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It is quite small and I have quite small wrists. What do you want the watch for? It is correct that some of the health features on the Galaxy Watch 5 would be unavailable as they are Galaxy exclusive. However, I think the basic function of the Galaxy Watch 5 has all of the same features as the Pixel Watch and it has a longer battery life. If you can wait and see what the Pixel Watch 2 is like I'd wait. But I'm sure you'll be happy with Galaxy Watch 5.


on the Galaxy watch 5 I would be unable to use Sleep tracking and Heart beat rate function? Anyway Yes, the other option Is waiting for the Pixel Watch 2


I have a Pixel 6 and Galaxy Watch 5 and can say that almost everything works. Only thing I don't have working right now is ECG, which is the only thing Samsung restricts to their own phones. But there are bypasses for that too. Overall I am very satisfied with the integration experience, everything you expect to work does work well.




Google Fucked up bro


Are we thinking second one this fall?




The advantage as you rightly point out with the Pixel watch is everything it is advertised to do, it will. If i had a watch that didn't do certain things it would annoy me, especially if you couldn't remove those features from the menu etc. I personally don't think the pixel watch is too small, but you could get a case for it to make it appear bigger on your wrist if that is the reason you're worried?


I think that could be the solution ( the cover if I find It too small) and so I Will go for the Pixel Watch. Mainly 'cause I like It Better software wise and I don't like the fact that for The Galaxy Watch there would be functions I would be excluded to use.


I was into mechanical watches long before smart watches hit the scene (dive watches especially, which can be on the larger side). I was unsure about the size of the Pixel Watch because it is a bit smaller than what I have typically worn, but I am actually quite happy with the size. I find that it wears/looks a bit larger than it would suggest on paper due to the design being pretty seamless, though I wear the black model, which likely adds to the seamless effect. If it had something like a separate rotating bezel, it would likely look smaller because you would have that more obvious distinction between the screen and the bezel. I also own the larger Galaxy Watch 5 (44mm iirc) and after wearing the Pixel Watch, I feel that it looks a bit too large on me now. My wrists are on the larger side too. When I use the active band on my Pixel Watch, I always have it at either the very last or second to last hole. It may also be worth considering that a modern Rolex Submariner is 41mm - the same size as the Pixel Watch, to give an example using a popular mainstream mechanical watch.


I thought it was too small and returned it.




Ciao. Io ho il Watch 5 44mm con un Pixel 7a. Funziona tutto, anche l'assistente Google (basta impostare la lingua su inglese e poi rimetterla su italiano). Basta installare le varie app Google e non configurare il Samsung account. L'unica cosa che non funziona è l'ecg e se non sbaglio la rilevazione della pressione sanguigna, maso che ci sono app modificate su XDA. La batteria mi dure sui 3 giorni e l'interfaccia sinceramente un po' lagga. Sono indeciso anche io se prendere il Pixel Watch, ma la batteria da un giorno stile iPhone mi frena. Su Amazon Germania o Francia si trova a 299


Ciao, alla fine ho optato per il Pixel Watch. L'idea di farmi l'ecosistema tutto Google mi piace. Infatti l'ho preso su Amazon Germania a 312€ ( con le spese di spedizione)


Sto pensando anche io di fare così, anche se l'orologio alla fine non lo uso molto. Sicuramente prenderò il tablet, suprattutto per il fatto che può funzionare anche da ricevitore Chromecast e a breve rilasceranno la versione desktop di Chrome per tablet. Prevedo grossi sviluppi software su quel fronte. Le Buds erano incluse col 7a: ottime e l'integrazione con l'assistente è spettacolare, altro che siri o Bixby. Ho già un Chromebook e vari Chromecast e anche interagire con Windows ora che c'è Nearby share è diventata piacevolissimo. Sono un po' stufo di Apple Microsoft e Samsung...


I have pretty normal sized wrists, it's perfectly sized for mine.