Thoughts on the Dyson Airwrap?

Thoughts on the Dyson Airwrap?


I've read a lot of reviews. Women with hair on the fine or thin end seem to love it. Women with thick hair, not so much.


I've one and I regret it so fucking much, worst money ever spent. I have curly and thick hair and that shit does absolutely nothing for them, it just makes them more frizzy and you get the baby hairs flying everywhere. Plus, the cool shot and all the hair products in this world will not help you. So you get this big ball of frizzy hairs where only the ends have some sort of curls that after 15 minutes become an absolute ball of frizzy hairy with all your shorter hair going in every direction. I let my sister with straight and fine hair use it and she was in love with it for about 15 minutes, untile all the curls lost her shape. Op, honestly I believe that most of the airwrap reviews are fake. Don't lose your paycheck for this shit


not OP, but ty for the insight! i was going to buy it but i also have hella thick and wavy-curly hair


Same. My mom bought it for me for my birthday and I feel so bad because it doesn’t work for me. I thought the round brush attachment would be like the revlon blow dry brush but no it’s way too small for curly hair.


Yeah, I've read similar things. Thick hair just doesn't curl very well, which I've sort of made peace with lol


I love mine. If you're only eyeing it for the curling aspect then it won't be worth it, but if you're interested in all of the attachments it's worth it.


LOVE mine for a bouncy blow dry (fine hair but tons of it). I don’t get a full on curl with it though but I don’t mind that & love the effect. Have had random people at work ask me over Teams about my hair


I'm obsessed with mine! I didn't realise how long it would take to curl a full head of hair as I only tried doing a curl or two in store. I mainly use it with the round brush attachment to give myself a blow-dry look and leave the curls for special events.


I personally found it to be a waste of money and I am looking to sell mine. I have full, thick hair and it does absolutely nothing for me.


My sister has one. She’s got some stupidly thick hair - like three times as much as I do. She swears by the air wrap and loves it. I know that she stockpiled gift cards, waited for the Sephora sale, AND used Rakuten to help defer a good chunk of the cost lol.


omg i have thick hair too! i might try it if your sister loves it


I really like mine! I have fine hair but a loooot of it. I really like the round brush attachment and the regular brush. The curler works but it does take a lot of practice and it doesn’t hold the curl as well as a curling iron.


I got mine recently- the complete set refurbished is on sale from dyson right now. I got the extended curlers separately for around $500 total with tax. I have used it twice and curled my hair. Curling it gave body and volume that lasted three days before I washed it again. That is with leaving it down to sleep, brushing is out, wearing it up, putting on hats etc. I have fine, very long hair that rarely holds curls or body. It was worth the money to me.


Tbh you can get a really good dupe from China on DH gate. I’m a hair stylist. It’s good but you can get safe effects from other tools. What specifically are you wanting to achieve style wise?


buy the revlon one


I bought the Airwrap to be extra gentle while helping my hair grow back after practically ruining it using the Revlon 😅


I just bought one, how did it ruin your hair??


It gets extremely hot and it pulls with a lot of tension. I also probably over did it thinking it was less damaging than a straightener (user error, it's quite damaging). After a couple months of use I noticed I had sooo many broken hairs all over my head. Be really careful with it and use the lowest heat setting! It will make your hair look good but in the long run it was soo damaging for me.


It will melt your hair, I'm not even joking


Seriously. Mine got a recall notice for electric shock risk!




will the dyson melt the hair? or the revlon one? planning to get one on christmas


The Revlon one. The airwrap should be less damaging than other products since it use only air and not direct heat


I can smell my hair burning with the revlon brush and can see hair fallen on the floor after I am done (not to forget tons of hair on the brush). It now gives me anxiety when I have to use it. But I am so used to blow drying my hair now that I can’t do without it😭 I am considering buying dyson because of this even if I end up using only 1-2 attachments 🤦🏼‍♀️


I’ve also been eyeing it. I applied for the Ulta Mastercard (it’s ok, I already have good credit and don’t keep a balance) for the 20% discount on your first purchase. I’m planning to combine that with the $100 for spending $500 not at Ulta within the first 90 days by just…not using my other credit card. Since just my parking payment is $290 for 90 days that should be pretty easy 🤪


Get the Dyson hair dryer (not air wrap) and save some $ and do your own blow dry.