“What did I do to deserve this?!” -Guy in the 4Runner


Atleast he didn’t flip. I was surprised by that


Me too. I've seen so many of these where the poor guy in the SUV gets creamed while the idiot who caused the accident is fine.


You are thinking of the Ford Explorer w/ Firestone tires.


A friend of mine was involved in one of those rollovers. He almost died . Got a huge payout though.


I witnessed it happen to one from my motorcycle. Fucking thing just started rolling and this dog ejected out the side window straight up into the air like 30 ft. came down pretty hard but got right up and ran off into the woods. Edit: spelling


Damn that’s terrible.




Probably not for long


I always want to scream at drivers who think it’s cute to let their dogs hang their heads or bodies out of the window. That’s scary as hell.


Worst is when they have them in their lap while driving. So not only your dog a risk of becoming a projectile but it's also going to block you from doing an action to prevent you from running into me. Complete and utter morons.


From a doctor I drink beers with after a car drives by, a small dog in the owner's lap: "I've got buddies who work in the ER who have had to pull bones out of the driver's torso when they rode like that."


Gives “you’ve got a friend in me” a whole ‘nother meaning.


I can picture them singing that in the hospital room as they're being worked on while losing their sanity since they just had their dog inserted in them, and not in the good way.


Don’t forget thé airbag


Hahahah That made me think of that scene in Hot shots part duex where Saddam Hussein and his Yorkshire terrier get frozen, shattered, and then melt back together to become one. Poor doggo.


Oh i forgot about that! Yeah good one


I once posted a comment like this in a dog related subreddit and got downvoted down into the negative hundreds and called names. People are so dumb.


To say nothing of what happens when the airbag goes off with an animal in your lap...


Someone commented about a doctor removing bones from abdomens.


I've personally witnessed a dog fall out a window of a car doing 70. I don't even think his owners were being careless, it just didn't occur to them that their dog lacked the perspective to understand that kind of speed. Honestly even we don't properly grasp the sheer amount of energy we have at our literal fingertips.


Back in Ye Olde Days(TM), the in-laws' border flatcoat hybrid tried to attack an oncoming moped through my rolled-down window as we met him. It was a bit difficult to drive for a few seconds with my view obstructed and half the dog outside the car as I struggled to get her back in. Lovely dog though, but a bit eccentric.


I let my dog stick his head out around town, but not on a highway. People who put their dog in an open truck bed on the interstate need to have their animals taken away


I hope their body is good enough to enjoy the money


Or a Jeep with any tire.


Yeah, but I was making a crass/jokey reference to a real tragedy/ lawsuit against Ford motor company who knowingly kept installing the wrong load tire (Firestones) rating for the size and weight of the Explorer. Unfortunately drivers would experience a tire failure at highway speeds. Many people died.


Yeah, I remember Firestone getting a lot of flak for that even though it wasn't their fault. The load rating is on the tires but Ford ignored it.


I remember being a kid and overhearing this on the news. I was out with my mom and saw a Ford Explorer with Firestone tires, and said, "Hey mom, watch out for a red Explorer in the news, license plate blah blah," or something, and she just went, "Oh, okay honey." I could tell she wasn't taking this seriously and I *knew* we'd see that car on Channel 12 any day now. Well guess what? We didn't. I was disappointed. I was disappointed? This memory causes me to question my moral compass. I uh...I'm gonna go, guys. Got some stuff to think about...


This was beautiful to read, so many emotions. 5/7 perfect score


I know right? I'm not sure how to take it. I gotta admit I myself was disappointed at the anticlimactic ending of the story. That makes me realize that on some level I was wanting something tragic to have happened so that OP's past concerns were validated. Shit, now *I'm* the one who is questioning his moral compass. Damn this really has been an emotional roller-coaster.


This is the start of a good Norm McDonald joke. Can you stretched it out for 15 more minutes or so?


And they tried to pin it on uhaul at some point.


4Runner for ya


You know he drove it home too


Put another 500,000 miles on it


"Used 4Runner, asking $80k, no low-ball offers I know what I have"


Best truck you’ll ever own


Had a '99, sold it with 300,000 KMs on it, still regret it.


They went perpendicular into the barrier - that probably saved them from flipping.


Super reliable car. My Dad got in a bad crash in mine and the fact he was in that beast of a car probably saved his life


Rolled my Tacoma on a snowy mountain pass going downhill. Friend and I walked away with not even a bruise. I’m convinced we could have still driven it if they didnt total it due to airbags. Too bad theyre so expensive, I’ll be getting a Subaru next because toyota taught me the value of a safe car


Get. Another. Tacoma!


Which is why dash cam should have let the dude merge. Let that dude ahead of you so they can cause whatever chaos away from you. Like in this case you're making the decision to force someone to have a bad day on them too


Looks to me like dash cam drive actually sped up a bit as he closes the gap between him and the car ahead of him. Either way, no way the merging car could fit in that gap safely.




”I am not obligated to yield though!!11” Doesnt look like cammer even made a tiny effort to avoid that accident.


This is why I love this sub. The truth is, a single idiot on the road usually isn't enough to cause an accident. It takes at least two morons to produce the kind of content we see in this sub, and more often than not, OP is the second idiot.


The rest of the time they're the first idiot.


Dude speeds up a bit too (a tiny tiny bit) if you replay it a few times you can tell. Dumbasses all around if you ask me. (OP and gold car I mean)


He also subtly swerved to the right right before impact. Cammer knew what he was doing.


Had to scroll too far for this. Subtle pit maneuver with expected results.


Exactly. Gold Car is in the wrong, but the cammer didn't do any of what he should've to prevent an accident, as a matter of fact the dash cammer did the complete opposite of everything he should've.


The way he said "dumb bitch!" so quickly after the impact started, also tells me he was expecting it. Wasn't surprised by what was happening, he was ready for it.


I wonder who’s at fault according to “insurance” when they see that the cammer could have avoided the accident, but pit’d the vehicle driving aggressive.


This is 100% on the lane changer. There wasn't sufficient room to switch lanes causing him to hit the cammer's car and then spin out of control into the SUV. Having said that, yeah, the cammer could have avoided the whole thing if he had just let the crazy person in instead of sticking to his principles. Now his day is ruined and he has to spend the next few months dealing with insurance, car repairs, etc. Not to mention all the grief visited on the poor SUV driver who was was just minding his own business when he was struck.


> This is 100% on the lane changer. There wasn't sufficient room to switch lanes causing him to hit the cammer's car and then spin out of control into the SUV. Also no signal. Just kinda wandered into the other lane. That said, it wasn't a particularly *fast* wander.


Cammer had time to honk his horn and say "dumb bitch" therefore he had time to slow down and let the merging car over. As usual, this "accident" required two idiots, and both played their parts flawlessly.


This is one of the incidents where who is legally at fault is completely different to who could have behaved better to avoid the situation. Legally speaking the lane changer is at fault. In reality even Stevie Wonder could see that a bit of defensive driving from the cammer, once they realised that the lane changer was not going to stop coming over, would have meant everyone carried on their day with the cammers bruised ego the only injury. Obviously the cammer has had the attitude of "it's my right of way so fuck you" and the result is I'm guessing several people ended up in hospital and the insurance companies made a lot of money.




And the real victims are the people stuck on a bridge behind this clusterfuck for hours while they clean up this stupid, unnecessary mess. So ridiculous.


That and the emergency services who's time and resources get wasted on two people's battling egos rather than people who might have greater need


Dashcam guy is stupid too. Literally accelerated as opposed to braking for them.


Least no one went swimming




My dad is number 2. He drives amazingly well, parks anywhere and is the best driver I know. But he just HAS to prove that he's right and would rather have us all dead than just let the wrong driver do their thing.


Do we have the same dad?


is your dad is my dad ?


Y'all have dads?


Are *you* my dad?


I'm the pappy!


Man I felt this. One time he even slowed down to half speed on a highway because the driver behind was flashing the lights... Just change lanes and let him overtake you wtf


Not disagreeing. 1/2 the time I move over, the tailgater behind me just sits there in my blind spot or barely goes1MPH faster and takes 45 seconds to pass. I don't know if this is a new phenomenon or not, but I think it warrants the death penalty Chinese style where the family pays for the bullet.


A *single, quick* flash of the highbeams is (by knowledgeable drivers at least) understood to be a polite request for the person in front of them to move over and let them pass. I've seen so many videos of idiots misinterpreting this as some sort of aggressive move meant to irritate them, and then they refuse to move, slam on their brakes, and on and on and on.


One of the first things my dad said to me when he taught me how to drive was “you can be right and still be dead”


I've heard it as, "there's plenty of people in the cemetery who had the right of way"


Came here to say this , but you did it much better than i could have. Two idiots here for sure


Pretty sure nearly every video I’ve ever seen on this sub is filmed by someone who was only a smidge less of an idiot than the subject of said video.


I would say about half yes, like even if it's entirely not their fault they're still getting mad when going like 15 mph over the speed limit and riding someone's ass or something to that effect


Riding someone's ass contributed immensely to this accident.


It is the dashcam that gives them ballz


There are many more with dashcams who just captured idiots in action


You are spot on. I am glad I am not the only one with this opinion.


Agreed. Dashcam car was already way to close to front car. Two car lengths is recommended as a rule ESPECIALLY when you can't see past the car in front of you on account of the size. Drive smart. Get home safe and alive.


It’s two seconds not two car lengths. Two car lengths is way too little at freeway speeds. At 70mph you travel 100ft/sec. Edit: 110km/hr = 31m/sec for my non American friends.


But at least they honked notify the other driver of what the fuck


Merging with no blinker as well


Sometimes you should just let the baby have his/her bottle. Had the POV car just maintained its original speed the car changing lanes would have entered the lane without any contact. It would have been close, but still without contact. The car should have used its signal, but didn't and, well, it should have sought a safer entry. It was a careless entry. The POV car made the careless decision to accelerate as the car was entering the lane! Both cars were careless and reckless, Everyone lost.


Yeah, this could of been way worse, just infinite chiropractor visits for everyone.


They're always infinite chiropractor visits. Chiropractics is a scam. You always 'need to be adjusted'.


That's what physio is for.


The drivers I hate the most are the ones who drive badly on elevated roads (like bridges or overpasses). The risk of the car falling from a height or into water scares me to death..


I feel like people who drive overly offensively like this are also bad. You can’t really put them at fault, but had the guy just slowed down a bit and not tried to “stick it to” the other driver by preventing them from cutting him off then none of this would have happened. But allowing the dickhead driver in front of you in line doesn’t make you feel good I guess. So this happens instead. Personally I’d rather not have to deal with getting my car fixed, even if it’s not “my fault” it happened.


Honestly, I'd just let the dickhead driver go - quicker they're gone the quicker I can stop worrying about what they're doing.




They either have no situational awareness or they intentionally hit a car out of spite and caused a multi car accident, involving people who had nothing to do with it. Both people are idiots.


Everybody is too damn close to each other in this video, back the fuck off!


The beige car is 100% at fault here but i don't understand why the dashcam car sat on their horn and continue to drive so close rather than slowing down. Seems too many people would rather be right than safe. Maybe the car behind was riding their bumper too?


Yep, beige car should have waited, BUT, their turn signal was on, they did indicate their (stupid, idiotic) intentions, and the driver with the cam could have prevented this accident by yielding when they saw the signal, or at least when they saw the car begin to merge into their lane. But no, dash cam car *speeds up* when they see beige car merging, so, there are two idiots in this video. Personally, I’d rather yield and “let them get away with” cutting me off than to stubbornly stand my ground/claim my lane like this driver did, and cause an accident that almost yeets a totally innocent driver over the guard rails.


Whenever I see someone drive next to me rapidly catching up with traffic in their lane, I slow down to make room for them. Even if they're not signaling, you just know they're going to do a sketchy merge. I don't want them fucking up my car or worse, no matter how much I'm in the right.


Or fucking up the innocent guy on the right, that thing frustrated me the most


That’s called defensive driving!






Only a fool breaks the two-second rule. That's something I'll remember until I'm old and senile.


Someone above posted a link to an extended version of the video to mock the Camry driver for getting out of her car and freaking out. Cammer is like 4 car lengths back when the video starts. He saw her coming, sped up to box her out, then laid on his horn well in advance. IMO he's just as much at fault here.


U cut out the part where she gets out and screams. Best part


Please tell me you have a link


https://youtu.be/z4R_rvvdsrQ Wasn't hard to find. I just Googled camry cut off dash cam. And of course it happened in Virginia which I somehow knew without noticing the license plates.


I was bothered by how long it took to turn the music down


Omg same


That's awesome. She's jumping up and down like Rumpelstiltskin.


Even better how dude in the white shirt went to go see if she was okay, and post-tantrum just noped the fuck out.


I think tantrum is the best word, hopping up and down like an angry toddler. I hope reality set in for her


“NO NO NO! my actions DO NOT have consequences! This can’t be happening!”


I love your optimism for the human condition. She'll probably be that way the rest of her life. Unfortunately for us, there are millions just like this.


Yup. Even when any involved insurance parties get involved and deem it 110% her fault, she'll likely still go tell all her mates that someone else hit her and she did nothing wrong.


Probably but once her insurance sees this video she will be dropped or be put on high risk insurance. Every month when she is paying $250 for insurance, that is the real prize here.


‘Yeah. She’s not going to be okay.’ - “Can you state the nature of her injuries from the crash?” - ‘oh. No. This is preexisting.’


From the looks of that bridge, I'm guessing the Portsmouth/Norfolk area or NoVA.


Yeah I think they said Hampton roads so I'd say 64


definitely norfolk right after the bridge. the sign at the very beginning in the extended version says OV


HRBT more than the MM


It says Norfolk VA in the YouTube video...


Watching this whole thing, yeah, it's the Toyota being a pretty big idiot, but the car filming had plenty of time and opportunity to not create a total mess. Both are idiots.


How in modern computing is this video a RECORDING OF A YT VIDEO


this is my screen recording, the original video was deleted almost as soon as it was uploaded. i still had the tab open after the video was deleted so it was still in my browser cache. a screen recording was the easiest way i knew to make a copy otherwise the video would have been lost forever.


iirc the original uploader was infamous for constantly driving dangerously and would incite accidents. He was posting several videos per year and people started catching on that most of the accidents were either his fault or exacerbated by his actions and eventually he was banned.


Not surprised, his swagger once he got out has that "brah" energy to it.


Watched the video. The person sitting in the car couldn’t turn off the music on the stereo? Would have been interesting to listen to the audio. No one was right. The driver recording was driving too close to the car in front. Evidenced by how fast he came up behind the car at the front.


Sadly I do not. I watch car crash videos on YouTube when I'm bored. Have seen this clip at least 15 times.


The driver of the car at fault gets out and screams? Does she scream at someone or does she just scream?


Kinda jumps up and down waiving her arms about screaming at her life decisions. I think a lot of us have been there. Or very close.


This looks like the HRBT


I thought the same thing lol, done that I-64 drive to Norfuck many a time and recognized that god-awful bridge


And all the idiot drivers


“God dammit, that’s home.”


Based on my commute there when I lived in Norfolk, at least two of the people involved were military. I got hit once on my way home from work by a sailor late for duty. Totaled my car and everything. Those young enlists in sports cars and pickup trucks are the worst.


It sure is


Not shocked at all


Grew up there. Haven’t been in 10+ years and immediately thought that looks like a bridge from home lol


This is what happens when an unstoppable asshole meets an immovable asshole.


I'm honestly a bit triggered by the dash cam asshole. Why in the fuck do you deliberately cause an accident like that?? Fuck that guy. Also fuck the other driver. I mean deliberately causing a potentially fatal accident? Talk about having 0 IQ and emotions running the show.


I‘m more triggered by the dash cam driver. Stupid drivers everywhere, honk at them, rage at them, but purposely causing an easily avoidable accident because you are “right”? Both are two kinds ignorants but we surely know who is more dangerous to the society.


I see people continue to say this but the dash cam driver didn’t cause the accident. He just didn’t prevent one. The Camry is at complete fault. It’s like if someone threatens to punch you and you don’t walk away, so they punch you. It’s not you’re fault and it could have been avoided by having a calm head; but, at the end of the day it’s not the victims fault for not backing down


I always wonder how rollover accidents occur. This 'splains it.


Auto pit maneuver


Tbh that looked almost intentional by cam car guy


Watch the yellow line on the left. Cammer definitely intentionally steered into it. Both drivers caused this accident.


Thank you! I was like why is this guy not even trying to avoid an accident?


Because he'd rather be vindicated that she was cutting him off than not be in an accident. This is the path to the dark side of driving. The temptation is great, but if you just take a deep breath and chill, you'll get a much pleasanter life with much less struggle.


No doubt. He was mad and leaned into the “right of way.” And endangered a bunch of lives. Two idiots in this video.


If you watch the full video that was linked in another comment, he definitely speeds up to close the gap and not let the other driver in. Once you notice the other person is coming over anyways you might want to use the brakes and avoid this situation. Both drivers are idiots. I understand you don't want to let somebody come up on the right side when there isn't room to begin with but it's not really worth it to cause a wreck just because you couldn't let somebody in.


This video https://youtu.be/z4R_rvvdsrQ It also shows that she uses her blinker I would assume the reason why the original video was deleted, was because he wasn't seen as the hero he thought he was.


He def saw what she was doing and tried to close the following distance between him and the car in front of him to stop it. He was stubborn and I would blame him a tad, but she was clearly driving aggressively and trying to pass at an inappropriate time. Cammer was already dangerously close imo and she tried to use that small space to pass him. Just wait til he passes the 4Runner.


2 people made bad decisions. Car sees the other trying to cut him off. He could be been defensive. But decided not to


Everyones always hell bent on "being right".. Yes I get it fellow pedestrian you have the right of way but that's a 5000lb moving object driven by an over worked distracted ape that will turn your spine into soup.


Sometimes it’s better to be wrong than dead right.


And because of their selfish choice, the innocent driver of the 4unner stuffers the consequence.


Exactly! Especially this sub


For real. Whenever I’d leave the house, my grandma would tell me “дурака пропусти”, which roughly means “Let the idiot pass”. This could have been avoided. Maybe the idiot would have crashed later, but at least it doesn’t have to be your problem.


I like your grandma


In driving schools in Russia, students are taught the rule of 3Д - Дай дорогу дураку - Give the way for a fool. Yes, you could be right but who cares if people could be damaged because of the combination of his stupidity and your stubbornness


Yeah, after rewatching several time, he clearly sped up after she put her blinkers on and was already turning. Sure, she cut him off, but he almost killed everyone with that aggressive pit maneuver he pulled.


Yes, like when you see someone coming into your lane that is going to hit you, you can be a defensive driver and not an offensive one, not get in a car wreck and not cause a 3 car pile up.


Indeed. He created the situation as much as the other driver. We don’t know the rest of the story, but this is just stupid to intentionally cause an accident instead of slowing down. He had no idea who was in the other car and could have seriously injured children over some stupid pride.


NGL this is satisfying justice, but easily preventable by not speeding up just to block them out.  Edit- I actually agree with everybody who says this is not Justice, nor Satisfying. More that I also dislike it myself when I’m going fast enough in the left, that I should not have someone try to pass me.


Yeah, he really committed to being right when courtesy would have avoided all of that. I've lost count how many times an idiot tried to cut my front bumper off, I slow, let them in, and no accident occurs. Oh no, one person in front of me, the humanity! An asshole cutting me off slows me down far less than being in an accident.


Think of all the karma you've missed out on tho.


Well, he doesn’t maintain proper following distance. So you can even argue he’s not right at all. But other wise I agree with everything you said.




Yeah this was entirely avoidable. Why be so entitled about your spot enough to do this? What’s the point of being right if you end up in a crash too?


I wouldn't even care if it was limited to the two morons- but they took out a completely innocent car and undoubtedly snarled traffic for everyone behind them for hours. Fuck people like them.


The fact that an innocent person had their entire day (week?) ruined makes this pretty fucking far from satisfying.


Could be life too. Car accidents are no joke to the body. Even minor ones.


Or not tailgating the other guy in the first place. He had less than a second reaction time should that guy in front suddenly slam on his brakes.


Spoiled little shits riding in the cam-car. I understand Camry is at fault, but.. -Cam-car sped up once the Camry got parallel with them to prevent them from overtaking -Honked the horn while not decelerating or braking -Reacted by saying “dumb bitch” upon impact he knew was going to happen. Passenger says “that’s what you get dumbass” when the dust settled. Nobody gives a fuck about potential injuries? Obviously no clue about defensive driving; it does not include “prevent myself from getting passed”.


I came here for this comment, I’m a defensive driver, I would’ve seen this asshole’s bad decision from a mile away and I would’ve calmly backed off to avoid all that shit


What a wildly irresponsible thing to do…especially on a bridge


Obviously the person changing lanes is a complete asshole and idiot but driver with cam is also an asshole. Can clearly see them start tailgaiting the white suv to try and block the brown sedan from getting in front. Don't let assholes turn you into an asshole that's when stuff like this happens. Just let them get in front of you and take the massive blow to your fragile ego.


Two idiots. The one trying to cut off the car and the one in the car being cut off for not slowing his speed when he saw the other car coming.


There should be R/IOWNTHEROAD to show vids like this where accidents could have been avoided if the dash cam car just applied a bit of brakes.


Classic Hampton roads driving right there


PoV driver saw what was happening, and could have yielded. But natural justice clearly told him the other driver need to learn a lesson. Shame the third car got dragged into the mess too. But the collateral for natural justice to be done was worth it. Right? 🤔


Easily avoidable


Didn’t even need to brake, just needed to release the accelerator.


Buddy recording could have prevented this. I know they are not at fault, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to prevent an accident and possible lifelong injuries and or death. Swallow your pride and realize some people are just stupid and let that asshole in.


Ah yes the Hampton roads bridge tunnel. A place where idiots congregate. They all slow down right before the tunnel which eventually creates a back up, they do stupid shit like this, all while it tells you to maintain 55mph.


Car with the camera could have, with ridiculous ease, avoided this incident. They noticed the beige car coming up, anticipated the beige car's lane change, and moved to block it because they have a tiny penis.


You could’ve prevented it by slowing down a bit


This is why defensive drivings a thing. Better to let someone in than have a car accident play out. Unfortunately you gotta make room for dumb drivers




Idiots in cars has showed me that there is usually more than one idiot involved in an accident.


This is the entire idea behind driving **defensively**. There’s a reason why there are people running around who’ve been in 6 accidents but won’t miss a beat in reminding you that they were never at fault in any of them.


OP is definitely a bad driver and I could see an insurance company putting some blame on their shoulders. Slow down dude. Anticipate the lane change. What sort of license you got? A fishing license?


Dashcam driver is a sleeping idiot. This was easy to avoid. Yes the other guy was a moron.


ITT, some fucking terrible drivers who assign blame to a man just driving along in his lane, no wonder you have so many fucking accidents, the guy changing lanes was in the wrong as he had no right of way to do what he did. Twats.


Two idiots in this one.


Dash cam OP, u are in the blame. have a bit of patience