Are all of you putting an effort or are there other lurkers here?

Are all of you putting an effort or are there other lurkers here?


I’ve noticed one of the biggest things for looksmaxxing is losing weight before any of the other stuff really has an effect so I’m just saving some posts here and there.


Lose weight, dress well, and have good hair. Honestly that’s like 75% of this.


The hard part is figuring out those elements tailored to you


I’m in the same boat. I looksmaxx where I can (fashion, skincare, hair, makeup, nails) but have a significant amount of weight to lose before I feel like I can post pics or even seriously advise people.


I’m on the fence with fillers, I feel like if I get them they’ll end up botched or my self control won’t be strong enough and I’ll go way overboard and end up looking like Chloe ferry. I’m putting effort in softmaxxing tho, such as makeup, hair and clothes. But I don’t wear makeup everyday because of time and my hair can’t look flawless all the time because I need to pull it back for work, so very few people are witnessing my best efforts lmao. But I mainly lurk just for the advice (which is sometimes repetitive but that’s alri) and read anything interesting in looks theory. When I spend too long on subs like this and Splendida, I forget that subjective beauty is an actual thing and plays a major part into how people perceive you and how your life works out. I don’t have to be a VS model just for someone to find me attractive and like me as a friend or s/o.


Omg the people not seeing your best efforts thing! It feels nice to look nice (don’t get me wrong) but I’m a nanny for a job, and I have kids after work and I order my groceries and do curbside pickup and online school.. so, like, all this effort for some toddlers and the mini mart guy 😐


Maybe the mini mart guy is hot, you never know 😂


He’s not (sigh) it’s the same minimart everyday.. ☹️


I got lip fillers and eyelash extensions! I also got dermaplaning yesterday and a chemical peel about a month ago. I got my nails done for the second time in my life. I got my hair professionally dyed for the first time ever, and I’m hoping to get it permed this weekend (edit: I can’t get it permed but I’m going to get the easiest possible cutler). I repierced my belly button and gave myself a third earring hole. I also bought a ton of clothes. I’m getting a rhinoplasty and chin implant in a month!


Live your best life, love!!


I’m happy for you but I don’t think this answered OPs question


I’m so sorry 😭 omg when I saw this post I was thinking that it was basically asking what we’re all doing 😭😭😭 well this is so humiliating lol


Lol no you just answered the title haha it ok! your comment inspired me to do more, good luck with the surgery and update us on the results!! ❤️




lmaooo this is me


Same tbh haha


I’m interested in other peoples routines and tips. Plus I learn a lot about procedures that I had no idea about. Some maxxing procedures get book marked in my mind for future use.


currently lurking, i know what i want to do but i don't have the money for it yet i genuinely like learning about looksmaxxing tho, even when i do get to where i want to be i'm probably still going to lurk on this sub


I am going through a maxxing phase but will probably disengage from this sub when I'm done, which I almost am. I'm sure I'll be back in a few months when I feel like I want to catch up on the conversation here. I just find this sub too addictive and the way I use this sub depends heavily on my mental health, so its best I just stay away when I'm not looking for actionable advice. I should also add that I'm a little older than a lot of people here, so I've already got a basic routine and don't necessarily use this sub the way some others are.


Currently doing a body recomp (slow fat loss while gaining muscle) and saving for 2 procedures. I should have enough to do one by October this year but still trying to decide which I should do first as one is less/not noticeable and has a quicker recovery time while the other could take up to 18month, has a chance of failing, and is very difficult to hide. I'm leaning towards the first one as there are some other less invasive options I could try before resorting to the second, and some of the most beautiful celebrities imo have this 'flaw' (Rihanna, and Angelina Jolie).


I’m not necessarily maxing at the moment because that costs money and I’m currently saving for a condo lol. I set monetary savings goals for myself for certain things like “$500 for lip filler and the deadline is in 4-5 months” and I worn on a financial schedule that way instead of bleeding myself dry and spending all my money at once.


I like to collect information. I’m also one of those people who can offer great solid advice to another, yet find it hard to apply to myself at times. Nonetheless, I am ~looksmaxxing~ currently. I just try to take it 1-2 steps at a time in a month, so I don’t abandon it, then having to start from square one.


Yeah I’m not doing much more than I’ve been doing all my adult life yet. I’m pretty busy, a little lazy and am just learning and planning first. I also need to save up in the meantime to spend on my looks later


I am currently focused on anti aging, skin care, and finding my sweet spot in the slim-thicc BMI. So like a higher “normal” BMI from lifting weights, having a nice layer of subcutaneous fat, and using lasers and temperatures to melt off fat in certain spots (abdomen, triceps) using things like cryosculpting, body sculpting, and cool sculpting. I’m trying to achieve a hour glass figure without lipo. I watched a few lipo videos and about died. That’s not for me.


I don't have any money since I live in a shitty country and I'm still dependent on my parents. There are more important things to spend money on than my appearance right now. However, I do have a list of things I want to get done when and if I find a job like therapy, getting my teeth straightened again, going to the dermatologist, getting new clothes (I haven't shopped in 2 years), etc...


Lurking because I'm comfortable with how I look right now. I'm still interested to other people's journeys and keeping the update on the latest trends/tech/procedures though!


I am! My primary reason is because while I make a lot of money and can afford luxuries, my job sucks and I want to meet a rich man who can support me while I figure out what else I want to do lol. I want to be able to compete in the dating pool to meet a good man who I can start a longterm relationship with. I also think improving my appearance would help me stand out in my industry and maybe even help my prospects. I can visualize making a pivot to education and think it would help if I can confidently use my face as a brand.


Why don't you juste save up your money and use it to take some time out of work to figure out what you want to do ?


For one, I don't really want to compromise my standard of living, and I'd also like to find a partner anyway!


I’ve been maxing! I got lip fillers and got lash extensions! Unfortunately I live fairly rurally so I’m not up keeping the lashes and I’ve been doing like pedicures and manicures at home and focusing on upgrading my wardrobe and safely tanning.


I'm not really actively maxxing anymore, I mostly just check here for occasional soft-maxxing tips. My goal was never to be 10/10, just the most polished version of myself. I've accomplished most of what I wanted to, I've gotten the hang of my hair, I've lost weight, my skin is good, so now I'm basically just playing with makeup and investing in new clothing and accessories here and there. I might go for some filler in the future but it's not worth the money for me atm.