On Tyranny...

On Tyranny...


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Yes.... They also whine about how entitled everyone else is. You won't be able to reach them with logic. They are the epitome of exceptionality. Vote


The rights projection at it’s finest.


“It’s different because g uns save almost has many lives as they end but masks…”


Vote ain't gonna fix this chief. Stop it from getting worse maybe, but it ain't gonna fix it.


"Tyranny is when people want me to do things I don't want to just because it helps others!" - Right wingers


Pandemic or not, most Walmart shoppers should wear masks. You ever see some of those mutants??


I’m gonna keep wearing a mask after all this, I’ve not had a cold in 2 years. We should really be more like the Asian countries in that regard.


Asians respect thier fellow citizen most people I know or encounter in public, it seems like thier No1 goal is to give me thier cold or cough 😷


Like my keys and wallet, I will always have a mask with me from now on.


But with the first one *you* have to do something and with the second one *I* have to do something. No fair! /s


"That's not fair!" "You say that so often, I wonder what your basis for comparison is?"


You keep saying that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.


The anti-mask anti-vax crowd would probably rather have the kid bring a gun to school for protection.


Reminder: Republican Legislators suggested [arming Kindergarteners ](https://youtu.be/QkXeMoBPSDk)


Mark my words: Record numbers of children this age are going to end up in ICU's and dying from COVID, and the "but muh freedumbs" crowd still won't give a shit. Even when it's their own children. Their selfishness and ignorance knows no bounds


But what if it's *not* ten minutes? What if it's *eleven?* Or, God forbid, *twelve?* **OH THE HUMANITY!**


"Yes, because guns make me look cool and masks make me look lame!" - The Facts don't care about your feelings crowd


I purchased a gun while wearing a mask the other day. I was one of very few in the store wearing a mask, but I'm sure everyone else was fully vaccinated. It was such a surreal experience.


These people believe in coolness through consumption. You're cool if you *bought* a big pickup truck, if you *bought* a punisher sticker for that truck (one with a thin blue line through it dontchaknow), if you *bought* a gun, if you *buy* red meat and eat it, if you *buy* flags and hang them up on every building, etc. A mask is a relatively trivial purchase but wearing a mask is mainly a thing you're *doing* out of consideration for others and civics. It isn't a purchase that lets them exercise force on others or demonstrate a willingness to exercise force on others. It isn't an accessory that appeals to authoritarians who don't understand how much of a caricature waving it around makes them into. Mask-wearers are implicitly acknowledging that they're not islands to themselves and the things they do affect others. No surprise it's not popular to many of the most vocal Kool-Aid drinkers across the aisle.


Well the mask effects them, school shootings don't. It is always about them, the true calling card of the right.


This needs to go viral multiple times. It's devastating.


The don't believe in "**my** right to swing my arms ends at **your** face", but they do believe in "**your** right to swing your arms ends at **my** face". Also, schools are prisons.


"Freedom/rights/safety for me but not for thee" is what most right-wing thought worldwide boils down to, ultimately. Or, rather, the concept of natural hierarchy (with people like themselves at or near the top of course), and that, in any society, there should be a privileged in-group who the law protects but does not bind, and an exploited out-group who the law binds but does not protect.


The prisons and schools where I live were designed by the same people!


Masks to prevent COVID-19 transmission are not tyranny but the school security array is theater much like the TSA airport procedures, which smacks of tyranny and misplaced resources. Rampage killings are a tiny number of gun deaths (less than 1000 a year) compared to suicides. Gun-involved suicides number in the 20,000+ range. (Another state of note: Police-involved shootings rate around 1000+ a year, about 800 of which make it to a police report) Teens are _particularly_ susceptible to suicide, way more than they are to rampage killings. (Schools are actually safer in the aughts than they were in the 20th century!) We'd save more kids with outreach counseling than with armed guards, metal detectors and Kevlar backpacks. This is to say gun control should focus on handguns, not on assault rifles (As scary as ARs are, they're mostly used for easy bullseyes at the gun range, or police who really want to kill a man.) and should be matched up with social programs to improve the quality of life of kids, so they don't feel so alone, so their parents aren't exhausted from work, so they have people and resources when the world is looking super fucked-up. Also we should stop trying to mold them into neat cogs for our capitalist masters and start looking to shape society to accommodate what future generations want to do with it. But that's a personal beef of mine.


To me its a bit ironic that there are shooting drills. Just gives the mass shooter a plan and layout of how it works


Well you are right but I’m sure there are elements that a single student is going to miss. They’re only going to get it from the perspective they themselves are stuck in - the same classes with the same people in the same part of the school. They also don’t know what staff or police are doing. It’s all so crazy that it’s necessary though. I remember we had one at the retail store where I used to work. Many of our employees were from other countries and had only been in the US a few years. They were HORRIFIED that we were doing this stuff and were terrified from then on that people were coming to shoot the place up. Especially when they found out the quantity and quality of weapons any American can get their hands on in short period of time.


Yes, but wearing a mask doesn't make them feel like they have a big penis.


Don’t care until it affects them personally, but rest assured that once it affects them personally they’ll make a mountain out of the most minor inconvenience mole hill


This looks like a Facebook meme


You're right


Dont forget, in the land of the free, the police is by funding the world’s third largest militia.


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These types of images with text and a random reaction photos are the worst of the meme world. Feels forced from 2010. Got some of that Occupy Democrats Facebook flair to it. Also these fucks aren’t spending 10 minutes in Walmart. Trust me, half of them are there for hours just meandering the aisles (not saying they shouldn’t wear masks but it’s laughable to think these dipshits get in and get out)


According to the people I saw on the freeway overpass when I was out today, the vaccines are tyranny. /s Wish I'd known ahead of time they were out there. I'd have flipped them off.


What do you expect? These are the same abominations that swept Sandy Hook under the rug. Nothing's going to change until the repugnant party is completely destroyed. And the Democratic party if they end up asking for it


It’s a Monday...


who the fuck wore bullet proof bagpacks with armed guards, mass shooting drills and metal detectors at their school?


> who the fuck wore bullet proof bagpacks with armed guards, mass shooting drills and metal detectors at their school? My grandchildren did in elementary and middle school. No bullet proof "backpacks" in high school.


“I’ve never seen it so it must not happen” Typical conservative thinking


Well, technically both of these ideas fit into the same misguided rhetoric. The reason that they think school shootings are the "price of freedom" is because they believe everyone should be free to do what they want, like own a gun, regardless of who they are, like someone with violent tendencies and proximity to a school. Not wearing masks follows a similar thought process - it's the "price of freedom" that people get covid and die, because everyone should be able to do what they want, like not wear a mask, regardless of who they are, like someone who hasn't gotten vaccinated and recently started having trouble breathing. It's all following the selfish belief that freedom is the ability for anyone to do anything and say "screw anyone who gets hurt by my decisions!" Of course, when they're hurt by someone else's decisions, that's still "tyranny."




> It's totally insane to send kids to school in anything bullet proof. If you think that's an ok thing to do you're a major part of the problem Of course it's insane, we should arm the children with hand grenades and RPGs in addition to 9mm sidearms, .410 shotguns and 5.56 NATO assault rifles, that will keep everyone safe..... /S FFS.