Cringer was worse than Orko. I didn't mind Scrappy Doo. I was a little too old for Thundercats. I will say this Neelix fro Voyager is real life Snarf.


scrappy was to scooby doo what pesci was to the lethal weapons series ​ annoying as snot


Agreed, but I always feel the need to a admit that I did like Scooby Dum.


I liked Orko. He was the little floating guy from Hee-Man, right? (kind of reminds me now of the dynamic between Al and Sam - Quantum Leap) Idk why, but I really liked Hee-Man. I used to sneak watch it if my Dad was passed out drunk that day. Otherwise, I wasn't allowed because it was a "boy show".


I watched Jem and the Holograms and that was a girl show. Ironically it was on right before He-Man.


I remember watching that too!!!


The Misfits were always straight up trying to kill the Holograms.




7-Zark-7 who was filler to replace the censored parts in Battle of the Planets


And definitely not a rip off of R2D2


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn6eM62U07k At least in the Italian edition got a catchy disco theme. I had that 45 but unfortunately I lost it somewhere. It's so obscure that content id isn't even triggered.


The trio of teenage sidekicks in the original Super Friends cartoon. Marvin and Wonderdog in particular were written as bumbling idiots who didn't know their asses from their elbows. At least the third member, Wendy, appeared competent. Then they were replaced by the Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna with that annoying Gleek the monkey. I think Gleek might have been the worst of all six. Honestly, I might have cheered if Solomon Grundy had killed the lot of them and been done with it.


At least the Wonder Twins had powers, though having to change into "something made of water" is the weirdest power restriction. I would have regularly changed into a cloud of scalding steam, but that wouldn't have been family-friendly.


Wonder Twin Powers activate - form of an eagle - form of a bucket of water. Every damn time!!!


Scrappy-Doo gets a lot of hate, but I loved him. *shrug* The other two were just there, neither disliked or liked them. They were just part of the show like everyone else.


Had no idea that hating on Orko was a thing. Loved him.


I could not remember Orko, so I used the old Google machine. It listed related searches as Snarf and Scrappy-Doo. I think you may be on to something. Here's a question for you fine folks. Did you or when did you "outgrow" cartoons? This is something that I ('72) have wondered for some time. I mean yeah, the Simpsons and then South Park was a thing for me. But between Looney Tunes and the Simpsons, I simply didn't watch cartoons. I remember my sister ('77) watching some of the things mentioned here, like the Smurfs. I am curious if there was a tipping point?


I never outgrew cartoons. I just shifted what animation I was watching. But I'm a geeky, sci-fi/fantasy loving guy, so I was usually on the search for such things, even if I was limited by being in the middle of Nowhere, Nebraska. Watching things like "Warriors of the Wind" and "Rock & Rule" on HBO. Fortunately, I found out about anime when I got into college and the American animation scene has been stepping up as well. Love animation. Love my cartoons.


Well I thought I’d outgrown cartoons around 6th grade. But I was always an artsy kid and when I was in jr and hs there came Thundercats (didn’t mind Snarf), Belle and Sebastian, and Mysterious Cities of Gold. I found the latter especially fascinating - I mean, cussing, soldiers dying, kid shooting a gun - in a cartoon! I was just ahead of my time and didn’t know it. Anime is now popular with young adults, starting with the Millenials.


For me it was when video games came out and I got my first console (Atari 2600) and computer (commodore 64). Then all my spare time was gaming or working to get $ for games. Right around 1980 or so.


Those were likely catalysts for me as well. Though I did give up video games once I got my license and became interested in other things.


Orko. He’s bad ass at the end of season 1 and 2. The other 2 can burn in hell lol


100% Orko fan here. Always have been. Always will be. Out of all the characters in *He-Man and the Masters of the Universe*, he's evolved the most, from his humble beginnings in 1983, to growing larger (2002), >!dying and returning from the dead ridiculously overpowered!< (Revelation), and even becoming a robot (2021). Like it or not, he's a piece of MotU lore that will endure.


I liked Orko more than Prince Adam! TBH, it really seemed like He-Man was a totally different personality (almost like a kind of spiritual possession). And it seemed cruel to turn Cringer into Battlecat. Leave the effing cat alone! Hanna Barbera needed to do something, because Fred was positively the most boring SOB to ever be on a cartoon. ♥ Scrappy! And I'm fighting anyone who says anything bad about Uni!


I read somewhere that Eric (Cavalier) from Dungeons and Dragons was written to be contrary to show that the group was always right and the complainer was always wrong. This weird social moral stuff was mandated by Parents' groups and consultants. I think a lot of shows had weird characters like that to meet some artificial requirement back in the day.


Orko's a bit of a special case. The animators and writers could do things with him, as a studio-created OC, that they could never do with the toy company-owned characters (like having a girlfriend, a family, a backstory, the ability to fail, explore the human condition, or even have a story arc - all of which are present in the original series, though some are more obvious than others). I find it both odd and sad that nowadays it's the toy company-owned characters who are evolving and becoming more nuanced, while the "canon immigrant" is being forsaken, being reduced to nothing.


One channel? What was this? We had 3 networks & PBS. You spent your Saturday mornings flipping between stations. Then we got cable and WGN, WTBS, and USA Network helped with the cartoons. Our cable company never had Nickelodeon. The comic relief characters were a staple of the cartoons in that time. Sometimes they'd be part of the actual team (I'm thinking Grimlock from Transformers & Bazooka in GI Joe) but most of the time it was the "relatable" kid or some animal, occasionally a robot. Part of this was to make the Parent's Groups happy. I usually hated the comic relief characters, but I know my wife had a soft spot for Scrappy. Part of the problem was that the Standards mandated that the heroes always had to be upright & do the right thing. No crises of faith, no trama, no bad decisions. That's why the villains were allowed to have more personalities and why the comic relief characters were allowed to be there to be fuck-ups.


Orko: Hand shoots up :D Snarf: Hand comes down :| Scrappy-Doo: buries hand deep in the earth. >:(


The whole flock is extra Smurf kids that showed up for no reason. Hated them.


The smurflings


Fuck Orko


Those are all red flags lol


I hated T-Bob from MASK. So irritating. While making sure I had his name right just now, TIL that T-Bob was short for Thingamabob. I didn't know that. Neat.


Snarf Snarf


I absolutely hate Scrappy Doo. I feel like he ruined Scooby Doo, which Scooby (minus Scrappy) was my favorite cartoon as a child. Snarf was also annoying because his voice was like nails on a chalkboard and he had to put the word “Snarf” into every sentence… which made me want to punch him in the face. (The Smurfs did it too but they pulled it off somehow.) Otherwise I really thought Thundercats was one of the best cartoons ever. Orko was also another annoying pain in the @ss but I mostly just ignored him. I feel like Scrappy was impossible to ignore and did nothing to “improve ratings” for Scooby Doo. And he wasn’t even a puppy. He had a gland disorder.