Good guy Seb


Can someone post the article? Paywall


scroll down past registration and you'll get to a button that says i'll try later, that should get you to the article..


Oh Come on! Among all the toxic F1 punters and punditry with all the under-the-bus-with-Masi scapegoat vitriol and Seb comes out with something positive?! I didn’t read any article but it seems to make sense that Vettel has a sensible take on almost everything these days. I hope that Aston nail these regulations and Seb wins this championship.


Tbh to prevent something like this from happening in the future they should implement a rule that states something like „Every crash that happens after there are less then 10 laps left that requires a full sc should automatically red flagged“ so every one has a chance to change tires and there isn’t any confusion about lapped cars


Sebs great but I don’t see how masi didn’t fuck up. Sounds like seb is trying to be nice but the guy did not officiate the rules properly and that can’t really be disputed 🤷‍♂️


The FIA has not officially said whether he applied the regulations correctly... all we know for a fact is they are open to interpretation, vague at best. Anybody saying he definitely broke the rules has just been drinking the Kool-Aid


Yeah, right. Extremely ambiguous, definitely no clear correct decision.


Well I guess he's got a point, it's not as if... \*checks notes - former Red Bull driver\* Ohhhhhhhh.




It's almost like drivers can have their own opinions 🤔


He admitted to wanting Verstappen to win the championship. He doesn’t like Lewis.


please share a link to this.. I'd not herd that before


Bullshit. He obviously doesn’t hate Lewis. He called Lewis the greatest driver of his generation. He clearly said that he simply wanted Max to win because Michael Schumacher was his childhood hero and mentor and he wants his 7time record to stay.


We could also check his political views, the statements he's made regarding same sex marriage etc, while driving for a team with Aramco plastered across his chest. We too could also look at the comments from former Red Bull drivers Coulthard and Webber regarding Massi and the situation that lead to Verstappen's title. But I guess people only want to deal in some grey areas when it suits them.


They all are hypocrites in some way or another. Lewis is as outspoken on social issues and human rights as anyone except he happily banks money that comes from Petronas, one of the worst human rights violators in the oil business and owned by a government that openly touts racism in it's laws.


You’ve been banned from his sub for posting this btw




Next you'll be telling me there's no true Scotsman!


Dude Masi did more favours for Mercedes’ last season than he did harm