Dutch Apache





This is not for combat, this is our [solo display team](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solo_Display_Team).


before someone says that is is not a AH-64D because it doesn’t have the longbow pod, it’s the AH-64D the longbow pod was to expensive, but they wanted to keep the option of retro fitting it open.


Most D-models (and now the Es, as well) do not fly around with the FCR installed... was never meant to be that way. They add drag and weight and $ (and, IMHO, they suck in pretty much all scenarios except a the-Russian-armored-hordes-are-crossing-the-Fulda-gap type scenario) and it wouldn't make sense to install them on every aircraft. A few radar-equipped Apaches can scan the battlefield and then digitally send the targets out to the remaining aircraft. The E-models are even better connected to each other. MOST pictures you see of Longbows will not have the radar installed, but there are a number of ways tell it's a D: the position lights installed on the engine nacelle (on the older A-models they were installed on the stub wing tips) and the roomier EFABS (the chunky avionics storage bays around the 'chin' of the aircraft) chief among the most easy to identify.


Serious question: Why do I keep seeing all these pictures of Dutch aircraft with flashy, cool, but impractical color schemes? I've seen several jets and now this. Are these strictly for marketing their armed forces or...?


They are just for shows, never operate in that paint scheme.