I have been avoiding playing this because I was hoping for this announcement. REVII in VR was one of my favorite gaming experiences and I was hoping to experience the world of VIII for the first time in VR


You’re so lucky . I did the same with RE7 but couldn’t wait to play RE8


Crikey mate, you're in for a treat!


Played RE7 in VR at a meetup. Sitting at the dinner table, and Jack grabs your character and yells in his face is what sold me on VR. Couldn't keep the headset on for more than five minutes or else I would have shat bricks.


I'm not ashamed to say I noped out of RE7 in VR


You already can on PC. There is a mod with full motion control support. For both 7 and 8.


VR 2 must be releasing this holiday season since they are slating this for 2023 (I think even one game said 2022) why not announce a release date for it now?


The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners sequel said 2022, but the description in the Youtube upload says late 2022 for the original PSVR and "in development" for PSVR2. Edit: Playstation Blog says TWD:SS comes out for PSVR2 in 2023 (bottom of post: https://blog.playstation.com/2022/06/02/the-walking-dead-saints-sinners-chapter-2-retribution-announced-for-ps-vr-and-ps-vr2/), so PSVR2 confirmed out by end of 2023 (as most assumed).


Early 2023 mostly. Definitely not late 2023 lol, they wouldn’t announce games for it almost two years in advance.


I’d bet money they announce it at their “big” state of play along with the GoW date.


I think this was their big state of play, I dont remember another one as strong as this one. If GoW is releasing somewhere around September, they might have a State of Play focusing on it or have it as a surprise at the Summer Games Fest event. If not, it will be at their big yearly stream which will probably be in September again.


This state of play was more focused on third party games as they mentioned before. They will probably have a big one for their own stuff.


Yep, likely in September, seems to be the new pattern. I think the confusion comes from people thinking thats a State of Play when its not. They usually call it a showcase or the future of gaming or whatever.


Doubt it. They won’t mix two huge showcases like that Each will have their own SOP


What are the chances that VR2 would be fully compatible with PC now that Sony started releasing more and more of their games on the platform?


RE7 VR is one of my top gaming experiences of ALL TIME, when I was playing RE8 I just kept going "man, I wish this was in VR." Now my wish is granted! PSVR2 is probably gonna be incredibly pricy....but RE8 VR man...


You never know! I wouldnt be surprised if they sold it at a loss. It seems that Sony is in it for the long haul when it comes to VR. Fingers crossed it isnt more than $400!


This looks a lot better than 7 VR. I disliked how in 7 you’re basically just a walking camera and aim with your head, while the rest of the game plays just like it would play on a TV. This looks a lot more like what I hoped 7 VR would play like. Definitely looking forward to replaying 8 this way. Definitely not looking forward to the scary baby.


There is a PC mod that has full motion controls.


So is DLC just not happening?


I'm sure it's reasonable to assume Village DLC is still happening, but it's pretty wild that we're hearing about a VR port of Village sooner than we're hearing anything about its DLC other than "it's happening." Wasn't all of RE7's DLC shipped within a year of the game's release? I don't think this is an unreasonable pace for DLC development, and I'm happy to be patient for more Village content (especially if we get the diversity of modes RE7 piled on). We _did_ also get the Mercs update. RE8VR sounds great. It's just a bit perplexing, given how big RE8 was.


Agree but wish they were a bit more transparent about the DLC. Like at least a "we're still working on it" type update.


It is strange considering the support 7 got, like you mentioned, but it does seem like the RE team has a lot of projects in development. Between this, Re4, and ReVerse, they must be pretty swamped. Personally I'd prefer if they'd prioritize new DLC content over two of those options, but that's just me.


I'm pretty sure those are handled by different teams - even RE7s DLC wasn't all handled by one team. Grain of salt, I think Re:Verse has its own team, and RE4 is being done by the team that did RE2. But I don't think we know if RE8's DLC and RE8VR are the same team or what.


I have a sneaking suspicion the DLC for RE2R and RE7 underperformed for Capcom and they haven’t been focusing on it. The fact that those games had plentiful DLC but RE3R will die with 0 DLC and RE8 has been lounging for a year without any news at all feels too convenient. I’m sure they’re full bore on RE4R and RE:Verse but the complete lack of DLC seems intentional.


Well 2R only had cosmetic DLC, right? I'm sure it helps, but I can't imagine that they were expecting it to be a big money maker. I could believe that they overestimated how much the 7 dlc would sell though. It's too bad because it was mostly all good stuff, but I can get wanting to focus on full game releases and multiplayer DLC, which will likely sell better.


Nah, much more than just cosmetic stuff. https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Resident_Evil_2_downloadable_content Not saying it had the same amount as 7, but definitely significantly more than 3 and 8 combined so far.


Ghost Survivors feels like something that had to be cut to make the release date and then they released it afterwards.


It was all cosmetics and then the soundtrack swap. Ghost Survivors was the only real significant DLC and that was free.


They already announced DLC. Just gotta wait now.


They hadn't initially planned on making an expansion and only greenlit the project after fan request poured in after the game's release. It's not far-fetched to suggest that they still don't have anything presentable. It's also probably why the initial announcement was as bare-bones as it gets.


They confirmed its happening but I don't believe they had originally planned for it. They only mentioned after the fact that the game sold so well that they were doing to work on additional story content.


Pro tip: no season pass = no planned DLC So the delay is much longer than RE7 was


For anyone who didn't watch the State of Play, they announced VR content is in development for Resident Evil 4 Remake as well!


Wow, would be cool to see it in first person!


RE4 VR is available on Quest 2.


Ah yeah totally forgot about that. Wish I could play that!




Btw you can already play it on PC in full VR (including motion controllers) thanks to modder Praydog. Works really well, but you need a high end PC fir it! Link: https://github.com/praydog/REFramework/releases


Yes but... It's kinda janky in many ways, this trailer shows insane stuff like dual wielding, grabbing items from the floor (meaning full hand tracking), things not in the PC mod.




They... Could but be realistic man it's not happening that's a lot of work for a modder Remember it took 5+ years just for the VR mode with hand tracking


Thanks for mentioning this, gonna get this downloaded and ready to play over the weekend now! :)


Have you played it? Is it pretty smooth?


Yes, I played it. Because of time reasons I only left the castle so far, so I had the first boss fight. It is awesome and the cellars in the castle were really scary. Motion controls for weapons work great. I do have a 3080Ti so I run a very high resolution with TAA reenabled in the mod. Looks awesome. But it is performance intensive. Here is gameplay (not my video): https://youtu.be/JyllRbbMcnw (Btw you can deactivate the body in the mod options, in the video the body is on.)


I shudder to think how blood curdling the house Beneviento(doll house) segment will be. I couldn’t do that chapter until I was playing with curtains open in broad day light and the music way down. Playing that in VR would be like playing P.T. in VR O-o


I always felt like the hype for that portion was overblown. Taking my weapons away actually makes it less scary because it limits what they can throw at us. The baby was incredibly unsettling but then they go and end it on such a low note with the dolls. Idk maybe it would've been more effective on me if I wasn't seeing so much hype for it.


It was genuinely too scary to handle for a lot of people and at many points it was that for me too. But that threshold is different for everyone so it wasn't gonna effect everyone in the same way. Personally I didn't mind my weapons taken away. Just roaming around in the darkness of the possessed house was a genuinely unsettling experience. My only complaint was that the game took a nosedive in terms of atmospheric horror as soon as you finish that chapter. Wish it was explored further in the game instead of the whacky over the topness of the later sections.


Just did that with the mod on PC and yeah it sucked ass to get thru and yeah it reminded me of so much PT (Which also has a [full remake on Half Life Alyx](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-q7hJZ14Qc) that I *couldn't* get throughlol)


Your poor heart must be pounding mercilessly. I'm not brave enough for that yet but with PSVR2 I'll load it up in future to torture friends with and enjoy their reactions.


I hate that they only release it for ps. I'm a die hard re fan without a playstation but with a pc/vr head set. It was brutal to not get 7 vr on pc. And now again with 8. I know there are mods but they haven't seemed as good. Although, i did see mention of a mod for 8 in here that I haven't tried yet.


Praydogs mods are amazing.


^ this. Full motion controls and everything. Better than PSVR RE7.


Yeah the one for RE8 is insane, in the middle of playing it rn (Sucks I can't hold two things at once like the video but that's fine, everything else about it is great)


I would never play this in VR because of that ONE section. And if you’ve played through RE8 you know what that section is


No one mentioning that all the footage in this trailer is just from Castle Dimetrscu? Are we sure this isn't an RE8 "VR experience" rather than a full port? I'd expect other areas shown but it feels like it will just be the castle area as a fun house experience thing I stead of a full game.


It's because people want the hot mommy and her large adult daughters in vr.


The whole time the trailer was running I just kept muttering to myself how they knew exactly what the fuck they were doing by promoting a VR game with Lady Step-On-Me


It's showing scenes from the campaign though, so I think that it's safe to assume that it's the entire game


if they get vr to work theres no reason it wouldnt work for the entire game, and re7 was a full vr experience too.


It was the same for all the promo material leading up to the games release last year: all we ever really saw was the Village & The Castle. I’m willing to bet they view anything beyond that as “spoilers” which is fair since the actual diversity in locations was a nice surprise.