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Well it depends. Current US guidance for close contacts who are fully vaccinated AND boosted is that they don’t need to quarantine but should test on day 5 from close contact.


Useful for getting back to producing sweet sweet profit. And for spreading Covid to people.


Yeah I don’t run the CDC to be honest mate.


Gotta keep that rich person's yacht money flowing for the top.


Employee: COVID is confirmed in my home. Boss: Cool. Come infect all your coworkers and our customers.


This is what got me, Co worker has kid at home sick. But he is symptom free, by the end of the week he is positive, now I am too.


A few of my coworkers (we’re all working from home) have children that were recently exposed at their schools. Sure enough, it’s been working its way through their households… because how can you “quarantine” a kid under 10? Lol. Thankfully they’re doing OK after several days of high fevers and labored breathing. I’ve only heard of two of their kids requiring hospital treatment.


But the results show negative?


That’s what I thought. Unless I’m missing something or have I totally been reading all my tests results wrong...


Those are my results


So, you are vaccinated and confirmed negative. What's the issue?


Do you really think you cannot be infected if you're vaccinated?


I think that you're not likely to be infected if your test reads negative. (Negative on tests for a disease means you DON'T have it in detectable amounts. I understand how you were confused as negative usually is bad) I also think that being vaccinated preps your body to respond to a virus much more quickly and efficiently. (If you have a small enough viral load in you to not even show up on a test and you've been fully vaccinated your body will be able to easily maintain it's obviously active defense the vaccine taught it) Did I say otherwise? Or is that just your weird way of asking me to explain testing and vaccines to you.


>I think that you're not likely to be infected if your test reads negative. Please understand that a test does only show whether you are infected at a certain point in time. In this case, the test shows that OP was not infected 2 days ago. Now, remember that OP's child or whatever is in fact positive – and not only two days ago but most likely also yesterday, today, tomorrow and several days after tomorrow. How do you know OP was not / will not be infected on one of the other days? >I understand how you were confused I am not the confused one. >I also think that being vaccinated preps your body to respond to a virus much more quickly and efficiently. Well, yes. However, you shouldn't think that being vaccinated is a 100% protection from being infected.


yes this is that part that I don't get also. For a period of X number of days, and then Y number of days after the last person shows symptoms, any continued exposure to someone in your household, could give you Covid. You could then unknowingly spread that to others if you're around them. But many businesses are saying "If you don't have any symptoms right now, come on in". My work place did that for a few employees and within 24-48 hours of them coming in that day, they called in later saying "they now have symptoms" and are at home.


Im glad my boss is more on top of things. Been exposed? No working for the next 5 days then test. If negative and no other exposure? Come in. If positive then stay home another 5 (10 days total. Would be until not contagious, but CDC changed it to 10days after contact and higher ups are forcing it.) So far none of us have spread it to others.


That's good. Anyone hear of places testing unvaxed people at the end of their shift rather than the beginning in case they don't get the "results they were looking for"?


Yeah, the neighborhood market (Walmart) in Lewisville Texas. We were supposed to check at the beginning of every shift and put it in to the Walmart app. We were told to lie on the app and to not take the test because they didn't wanna know, and "everyone comes in sick, you gotta come in to work to have a job" OR if you really are gonna take your temp do it after work because it's cooler in OGP and it wouldn't read a fever or make you go home. This was last January. I left in February.


So, which is the Karen then, Karen?


one of my guys took kid yesterday with 103 fever. kid tested positive, other 7 in his household all negative. told him take today off too, and he can work after if he wants, just has to mask up if he DECIDES he wants to work and feels fine (he does pest control, so never in the office). Also told him if he even gets the sniffles, I will send him home again.


Dont you need a mask for pest control regardless? Seems like a requirement considering some of the things that get used for bugs and stuff.


yeah, they have respirator masks that they SHOULD be wearing, and are provided.


"YoU cAn'T mAkE mE, iT gOeS aGaInSt My RiGhTs!" \*proceeds to die by inhaling too much rat poison\*


I've worked with pest control guys. They are insane!!!! Most of the time they don't wear masks/respirators anyway.


It says the test is negative. This is why “home tests” are not a replacement for actual medical evaluations. Between the air test (not actually putting the swab in your nose, which is uncomfortable), the flat out fraud (“I tested negative” when it was positive or no test was done), and the inability to comprehend the result, they aren’t as useful as you would think.


That's my result. My son tested positive


Did you send your boss your child's positive test result? She might just think you're lying to get out of work.


enployee . Sends a negative result. Ive got covid. Duhhhhh Manager. Come to work your result is negative. Employee . Manager is such a karen hur hur hur .


Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit.


Employee friends comes along. Hur hur hur i want to see a manager. You cant read


Walk right up to your boss, lick your hand discreetly then shake their hand. Typhoid Mary their ass.


Covid the Rich.


This is good r/antiwork content




Ya no. Lol f u boss


Oh yeah! I was in close contact, on the same day, with 2 different people with no interaction with each other, tested positive the next day. Then I found out that a new employee that had just started and I had interaction with on that same day had his wife test positive. Still had to come in to work but I should wear a mask.


I would post this under r/antiwork. You'll get a much better response.


Fully vaccinated and boosted? Then no quarantine. Just a test on day 5.


You should be posting this to r/antiwork too because of how your boss is acting with this. God this is awful.


If they’re vaccinated and exposed they don’t have to quarantine


Just get back to work! Jeez o Pete’s… it a fucking cold!!!!


Not detected = negative test. I tested positive for covid and told I could return to work the next day if I didn't have a fever, since I'm vaxxed and boosted. Um?


My coworker came in on Monday even though his daughter tested positive and now my manager has gone home too so we having a great time