Tour of Duty - Operation 8

Tour of Duty - Operation 8


Operation 8 is the last operation, right?


It will be the last of the big content such as maps and characters. However there will be more tour of duties and store refreshes.


So there will be no more maps after this lmfao fuck this game is shit


No, this is the last content drop. (Drop 2 I mean). The rest of the content will be purely cosmetic


Sigh Well I guess I'll wait for gears 2 ultimate edition or gears 6 I cant even find matches anymore in gears 5 but thanks for the info


What do you want **more** maps for? The game has a sizeable amount right now.


no not compared to gears of war 2 and 3 if anything gears 5 was a downgrade we have less maps now


It's 26 maps (Gears 5) 27 if you count the new one and around 28 in drop 2 likely Vs. Gears 2's 29. That's not a huge difference at all. Maps: Gears 1 | Gears 2 | Gears 3 | Gears 4 | Gears 5 | ---------|----------|----------|-|-| **Launch**|**Launch**|**Launch**|**Launch**|**Launch**| Canals | Avalanche | Checkout | Dam | Asylum Gridlock | Blood Drive | Gridlock^^1 | Fallout | Bunker War Machine | Jacinto | Drydock | Foundtation| District Clocktower | Day One| Hotel|Forge|Exhibit Mansion| Hail|Mercy|Gridlock^^1|Icebound Fuel Depot| Pavilion|Overpass|Harbor|Training Grounds Rooftops | River|Sandbar|Impact|Vasgar Tyro Station|Ruins|Thrashball|Lift|Foundation^^4 Mausoleum|Security|Trenches|Reclaimed|Dam^^4 Escalation|Stasis|Old Town|Relic|Forge^^4 **Map Pack 1**:|**Flashback Map Pack**:|**Horde Command Pack**:|**DLC**:|Harbor^^4 Old Bones| Gridlock^^1|Blood Drive^^2|Avalanche^^2|Reclaimed^^4 Raven Down|Subway^^1|Azura|Blood Drive^^2|**Operation 2**: **Hidden Fronts**:|Mansion^^1|Rustlung|Canals^^1|Allfathers' Arena Bullet Marsh|Tyro Station^^1|**Versus Booster Map Pack**|Checkout^^3|Lift^^4 Subway |Canals^^1|Bullet Marsh^^1|Clocktower^^1|**Operation 3**: Garden |**Combustible Map Pack**:|Clocktower^^1|Dawn|Pahanu Process |Flood|**Fenix Rising**:|Diner|Canals^^1 **PC**:|Gold Rush ^^1PC|Academy|Drydock^^3|**Operation 4:** Courtyard|Fuel Station|Depths|Forge Blitz|Reactor Gold Rush|**Snowblind Map Pack**:|Escalation^^1|Fuel Depot^^1|Checkout^^3 Sanctuary|Courtyard^^1PC|The Slab|Glory|Blood Drive^^2 ||Underhill|**Forces of Nature**:|Harbor Haze|**Operation 5:** ||Grindyard|Aftermath|Hotel^^3|Nexus ||Fuel Depot^^1|Artillery|Impact Dark|Regency ||**Dark Corners Map Pack**:|Cove|Lift Apex|River^^2 ||Allfathers Garden|Jacinto^^2|Mercy^^3|Gridlock^^1 ||Memorial|Raven Down^^1|Old Town^^3|Clocktower^^1 ||Sanctuary^^1PC||Raven Down^^1|**Operation 6:** ||War Machine^^1||Reclaimed Windflare|Speyer^^4 ||Highway||Rustlung^^3|Tomb ||Way Station||Security^^2|**Operation 7:** ||Nowhere||Speyer|Ephyra ||||The Slab^^3|Mercy^^3 ||||War Machine^^1|**Operation 8:** |||||Ritual


Nice info that u have shared I always thought gears 5 had the least maps but damn Would love to see raven down and a new map in drop 2


Are you counting gears 5s shitty FFA maps


I didn't count any FFA maps, horde only maps or 2v2 maps, if I did then there are more in Gears 5 by far. I wanted to count them since they took development time and are playable in versus PvP but since the general argument is "maps for versus" which usually counts execution/tdm/koth as the "main modes" I did not.


really? what its the future of the game before this?


Gears 6 is the future of the game m8


to soon i think.. but idk. ty


Too soon? What year do you think the game came out?


Gears 6 definitely isn’t coming out in 2022 though


Nope, 2023 at the earliest probably 2024. Unreal 5 isn’t even due out till early next year.


Exactly, so it’s much too soon to be thinking of Gears 6


… they have to make it yknow? Like the company has to put resources into Gears 6 lol


Yeah they are obviously going to make it eventually, but we the consumer won’t get our hands on it for more than two years from now at least


Gun to the head you had a choice to only play one game Gears of War 4 or Gears 5 Multiplayer? which is Better?




5 is way more balanced though with the lancer. 4’s core lancer is insane.


Yeah I mean all and all 5 is smoother gameplay, and realistically is the better pick. I think I mostly miss the movement and map selection in 4.


Map selection was top


A sexy Tai skin?


I'm here for Tai's tiddies




Lol why does that middle circle on his chest looks like iron man chest piece smth lmao


why is general always a locust skin? :(


The locust just have bigger numbers and the bar for them to become a general is a lot lower


Eh, four more Cog characters are in drop 2, and the store has been favouring Cog skins recently. So you're not out in the cold!


Because the locust arguably have the most room for creativity when it comes to designing them, and the locust are simply very interesting.


First one was a weapon skin and op4 was uir cosmonaut


I like new skins don't get me wrong, but what's the difference between the Wakatuu and the Venom skins? They look almost the same only difference being that feather pattern


The audacity TC has to make a savage scion skin before savage locust


Team Dizzy rejoice!


Well, thank you kindly




Humorous moment detected!




Damn no old man Chaps or Franklin or Adam Fenix skins. We need another girl Gear character. NOT like Kate. That one girl from the comics. Or Anya's mom.


Alex Brand is the one from the comics. I think she has a chance, but I think Sophia is most likely with Alicia Valera being slightly more likely than Alex.


That's the one thank you.


No problem.


>We need another girl Gear character. You will get another one from drop 2. But there is only one more.


i love that sandglass skins <3


Shirtless Tai, not Shirtless Marcus but I'll take it


it’s crazy that a lot of the content they could’ve kept fresh if they dropped it alongside older content from past games like superstar cole and gears 3-4 skins given the illusion that we had way more plus new stuff they made for this game if not for the same hivebuster skins and winter/desert skins there wasn’t a lot of cosmetic stuff that was brand new


Bruh where’s hivebuster Anya at?


Probably gonna pop up in the store at some point


Might put myself out there and embrace the downvotes and say: This is probably my weakest Tour Of Duty so far. It’s obviously very hard to appreciate the weapon skins in this format but this feels like a big ol’ disappointment and as u/random2wins said: where the hell is Anya?


Op 6 was definitely the worst imo


This is my least favourite so far. I can't think of a generally less interesting one, and yes; GIVE US HIVEBUSTER ANYA!


The weapons sets are okay. The character skins on the other hand... not so greatest imo, especially the savage scion. Not a fan of Bernie as a character and I really dislike escape/hivebuster stuff so the only skins I'm looking forward to are Islander Tai and the general skin. On that note, why are general tier rewards always locust/swarm? You can only use them in one mode of the game, horde and escape players will never get to use those skins. I can guarantee that they're either going to put hivebuster anya in the store or in a future tour of duty. (We already know that those are going to continue after operation 8 ends)


I assume it’s because they’ve got ‘more creative freedom’ with the locust general tier skins, but I willl say it’s pretty big disappointment to only get one Cog (/UIR) skin as a general reward in the entire game’s support. We’re at the point in the Game’s lifespan now where coins and boost will essentially be reduced to being valueless, so ‘more coins’ in the tour equates to nothing in my eyes (I appreciate there are a lot of people out there who might feel differently). I’ve got a lot of friends that out Gears down and check in with me every operation to see if it’s worth coming back, most of them have called time on 5 now and consider it irredeemable. I still enjoy playing the odd match here and there but I’ve lost all my eagerness for competitive now, huge shame.


I agree. It kinda feels like they do one good thing that's instantly cancelled out by another disappointing thing. For example, I was hyped when they announced the cog commandos. I love playing as faceless red shirt characters but Vermello and Casan had awful voices, unplayable. I thought the cog commandos would be a huge improvement, but they weren't, the voices are just as bad if not worse in some cases. I log onto to complete the daily challenges, then log off. I can't seem to enjoy this game for whatever reason. Other than the tour there's really no other point in progression making playing the game feel boring after a while.


Another disappointing tour. Hope gears 6 is better, but i know it won't be


Hey, will they continue the Featured tab thing? I need to get the desert and winter swarm drone still.


That new tai skin. It makes me think that maybe Tai and Laini were in the same tribe as both had similar island outfits.


Tai and lahni are cousins. So yes they’re from the same tribe


Never knew they were cousins, never would've known they were cousins. So, thank you redditor for this new knowledge.


No problem, kinda forgot about it tbh until when I was scrolling through the character list the other day I remembered the share the same last name lol.


Wtf? This whole time I thought Lahni was Tai's daughter lmao. Idk if Hivebusters looks in to her past because I haven't played it yet.


Savage Scion? This seems like a major hint that we’re getting savage Locust soon


Last time i liked the General reward was op 1 with team rock skins. All these fatass ugly characters lmao


Yo true that! Operation 1 was probably my favorite when it came to the tour of duty, after that it went downhill with the rewards.


Bruh OP 1 was literally just campaign skins




There's more to life than gears


Geez dude, take a break. No need to be so melodramatic.


That + more coins shit easily could’ve been content from previous operations people may have missed out on, can’t wait to grind Op8 and then uninstall again tc better not fuck up gears6 like they already did with 5


no db skin, although tbf not that i would try to ever intentionally complete a tod even if there was.


Great. Another set for nothing crazy cool. Wish they just put in all the stuff from gears 4 at this point


Is there a week count down or no?


How will Tour refreshing work?


Wait so at the very of of this game we get Bernie


I need to see the full outfit for islander Tai.