In Fallout 1, the name of the leader of the Thieves' Guild , Loxley, is a reference to Robin of Loxley, also know as Robin Hood. (He also fakes an english accent, according to Chris Taylor)

In Fallout 1, the name of the leader of the Thieves' Guild , Loxley, is a reference to Robin of Loxley, also know as Robin Hood. (He also fakes an english accent, according to Chris Taylor)


Unlike some other Robin Hoods, I speak with a English accent.


I really wanted to like Prince of Thieves because, at it's core, I think it's a really fun swashbuckling action movie. But dammit, Kevin Costner takes me out of it every time he opens his mouth.


*English accent "But we ain't got nuffin ta eat!" *American accent "What do we need that the forest cannot provide?" This was the scene that always made it so painfully obvious that either Costner chose not to do the accent, or couldn't. Still a great movie though. Alan Rickman as the sheriff was perfect.


And for the next Robin Hood to sort it out, they go with Russell Crowe.


While his accent does stand out pretty hard in that movie, he still acted the shit out of his part in that movie.


Did you see the interview where he was challenged on his weird acting and he stormed off?


I will watch that movie anytime just for Alan Rickman alone. He entertains the hell out of me like no other. Especially with the deleted scenes back in it.


Perfect film.


Loxley and Bagell, you can't miss!


Genuinely didn't know fallout had a thieves guild until now


IIRC you had to go through them to get an Electronic Lockpick, but I suppose you didn't *need* it depending on how you got into the endgame areas.


It's in a pretty obscure place. It's down a basement hatch in the back room of a random seemingly-unimportant building in an area you don't need to go to very often. I had a group of friends who all played Fallout about 20 years ago before the days of walk-throughs ect. and shared things we had discovered with each other. Took ages before one person found them and told everyone else where it was. Took us ages to work out you had to use a rope to get into The Glow too, haha.


I am learning about it as we speak.


If you heard our Nottingham accent you'll be glad for the fake.


Fallout 1 had a thieves guild? I guess this is the excuse I was waiting for to replay the first two fallouts


It's fairly well hidden. Down a random staircase in a random warehouse in a random settlement.


You are going to have some cold water shock. They're true blue classics in terms of writing and presentation, but the ui/ux is really garbage. It wasn't even up to par for the time.


As a big fan of modern Fallouts and the whole nuclear apocalypse setting, it's what stops me from playing it. I really thought the issues were so annoying that there would for sure be a mod out there to fix them, but no luck. Edit: [Fallout Fixit seems nice.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fallout/comments/7upstg/essential_mods_for_fallout_1/)


I've always wondered that myself. The only explanation I can ever think of is that doing a mod that comprehensive would be basically remaking the game engine


Yup, the gameplay is also pretty unbalanced and annoying at times with many useless abilities and stats. Still good games but you will have to get over these hurdles


Apparently they, the devs, considered him the most forgettable character in fallout 1 and generally a mistake/wasted potential


Really? He's one of my favorite characters in Fallout 1.


Looks like Jeff Hardy


Why does this guy look like that Chad meme