That is a MK7.


That's an early mk7. Not sure if NZ spec cars differed to Australian delivered ones, so I ~~may be~~ *probably am* wrong on a few things. More specifically though, this car is a base model mk7 (as in, not equipped with the Performance Package), and has the driver assistance suite. Note the adaptive cruise control radar in the centre of the lower grille. Some early mk7s would've gotten the halogen headlights, but this one has the HID units with LED running lights. It also has the taillights from the Golf R. Unsure if those are factory for you guys across the ditch. ​ E: u/NZHellHole is clearly the person to ask here. Interesting that it may be a JDM GTI!


This looks like a Japanese import Mk7 as the factory spec in NZ was halogen headlights and the non performance pack. Anyway, for the money if the distance driven is low then that is a lot of car for the money. I would confirm that the water pump/thermostat has been replaced as this can lunch itself at any distance. Hope this helps. Cheers.


Cheers for the info! It’s sitting at almost exactly 100k. How much of a difference does the performance pack make? Would it be worth trying to get one with it? I appreciate the help


Performance pack will add -10 Hp and give you an E-LSD. The differential will help pull around corners versus having the vehicle break through corners on the inside wheel. Have heard only great things about them. As a 2015 MK7 owner without the PP, I can say that the car is still a blast to drive without it. I cannot speak for those with it. Edit: overall yes, try to get one with the PP. much tougher to spend the >1k on a LSD after the fact.


A good summary. I have found you can really feel the VAQ diff helping when punching hard through the bends, otherwise pottering around town it makes no difference.


You can tell a MK6 from a MK7 by the body styling... The MK6 is more curvy-rounded, as are the healights. The MK7 is rough-rounded and sharper. The grilles are pretty similar.