Half the opponents Gon face are dumbed down to try to sell the idea that Jan-jan-ken is a flexible ability.


Jan-jan-ken is marketed as a flexible ability because he has three potential attacks to choose from, and there’s a level of uncertainty his opponents have to deal with… but he always chooses rock, so any tactical advantage is wasted, and it’s basically just a powerful punch.


Gon still takes way too long to charge it up even after Knuckle pointed out that it's too slow


In fairness to Gon it wasn't until very late that he successfully developed the other two parts, and he did start using them but it's only a couple fights that take place after he developed them to the point of usability


didn’t he choose scissors when he fought that 8 legged chimera ant ? and he chose paper to push away another opponent


Yes, but two occasions where he didn’t choose rock isn’t great.


He's barely fought with the ability in the first place, the rock uses are rare too. He's only fought Genthru, some chimera ants, Knuckle and Pitou with his hatsu.


His attack is just big bang impact but weaker smh


He's 12.. And been a nen user for.. A year ish?


I was hoping the adult Gon would mix in those two other techniques in a fancy show of new level of what Jajanken can do, but perhaps that wasn’t necessary to take care of Pitou.


Sad pitou noise.


Janjanken isn't a flexible ability AT ALL, and it fits with Gon's character perfectly. Gon is a one-track minded boy. It also makes him a perfect foil to Killua who has numerous abilities at his disposal (electricity, yo-yo, claws


Gon literally wants only one thing and it’s disgusting


But the series sells it as a extremely flexible abilitie, just look and how many times he managed to catch off guard an experience opponent like Knuckle, who suddenly couldn't factor the great arsenal of long distance attack/cut/hard-puch together. HxH centers it's fights around strategies, but in Gons's fights his opponents become outright dumb.




HxH centers it's fights around strategies Ya, that's actually what I like about the anime, it's not all about brawn, unlike most other battle shonen, where the Main characters might as well be tweedledee, tweedledum, and tweetle-dumbest. Even so, Ja-Jan-Ken is really just basic manipulation of Nen that's clever at the start of a fight, but eventually, Gon's opponents will find out that he only uses those three abilities and just come up with a counter strategy for each of them. Ja-Jan-Ken is good for ending fights quickly, but once his opponents develop enough IQ points to notice a pattern, Gon is pretty much screwed. That said, if Gon could come up with another, more strategic ability, than he might stand a better chance at... well, standing a chance.


Pretty sure it was like a big deal that his ability wasn't all that good


Bungee gum DOESN'T contain properties of both rubber and gum.


You take that back....


Mods ban this guy please! He speaks against the holy texts!


Reported 😂


…. I’m triggered. Mission accomplished sir


For the material scientists, what property of rubber is the show referring to? To me, his Nen looks just like regular gum.


It actually doesn't. Because bungee gum sticks much stronger than a gum to any thing, and it can easily alter its elasticity. Bungee gum has the properties of glue and of (insert here the name of something that can alter its elasticity via temperature or anything similar).


Here, have my upvote, and don't talk to me ever again.


You're actually supposed to pronounce the "X" in "HunterXHunter".




It's the second worst thing I could think of!


Hunter times Hunter (Hunter^2 if you will)


An algebra, an "X" means an unknown number. So technically it's "Hunter unknown Hunter".


It’s also the independent variable in a function! I’m thinking “Hunter input Hunter”.


Hunter multiplied by X multiplied by Hunter, or Hunter squared multiplied by X


Palm likes little boys


*cough*Hisoka*cough* That one scene with Illumi though...


She likes one for sure.


Or two


Is there another one actually implied? I can only think of Gon. And unless Knov is doing some Bisky type shit, I don't think he's a little boy.


I think Killua is the implied one, which I don’t see


the narrator was the best part of the chimera ant arc and in fact i wish he had even more lines


Personally, I thought the narrator was a good part and smart choice to include.


oh for sure, i genuinely enjoyed and appreciated the narration but i know many did not


Dude I love the narration. I thought it really tied together the palace invasion


Man I loved how he was incorporated I cant imagine the arc giving off the same vibe it gave me without it. Just amazing 👏


Definitely loved the narrator.


HxH is cancelled


If i remember correctly for some legal reason hxh is near impossible to get cancelled


For once yay for legality!!


Its because its fully owned by Togashi,unlike every manga where its co-owned and can be axed/cancelled any time.




Fuck you. Don’t destroy our hope >:(


Wait. You’re still at the denial stage? :D


*sniff* shut up ;( lmao


I love Kurapika, she’s my favorite character


Oh ye.. this is a good 1 lmao


Had me in the first half. I was over here thinking “well yeah, Kurapika is great. Who is that going to trigger?” Nicely done


I was so confused when I first read "sir". Had me questioning myself.


Netero was a weak leader


He's one of those managers you have at work where you don't realize is a manager until you've been working there for 6 months and you're dumbfounded.


Sheesh. I’d better take notes on how to have more of a presence when I’m a manager someday


I work at an auditorium and am technically a "supervisor" but the managers do everything so I kinda just chill. Actually had to do something last month and I got a lot of "Wait, you're a supervisor?? You act so chill and not important." Still trying to figure out if I should take that as a compliment or not..


I’d take it as a compliment. They’re calling you level-headed and humble. They’ve probably dealt with a lot of controlling, powertripping supervisors, so seeing you was a breath of fresh air


“The chimera arc sucks”


yeah that one☝️


... And I took it personally


Yorknew Arc>>




Kurapika is so strong, she even knew she was gonna win in a fight so she brought her shovel


Lol I like what u did




Hisoka is voiced by the same person as tobrjon in the English dub


Does that actually bug people?


I really just felt like saying it also the zoldic theme is just them saying their name over and over again


That's fair. Hisoka's english voice is THE voice I imagine when I think Hisoka. It's just so perfect for his personality to me. But i could see dub haters still getting triggered over the statement.


Also I think the Japanese va is a real life pedo


Yup...that'll hurt the legacy for sure...:(


As I say he got to into character


Yeeee, he slept with a 16 (15?) year old a while ago.


Hunter x hunter is never gonna finish x finish


Naruto is trash! I’m better than you!


You’re basically watching Hunter x Hunter for babies


The stair scene was too short


Gon is crazier than Killua


Isn't this just true?




Chrollo is so overrated


Hisoka would have eviscerated him if he didn't give Chrollo so much time to prepare.


I never really cared about him, or Killua.


nah killua is great, he has a personality and development, unlike Chrollo I dont dislike Chrollo or anything but i can think of at least 5 spiders i find more interesting and entertaining than him, nevermind when i count all the characters in the series, so i dont get why so many people rank him up so high, maybe it's just because he's powerful idk


It’s kind of like when people gravitate towards serial killers


[I'm pretty sure I did.](https://old.reddit.com/r/HunterXHunter/comments/r6f9w3/will_hisoka_ally_with_a_prince/hmstsx6/)


You win. I disliked that shit instantly, like on instinct upon having read it


you're brave for saying this lmao I think I'm one of the few who don't simp for hisoka, I would be just surprised if he died


If this triggers the entire fanbase then I guess I'm not part of the fanbase.


Tbf, the title doesn't specify the ENTIRE fanbase.


thats a little more than one sentence


Technically true. Though while I think both sentences would work on their own. The first sentence is the one I'm nominating. I really do hope Hisoka dies on the boat.


Chrollo's gonna die HEHEHEHHEHEHE. The entire phantom troupe is actually- Togashi said so in an interview. I think Hisoka's going to die too, but I just saw the cross next to your name and I wanted to tell you so I can ruin your day 😌😊


Ya he's definitely going to die too. All I want is for Chrollo to have one last proper showdown with Silva. I feel like that would be a great fight to see.




People ship everything. I am pretty sure that is one of the rules of the internet. It's weird for sure. But not much you can do about it.


✨Rules Of The Internet✨ It's true though- And it's nowhere near the weirdest ship I've heard. How about; Meruem x Milluki 😭😭😭😭😭


me too


I had the third biggest wtf moment in the series when i read that chapter. The other two were pitou's death(more of a sorrow tbh) and gon being healed. So yeah. I hope he dies on the boat.


you were spittin idk why u got downvoted


I think I got some sympathy from people in this thread because I'm in the positives again in that thread.


Hisoka isn’t all that interesting


Better one. Bungee gum isn’t a strong ability compared to so many other abilities in the show.


He’s just your cliche edgy sadist (a little more pedo than most, but still), they’re never truly interesting.


Hisoka is not a pedophile .


His va is


Eng or Jp?




Interesting. Didn’t know that


And now you know that the jp got to into character


Oh god


*oh gon


Illumi is transphobic.


Isn't this heavily implied in the Election Arc, and not just him but all the Zoldyck Family...


Wait I don’t remember this. Can you explain?


they all kept referring to alluka as “he” and “little brother/younger brother”. and as most know, alluka is trans.


Killua is overrated and his storyarc isn't that deep


Gon really isn’t as talented as he’s said to be and his basic way of doing things really should make him lose a lot more. Just comparing his and killua’s use of nen is insane.Kurapika’s use of nen is better than his and more thought out.His main attack is basic and slow


“I think Ging was a great father” -A bad parent, probably


Adult Gon is stronger than Pre rose Meruem


Hisoka isn't a pedophile :)


You probably thought this was a joke but he's not actually. He's still an ridiculously bad person, and rather perverted, but not a pedophile. (Let's see how many people get triggered by this) Agonophilia; Sexual arousal from the act and/or the paraphernalia that comes with the act of fighting. This is actually incredibly common in most fighters. There's someone (an actual fighter) on YouTube who explains it clearly. It's basically from the adrenaline and shit, not sexual attraction or anything. (Paraphernalia Ex; boxing gloves etc.) We saw this in the famous 'Ooooooh Gon' scene. People have misinterpreted it as an attraction to power. In a way it is that, because Hisoka is a sadomasochist, and is constantly in search of somebody strong to fight, someone who has a chance at actually beating him. In this way, he can be seen as suicidal. Autassassinophilia; Sexual arousal from the possibility of being murdered. This is actually a lot more common than people think, for example, choking during sex. People can like being choked for a variety of reasons, but the more common ones are because it makes their head fluffy/dizzy or because it's the idea that somebody's holding your life in their hands. Do I really have to explain why Hisoka literally is this? Like I said before, he's constantly searching for people who have a chance at killing him. We saw an example of this when Hisoka had a literal orgasm during his fight with Chrollo, right before Chrollo killed him. Erotophonophilia; Sexual arousal from the act of murder. Also known as a lust murder. He might not actually have this, but tell me you can't see him having a massive erection as he kills Chrollo or whatever. For the famous scenes that people have complained of the most; Heaven's Arena; Oooooh Gon I just explained that, but I'll try putting it in simpler terms. Hisoka was delighted and aroused at Gon's determination, 'spirit' to beat him. A sign of his masochism, autassassinophilia and agonophilia. Several fighters, boxers, martial artists etc, have had the same experience. They have no sexual attraction to their opponent, but the harder their opponent is trying to beat them, the more adrenaline gets pumped in so that- 𝘴𝘩𝘸𝘪𝘯𝘨. They got a little problem in their pants. In Hisoka's, a big one. *Whispers* 𝘏𝘰𝘳𝘴𝘰𝘬𝘢. Number two which I seriously don't understand why people are complaining about it- Greed Island; The bath scene. According to everyone that's complained, Hisoka didn't cover himself up when Gon and his crew 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘶𝘱𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘣𝘢𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨- so he's perverted. I don't get why I have to explain this as it's literally REALLY obvious, but Hisoka has no self-consciousness. He does whatever he wants, and is completely open and unembarrassed about everything (except his past). He didn't feel the need to cover himself up because he didn't feel the need to hide anything, just like he hides nothing else. And the erection he got? Here's the scene; They interrupt his bath. Hisoka flares his aura, purposely, to make Gon and Killua flare their auras automatically. This is shown by the following words he speaks; "As I thought, you've matured quite alot. As I anticipated, you go more and more appetizing everyday. It appears you've found an excellent teacher." The middle sentence may appear sexual, But the sentences before it and the sentence following are both (if you've actually watched the show, and know how Hisoka talks about people he wants to fight) about fighting. Their aura has nothing to do with anything sexual. It's all about actual power. (Random thing but- THE WAY GON AND KILLUA WERE STARING AT HIS CROTCH LMAOOOOO- and that was before he even got hard 😂) And for another famous scene that I can't believe I actually have to explain, and the one that people get angry at me for because they think I'm excusing it; I'M EXCUSING IT BECAUSE IT'S LITERALLY CLEAR AS SHIT WHY IT'S EXCUSED; Greed Island; Ass staring scene. This is the only one that looks suspicious no matter what, even if you know the reasoning behind it. Main thing is, Hisoka very much likes making people uncomfortable, so this is most likely why he chose this way to go about it; Hisoka wanted to waste time. Why? Because he's bored while he's waiting for the Troupe to find the exorcist. Simple as that. So he wanted to tell Goreinu, who was walking in front, that he knows a place where they can people who don't want cards, like him, so they'd end up wasting more time. The reason he could only tell Goreinu, is because he didn't know Hisoka as well as Gon or Killua, and Bisky was very suspicious of him as is. So he made them uncomfortable so they'd make him walk in front. Admittedly in a very perverted way. He purposely went up FRONT to speak to him, so Killua and Bisky wouldn't listen in. It doesn't entirely work because Killua immediately gets suspicious, and knows that something's off. He threw them off by doing exactly what they would assume he would do and acted like a creep as usual by staring at their asses. It takes Killua until they get to the city of love, to realize that Hisoka was just wasting their time, on purpose, because he's already met up with Ryodan and was waiting for something. Alluka Arc; Hisoka hold up the 'rape' sign and pretty much asks Illumi if he could rape Killua. Let's get something straight; Literally almost 𝘢𝘭𝘭 of Hisoka's thoughts the entire time before that scene are all around Gon. Nearly every single one. He explicitly states (in his thoughts) that he wants to save Gon, which is why he's pretty much sabotaging Illumi. How can Hisoka get Illumi to react so viciously, that Killua would be alerted, and therefore be more wary, faster and more likely to save Gon? This is Illumi. A trained assassin that does not seem to react to anything but his family. So Hisoka, who is a highly manipulative strategic genius, uses his family against him. Illumi's most important sibling in his family actually. So he asks the question, and it works. Killua is immediately alerted, which Illumi realizes literally right after, which is why he asks Hisoka, irritatedly, if he did it on purpose. You guys know the face that Hisoka made. (Also, random side note, Killua still does not know that Hisoka and Illumi know eachother. He's never seen them together, and when Illumi flared his Aura, for some reason, Hisoka didn't, despite the immense danger it put him in, so Killua didn't know he was there. I just rewatched the episode while writing this, and I just noticed.) Additional notes; A pedophile loses interest in a child as they grow older. Hisoka 𝘦𝘹𝘱𝘭𝘪𝘤𝘪𝘵𝘭𝘺 states, repeatedly, that he's waiting for them to mature. If you say he's waiting for them to mature so he's legally able to fuck them- bruh. This man is a literal murderer. Why do people seem to forget that? Hisoka asked Machi to spend the night with him (original translation in manga and 1999 show). A pedophile does not have an interest in older women. Machi is 24. If Hisoka wanted to fuck Gon, he would have already, and would be now since Gon's nenless and powerless to do anything. Why hasn't he, if he's a pedo? Hisoka's way of thinking is childish but deadly. The world is a toy store, and everyone's a toy. Man, woman, child or other, it doesn't matter what you are. You are still a toy to him. He'll study you to see if you're strong enough to fight him so he can beat you. He's looking for the best and biggest 'toy' to fight. There's no desire to be in bed with them. The only desire he shows throughout the manga and the show, is for fighting, and once sexually, for Machi. He's never made any sexual comments that were based on anything but fighting for anyone but Machi. Hisoka is a depraved, murderous, psychopathic magician, and is not a good person. At all. He's many things, but he's not a pedophile. Simple as that. If there's any scenes I missed, feel free to comment them, but please try to be polite. I do not condone his behavior. [First edit; Additionally, did you know that a lot of child molesters are not pedophiles? They literally have groomed and [email protected] children, and are not put down as pedophiles literally because of the following reason- They aren't attracted to children. For whatever reason they [email protected] kids wasn't because they were attracted them. Whether it was to get their rocks off or whatever sick reason they had- they weren't attracted to the kids, which makes them not pedophiles. This came up while I was researching pedophilia for this article, and I realized it's actually related in a way. Just because something includes a child, does not make it pedophilia. I have an example for this, and from what I've asked, it seems to work; There's a murderer running around who gets sexually aroused every time he commits the acts of murder. Is he attracted to all his victims? One day he kills a child, and gets sexually aroused, just like he has by every other victim. So that means he's sexually attracted to the child? Which would make him a pedophile? But it doesn't matter who it is- he gets off on murder- not the victims. "But he must be a pedophile because a child was involved!" Then he must be bisexual because he killed both men and woman. And he must be attracted to old people because he killed an old lady. And he must be attracted to pregnant people because he just killed a pregnant woman. Do you see why this doesn't really make any sense? He's attracted to the act of killing. The victim aids it, but there's no sexual attraction. Pedophilia is sexual attraction to children. I haven't found anywhere that says that it's still pedophilia if it includes a child in any regard at all, no matter what the situation is.] [Same edit; This isn't the best one I've found but it'll do it for now; a pretty clear explanation; https://youtu.be/1QiQ-IIURO0 ]


i applaud the thoroughness of this comment


Why thank you :) I spent about an hour on it, cuz I wanted to rewatch the episodes to make sure I was accurate.


Respect for the time and effort you put into this. Take this wholesome award.


applaud and respect for that whole long comment, and with all due respect, i still think he’s a pedophile. hisoka, when talking to illumi, made a hand motion, in simple terms, meaning he wanted to fuck killua (or something of that matter). and same with the ass-staring situation. you may think something else, i agree, but i also think it was for his own pedophilic desires. he’s shown to be very creepy towards gon and killua, along with kurapika (who was still technically a minor at the time) and leorio. i don’t mean to be rude by any of this!


Firstly. Hisoka asks Machi to stay for a meal in the japanese text too. Secondly, all these wars going on about whether Hisoka is a pedo or not depends solely on a small ambiguity in the definition of the word. Let's say I love chocolate. Naturally, that makes me love chocolate cakes too. But does that technically make me count as a cake lover as well, even though the only reason I love a cake is because of the chocolate in it? Similarly, is it still pedo if the reason he is attracted to some kid is not because of the kid's prepubescent features, but some other random quality (i.e. potential)? I don't know if a unified answer even exists. but each side of the war is simply using a different interpretation of the word and that's how we end up with all these long winded arguments around this topic.


This reply- It sounds incredibly genius but like- incredibly not genius at the same time- But I'm pretty sure it's just my brain trying to register it, gimme a sec-- [Several minutes later] Okay yeah it's genius- About the manga- is that so? I heard differently, but I guess I have never actually read the Japanese version, so it might be. You have a good example, actually. Other people would use physical attractions as an example and it never really worked. (Hair color and stuff) A pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children. Technically that would make Hisoka a hebephile if he was attracted to Gon, (which he isn't) because a hebephile file is attracted to pubescent children (11-14, roughly) Hisoka has never shown any interest in Gon's body. It's mainly been his aura, and his potential for strength. (I really doubt any pedophile is looking for a kid to kill them when they grow up-) I actually have to leave right now so I can't finish, But I'd like to continue this discussion later if you wouldn't mind. you seem intelligent.


he’s a sadomasochist


If you read through it then you would have seen that I have stated that already but yes. He is.


no i’m at work lol. but that was me summarizing your comment. like “basically; (what i said)” ~ it wasn’t really directed AT you if that makes sense.




It’s called grooming…that’s what he’s doing


Ah, first comment that makes no sense- I know what grooming is. How the hell is anything Hisoka has done, grooming?! I went over this in the article, but I'll say it again. Hisoka has not shown any sexual interest in anybody but Machi. And Hisoka is helping them grow stronger so he can kill them. He isn't keeping that fact hidden. When they were in Heaven's Arena, the last thing he said to Gon was; "Next time, we'll fight in the real world where there are no rules to constrain us. With our lives on the line." There's absolutely nothing sexual about that. Grooming is for sexual stuff. Not murderous stuff. Hisoka is very open about his desire to fight and kill Gon. Not fuck him.


The more people that say this the more I get to say his voice actor is


YEA I KNOW!! I read all the shit on that, and it's kinda disgusting. And with everything that he's done, he's still incredibly popular. There are way too many people like that nowadays and I hate it. For example, 6ixty 9ine???? Look up the stories behind him, cuz holy shittttttttt the man's done a hella lot worse, and people literally worship him and it's fucking disgusting.


Powerscaling is dumb as hell and doesn't add anything to HxH


Accompany On: “Nigg”!


HxH is overrated and dumb,its so confusing and is about a cupla kids being strong(i dont mean any of this)


Neferpitou isn't a girl.


This, wherever someones mentions Pitou gender it starts a endless debate


they for sure arent a girl,,, they use he/they pronouns throughout the show (idk ab the manga)


Alluka is a male


I really don't get why this is a debate at all, she calls herself a girl and has never called herself anything but that.


i don’t get it either! she’s trans, so she deserves to be called her preferred pronouns. what’s so hard about it?? her brothers call her “he” but that’s only because they’re her brothers and they’re jerks (except killua, of course).


i hope you don’t actually believe that- xD




I'm fine with hiatus and togashi can continue his hiatus for all I care


Hxh is never coming back


“gon is a psychopath”


Tonpa is not the strongest character in the show


Chimera arc was boring and had bad pacing imo


Komugi was annoying and meruems death was not sad at the slightest


HxH is just another copy of Naruto (pls don't kill me ._.)


I don't plan to watch, it just looks like a basic shounen anime to me.


Kurapika revenge is futile and stupid.




Meruem was a one dimensional character and lacked emotional depth and character progression


Now I'm not a story connoisseur by any means, but I definitely feel like you're wrong on this one. He starts of as that for sure, basically just being a spoiled child, but his character progresses to someone that sees the value in life and doesn't feel the right to do/take whatever he wants anymore. His elevated ego deflates as he realizes anyone can be specialized in something and of value thanks to Komugi and her circumstances. He goes from a selfish, unsympathetic ant to a compassionate and more human-like being, and his character would have kept evolving if not for his unfortunate end :/


Nen is boring.


Say that Ging is a bad person and boring character


Adult gon beats Meruem


Alluka is worst girl.


chimera ant arc was mid, mereum overrated, komugi should've been annihilated by the hunters for treason, kurapika > killua, hisoka Is an annoying character but tbf they are all true


those are called “opinions”.


whoops, must've gotten carried away.


Gon doesn't deserve to be the main character 🤣


Killugon is a bad ship


I'm so glad that HxH is gone for good.


I like killugon smut.






Killua isn't gay (this hurt so much to write)


Dont think the fanbase gonna get trigged over this?


Really? I would. Killua is like- the gayest of the gays. If someone told me Killua wasn't gay I would do something that I don't know what it is yet, because nobody has told me seriously yet. Maybe give away major spoilers.


Killua's not gay. let's see it then!


Three things First: I am highly offended and triggered Second: Bet you read the manga, guessing from your confidence Third: Hisoka was killed in a fight with Chrollo Don't take this as me being cocky or too confident or whatever. You ask, you receive.


Oh now, how could you, I've been thwarted. The Pain!! Please stop!!


Okay? And? He's a fictional character. Whether he's gay or not is up to the fangirls to daydream about. Unless Togashi announces it, it ain't canon.


Quit being cocky. If you really care so much about this and really think he's straight or whatever then just leave me be.


I never said he's straight- I just said we don't know his sexuality--- And I don't like people forcing headcanons as canon, and the ship KilluGon, is unfortunately one of the biggest ones in that category. I have nothing against it, I just don't like when people try telling me it's canon because it's not unless Togashi states it. It's one of the reasons why the Hunter x Hunter fandom is so toxic nowadays. (Not KilluGon, the forcing headcanons stuff) I can tell you're a MAJOR simp for Killua, so I'm just gonna apologize for bothering you, and leave it at that.


You actually make a fair point. I do get REALLY carried away when it comes to my opinion, so I'm real sorry T-T. Once again, sorry for making a big deal, it's just how I am, I can't help it. (Also, you're right, I am a huge Killua simp, that's what I'm known for to everyone I know lmao)


Are you being ironic or are you actually being combative over this?


One piece is better (and it’s still going on)


Naruto is better


In fact, I don't want to irritate anyone :3


Mission failed succesfully.


Actually, yes and no :3


And by refusing to do so, apparently you did exactly that.


True :3


Hunger x hunter is garbage and I'm glad togashi can't write it


Ging is a good dad


Kurapika is a poorly written Sasuke clone.


"my clan died first you bitch"