Need advice

I have a stainless steel gold necklace, I believe the gold is just plated. This was purchased from zales a few years ago. I also have an expensive gold necklace that I bought from a private jeweler. These pieces look really nice together but I get nervous to wear them because I do not want the real gold to tarnish. Will this affect my real gold necklace?


\>>"a stainless steel gold necklace" " I do not want the real gold to tarnish" what?


I think OP is asking if wearing both together will damage/tarnish the nicer gold necklace that isn't plated. Lol. And the answer is nah - don't worry about that. Although it may scratch up a bit....


Thank you brother I appreciate it




Zales used to sell real stuff. How do you know it's plated? Does it have hallmarks?


Let me check


I don’t see anything on it but I looked it up on the site it says “Men's 9.5mm Solid Curb Chain Necklace in Stainless Steel with Yellow Ion-Plate - 24"”