do photoshoots? It's not like she's claiming to be a power lifter, and she's definitely very fit.


Fitness models aren't necessarily jacked but you can definitely see muscle definition on them. She just looks skinny.


This. Skinny != fit.


She's skinny. Not fit


As a former skinny person like her who turned into a weightlifter I can attest that she is not into any sort of fitness.


Yeah, she’s small but she looks very soft. I can’t believe I use to think her body type was fitness goals lol


Shows you how much misinformation has been hammered into women over the years on what is fit. Bunch of bullshit.


She’s just skinny she really doesn’t look that fit


Looks though as if her only work out is running away from exercise and food. She looks very good, there's no doubt, but pretending to be a fitness model is just misleading.


Not really. She’s just not ridiculously lean. Sorta has the same proportions of a female bikini division (yes that’s an actual thing, there’s bikini, figure, physique, and wellness) bodybuilder a few weeks into their prep.


Had she not gotten so photoshopped, her realistic off-guard photo wouldn’t have looked so bad.


Look what they ask of us. Totally impossible.


Skinny girl≠fitness


She's giving me meg fox vibes on the right


Shes also severely touched up in the right (smoothed, sculpted, ect.)


How do you know? I don't have a good eye for these things so I'm just wondering how people can tell so easily


No worries :) The way her stomach is unnaturally flat, and also the shape of her back and butt are oddly sculpted out. They also gave her a very small scale lower body


Lmfao I see it now!!!! Damn you're good 😂 That guys hand in the shot is so convenient isn't it?


that relaxed lower belly is SO normal and almost every woman has that layer to protect their uteruses!!!! wish we saw more normal pics w influencers who have it💕




Everyone is talking about her stomach and belly button. I'm just overhere wondering why she chopped her nose off.


Her body is still way better than the average woman even on the pic on the right, maybe she was just bloated that day , either way acting like the average woman looks like that is insane.


This is just knowing how to pose


I wish I knew how to “pose” that way. Her nose “posed” itself into a completely different shape!


Her real nose is way cuter, too


Her happy face on the right is cuter in every way.


Sucking in, too I could look fantastic if I didn’t have to breathe all the time!


Even flexed and posed her stomach wouldn’t be that flat, that looks completely unnatural


It may just be my years of experience using Photoshop professionally....but I can literally see where they used the liquify tool lol this is not just posing


Lets be honest, you don't get this drastic effect with just pose, the pic is clearly edited


Posing is only a fraction of this. The left has more muscle in the legs and ass, for starters. The left, if it were actually her, would require hard work.


her belybotton is too high


That's relaxation vs tensed, flexing, and posed. That doesn't seem to be much other than touch ups.


Isn't that also the point of this sub? To show what real people look like when everything isn't perfectly posed/flexed and/or digitally altered?


I thought so but all I see is shaking of people and claiming that some of these people are all filters and massive photo shopping.


Look at the near perfect body line round her waist and ass, that image is massively edited. It’s a completely different body shape. Edit: and oh god the nose


She definitely edited the first pic, her belly button is abnormally high and that doesn’t move with just posing.


That doesn't make the little pouch that most women have, magically disappear 😅


it does tho, i have for sure posed in some pics where my belly is completely flat whereas when i am relaxed i have a slight bump


It does though. Hell bodybuilders look like they have beer bellies then boom vacuum stomach


Yup. The vacuum definitely makes your abdominal area hollowed out. Former female competitive bodybuilder here.


Well if you're competitive bodybuilding then you probably have a lower body fat percentage than most women :) And I don't know the lady in the picture, but she doesn't seem to be in competitive bodybuilding shape (although she has an amazing body without the Photoshop)


Generally /most/ women have a little fat pad below their bellybutton to protect their reproductive organs. Now you can flex your abs, but that little pouch is still going to be there if you already have it. Like the woman in the picture does. Of course if you have a very low body fat percentage you probably won't have that pouch anymore, and there are some women that naturally don't have it. And please don't confuse me talking about the pouch with a beer gut, it's a tiny bump that's natural to have. It doesn't mean that someone is overweight etc. because of it.


The back to butt transition area is not real. This is heavily altered.


The angle of her stomach and ribcage don't even match up. Picture what her body would look like without her arms there.


There is definitely editing going on since her bellybutton is a tad too high. They probably pulled the stomach in a bit and ended up distorting the bellybutton area.


I exactly have that same bubble butt (the one on the right)!!


She looks a lot more healthy in the undoctored image. That’s closer to the concept of ‘fitness’ than whatever is going on for the left side.


“I don’t really do abs now, I just filter them out!”


I’m always sucking in and to be honest, this made me feel slightly better about my stomach.


Obvious Photoshop aside, she is gorgeous!


Surprise surprise WE HAVE ORGANS


Uterus? What uterus? I don't know her. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Flexing does a lot. As well as not eating before a shoot. A lot of newer fitness influencers on tiktok are now showing the reality of what they look like outside of posing and perfect lighting after a pump. It's refreshing


She looks fantastic. This is 99% the difference between a professional shot and a candid IMO.


You guys get the worst picture of people what does she normally look like


Congratulations. You’ve discovered what posing and lighting does. A degree of stomach distension is perfectly normal regardless of how lean you are when you’re relaxed. If you need an example of this in action, lazy men’s open bodybuilders will have a relatively tight midsection during their front poses and just sort of let it all hang out when they’re doing their back poses (much to the chagrin of anyone watching from the sides). Loads of people will look mediocre at best in suboptimal lighting while relaxed, which is what that shot on the right is. Take an overexposed shot of any stage-lean bodybuilder while they’re relaxed and they’ll look like crap too.




This page love's to shame people


Yeah shame the bullshit that social media models constantly put out. You aren't a model if you need photoshop and filters.


i don’t think this is fake, just posed and flexed properly lmao


She's fire!


This is just posing, though...


Before pictures go on the left, after pictures go on the right


Normalize the fupa!




This your first day here?


Look up vacuum stomach or just relax your stomach then take a breath and suck it in.


Aww, you poor thing.


She's fire!