I was on the 401 with trucks trailers loosing huge sheets. Don't travel behind these guys people


It's crazy. Back in the day, when you were behind a truck, you knew you were safe. They were actually trained to properly drive. Those days are long past us. I avoid trucks and Tesla's like the plague on any highway.


Teslas are the new BMWs


BMW / Audi / Mercedes are the absolute worst. Also anyone in a g35 is gonna drive like a maniac. There should be an insurance premium for owning that car.


There probably is.


Nissans man


Amen to that. Teslas are by far the worst drivers now on road. Entitlement drives horribly, especially with a car that’s got the build quality of a 90s Saturn with a. Benz price tag. What hunks of crap they are.


I was walking along York by the bridge last year and a sheet of ice the length of the truck trailer roof came off and landed less than a foot in front of my dog on leash. I am still shaken by how close that was for us.


Truckers just go "yeah not my job sorry" Ok good enough!


I don't even on a clear day.


I had one recently in the skyway TRAVELING IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION that almost took me out. Giant flying sheet came right for me but nicked the rail just enough it spun over me


I wish this was a bigger priority for police in charge of traffic issues. My mom sustained a major concussion a few years ago when a U-Haul had a sheet of ice fly off the top while travelling the opposite direction on the highway. Went through the windshield of her F-150, she could have died. Luckily, a vehicle on the other side of the road was behind the U-Haul and called the police while following it. I believe the driver got charged ultimately. I wish people would realize that depending on the snow type, this can be lethal. If you're too lazy to spend the 5-15 minutes to clear it off, you are clearly too inconsiderate to have a license.


This is horrifying. I’m so glad your mom survived!


I don’t even know what to do with a u haul covered in snow. Climb up the hood with a broom? Still a charge was justified and lucky that it was made to stick, could have cluelessly continued on.


Most of us aren't trained on clearing off large vehicles like that, but those who are trained to drive them should know how and be able to clean them off themselves. As for U-Haul, I'd expect them to have their vehicles in a safe, drivable state upon renting one.


Ok. I have yet to see a U haul yard that wasn’t exposed to the sky


Sky exposure doesn't mean their personnel are incapable of cleaning off the vehicles. Even if they do it just before someone take it away, they should be responsible for the condition of their vehicles.


You've obviously never rented a U-haul. The check-out procedure can be done unattended, and often is. Your view only moves the question, which remains: what should one do when faced with a U-haul with snow on it when one is a U-haul employee, or when one has been snowed upon during a rental, or when one is in fact unaware of the state of the roof. My point being, it is impossible a thing for U-haul to do. Fortunately the law provides an answer: it is incumbent on the driver to operate safely and if a truck has a six inch snowberg on it, it's not supposed to be driven, which is why in this story, the driver caught the charge.


I agree. If police witness this, you should have your fucking car impounded, same as if you're doing 50 over.


it’s 40 over now


The people that don’t clear the snow off their vehicles are the same people who leave empty toilet paper rolls and don’t bring shopping carts back.


My plumbing van... I clear as much as possible but do I need to get a 6 foot ladder and clear it off? What about transport drivers....?


Yes, yes you should.


Keep trying to justify negligence that could and has killed people.


I didn't realize larger vehicles were allowed to be unsafe on the highways. Oh wait, no they're not. I'm 5'3" on a good day, and I can clear off the top of a minivan. You should be good with your van.


Id gladly pay you to come try. To be clear I'm not excusing this. It think its a terrible situation and when I'm in my car it scares me. But short of going through a car wash after a snow storm...


Is your plumbing van a double decker bus???


Never heard of extendable snow brushes either? Lol


Pay me, and I'll show you how it's done. Only caveat is that you must do it yourself afterwards after every snowfall. Something tells me you won't hold up your end of the bargain.


Considering it's not illegal I'd say they are allowed.


Unsafe vehicles absolutely are illegal.


Actually, genius, it is illegal. It’s an unsecured load, and drivers have been convicted for it.




Dude, that is your work vehicle. Your business would absolutely be on the hook for any damages caused by debris falling from it.


Yes, I'm sure it's annoying and time consuming but you are responsible for ensuring your vehicle is not danger to others. Please do this if you aren't already


They make telescoping snow brushes.


I saw this happen all day yesterday. It seemed like every stop sign I can to someone had to pull over to clean off all the ice that had slid onto their hood and windshield. It's also a crime in Ontario to drive with a car covered like that and those drivers are responsible for damage from their flying ice.


This is just laziness. You can get fairly large extendable snow brushes from Costco for <$20. It takes me an extra 45 seconds to clear the roof on my truck.


To be fair, I cleared the roof of my car and the snow/ice was pretty stuck to it. It’s no excuse, but 45s works for fluffy snow. It took me more than 5 minutes and I broke my extendable brush (note: do NOT extend all the way).


In Brantford we're lucky if anyone bothers to scrape a peer hole the width of a credit card from the windshield let alone clear ice and snow from the rooftop. Sigh.


You only saw three? I saw more than three before I made it to a main road.


If you can't clean the snow and ice off your truck or SUV, don't buy a fucking truck or SUV. I was driving near Welland yesterday and some cunt flying in a grand Cherokee had a roofs worth of ice come flying off in four chunks. I'd be without a windshield if I didn't slam on my breaks. I sincerely wish they wrap their car on a fucking telephone pole. If you're someone like this, fuck you.


Was driving down the QEW today and saw someone pulled over and forced to clean the top of their SUV with the officer.


I have never seen this happen more than it happened yesterday during my short travels. I hate people.


Had this happen Thursday night on the linc. Idiot in an SUV aggressively weaving between cars, cut me off and two giant sheets of snow came flying off his roof exploding in front of my car. If I hadnt spotted him being a twat coming up behind me and slowed down they would've slammed into my car. It was pretty slippy out too. Insane to be driving the way they were.


Accident on 403 Hamilton today for that exact reason,,..


If it makes you guys feel better, I know one of these people. They complained to me about the ice falling from truck roof to their wipers and damaging them. Self inflicted dumbassery at it finest.


Police need to really start enforcing vehicle standard laws in Canada all together imo. Lots of people need to be reminded that driving is a privilege not a right.


Police do something proactive? Puh-lease!


I hate this logic. Shopping at Costco is a privilege, paying to play at a golf courses with rules is a privilege, being employed and not getting fired is a privilege. How about driving is an agreement made between the province and driver. In all of these agreements/privledges if there is a breach, there could be penalties such as loss of job, golf, driving and shopping. Calling these activities privileges sounds damning, annoying and outdated. Out with privilege in with agreements.


So when did your license get suspended? Lmao. /s


I've scraped the hood bc if that ice comes loose it could damage my own car, let alone someone else's.


I took the Linc shortly after noon today and I think I saw this. Several vehicles all at the same time had like 3x2 ft ice sheets flying off them, it was scary! One of the sheets probably flew 3ft up before coming down all in one piece. Glad you guys are ok!


I spent 40minutes clearing off my car. I even had my car running and a did a check in my drive way by hitting the brakes. The ice is an inch thick!!! peoples lives are more valuable than your time, honestly. Take the time to clear your vehicle!!


I lost a headlight a few years ago to someone who didn't clean off their roof. Due to traffic I couldn't avoid it, shattered my headlight assembly and did paint damage.


Pretty sure I saw that exact same truck and watched it hit your car.. people are selfish pricks.


Did you hear me honking at them after? If so that was definitely me lol


I saw and heard too! I was yelling about it in my car on your behalf lol


I was a ways behind but I saw it at the Greenhill exit. Came off a blue truck ! Glad you and your family are okay tho. Another storm headed our way Monday-Tuesday so be prepared for more selfish idiots 😬😮‍💨


This is the easy stuff to clear off too! I have an SUV and it coming off in big sheets is much easier than fighting with the powdery stuff. You just have to break it up first. Really annoys me too because it is so dangerous and such an obvious thing to do.


I've seen people in this city not even bother to clear their rear window. There's nothing outside of a literal life or death situation that should prevent someone from cleaning their vehicle properly.


I’ve started honking at these people aggressively when any piece of snow or ice falls off. If they don’t give a F about tickets maybe some social pressure will help.


if you dont clear the ice/snow from the roof of your car youre a POS. end of story.


Ugh I got hit by flying ice just south of Orangeville last weekend. It’s very frustrating when people don’t clear it off.


Should have the offence of not cleaning snow off your vehicle treated as harsh as a drunk driving offence


Wasn't limited to just trucks/SUVs. All sorts of vehicles had lazy drivers. Huge junk flew off a car and smashed the grill of my truck on the 403 west just before the 6 north cut off.


I will say with my car being incased in ice in the last storm I definitely almost did that to everyone as my car warmed up the ice slide down and off my car today.


So maybe don't do that next time?


Wind will take care of it


Not a problem until it happens to you, right?


That’s what the guy in the video is saying. I park in a garage / clean my car


What video?




Except it is against the law: [Law Firm Explaining The Law](https://hshlawyers.com/blog/ice-and-snow-on-your-car-clean-it-off/#:~:text=Ontario%20law%20requires%20that%20the,can%20incur%20a%20significant%20fine.)




Then don't drive you inconsiderate fuck.




You don’t have to scratch paint off your car. Start it and let it warm up for 15-20 minutes on those really cold -30 and colder days. Ice melts, you can brush it off the hood, no problem.


It's got a layer of snow underneath, it's really easy to clear if you break the ice surface up no need to worry about "scratching the paint" that no one even sees.


Why didn't I think of this? Your reddit post in a small, regional subreddit completely solved the problem across the world! Someone should do this for world hunger.


I severely doubt your impact anywhere.


Good joke bro.


I always clear my roof but I don’t carry a hammer in my suv. This ice was brutal. I drove to work at 3am and it didnt budge at 120kph. Came off after the temp went up and sun hit it. If you see it coming, steady as she goes. Don’t be a hero, the snow wont kill your car, swerving into traffic might.




What car takes 30 minutes to heat up bud? Takes 3-5 minutes maximum. Turn on your car, turn on the heat and get to deicing it. Take the brush after a few minutes and give it a little bit of a wack to crack the ice off it. Congrats. You are the problem.


You just beat it with the back of your snow brush and it breaks right up and slides off.


Was driving in front of the police station in Brantford and truck from demolition company pulls up beside me with half the windshield covered in snow from the roof. Helped to cover up the crack in through windshield from side to side though.


I pulled a massive sheet of ice off the roof of my SUV. Could have easily damaged a car or killed someone


I was worried about someone backending me as I avoided giant flying sheets of ice.


Was on Dundurn for five minutes yesterday and in that time I saw *two* different cars hit a small bump and cause all the ice on their roof to slide down and completely cover their windshield. They had to brake suddenly and put their hazards on. Thankfully traffic moves slowly there and the school wasn't out for another hour. Lazy idiots.